Friday, October 14, 2011

Eastern Shore Virginia Get First Turbine Testing Facility

Representative Scott Rigell
Rigell Applauds Governor McDonnell's Efforts to Bring First U.S. Wind Turbine Test Facility to Virginia's Eastern Shore

Washington, Oct 13 - Collaborative project first of its kind

Washington, DC, October 13 – Representative Scott Rigell (VA-2) commended Governor Bob McDonnell on the announcement of a project to establish a facility for the testing and certification of large offshore and land-based electricity-producing wind turbines on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. The collaborative project, called Poseidon Atlantic, would be the first such test facility in existence, and the initial phase of the project is to be developed in Northampton County.

“I’m thrilled that this project is going forward for the Commonwealth, the country, and particularly for the Eastern Shore of Virginia,” said Rigell, who represents the Eastern Shore, Virginia Beach, and parts of Hampton and Norfolk. “As a nation, we must achieve energy independence, and wind energy technology carries with it extreme potential to address the energy challenges our great country faces today.

“Here in Virginia’s Second Congressional District, we’ve known for some time about the incredible opportunities – and jobs! – that wind energy can create. We are so excited to have this forward-looking project find a home in our district.”

Beyond creating jobs directly on the Eastern Shore, the development of the commercial wind turbine test center in coastal Virginia would capitalize on the unique maritime advantages provided by the Port of Virginia. Hampton Roads is well-positioned to provide marine construction, fabrication and supply-chain support to the offshore wind industry.

The Poseidon Atlantic project is a private-sector initiative developed by the companies Real NewEnergy, Fugro and Ecofys, with the support of the Commonwealth, the Virginia Port Authority (VPA) and the Netherlands government. The proposed facility is intended for full-service testing and certification of existing-and-next generation land-based and offshore wind turbine generators.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

News From Pocomoke City ~



Long- time Pocomoke City Police Chief Juergen D. (J.D.) Ervin has announced his retirement effective November 30, 2011. Prior to assuming his position in Pocomoke City in 1995, Chief Ervin served two years as the Chief of the Elkton, Maryland Police Department and 28 years with the Laurel, Maryland Police Department including 12 years as Deputy Chief.

Chief Ervin is a graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia and has served as President of the Maryland Municipal League Chiefs’ Association for the past 30 years. He has been active in several groups including the International Police Chiefs’ Association and the American Legion. He is a Vietnam-era Army veteran who served four years in the military police. In 1970-71 he served as Chief of Police in Pocomoke City.

Some highlights of Chief Ervin’s exceptional career in Pocomoke City have included:
CALEA (Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies) National Recognition Certification; one of only 2 city police agencies on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to be CALEA-Certified or Recognized;

● Introduction of several youth-related programs including Christmas Party, Back-to-School event, Easter Egg Hunt, and fishing program;

● Two “National Night Out “events in the top 20 Nationwide;

● Receipt of over $1 million in State and Federal grants; and

● Significant reductions in overall crime rates through technology, training, enforcement and citizen engagement.

According to Mayor Bruce A. Morrison, “The City Council and I wish Chief Ervin well in his retirement, which is greatly deserved. He has done an outstanding job for our community for the past 16 years”. “With his previous experience in larger departments, he brought a new level of professionalism to our Police Department.” City Council Vice President Tracey Cottman added, “J.D. has done a great job as our Chief. Although we will miss him, he leaves the Police Department in excellent shape for the future.”

A retirement banquet for Chief Ervin is in the planning stages.

Coincidentally with Chief Ervin’s retirement, City Manager Russell W. Blake also announced the appointment of Captain Kelvin D. Sewell as Chief of Police. According to Blake, “Captain Sewell has been a great addition to the Police Department and has earned his promotion to Chief. His prior experience with the Baltimore Police Department has been very valuable and will continue to benefit the Pocomoke City Police Department in the future.”

Capt. Sewell is married with two children and is a resident of Pocomoke City which is required by City policy. He will take over as Chief of the Pocomoke City Police Department on December 1, 2011.

Mayor Morrison said, “Capt. Sewell has made an excellent impression on elected officials, police employees and the general public. We are glad that we are able to promote someone from within our own department to this important position.”

Councilwoman Cottman added, “Capt. Sewell is a man of character and integrity as well as an exceptionally well-qualified professional to be our Chief of Police. We look forward to working with him for many years to come.”
Good luck to you both.

from the ppe

Pocomoke City Police Chief To Retire

I received word just a few moments ago......

Long time Pocomoke City Police Chief J.D. Ervin has announced  his retirement.

Chief Ervin will retire from his many years as Chief of the Pocomoke City Police Department on November 30, 20ll.

Captain Kelvin D. Sewell will become the new Chief of Pocomoke City  effective December 1, 2011.

More to follow soon....

Those of us at the PPE thank Chief Ervin for all of his great work through  the years and  hope that Chief Ervin enjoys his retirement immensely!

Congratulations  and good luck to Captain Sewell  in your new postion as being the Chief of Police of Pocomoke City.

Birthday Today




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Couple Lost In Corn Maze Calls 911 For Help

Connors Farm corn maze
Courtesy of The Maize, the Utah-based company that designed
the maze.
 DANVERS, Mass. -- Getting lost in a corn maze is supposed to be fun. But it turned into a nightmare for a Massachusetts couple who got so lost that they had to be rescued by the police.

It all started late Monday afternoon, when the couple entered a corn maze at Connors Farm in Danvers, Mass., about 23 miles north of

After about an hour in the maze, darkness began to fall. The couple, who were there with their 3-week-old baby, were unable to find a way out. As the mosquitoes started to descend, they placed a desperate call to 911 asking to be rescued.

The Danvers police released audio of the call.

Here's an edited transcript:Woman in tears: Hi, I just called. I'm still stuck at Connors Farms. I don't see anybody. I'm really scared. It's really dark and we've got a 3-week-old.

Police officer: Your husband is with you?

Woman: Yes. But my baby...

Police officer: A police officer is on the way. Can you put your husband on the phone?

Husband: I see lights over there at the place, but we can't get there, we're smack right in the middle of the corn field.

Woman: I don't know what made us do this, it was daytime when we came in, we thought if we came in someone would come in and find us... We can hear [the police officers]... Oh, my goodness. The mosquitoes are eating us alive, and I never took my daughter out, this is the first time. Never again.

Woman: This is embarrassing.
By the end of the seven-minute call, a K-9 unit had found the couple.

Kamille Combs, marketing director for the Utah-based company the Maize, which designed the Connors Farm maze, said the company's average corn maze is 8 to 10 acres and that it takes the average person 45 minutes to complete the maze.

She said the company usually breaks its mazes into three different phases -- "because some people want that ultimate challenge, and others are happy after 20 minutes."

She said she'd never heard of someone needing to be rescued by the police from a corn maze before.
Video and more to the story:


GERMANTOWN, Md. - Maryland State Police have issued an Amber Alert for a missing 11-year-old boy. The alert was issued after the boy's mother was found dead in her bedroom Wednesday night.

Montgomery County Police responded to the 13100 block of Briarcliff Terrace around 8:25 p.m. Wednesday evening as part of a missing person investigation. That's when police say they found the body of 51-year-old Jane McQuain in the bedroom. Officials say there was evidence of trauma to her body.

However, authorities say the whereabouts of Jane McQuain's son, 11-year-old William McQuain, are unknown. William was last in seen at his residence on September 30.

William McQuain
William is described as a light skin black male, approximately 5'0" and 85 lbs. Officials say a vehicle registered to Jane McQuain is also missing and William could be with the vehicle. It is described as a black, 2011 Honda CRV with Maryland tags 5AG9405.

Anyone with information on William McQuain's whereabouts or the location of the missing vehicle should call 911 immediately. Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call the Montgomery County Major Crimes Division at (240) 773-5070.

Those who want to remain anonymous and be eligible for a reward may call Crime Solvers of Montgomery County toll-free at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477) or 240-773-TIPS. Crime Solvers is offering a cash reward for information provided to them that leads to the arrest and/or indictment of the person(s) responsible for these crimes. Anonymous tips can also be provided by typing "MCPD" plus the tip on a cell phone or PDA and texting it to 274637 (CRIMES).

YARD SALE - Saturday


Market Street
Pocomoke City, Maryland

Saturday, October 15, 2011
8:00 AM until 1:00 PM

Health Fair 9:00 until 1:00 PM

Great merchandise for sale including
Mary Kay products      Thirty-one Gifts       and much more!!

Bake Sale too!!

Visit the Health Fair while there- LifeLine, Home Health Care Agencies, Blood Pressure Screening just to name a few.


SHORE BEEF & BBQ Thursday Lunch


Pit Beef Sandwich w/side
Drink ~ $7.50

Route 13, south
T's Corner

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yard Sale Saturday- Hartley Hall Nursing and Rehab Center


Market Street
Pocomoke City, Maryland

Saturday, October 15, 2011
8:00 AM until 1:00 PM

Health Fair 9:00 until 1:00 PM

Great merchandise for sale including
Mary Kay products      Thirty-one Gifts       and much more!!

Bake Sale too!!

Visit the Health Fair while there- LifeLine, Home Health Care Agencies, Blood Pressure Screening just to name a few.


Residents Plan Legal Action On Bomb Tests

I hate getting my feathers fluffed on a Wednesday!  Maybe the group formed by Newark citizens and South Point area residents would have time to send letters to all families of the men and women in the armed forces of America explaining to them how they choose to not have their quiet, relaxing days interrupted with the noise and random blasts coming from this testing sight.

Maybe this group of citizens would be kind enough to send a sympathy card to all the families whose loved just arrived home this week in a flag draped casket.  Perhaps this group can explain to them why they have elected to hire an attorney to fight this instead of  giving testing at this sight an honest try.  Be sure to tell them you don't want it because you don't want the inconvenience.

Inconvenience.  Gee.  Our wonderful men and women serving this great country don't complain while protecting our county and our freedom.  They deserve to have the finest of  equipment and I expect MY county to do ALL it can to ensure they are protected. 

Not only is Hardwire LLC working so desparately to give America's military  that but also opening doors so more people may gain employment.  Surely this group
that has named itself Seashore NOT C-4 knows that.

Brian Shane
Staff Writer
Daily Times
NEWARK — Stacey Simpson lives about a mile from where federal law enforcement agencies have used a firing range for munitions testing the last few years.

“Any explosions have absolutely shaken our homes, rattled our windows and startled us,” she said. “In the middle of the day, you hear and feel something like that, it’s unnerving. It’s not something anybody would ever want to live with.”

And with county zoning officials now giving early approval for a local armor manufacturer to perform product testing at the same site, she’s concerned the random blasts could come much more frequently, so she and neighbors are threatening a lawsuit if county officials don’t withdraw their blessing of the tests.

Worcester County’s Board of Zoning Appeals gave preliminary approval on Sept. 8 for armor manufacturer Hardwire LLC to test its stronger-than-steel composite armor at the Langmaid Road firing range. Testing would be done using controlled explosions buried several feet underground in a steel box.

Hardwire was approved for testing on weekdays during business hours, up to six times a week and no more than twice daily, with a limit of 25 pounds of explosives per test.

Newark and South Point-area residents are organizing to fight the board. They have formed a group called Seashore NOT C-4 to oppose any testing of military-grade armor near their homes. They already have a Facebook page and are building a website.

“It’s our opinion that the (board) doesn’t have the expertise to answer a question like this in a matter of hours,” Simpson said. “It’s our belief that we absolutely need more time, more study, more questions answered.”

Simpson also said the Sept. 8 board meeting came as a surprise to her and many of her neighbors.

“We arrived at that hearing really unprepared, and we were pretty much mowed down by the two-hour testimony of the Hardwire company,” she said.

“We did not have time to prepare. We had no expert witnesses, no legal testimony. Most of us in the meeting were just folks, just neighbors, with a lot of unanswered questions.”

The residents have hired environmental law attorney Ben Wechsler to represent them. He is pushing for the board to reopen the case and allow for further citizen input, according to an Oct. 6 letter Wechsler had hand-delivered to the county’s offices. In the letter, Wechsler said he represents John and Hale Harrison — founders of the Harrison Group, which operates 10 Ocean City hotels — along with other Langmaid Road property owners.

Wechsler said he thinks the board made legal errors in granting this special exception approval for Hardwire. One of his concerns is the county decided it was OK for Hardwire to test products using explosives based on the fact that government agencies had also done explosive tests there. Government law enforcement agencies, however, are not subject to local restrictions, he said, but private companies are.

“What the county may or may not have allowed on this site is simply irrelevant to what a private, non-governmental entity, such as Hardwire, may be allowed to undertake by special exception,” he wrote.

The firing range is located in what’s known as a natural resource area. Using a provision in the code that allows for special exception approval that is very close to a permitted use, the board likened the explosive testing to the gunfire that happens at the existing firing range.

However, the residents argue there is no permitted use for a gun club in a natural resource area, meaning a firing range would be a special exception in itself, and so testing explosives would require a special exception twice removed.

The board still has to adopt findings of fact and conclusions of law in regard to the Hardwire case. After that, there will be a 30-day period for individuals to file a petition for judicial review with the Circuit Court.

Wechsler said the Seashore NOT C-4 group will appeal within the allotted 30 days if the case isn’t continued.

Wechsler said his clients fully support Hardwire as a local business that is working to help troops overseas. “This is a question about the legality of the decision,” he said. “We don’t want this to be perceived as, ‘We don’t want Hardwire down here.’ ”

Hardwire CEO George Tunis said at the Sept. 8 meeting — a rare public appearance for a man who prefers to keep a low profile for his company — that he would consider not testing at the firing range if the neighbors objected strongly.

When reached by telephone this week, Tunis said of the Newark testing, “it will always be under consideration.”

“There are a lot of men and women in harm’s way that we are working on protecting,” he said. “We will always make responsible decisions for all the residents, and that includes all the residents of the United States.”


"The Godspeed" Replica Stops In Onancock

The replica of one of the original ships that brought the first English settlers to Jamestown in 1607 paid a visit to Onancock Tuesday night.

The Godspeed showed up at the wharf late Tuesday afternoon.

According to one of the crew members, the Godspeed was on its way back to Jamestown from a tour of the Northern Bay including stops in Alexandria and Annapolis.

He said that they stopped in Onancock because it was "a nice place to stop". The Godspeed will leave early Wednesday morning to cross the bay and head home toward Jamestown.

The Godspeed is the middle sized ship of the three that crossed the ocean over 300 years ago. The other two are the Discovery and the Sarah Constant.

Source;  shoredailynews



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Halloween At the Delmarva Discovery Center

Occupy: Norfolk - Camping Downtown Norfolk

A handful of protesters are camping in downtown Norfolk as part of the nationwide Occupy Wall Street political protests.

At least seven tents and an informational booth were set up at the fountain park off Main Street and Commercial Place. Occupy Norfolk organizer Rex Bonney says the group got a permit to camp there, between two national bank chains.

Bonney said 20 people slept in the park Monday after the city granted a permit for them to do so. They also have a permit to march at certain times, including a planned parade on Wednesday. The permits expire on Friday but could be extended.

Bonney says the group is part of a movement to "try to take out the influence of corporate money in our political process."

What Is Occupy: Norfolk?
Occupy Norfolk is a peaceful and non-violent movement that seeks to link itself to protesters on Wall Street and other major American cities. The movement has been inspired by uprisings in the Arab World, especially in Egypt, and seeks to inspire change that is independent of any political ideology or party. Simply put, 99% of America, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, ability, or any qualifier, could benefit from a better deal.

A deal that includes reform of the financial sector, ending corporate greed, mismanagement, and corruption. A deal that includes an end to foreign occupations and American imperialism. A deal that puts jobs back in the hands of everyday people and secures their homes, not one that saves CEOs and bankers from their own problems. A deal that takes money out of the political system and ensures that Americans elect their own representatives, and that these representatives are held accountable and enact real, substantive, and lasting change.


Again, we are not liberal, not conservative, not Republican, not Democrat, we have no race, religion, sex, or any other qualifier. We are the 99% and we are American. That unites us in our desire for change.

If you want to participate, have questions, or are simply interested in following events, check us out on Twitter and Facebook. The group is listed as Occupy Norfolk on both sites. We will be occupying downtown Norfolk and marching to spread awareness of important issues.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Elizabeth Finch ~ Miss Pocomoke Fire Prevention Wins MD. Fire Contest


Elizabeth Finch
Miss Pocomoke Fire Prevention
On Sunday, October 9, 2011 Elizabeth participated in the Delmarva Vol. Firemans Assoc. Fire Queen Contest in Delmar. Elizabeth received the First Runner- Up from Maryland.

Elizabeth is 17 and a senior at Pocomoke High School.

 She was escorted by her Father, Stan Finch, a 31 year veteran of the Pocomoke City Vol. Fire Co.

Shore Beef and BBQ - Tuesday Special

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Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich /side
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Edgar Allan Poe's House Gets Worldwide Attention

By Cris Kaltenbach
 The Baltimore Sun

Native Londoner Kimberly Marie Freeman lives and works 200 miles north of Baltimore, but she's enthusiastically joining the effort to save one of the city's cultural treasures. Shutting the Edgar Allan Poe House, she says with a hint of exasperation, would be a shabby way to treat such an internationally renowned figure.

"There would be outrage in England if anyone ever considered shutting down Shakespeare's home," said Freeman, artistic director for New York-based Bedlam Ensemble, a performance group putting on several shows in Manhattan this month and next to raise money for the beleaguered museum. "I find it hard to believe there's not enough support for the Poe House to keep it open."

Plenty of Baltimoreans objected when the city, citing a budget shortfall that has reached $65 million, cut off funding for the Poe House and Museum last year. The famed author, who is credited with inventing the detective novel and popularizing horror fiction, lived in the Amity Street home from about 1832 to 1835.

But national and international interest is growing as well. This month, as Poe fans prepare to commemorate the 162nd anniversary of his death in Baltimore on Friday, fundraisers for his former home are being held in Washington and Falls Church, Va., as well as Manhattan. An online petition to save the Poe House includes names from France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Romania. Addressed to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, it has been signed by more than 6,000 people.

The man, it seems, has friends everywhere. And they're desperately trying to fill the void caused when city officials decided Baltimore could no longer afford the $85,000 a year it costs to keep the house open to the public. The museum's funding was cut in summer 2010, and this year, the city's Committee for Historic and Architectural Preservation was ordered to have a plan in place by July 2012 that would make the Poe House self-sufficient.

"If this Poe House closes, it will be viewed by many as a civic disgrace," said former Baltimore Sun reporter and Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore President Rafael Alvarez, whose "Pennies for Poe" campaign ( has raised nearly $500. "He's beloved here — he's beloved by people who have never even read him. That's Baltimore."

Fundraisers so far have pulled in about $20,000, said Jeff Jerome, the Poe House's longtime curator. That money has been applied to current operating expenses, he said, noting the house has been operating since the budget cut largely on money raised during the 2009-2010 Poe bicentennial celebration.

"My heart is constantly touched when I get these messages and these phone calls from Poe people saying, 'We're with you, what can we do?'" Jerome said.

The Poe House probably has enough money in its coffers to remain open through the current fiscal year, which ends July 1, 2012, Jerome said. A firm specializing in the management of historic properties has been hired by the city, at a cost of $45,000, to study ways of making the house and museum self-sufficient beyond then.

The Poe House, which has been owned by the city since 1979, is at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to attracting tourists. It's not in an area visited frequently by tourists, and unlike the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum, it's not within easy walking distance of an attraction like Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The Poe House attracts some 5,000 visitors annually, about one-fifth the number who find their way to the Babe Ruth Museum.

The report is expected around the beginning of next year, said city planning director Tom Stosur, noting that all possibilities, including turning over the home to private ownership, are "on the table."

"We're going to need some significant funding help," Stosur said. "If the way to sustainability was not city ownership, I think we'd be open to looking at that possibility."

The $20,000 raised since February would pay for about a quarter of the museum's annual operating costs. Even if the events scheduled for this month double that, it clearly would be tough to keep the house open on donations alone. But Jerome hinted that larger-scale fundraisers could be on the horizon, once city officials decide on a plan.

"We don't know what they are going to come up with, what they are going to find, what they are going to suggest," he said.

Meanwhile, local efforts to raise money for the museum continue. The Lebanese Taverna restaurant in Harbor East will have a silent auction during its Halloween party. "Pints for Poe," a fundraiser organized as part of Baltimore Beer Week, is set for Tuesday at the Creative Alliance in Highlandtown. "Portrait of Poe," a one-man, three-act play written by and starring Baltimorean Mark Sanders, will be performed over the next three weekends at Area 405. And the annual Halloween catacomb tours at Westminster Hall and Burial Ground — where Poe is buried — normally a fundraiser for the Westminster Preservation Trust, will benefit the Poe House this year.

"The Poe House has been a massive goodwill ambassador," said local actor Mark Redfield, who started the online petition at "It's a symbol of our culture, and it's a symbol for Baltimore."

And Friday night in Washington, four bands will take to the stage of the Velvet Lounge, at 915 U St. N.W., to support keeping the Poe House open. Organizers insist it's the least they can do for a writer who gave the world so much.

"It would be a complete tragedy if the Poe House were to lose its funding and Baltimore were to shut its doors," said Kai Hsieh, a 26-year-old graphic designer and co-organizer of the concert. "Poe has so much influence in music, television, the movies. His influence is endless."


Marijuana Shaped Candy On Store Shelves

Associated Press
Candy shaped like marijuana that's showing up on store shelves around the country won't get kids high, but aghast city leaders and anti-drug activists say the product and grocers carrying it represent a new low.

"We're already dealing with a high amount of drug abuse and drug activity and trying to raise children so they don't think using illegal substances is acceptable," said City Councilmember Darius Pridgen. "So to have a licensed store sell candy to kids that depicts an illegal substance is just ignorant and irresponsible."

The "Pothead Ring Pots," "Pothead Lollipops" and bagged candy are distributed to retail stores by the novelty supply company Kalan LP of the Philadelphia suburb of Lansdowne. It also wholesales online for $1 for a lollipop and $1.50 for a package of three rings.

Company president Andrew Kalan said the candy, on the market six to nine months and in 1,000 stores around the country, promotes the legalization of marijuana.

"It does pretty well," he said.

"This is the first complaint I've heard," Kalan said, "and people are usually not shy. I'm actually surprised this is the first."

An irate parent brought the candy to Pridgen's attention, hoping the city could apply pressure and get it out of stores.

Pridgen and Councilmember Demone Smith displayed the candy, along with fake marijuana known as
"K2" that's also sold in some stores at Tuesday's Common Council meeting, where Pridgen said he'd refuse to grant licenses to stores in his district that planned to sell the merchandise and would seek to embarrass stores that carry it. The synthetic marijuana is sold as incense but is smoked.

Synthetic marijuana typically involves dried plant material sprayed with one of several chemical compounds. The products contain organic leaves coated with chemicals that provide a marijuana-like high when smoked. The Drug Enforcement Administration recently used its emergency powers to outlaw five chemicals found in synthetic marijuana.

It appeared Pridgen's message had gotten out by Thursday. A check of about a half-dozen stores in Buffalo, often in impoverished neighborhoods where real drugs are a festering problem, turned up none of the controversial candy.

The bags of "Pothead Sour Gummy Candy," and lollipops shaped like marijuana leaves appear to be a recent addition to the inventory of some corner stores. The sour apple-flavored candy contains nothing illegal, but with its marijuana leaf, the word "Legalize" and a joint-smoking, peace sign-waving user on the packaging, critics say it's not only in poor taste but an invitation to try the real thing.

"It's the whole idea that it promotes drugs and the idea that, here, you'll look cool if you use this -- which is what gets these kids in trouble in the very first place," said Jodie Altman, program supervisor at Renaissance House, a treatment center for drug- and alcohol-addicted youth.

Charmaine Rosendary, 36, of Buffalo shook her head when she saw a picture of the package.

"That's not right. It's just promoting marijuana," she said while buying produce Friday at a Buffalo market. She said she wouldn't allow her five teenagers, ages 15-19, to have it.

"I would not buy it or give them money to buy it," she said. "It looks like weed."

It's not the first legal product to come under fire.

In 2008, the
Hershey Co. stopped making Ice Breakers Pacs in response to criticism that the mints looked too much like illegal street drugs. Police in Philadelphia complained that the packets, nickel-sized dissolvable pouches with a powdered sweetener inside, closely resembled tiny heat-sealed bags used to sell powdered street drugs.

Candy cigarettes and fruity or energy drink-infused alcoholic beverages have been criticized for targeting young people. And in 1997, the Federal Trade Commission said the iconic Joe Camel cigarette ads and packaging violated federal law because they appealed to kids under 18. The tobacco company, R.J. Reynolds, eventually shelved the caricature.

A spokesman for the
Office of National Drug Control Policy said advocates for legalization who claim marijuana is benign are not supported by science.

"Trivializing drug use is a threat to public health because it erodes perceptions of harm among young people," said Rafael Lemaitre.

Kalan said his company carries several products with the marijuana leaf and "legalize" message to accommodate growing demand in the movement to legalize marijuana.

"We don't advocate for a political position. We just look at what the marketplace wants and respond to it," the wholesaler said. "It's just candy... It's sour apple flavor, it doesn't claim to be pot in disguise or anything like that."


Monday, October 10, 2011

~Fire Prevention Week~

Fire Prevention Week Beginning

In 1920, President Woodrow Wilson issued the first National Fire Prevention Day proclamation, and since 1922, Fire Prevention Week has been observed on the Sunday through Saturday period in which October 9 falls.

According to the National Archives and Records Administration's Library Information Center, Fire Prevention Week is the longest running public health and safety observance on record. The President of the United States has signed a proclamation proclaiming a national observance during that week every year since 1925.

Hello Doggie Lovers

I’m taking part in the BARCStoberfest Strut Your Mutt to raise money for BALTIMORE ANIMAL RESCUE AND CARE SHELTER - please make a donation by visiting my FirstGiving page:
You can donate online with a credit card. All donations are secure and sent directly to BALTIMORE ANIMAL RESCUE AND CARE SHELTER by FirstGiving, who will email you a printable record of your donation.
 Please send my page on to anyone who might like to donate!

Deborah Michelle

(This young lady has been a foster mom to many helpless dogs for quite a while.  Out of those many  homeless dogs that have found homes she has only had to return two while in her care to the BARCS facility.

Put simply, some dogs are not able to forget the horrible  treatment they received at the hand of another human being.)  And sadly, not even love, patience, good food and  safe warm surroundings are the answer.)

Testimony Underway In Skylor Harmon Re-Trial

Written by Scott Muska
Staff Writer
October 18, 2011

SNOW HILL — The re-trial of a 19-year-old charged with committing murder with an assault rifle got underway Tuesday with opening arguments and the first of the prosecution’s witnesses.

Skylor Dupree Harmon, 19, of Pocomoke City, had his first trial end in a mistrial in July when jurors were unable to agree on a verdict. Harmon is charged with first- and second-degree murder in the death of Reginald Handy Jr.

Among the defense’s witnesses Tuesday were Deputy Dale Trotter, a crime scene investigator for the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation. Cropper and members of the State’s Attorney’s office returned on Sunday night to the area of 500 Young St., where the military-grade assault rifle had been found the day after the murder.

Trotter testified that if he had been standing in that area with the gun at the time of night the murder was committed, he would have been able to shoot a person standing where the victim had been shot.

From the area where the gun was found to the area where Handy was shot was about 65 yards, according to Trotter, who said the distance was “definitely” in the rifle’s range.

Testimony is scheduled to continue tomorrow and Thursday.

Harmon's uncle, Alexander Crippen, was originally charged in the May 2010 murder, but charges were dropped before Crippen's trial. Crippen was later convicted of attempting to kill a different man, based on testimony about his actions at the same scene where Handy died.


Virginia Businesses~ One Closes- Another Opens

The Roses department store in Exmore has announced they will be closing their doors.

According to management, employees were told of the closure at a staff meeting on Wednesday.

The reason nor the actual closing date has not been released at this time.

Management did state that the Onley Roses store will remain open.

Meanwhile McDonalds customers in the central Accomack County area will be happy to know the all new McDonalds facility will open Tuesday morning at 8 AM.

The old McDonalds was the first to open on the Eastern Shore.

According to company officials, the old building didn't have adequate space to make it possible for the Onley store to carry many of the new products the chain has introduced over the last several years. The old store was demolished during the early spring.

Source;  Shoredailynews

Sunday, October 9, 2011

TIME MACHINE ... Physicians Rivalry On Tangier Island Ends In Murder!

May, 1884

(The New York Times)


CRISFIELD, MD, MAY 19- Intelligence has just reached here of a murder at Tangier Island, Virginia, last Saturday, growing out of a rivalry between two physicians of the town. It appears that Dr. Pitts had been jealous for some time of Dr. L.I. Walter, who has become very popular among the citizens, and drawn away considerable practice from Dr. Pitts. The people say that Dr. Walter was the most successful physician of the two, and for that reason he obtained most of the practice of the town. Pitts openly showed his dislike for Walter, though the two were on speaking terms and sometimes had consulted each other in a professional way. As Dr. Walter was passing Dr. Pitts office last Saturday the latter called him in. It is said they had some words about a professional matter, and just as Dr. Walter was about leaving, Dr. Pitts drew a revolver and shot him in the shoulder. Dr. Walter, being unarmed, tried to escape by the window but Dr. Pitts drew him back. They had a desperate struggle but Pitts succeeded in overpowering Walter and fired three more shots, the bullets lodging in his breast. Walter expired instantly. The reports of the pistol attracted a crowd to the scene of the shooting. Serious threats of lynching were made, and when Pitts had given himself up to the authorities the crowd followed him to the magistrates office vowing vengeance. Pitts was taken to the Accomack County Jail. The murder has excited great indignation throughout the county.


September, 1884

(The New York Times)


Norfolk, Va., Sept. 13- At Hampton, today, argument was begun in the case of the Commonwealth against Dr. J.D. Pitts, now on trial for the murder of Dr. Thomas Walter on Tangier Island in May last. The prosecuting attorney charged that the prisoner was guilty of deliberate, willful, and premeditated murder. The prisoner was defended by some of the ablest counsel in the State. He has entered a plea of self-defense. A number of lady friends of the prisoner were present, and the case is exciting much interest in this section. 


September, 1884

(The Daily News- Frederick, Md.)

Dr. Pitts was found guilty yesterday of killing Dr. Walter, at Tangier Island, Va., in May last, and sentenced to eighteen years imprisonment.


October, 1960

Although no formal announcement had been made, news was circulating around Pocomoke City that a major downtown business, Montgomery Ward, would be closing. Local management would not comment but a Montgomery Ward district manager said the closing of the Pocomoke store was possible. A published report stated the 25 employees would be offered positions in other Montgomery Ward stores.

Footnote: Montgomery Ward's two story department store was located on Clarke Avenue in the Veasey Building across the street from the Pocomoke City Municipal Building. J.C. Penney occupied the front of the building facing Market Street. Due to the economic downturn following the closing of the Chincoteague Naval Air Base, Montgomery Ward and Penney's eventually closed their doors in Pocomoke City. Other business interests anticipated the cost of renovating the 1922 building would be prohibitive. The City acquired the Veasey Building in 1975 for demolition. It was one of the positive steps that made 1976 a year of many accomplishments in Pocomoke City as a future TIME MACHINE posting will detail.


July, 1933

The presidential yacht Sequoia docked in Crisfield and President Roosevelt set out on a six-hour sight-seeing tour of the Eastern Shore, stopping in Pocomoke City for a soft drink. A crowd of several thousand were said to be on hand at the Crisfield dock to greet the president and were back later in the day to see him off.



January, 1920

The New York Yankees purchased Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox for $125,000, the largest cash sum ever paid for a player. Reports were that Ruth's Boston salary of $10,000 a year would almost double as a Yankees player.



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