Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sharp Downward Revision In October.......

Sharp downward revision in October Jobs Numbers Stalls Private Sector Growth
Annapolis - Maryland saw a sharp downward revision in the number of jobs created as well as a decline in the most recent month compared to last month in the latest employment numbers released today by the U.S. Department of Labor.

The number of jobs created in October was revised downward by 9,300.  From October to November, Maryland lost 3,100 more jobs while the unemployment rate dropped a tick from 6.7% to 6.6%.

"While recent months started to look more promising, these numbers tell a different a story," said Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan. "The private sector is shedding jobs and Maryland needs sustained growth in hiring levels to help us weather the fiscal cliff and impending federal government cuts."

Maryland lost 6500 small businesses between 2007 and 2010 according to the U.S. Census, and the state now has just three Fortune 500 companies - some of the worst declines in the region.

"I am concerned that we already lost too many companies to build lasting momentum in job growth," said Hogan.

Accomack County Virginia Arson Cases Climb To 36

EASTERN SHORE, Va. (WAVY) - Virginia State Police held a news conference Friday afternoon to update the public on the string of arson cases on the Eastern Shore.

VSP Public Relations Director Corinne N. Geller announced there have been 36 arsons since mid-November, including one Thursday night. This total does not include two brush fires during that time frame. State Police say this isn't the first time the county has had to deal with a serial arsonist.

"Although Accomac County has had an arsonist in the past. We've never had an arsonist  destroy so many structures in such a short period of time that I'm aware of," said First Sergeant J.P.. Koushel.

Investigators believe the suspect is a resident of Accomack County and are unsure if there is more than one suspect. While investigators believe most cases are the work of the same arsonist, they are not ruling out the possibility that some may be the work of a copycat.

"Copycat crimes will not be tolerated and will be investigated and we will be separating which ones were committed by the serial arsonists and which ones have not," said Koushel.

Authorities say the suspect has kept the same pattern since the first blaze in November, setting fire to abandoned buildings in early morning or late night hours. Over time the arsonist has become more brazen going from chicken coops to big homes. Police say the fires are putting a strain on volunteer fire departments.

"It's been very difficult for our fireman they are working more fires than a Detroit fireman would work. It's a tremendous amount of fires," said Koushel.

Investigators say catching the arsonist won't be an overnight job. They have 455 square miles of Accomack County and as many as 800 abandoned structures,  the arsonists' prime targets.

Investigators say the arsonist is creating a climate of fear in the County.

Timeline: Eastern Shore arson cases

No one has been injured in the fires and police are offering an award of up to $5,000 for information that may lead to an arrest.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Specials ~ Riverside Grill

DECEMBER 21, 2012

-Maryland Crab Soup w/ ½ ham sandwich or side salad 6.99
-Soft Shell Crab Sandwich w/ chips and a pickle 10.99
-Wedge Salad w/ blackened shrimp 8.99
-Buffalo Shrimp Platter w/ fries and slaw 9.99
-Single Fried Oysters (dozen) 10.99

4 to 7
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$3.50 Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry Drinks
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11 AM- 2AM.

Pocomoke Schools At "Heightened Security" / UPDATE

Subjects believed to be involved with the burglary in Pocomoke City this morning have been arrested and are  in police custody.

The "heightened security" status has been lifted at the schools.

Burglary was in the Cedar Hall Road area.  Subjects fled on foot.  In custody at this time.

Schools in the Pocomoke area are at a state of "heightened security" because of a burglary in the Pocomoke area.

Police say those involved in the burglary have not been apprehended.

 All school doors are locked and there is someone monitoring the front door of school buildings. Parents do have access to schools in Worcester County.

Schools are NOT on lockdown.

Update- Thursday Night Fire In Accomac

Arson- Accomac, Va.
Photo WESR
Thursday night at approximately 9:35 fire units were called to a residential structure fire at 23502 Back Street in Accomac. Fire units from Tasley, Onley, Onancock and Parksley responded and found the two story structure fully involved. Firefighters were hampered by high winds at the time. They were eventually able to gain control.

But heavy winds resulted in the fire rekindling and units were recalled to the scene at 2:35 this morning to find the structure again fully involved.

The Virginia State Police and the Accomack County Sheriff's Department are investigating.

Virginia State Police have determined this  fire was the result of arson consistent with other arson fires in the area over the past two months.
Accomack, Va. arson
WESR Photo

Residents are requested to report any unusual activity to the Virginia State Police or the Accomack County Sheriff's Department.
A $5000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the party responsible for setting the fires.


PLEASE call 1-800-582-8350 or (757) 424-6820; or call the Accomack County Sheriff's Office at (757) 787-1131

Investigative Update/ News Conference/Arson

The Virginia State Police will hold an investigative update on Friday at 1:30 PM in the Melfa, Vriginia area.

The news conference is regarding the dozens of arson cases since November 12 that have occured in the Accomack County area on the Eastern Shore.

Since November individuals seem to have targeted unoccupied and abandoned structures.

No one has been injured and police are reminding citizens that if they have ANY information to call:
1-800-582-8350 or (757) 424-6820; or call the Accomack County Sheriff's Office at (757) 787-1131.

A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for infomation that leads to an arrest!

Arcadia High School Performs At The White House

Representative Scott Rigell welcomed the Arcadia High School Choir to Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

The choral group, along with Director James Fedderman were in Washington to perform at the White House during the Presidential Holiday Tour.

Thursday Night Structure Fire

Thursday night at approximately 9:35 fire units were called to a residential structure fire at 23502 Back Street in Accomac. Fire units from Tasley, Onley, Onancock and Parksley responded and found the two story structure fully involved. Firefighters were hampered by high winds at the time. They were eventually able to gain control.

But heavy winds resulted in the fire rekindling and units were recalled to the scene at 2:35 this morning to find the structure again fully involved.

The Virginia State Police and the Accomack County Sheriff's Department are investigating as it is not known at this time whether the structure was occupied at the time of the blaze or if this fire was the latest in the string of apparent arson fires that dates back to November 12.

Residents are requested to report any unusual activity to the Virginia State Police or the Accomack County Sheriff's Department.

A $5000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the party responsible for setting the fires.


Gov. McDonnell Asks For Statewide Moment of Silence This Morning

Governor McDonnell Asks for Statewide Moment of Silence to Mark One Week Since Connecticut Shooting

RICHMOND Governor Bob McDonnell today issued a call for Virginians to join in a moment of silence to commemorate the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting exactly one week after the shootings occurred.

 Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy has issued a proclamation declaring this Friday as a Day of Mourning in Connecticut and called upon all citizens of that state to observe a
moment of silence
 at 9:30 a.m. on Friday

 Governor Malloy has also asked Connecticut places of worship and government buildings, which have the ability, to ring bells 26 times during that moment of silence.

Governor McDonnell has also issued a day of mourning proclamation for Dec. 21.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

TIME MACHINE Preview ... Christmas Time

A look back at some news about Christmas time in years past... it's this Sunday here at The Pocomoke Public Eye!
  Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about, a Holiday memory? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Last Saturday To Visit Santa Claus

Santa's last day is this Saturday !!

Fires Continure On Eastern Shore Virginia

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) - Dozens of arson cases have plagued the Eastern Shore community for weeks, leaving residents of the area constantly on edge.

State police responded to a structure fire Tuesday evening off Lankford Highway.

Van and Claire Nutter could hardly believe their eyes when they saw the Colonial-style home Van's cousin had previously done construction work on go up in flames.

"We're devastated over this," Claire Nutter said. "Billy Belote built it from a frame and now all the workmanship is wasted. Wasted because of a firebug."

The Tuesday evening fire has not yet been confirmed an arson. State police say "dozens" of fires have been determined arson cases, but few structural fires in the area remain under investigation.

"I believe it was deliberately set because who else would do that knowing the history of this house?" Claire Nutter said.
The Nutters said the home dates back to the 1700s.

Eastern Shore resident Len Cackowski told he feels as though investigators could soon get a breakthrough in the case.

"I think they have an idea who it might be," Cackowski said. "They just have to catch him and prove it. I mean, nobody can be that smart. I think it's probably more than one person, maybe a copycat or two, or something running around up and down."

No one has been hurt in the fires and the arsonist(s) tend to target abandoned structures.

State police continue to investigate the fires and ask anyone with helpful information to call (757)424-6820.


Evening Christmas Cruise Aboard the Bay Queen

Annual Chamber Dinner Tickets On Sale

Change Maryland To O'Malley: Lead On Solving Transportation Problems

Change Maryland to O'Malley: Lead on Solving Transportation Problems

Annapolis - Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan called on Governor Martin O'Malley to show leadership on addressing the state's transportation problems and urged legislative leaders to help him do so.

In a meeting with reporters yesterday, O'Malley said the challenge to addressing transportation needs is not including a lock box provision to protect funds from being used elsewhere in the state budget and then went on to say that he's "open to any lock box anyone wants to propose."

"The Governor is making the transportation funding problem worse by sending such confusing signals," said Hogan.  "It's no wonder people despise increasing the gas tax - they know that politicians will simply waste the money and spend it however they choose."

Specific steps that must be taken now to restore confidence in the state's ability to invest in transportation infrastructure are requiring the administration to first pay back the money drained from the transportation budget and enact measures to protect the transportation trust fund.

In addition, Hogan, the former state Appointment Secretary, called on O'Malley to appoint a transportation secretary.  The previous MDOT secretary announced in April that she would be leaving the cabinet post and eight months later the Governor has yet to announce a replacement.  "This is very poor timing to have a rudderless ship,"said Hogan, noting that the department is the largest in state government.

Since O'Malley became Governor in 2007, nearly $700 million has been diverted from transportation and has not yet been repaid. Chronic siphoning of such funds and the lack of a consensus on how to protect the transportation trust fund have caused O'Malley's gas tax increase and other revenue proposals to stall.  In yesterday's meeting the Governor sought to draw a distinction between highway user revenues and the transportation trust fund, both of which are funded by state tax dollars.

"People don't sit in traffic wondering whether they are on a state highway or a county highway," said Hogan.  "The bureaucratic difference over which pot of money goes to what road has absolutely nothing to do with solving transportation problems."

The gasoline tax is a proposal that won't go away.  In the closing moments of the last regular General Assembly session, the Governor clumsily announced on a radio station an ill-conceived plan to apply the sales tax to gasoline.  The proposal had no political support and failed to get voted out of committee.   Most recently, county executives in Howard, Montgomery and Prince George's held a so-called transportation summit last week to plead for higher fuel levies.

"Here we go again," said Hogan.  "We were successful in stopping the gas tax increase, and the sales tax on gasoline last session, but they are still trying to ram it through. And now O'Malley expects struggling Maryland families and small businesses to pay for his mistakes. They want us to forget about the hundreds of millions of dollars he robbed from transportation funds."

Over the past decade, $1.1 billion in transportation funds initially intended for local governments to use on roads and bridges has been put into the state's general fund to help balance the budget.

"After raising taxes and fees 24 times and taking an additional $2.4 billion a year out of the pockets of taxpayers, we know O'Malley prefers raising taxes over leading," Hogan said."O'Malley must show leadership and take some responsibility on funding transportation, or he's going to achieve the same dismal results as before with the failed gas tax schemes."

Legislative analysts say the state is about $2 billion short of the money it needs to undertake projects currently approved.



video @ 39:00

3 Guns Recovered During DUI Arrest

On December 16, at approximately 12:30 a.m., Ocean City police officers stopped a vehicle
in the area of 65th Street and Coastal Highway in reference to drunk driving. Prior to the stop, officers received information that the driver of the vehicle, who was identified as Scot Donald Randolf, 43, of Ocean City, was very intoxicated.  In addition to receiving information describing Randolf’s vehicle, officers were informed that Randolf possibly had three firearms in his car.

During the traffic stop, police recovered two handguns, a shotgun and ammunition from the interior passenger compartment of the car.  At the time, the weapons were unloaded. Also located in the vehicle was drug paraphernalia with suspected marijuana residue.
Randolf was arrested and charged with:
  • Possession of handgun in a vehicle.
  • Possession of a handgun on person.
  • Possession of a controlled dangerous substance, marijuana.
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia.
During the investigation Randolf submitted to a breath test.  Randolf was found to have a blood alcohol content that was over three times the legal limit.  Randolf was charged with drunken driving related charges as well. 

 Randolf was seen by an Ocean City District Court Commission and was released on his own recognizance.

Ocean City Police Dept. News Release

Change Maryland On Announcement Of New Economic Development Secretary

Statement from Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan on Announcement
 of Dominick Murray as DBED Secretary

"I wish the Administration had undertaken a national search to find the best economic development professional in the country or at least someone with a track record in attracting businesses and creating jobs.

"I am concerned that Mr. Murray's marketing background in the media industry signals an intent to continue to focus more on press releases, slide shows and videos that only promote the governor’s national political aspirations.

"There is much work to do. We now have just three Fortune 500 companies in Maryland and have lost 6500 small businesses from 2007 to 2010.

"Job creation is too important for Marylanders to let this agency devolve into an advertising agency for Martin O'Malley.   For this department to be relevant will require tremendous leadership, and the new secretary must assert his independence from day one.  Marylanders interested in jobs and economic opportunity can't afford our state's lead agency attracting businesses to be a pawn on the Governor's chessboard."

-Larry Hogan is the former Appointments Secretary under previous Governor Robert Ehrlich.  He was responsible for selecting and placing senior Administration officials in state government.  Change Maryland released a report on reforming DBED last month.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Deceased Male Recovered From Beach In Ocean City

On December 18, 2012, at approximately 7:55 a.m. Ocean City Police responded to 45th Street and the Beach, in reference to an unresponsive male who was lying on the beach with a rifle in his lap.

Officers arrived at the scene and determined the male subject was deceased. The preliminary investigation has revealed the deceased male identified as a 27-year-old Mt. Airy, Maryland resident died of what appears to be a single self-inflicted gun wound. The deceased name is not being released. Next of kin has been notified.

Police recovered a .22 caliber rifle from the scene. The male’s remains have been taken to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Maryland for autopsy.

The incident remains under investigation by the OCPD pending the Medical Examiners findings.

Ocean City Police Dept. News Release

Wednesday Specials ~ Riverside Grill Pocomoke

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MarVa Theater This Weekend

Friday, December 21st at 7 PM

 Saturday, December 22nd at 7 PM
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Delmarva Discovery Center ~ Wish List For Santa


Stop by the Delmarva Discovery Center and pick  a Christmas tree card to take home with your favorite animal and their wish list item on the back.

You can bring your purcased item back to the center either wrapped or unwrapped. After Christmas pictures will be posted of the critters using their lovely new presents.

If you can't stop by the Delmarva Discovery Center please feel free to select a give from the list below.

Tuesday Night Rocket Launch Postponed

Rocket Launch Postponed

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. – The launch of a Terrier-Lynx suborbital rocket for the Department of Defense scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 18, from Wallops Flight Facility  postponed.

The next launch from the Wallops Flight Facility is a NASA Terrier-Orion suborbital sounding rocket scheduled for late January 2013.


Accomack County Structure Fire

At approximately 9:20 Tuesday evening a structure fire was reported in a house on Lankford Highway near the Blue Crow Antique Mall South of Keller, Virginia. 

 According to unofficial reports the house was used as a part time residence. No one was at home at the time of the fire.

Firemen arrived to find the upper story of the two story structure to be on fire.

The Virginia State Police and the Accomack County Sheriff's Department are investigating
to determine the cause of the fire and whether the fire can be connected to the recent fires in the Accomack County area. 

Painter, Wachapreague, Melfa and Onley responded.

If you have seen anything suspicious at all or have any information at PLEASE call 1-800-582-8350 or (757) 424-6820; or call the Accomack County Sheriff's Office at (757) 787-1131.

A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for infomation that leads to an arrest!

For those in the area this was once the antique shop belonging to Bill Belote.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Toys For Local Children

The Mayor of Saxis, Virginia, Denise Drewer along with  the Saxis Volunteer Fire Company will be handing out toys to the children from the Saxis, Sanford and Messango areas.

Be sure to bring your children to the fire house on Saxis  so they may make a selection.

Wednesday  December 19, 2012
Saxis Fire House
6:00 PM

Hope to see you there !!

Riverside Grill Pocomoke


-Beef Barley Soup w/ 1/2 tuna salad sandwich or side salad 5.99
-Meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes and green beans 6.99
-Taco Salad 6.99
-Buffalo Chicken Wrap w/ fries 8.99

Starting @ 4 PM
.99 cent kids meals

4-7 PM
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Starting @ 8 PM
.50 cent wings

Arrests Made In Handgun Thefts From Benelli

POCOMOKE -- A Princess Anne man was arrested on theft and firearm possession charges late last month after Worcester County Bureau of Investigation (WCBI) detectives were able to connect him to the theft of handguns from the Pocomoke business.

On Nov. 28, Pocomoke Police began an investigation into the theft of handguns from the Benelli USA Corp. in Pocomoke and WCBI detectives responded to assist. After extensive interviews with employees at Benelli, a potential suspect was identified as Ivy Darneild Matthews, 33, of Princess Anne.

Matthews had been a temporary worker at Benelli for less than a month when the handguns were discovered to be stolen. Search warrants were conducted on Matthews’ cell phone and residence, which revealed evidence of the theft of the guns and his intention to sell them. Further information was obtained revealing Jabri Wilson, 23, also of Princess Anne, was conspiring with Matthews to purchase the stolen guns.

Matthews was arrested and charged with theft and possession of firearms by a prohibited person. He is being held on a $100,000 bond. Wilson was also charged with conspiracy to purchase stolen firearms and conspiracy to commit theft.


Caroline County Father Murdered On His Birthday By Own Daughter


(RIDGELY, MD) – Maryland State Police have arrested and charged the daughter of an elderly Caroline County man found dead in his home yesterday evening with his murder.

The victim is identified as Arthur Cohee, who turned 90 yesterday, of the 12000-block Ridgely Road, Ridgely, Md. Cohee was pronounced dead at the scene.

The accused is identified as Janice C. Cohee, 58, who lived with her father at the same address. After consultation with the Caroline County State’s Attorney, Janice Cohee was charged early this morning by State Police homicide investigators with first and second degree murder, first and second degree assault, manslaughter, and reckless endangerment. She was taken before a court commissioner for an initial appearance and ordered held without bond at the Caroline County Detention Center.

Shortly before 6:00 p.m. yesterday, the Caroline County Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call from a woman, later identified as the accused, who said her father was dead. Deputies responded to the residence and found Janice Cohee sitting outside. They found her father in a chair in the kitchen, with obvious trauma to his head and neck.

Sheriff Randy Bounds requested the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit conduct the investigation. Homicide Unit investigators responded and were assisted throughout the night by investigators from the Sheriff’s Office, the State Police Easton Barrack, and State Police crime scene technicians.

After obtaining a search warrant for the residence, investigators and crime scene technicians processed the scene for evidence. Interviews were conducted with Janice Cohee, as well as neighbors, relatives, and others.

The preliminary investigation indicates Janice Cohee told police that two men had broken into the home seeking money and had assaulted her father, while she hid in another room. Investigators determined that account not to be true based on evidence found at the scene and on Janice Cohee, as well as conflicting information provided to police.

Items were found during the search that have been forwarded to the Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division laboratory to determine if they may have been used in the assault on the victim. The victim’s body was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death.

A motive remains unclear at this time. The investigation is continuing.

MD. State Police Press Release

Bring In the New Year- "Celebrate With the Mar-Va"

Flight Operations To Be Conducted By the Navy Today

According to J.W. Murphy, Deputy Chief of Staff for Installations and Environmental Readiness for the U.S. Fleet Forces Command, the USFF will be conducting E-2 and C-2 Field Carrier Landing Practice demonstrations today at the Wallops Flight Facility.

The demonstration will provide interested members of the public the opportunity to experience a representative Field Carrier Landing Practice flight pattern. Such a demonstration was requested by the Accomack County Board of Supervisors as a result of the USFF being interested in using Wallops for regular practice landing runs.

The operations will begin at 3:00 PM and conclude by approximately 6:00 PM.


Rocket launch Postponed From December 14 To Launch Tonight

The launch of a Terrier-Lynx suborbital rocket for the Department of Defense tonight, Dec. 14, from NASA’s launch range at the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia has been postponed.

The new launch date is 8 to 8:30 p.m. EST, December 18.

Visibility Map
NASA Photo
WALLOPS ISLAND, VA – A Terrier-Lynx suborbital rocket is scheduled between 9 and 9:30 p.m. EST December 14 for the Department of Defense from NASA’s launch range at the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.
The backup launch day is December 18 between 8 and 8:30 p.m. The rocket may be visible to residents in the mid-Atlantic region.

Launch updates and a map showing the area in which the rocket launch may be visible are available at:

The launch will not be shown live on the Internet nor will launch status updates be provided on social media once the countdown begins. The NASA Visitor Center at Wallops will not be open for viewing the launch.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Newtown Statement Not Written By Morgan Freeman

A statement allegedly made by Morgan Freeman about the Newtown massacre that was widely circulated on Facebook and Twitter has been debunked.

The statement criticizes the media on how it reports on mass shootings and encourages people to donate to mental health research instead of pointing to gun control as the problem.

On The Red Carpet reports that a spokesperson for the 75-year-old actor said, “He did not write nor release this statement.” The spokesperson later added, “To date he has not released any statement [about the shooting].”

The statement in its entirety is listed below.


Morgan Freeman’s brilliant take on what happened yesterday :

“You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here’s why.
It’s because of the way the media reports it. Flip on the news and watch how we treat the Batman theater shooter and the Oregon mall shooter like celebrities. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris are household names, but do you know the name of a single *victim* of Columbine? Disturbed  people who would otherwise just off themselves in their basements see the news and want to top it by doing something worse, and going out in a memorable way. Why a grade school? Why children? Because he’ll be remembered as a horrible monster, instead of a sad nobody.
CNN’s article says that if the body count “holds up”, this will rank as the second deadliest shooting behind Virginia Tech, as if statistics somehow make one shooting worse than another. Then they post a video interview of third-graders for all the details of what they saw and heard while the shootings were happening. Fox News has plastered the killer’s face on all their reports for hours. Any articles or news stories yet that focus on the victims and ignore the killer’s identity? None that I’ve seen yet. Because they don’t sell. So congratulations, sensationalist media, you’ve just lit the fire for someone to top this and knock off a day care center or a maternity ward next.

You can help by forgetting you ever read this man’s name, and remembering the name of at least one victim. You can help by donating to mental health research instead of pointing to gun control as the problem. You can help by turning off the news.”


Navy To Conduct Field Carrier Landing Practice

Depending on the weather- The Navy will conduct a Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP) this week- December 17-21-

The day(s) for the flight demonstration during this time will be determined by the Navy and and depend upon operational and training requirements, availability of aircraft and weather conditions current and forecasted. The hours for the demonstration will be between 3 to 4 p.m.

This is being done to evaluate the potential environmental effects on this area and areas surrounding. If the Wallops base is selected there could possibly be 20,000 FCLP passes annually with the E-2 and C-2 jet aircraft. The Navy expects to complete their Environmental Assessment in January.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Arcadia High School Chorus Will Sing At the White House

Arcadia High School Chorus will travel to Washington D.C. to sing at the White House!

BUT before this venture would become a reality the expense of the entire trip to be met dealt with.. The cost would be between $4,000 and $9,000, depending on the mode of transportation and whether the chorus members needed to stay the night in order to rehearse the day before. Choral Director James Fedderman got the ball rolling by speaking on behalf of his students.   The community backed them, the school board and two organizations chipped in  and the students met the rest of the challenge head on.

Accomack County School Superintendent Bruce Benson recommended to the school board  the the school district pay for lodging (if necessary), transportation and performance clothes.

Although the board supported the recommendation the students still needed more money to fund the trip. The community rallied behind these kids and within one week $2,500 in donations had been raised. The students organized a spaghetti dinner fundraiser, even performed for the  guests,  and with some financial backing from the Onancock Rotary Club and the Exmore Rotary Club they will be on their way to Washington, D.C.

The Arcadia High School Chorus is under the direction of Dr. James Fedderman.  After sending an audition tape to the White House a few weeks ago they were notified that  their choral group,  from a  small high school on  the Eastern Shore of Virginia,  had been selected!

The Arcadia High School Chorus, from Oak Hall, Virginia, will perform at the White House on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 during the Presidential Holiday Tour.

GREAT job Arcadia High School Chorus and Dr. Fedderman!

All of you have worked so very hard for this achievement!  Best of luck and safe travels.

Remembrance/Prayer Visual

Please join the Eastern Shore community as we remember and lift up all of those effected by the horrific school shooting yesterday in Connecticut.

There will be a Remembrance/Prayer Visual at the Exmore Town Park on Sunday, December 16th from 5:30 - 6:30.

All are invited to come.

Last Performance Today At The Mar-Va Theater

Last Performance!

Local actors and actresses take the stage to present the famous classic by Charles Dickens.

Sunday  December 16th
2 PM
Tickekts:  $15.00

TIME MACHINE ... Memories of Accomac, 1890.

(Reader-friendly viewing of newspaper archives material)

John S. Wise Jr.. "Memories of Accomac, 1890" Peninsula Enterprise (Accomac, Va.: August 21, 1937)

(PART 1)

A friend recently said to me that after all, our memories remain with us and with many are all they get out of life. Certainly I cherish nothing more than my memories of old Drummondtown and Accomack County in 1890, now nearly half a century ago, when I spent a summer with my dear old cousin, Dr. John J. Wise, at his old home "Woodburn," about a mile north of Drummondtown.

I was then a lad of fourteen and full of youthful vitality and activity and interest and curiosity about all things of the Eastern Shore new to a boy who had spent most of his time in the inland country mountains.

Dr. John J. Wise was then my present age, sixty-one. He was a great soul. He was one of the oldest and best known doctors of the county, practicing all over the county by the old horse and buggy method of transportation of the country doctor no longer known.

There are few of us left, who remember Dr. Wise and his little dark brown, hipped horse, "Snap," when he was a familiar traveler on all country roads and by ways, day in and day out, every morning and afternoon and at night when necessary to minister to the ailments of the people where needed. His price was $1.00 to $1.50 for a visit to the home and 50 cents when the patient came to his office which was where the drug-store now stands. He had served valiantly as a surgeon in the Confederate Army throughout the Civil War. From 1865 until his death in 1895 he served his people. Having no money was no excuse for not calling him. Pay or no pay he wanted nobody to suffer for need of his attention. Nobody knew what charity he rendered to the poor who could not pay.

I have never seen any person derive more satisfaction than the old doctor did when he would give some poor person's child a nickel or a dime where he knew it was helpful — and you can understand that in those days nickels and dimes were not trash — money was a rarity. I know, for I traveled with the doctor on his circuit and held his horse at gates of houses where hardworking poor people had only what they produced off their land — which was the bare necessities of life. The fishermen could sell their catch and get some money.

Don't misunderstand there was no abject poverty. The poor house had long since fallen down and nearly everybody had at least one good horse, a cow, chickens and eggs, pigs. Sweet potatoes and white potato crops took care of their needs. The people were far better provided for than those in many counties I had known on the Western Shore.

They were a wonderfully orderly law-abiding people. There was scarcely any stealing or crime. I have never known better people. However humble or simple, they were kind and polite.

I never recall one passing on the road without the customary nod — the neighborly salutation.

December, 1956
(The Salisbury Times)


POCOMOKE CITY- During a recent meeting of the Pocomoke City Community Civic Council,
the president, Fred Henderson, announced plans for the annual Christmas drive, and called upon the community for cooperation.

The council is made up of representatives from each of the clubs and organizations in Pocomoke, and was set up to serve as a coordinating agency for the charitable activities.

Clubs and organizations of Pocomoke have responded with gifts of new and used toys, clothing and shoes, canned goods, groceries, meats, and gifts of money. But more is needed , Mr. Henderson said. 

The council has prepared boxes and has placed them in most of the Pocomoke stores to receive donations.

Donations may be left at the Pocomoke Firehouse on Fifth Street, or at St. Mary's Parish House on Third Street. Those donating money should make checks payable to the Community Civic Council.

For anyone unable to send donations to the firehouse or the Parish House, a pick-up service is available by calling Mrs. Lee Graff, 476-W, or the Rev. Roger C. Jones, 1023, or the Rev. William M. Reed, 967. 

December, 1883
(Peninsula Enterprise- Accomac)

The "hardware dealers" are making preparations on a large scale to have a fine line of "Guilford trifle" for the holidays.

(Time Machine archive)
November, 1887
(The Herald And Torchlight- Hagerstown, Md)

Agents from Farmington, Del., have been in Princess Anne, Somerset County, for several days collecting holly twigs with berries on them. The twigs are packed in small boxes made for the purpose and shipped direct to Chicago, St. Louis, and Canada, and are used for decorating purposes. Those who have holly are making a good thing out of it.

December, 1892
(Peninsula Enterprise- Accomac)
An excursion train, known as "Santa Claus train," will run at reduced rates from Cape Charles to Pocomoke City, Thursday, December 15th, leaving Cape Charles at 7 a. m., and on its return leaving Pocomoke City at 5 p. m.

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about, a Holiday memory? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Saturday, December 15, 2012



Find your favorite cupcake and enjoy the day.......

TIME MACHINE Preview ... Memories of Accomac, 1890.

In 1937 John S. Wise Jr. wrote about his 1890 visit to Drummondtown (later Accomac) to spend the summer with his cousin Dr. John J. Wise. "I was then a lad of fourteen and full of youthful vitality and activity and interest and curiosity about all things of the Eastern Shore new to a boy who had spent most of his time in the inland country mountains."
Read about it this Sunday, and some TIME MACHINE Christmas items also, on The Pocomoke Public Eye!

  Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about, a Holiday memory? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Riverside Grill Pocomoke

DECEMBER 15, 2012

-Cream of Crab Soup w/ ½ chicken salad sand. or side salad 6.99
-Soft Shell Crab Platter w/ mac n cheese and green beans 10.99
-NC Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich w/ cole slaw and hush puppies 6.99
-Mahi-Mahi Caesar Salad 9.99
-Ale Batter Fried Shrimp Basket w/ fries 8.99*

*Take another $1 off shrimp baskets all day!
$2.50 Bloody Marys & Mimosas all day
Happy Hour 4-7 w/ $1 off apps
@5 pm
: $4 burgers

Don't forget:   Gift certificates make great Christmas gifts!

Early Morning Fire In Accomack County

911 reports a four alarm structure fire on Matthews Road near Parksley. The fire was reported at 3:57 this morning. Units began leaving the scene at approximately 5:30.

It is not known at this time if the structure was abandoned or whether this particular fire is part of the string of arsons.

Parksley, Bloxom, Tasley and Onley responded.

The State Police and Sheriff's Department are investigating and are requesting anyone with any information on this or any other of the fires to contact them.

A $5000 dollar reward is being offered for information that leads to the capture and conviction of those responsible for the string of fires.


HO HO HO !!!! Santa Is IN Today!

It's been many years since Santa Claus has been able to visit the children of Pocomoke City before Christmas to actually take their orders himself.  Don't miss him....

He's in every Saturday until Christmas ~
11 a.m. until 1 p.m.
Downtown Pocomoke
Mini-park at Market and Second St

To chat with him is FREE
Have your picture taken with him for a fee of
$5.00 courtesy of the Pocomoke Jr. Women's Club

While Santa is on duty stop by the Second Time Around (directly across the street) for a special treat and do some Christmas shopping. 

And don't forget there are other wonderful stores in the downtown area that just might have that special Christmas gift you are looking forward.  Remember: gift certificates are always nice and makes shopping so much easier.  Besides, you're already reason to shop anywhere else.


Watch Christmas Ornaments Being Painted.....

Artist Jenny Somers will be at the Delmarva Discovery Center  painting her famous Christmas tree ornaments.

December 15, 2012
2:30 p.m.  until  4:00 p.m.

Stop by and say hello and take a look at the beautiful ornaments she paints.

Ask her about special orders.

Afterwards don't forget to shop the other stores in downtown Pocomoke City. 

Gov. McDonnell Says NO To State Health Exchanges

Governor McDonnell Informs HHS that Virginia Will Not Pursue a State-Based Health Benefits Exchange for 2014

RICHMOND - Governor Bob McDonnell today submitted a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, declaring that Virginia will not be pursuing a state-based health benefits exchange for 2014. States were required to submit no later than today, a blueprint application requesting conditional approval for a state-based exchange. States have until Feb. 15, 2013 to signal their intent to participate in a hybrid model or default to a federally facilitated exchange.

"For months, Virginia has asked the Obama administration to provide clear guidance and comprehensive answers to important questions that would determine major components and financial impacts to the Commonwealth should we decide to run our own exchange," Governor McDonnell said. "Originally, I asked that we begin the planning process to potentially operate a state-based exchange for Virginia, primarily so we would be in control of this process. However, despite repeated requests for information, we have not had any clear direction or answers from Washington until recent days, and we cannot conclude, as we review those materials, that we would have the control and flexibility needed to efficiently and effectively run our own state exchange. If Virginians are faced with running a costly, heavily regulated bureaucratic exchange without clear direction from Washington, then it is in the best interest of our taxpayers to let Washington manage an exchange at this time. We would like the ability to control our health insurance marketplace, and will continue dialogue with the federal government to clearly understand the logistics of this option before making a decision."

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, by Jan. 1, 2014, states are required to establish an insurance marketplace primarily for individuals and small businesses. The law details that if a state does not establish (or decides not to establish) its own exchange, the federal government will run an exchange for the state. In addition to the two models described in statute, the federal government has also created a hybrid model where states are able to control portions of an exchange while relying on the federal government to provide the remaining functions.

The McDonnell administration will continue to analyze long- awaited and recently released proposed rules and guidance from the federal government. Additionally, the administration is seeking information regarding what, if any, established links will be made between the federal hub and state systems. The focus over these next weeks through the leadership of Secretary of Health and Human Resources Dr. Bill Hazel, will be to continue to analyze information made recently available by the federal government to help facilitate future decisions that are in the best interest of all Virginians and affiliated industries and partners.

OPEN HOUSE ~ Pocomoke Chamber of Commerce

Pocomoke Area Chamber of Commerce Open House
Saturday  December 15, 2012
10 a.m. to  4 p.m.
6 Market Street  /  Chamber Office

Stop by for cider and snacks and meet artists Jan Coulbourne and Leslie Brett. 

 Artists Jan Coulbourne and Leslie Brett
Photo/Pocomoke Chamber of Commerce
Original Watercolors, prints,cards and more! Delight those on your Christmas list with a reflection of our beautiful Eastern Shore.

A portion of the sales will be donated to the Smaritan Shelter.

Also, a perfect time to pick up your tickets to the Annual Dinner before the prices go up! 

Ask about the Pocomokeopoly game.....