Saturday, September 12, 2009

A post from owner

Sleuthhound said:

“as to why she is no longer on Websleuths….you din’t do enough reading because you would have found that she exposed a sex offender as a moderator , and wished to no longer put her posts in their hands.”

My name is Tricia Griffith and I own

The above comment is an out and out lie. I banned Blink. No need to go into the reasons but the only reason Blink quit posting was because I blocked her from doing so.

As far as the sex offender, it was someone not associated with Blink who dug up the information on one of our administrators. As soon as I was made aware of this Admin’s sex crime against children I banned her and never spoke to her again. Blink had NOTHING to do with this at all.

If Blink had information about this sex offender and never told anyone then she was extremely irresponsible. I know Blink never told me.

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Anonymous said...

It seems the "Investigator" needs to be investigated!

Anonymous said...

This is about bringing Christine Sheddy home. Nothing else. This is all just distractions from Christine. Who cares what Blinks motives are?

Anonymous said...

"Who cares what Blinks motives are?"

WTF? How much of her storybook is true? Her story is crumbling around her. I agree, bring Christine home, that's what's important. Tell the truth while doing it!

Anonymous said...


I agree, we need to bring Christine home.

But Blinks "motives" are more than pertinent. She is moving so far off base to get hits on her blog it is past using Christine for her personal gain.

I assure you that the good people of Pocomoke are still working hard to find answers even with this distraction and vile diversions from out of town.

Some cannot see it but we are still protecting Christine and her investigation, we wont stand for this nonsense that her death is a conspiracy and that our city is protecting a bunch of pyro thug druggies. That is just insane and frankly asinine.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we all speculate and toss out accusations ourselves?

sometimes a healthy dose of one's own medicine is all that will cure them.

Okay I'll go first:

The series of events that led up to Blink's arrival are stupifying.
1. She was banned from Websleuths
2. Has never solved anything
3. Comments endlessly on her own website.

Of particular concern are her claims of being the lead (nothing like inserting the word "lead" to try and make yourself sound important) analyst/investigator for 3 View Search Services. 3 View is owned by Sean Henedy, by all accounts, a solid guy.

BUT Blink's creditials are NO longer accessible on 3 View's website. As a matter of fact NOTHING is accessible on that site.
EVERYTHING has been deleted.

Wasn't the weather nice today?

I digress.

Blink and "team" have used info on the sex offender's list to try and intimidate and harass. Why haven't they been charged?

Blink has impersonated a private investigator. Why hasn't she been charged?

Anonymous said...

How come as soon as this comment appeared on Billy's site, Blink and her peanut gallery stopped commenting?

Anonymous said...

She's probably ticked off that Billy let it through.

Anonymous said...

I hope no one named Billy Burke is on a sex offenders list, lol.

Anonymous said...

Here is Blink's excuse for not posting on the Tattler any more. Looks like is has all her bases covered. lol

Comment by christinesmom — September 11, 2009 @ 8:38 pm
It feels good to be home. It is rough on the tattler. I sure am glad we have a safe haven over here. I am exhuasted.


I havent been there since I learned people are free to post under multiple hats from the same IP’s. No disrespect, but they were made aware of it. One of those individuals attacked you openly, who had previously claimed to be a supporter.

That poster attacks us on another site, and then comes over here and compliments us and espouses words of encouragement within minutes; I discovered this when I was asked to review it. This is not some sort of a game. I wonder how childish one would behave if their daughter was buried in someone else’s community? I do not and will not allow it.

The bottom line is this: If those fires had been investigated appropriately, and JR Jackson and any accomplices were charged, Christine would be alive.

I realize that is a painful realization to a community. I empathize strongly. I simply say- what if it was your child? A community is not to blame for the position they were forced in. The leaders in that community who made decisions not to progress investigations are. Hold them accountable and stop placing blame at those whose sole agenda is to bring Christine Sheddy home. Period.

And yes, this is a safe haven for you, your family, and those who wish to support you and find Christine.


Now where she could she have learned this?

Anonymous said...

She didn't learn anything. She's making it up. That's what pathological liars do when cornered.

Anonymous said...

So now Blink and Christine's mom are turning on the Tattler?

Talk about a slap in the face!

Anonymous said...

I say the next person we get in touch with is Sean Henedy from 3 view.

Anonymous said...

7:10, Billy and Steph should view it as a favor. I do wish one of them would come on and tell us the real story though. Blink's version is not reliable.

Anonymous said...

Talk about wearing several hats. Exactly what is Blink? She has more titles than I have ever seen.

I truly think she is one of her own supporters. Many of the posts are too similiar for my comfort.

I am in on the Blink Boycott. Haven't read there for days. If I want a ficitonal novel, I will pick out a better author.

Anonymous said...

Blink says she is not reading at the tattler? What a bunch of bullcrap. She just doesn't want to acknowledge that even Tricia from Websleuth has called her out for being the liar we all know she is.

Anonymous said...

I love how Blink says this is not a game. Then why is she playing it like it is with her "string along" chapters and wait for our big announcements.

If this is not a game to her, then why all the deception, why all the titles, why all the attacks, why all posts of silly songs, why are people turning on her? More importantly, why are people refusing to help of follow the case any more.

These are the questions, I keep asking myself. I don't undertand why Christine's family is not asking the same questions. Are they blinded by their grief?

Anonymous said...

4:24 You can't be serious. A family is desparate for help and are praying that Blink is all she says she is.

If her motive is hits to her blog and accolades, this family is in for a world of heartbreak.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Blink is out to get McDermott the detective that told Lynn that Christine mooched off of society (somethng to that effect). I am sure that is not all McDermott told her but that seems to be all she says. So since that time she has had it out for him. McDermott is also the mayor of Pocomoke and very much detested by Billy Burke of the Tattler. The Burkes have done an awful lot to help Lynn in the search for Christine.

The newer detective, I guess, is not making headway, so it is said. Now here's Blink which suites the Tattler and Lynn too, I guess.

In the meantime Blink, with no credentials continues to tear a community apart.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to question if McDermott really said that in light of what's now happened, 10:15.

jmmb said...

In light of everything that has occured recently I do not believe that McDermott made just that one comment. I believe that he may have asked Lynn alot of questions, some that were probably extremely sensative. Let's remember this is her child that is missing. But you must remember also that he is not the ONE AND ONLY detective on that force! If it were the only comment made i am sure something would have been done about his job.

Anonymous said...

A snip from CeeMor's post on the Tattler.

"So, Blink if you are for real, you would have been much more professional in responding to Sara. Nothing like deviating from her original questions to refocus everyone on her so that you can avoid answering the questions as it works most of the time until someone comes along and see’s exactly what you did to avoid."

Exactly and Thank you CeeMor! You said it better than I could. Blinks attacks are so transparent. I have agreed with every one of your posts 100%.

Anonymous said...

If some comments on a blog can tear a community apart, it was not very strong in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Members of the peanut gallery, boo and lily are back on the tattler attacking the lady from websleuths now. Wow, are these people obsessed.
Really to the bunch of losers from blink-No One Cares!

Anonymous said...

Homegrown, Please don't let these people bait you on anymore. They enjoy being combative and engaging others in fighting. It's all they have ever known their entire miserable lives. They are not happy unless they are fighting whether among one another or with strangers. The truth is either they can't put 2 and 2 together and see that Blink is a fraud or they know she is and they don't dare admit it now.

homegrown said...

I'm slow, but I'm getting it.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post on the Tattler a few moments ago to say that I agree with what you state. But I find that I no longer have the luxury of typing my comment and then submitting.

I have been trying to say the same things you are. I've been trying to drive your argument home for over a week now. Seems the only ones that get it are the ones that do not believe in blink..........and the ones with the ability to reason. In other words, the smarter ones.....

And I'll be blasted for that.

Anonymous said...

Seems as though Billy is taking sides. He is chosing Blink over his own community and VFF.

Good luck Billy, cause you are going to need it.

Anonymous said...

One things for sure, I don't think I've ever seen Billy Burke so quiet. I do hope everything is alright with them.

gettin' pissed said...

Blink is tearing everyone up, regardless if we live in PC or not!

Is there someone in PC that can and willing to get to the truth of this and pass it along to all of us? Has anyone actually talked to the neighbor? We need to help find Christine, I don't see how Blink is helping.

Anonymous said...

3:21, Let everyone know about this site, Pocomoke Public Eye. The majority of the commenters are pro Pocomoke, pro PC Fire Department and pro law enforcement. Stay away from the Blink site. Most of what she writes is untrue and unfounded.
And yes, alot of us have talked to the neighbor. Guess who hasn't though-Blinko.

Anonymous said...

WOW! 45 minutes into the day and the emails are a flying!

Little Miss Blinkster likes to harass and embarras those unrelated to an investigation.

We also could go in that direction if we choose to bring up past discrepancies of those "related" to Little Miss Blinkster. And in this instance, I mean related as in family member.

But we wouldn't go there, yet. Let's give Little Miss Blinkster time to explain why we shouldn't bring up and embarras her sister.

As someone else said "a good healthy dose of one's own medicine"

Anonymous said...


Calling all multi disciplined team members of The Purple Ewes and The Terrified Baboons! Get to work on what you have been tasked with today ie calling emailing Henedy, exhusbands whoever. We are results driven. Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Ramp it up! And don't forget, you are all doing this pro bono! BLINK BLINK

Anonymous said...

Blink Blink, I can't do anything unless I can say I have a "colleague" nearby. But if you have an "assistant" that will do.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the nut with the stick is busy today?

Anonymous said...


"For those of you who betrayed the trust of a bereaved family, a pox on your house, and then perhaps some therapy. You know who you are."


Anonymous said...

Blink's alot of hot air peppered with delusions and out and out lies.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, no one in Pocomoke has every heard of these Johnsons or Jacksons before this that I know of.

Anonymous said...

Look like the Mayor has announced he will run for the house. Where do I get a sign?

Anonymous said...

It is quiet evident that none of you are interested in finding Christine Sheddy and returning her body to her children to bury.

Blink could care less that in her search for Christine she uncovers facts that some wish to keep hidden. She is not a "blog", she is a person who organizes and puts feet on the ground to search for missing people. She gets no monetary gain from her blog.

You people from the "sleuthers site" who sit on your hind ends before a computer and post at a site that is up for monetary gain...have not helped bring home a missing person. You come to a forum, such as this one, to try to slander Blink. What a joke you all really are. Tactics are not working. Get off your butts and help or sit on your butts and try to keep the truth from coming out.

Too many people know what Blink is about and what she does for the slander to keep her from doing what she does. She helps bring loved ones home and the scumbags to justice. She does not do it for fame or money. She will not let the scum she uncovers stop her determination.

That the scum she uncovers comes to the internet sites looking for information about the Sheddy disappearance is to post such indicative of just how many tail feathers Blink and her group are ruffling in this search for a missing mother/daughter/sister.

Anonymous said...

The only "tail feathers" that are being ruffled are yours, 11:40.

This is a pro Pocomoke, pro law enforcement, pro fire dept site.

If you don't like it don't keep peeking. Same goes to all of you.

homegrown said...

See what I mean T ?

jmmb said...

Anon 11:40
I don't know what rock you crawled from under but until you get the solid jist of what is going on I suggest you go back and remain there.

What part don't you get that Pocomoke City had NO jurisdiction outside the city limits?

Quite franly, I am a little tired of being told that I have no respect for Christine's family because I do. Simply because I do not agre with what Blink is attempting to do has no betrayal linked to the family at all.

This is still America and i still have the freedom to believe what I believe. Any person that would put a "pox" on anothers house is a fruit cake.

You and others haved failed to convince me that she is an investigator. Plain and simple. She is merely seeking info into Pocomoke city limits because she "thinks something is there", I guess. I fail to understand her motive, but I do care that she has NO compassion for the people she degrades on her sight.

So, please, shut your pie hole. Stop defending blink. We get it. Believe me, we do. We just will not accept it. At least I won't. These are the people I know.......

Anonymous said...

"she is a person who organizes and puts feet on the ground".........

yeah and with no references to boot.

Unless you count her own BLOG.

And of course she get "no monetary" gain,-who in their right mind would ever pay her. But you can bet you bottom dollar that if someone was willing to pay she'd take it. She's been trying to get her "business'" to take off for years.

homegrown said...

The "pox" thing exemplifies their demeanor perfectly.

Anonymous said...

11:40 I would make a safe bet that you are Blink or Blink had you write that.

Name ONE person Blink has helped. Just one that Blink investigated it and help bring this missing person home?

Let me ask, you must be standing as you type that and not on YOUR butt. Please!

BTW, Great post JMMB!

Anonymous said...

They can't 12:40.
Because she haven't helped anyone. She's trying oh so desperately to make a name for herself. Filing bogus after bogus complaints against attorney's she has zero business even worrying about. She injects herself into situations hoping that one day she'll see her name in the headlines. All the way blazing a path of lies.
Maybe this time she will be in the headlines. Isn't posing as an investigator illegal in Maryland?

Anonymous said...

All Blink's attack about Websleuth are lies. Blink is just mad because so many people wanted her banned from there. I, for one, was glad to see her go. She was obnoxious, nasty, and very egotistical.

She wasn't getting her boots dirty then either, she was just sitting behind a computer bragging about herself or stirring up trouble. Her 2 favorite past times.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Christine's family see what is going on?

Blink's involvement has alienated many of their long time supporters. She has divided a community. Blink has people turning on the family. Now people are refusing to follow the story on her site. She is knowingingly putting out misinformantion (fact).
Blink's involvement has people not wanting to help search or donate. Blink has deliberately misrepresented herself(fact). Blink refuses to answer legitimate questions (fact). She was not talked to many of the witnesses. (fact) A key witness, the neighbor, is in an uproar. I can only imagine how the PVFD feels and how willing they will be to help. And who the heck is 3 view Search Services? Their site is no where to be found.

Then Blink blames everyone else and their motives to detract attention away from her. When all is said and done, Blink will leave this family in ruins. But she is way to full of herself to admit her mistakes that she will blame everyone else with her double talk. Watch and see!

The perpertrators of this disgusting crime must be laughing their asses off. I notice they don't even care enough to comment anymore.

What a nightmare! I would rather have Barney Fife investigating it. At least he was honest.

Anonymous said...

2:02 Let me add, she is so busy with finding Christine, but has time to keep her Caylee Anthony blog updated?? Now who is the one that just sits behind a computer all day blogging and "sleuthing?" The whole thing is just a big farce at the expense of this poor family.

jmmb said...

I have not turned on the family in the fact that I hope they do find the answers that they are seeking. It is irresponsible to not consider that there are such things a "cold cases". NOW, for those of you that do not understand, I did not say I THINK this is a "cold case".

I do not approve of the tactics being used to try to obtain so called information that would not be within the Pocomoke City limits. Being the perfect investigator she claims she should know that and exercised caution when she dove into all those lives..........

My compassion in all of this is dwindling. How can you not hold compassion for those who are innocent people in Pocomoke? A person who cares does not disrupt innocent people's lives and allow her "trolls" to make any statements they choose. This isn't even good journalism. Least of all a good law agent.

Anonymous said...

Blink, we all know you read here. Do the right thing and drop off the internet. Make up one of "excuses".

Your true colors are being exposed and you will never be able to rebound from this one. THIS IS NOT A GAME, WHAT IF IT WAS SOMEONE YOU LOVED?"

Although, I am starting to wonder if you are capable of know what love is.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the family is turning on many of their long time supporters too.

I certainly understand their frustration and desperation, however their anger is clouding their better judgement, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

we dumb inbreed hicks as they put it on another site, will just not stand idly bye while our city is portrayed as some kind of "hick" town protecting some low-lives that are not even from here in the first place.

Who is Blink talking too when our LE, DNR, VFD, sheriffs have never heard her name?

Anonymous said...

2:29 Is that what they said? "dumb inbreed hicks?" Who the heck was ignorant enough to post that?

Anonymous said...

11:40 Blink is not a BLOG?? Are you joking? That was the best laugh I had all day.

Anonymous said...

2:38 I paraphrased some but not much, and it was,

Comment by worrywortdd
"Why is it that Chrisitnes case is being treated as though it’s not important?? Swept under the rug buy people we are influenced to trust and rely on. Sicko’s getting away with this because of their hillbilly inbread families."

that's just a taste of the hateful post that they let through.

Anonymous said...

and they have to wonder why the good people here are getting defensive?

Anonymous said...

2:50 That is really disgusting. It just confirms the mentality of Blink and her posters. That Boo is a real whack job too.

Today alone, I got 3 emails from people who are no longer following the case. All of them complained about the asinine comments.

I can't believe Christinesmom supports this.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many followers Blink really has? Maybe 10-12? I think Blink wears many hats over there. She is certainly a professional scam artist.

Anonymous said...

1:04, Do you know why blink's "obnoxious, nasty and egotistical?"
Because she is jealous.
She has never been successful at anything in her life, including her personal life.
Everything she has ever done ends up just a twisted mess of deceit.
What she posts on her blog is garbage. And what she allows others to say is worse. She allows this because she has been taken to task and asked hard questions that she can not answer. Instead of answering the questions she attacks. When you have no answers and have lied your way into a situation that is all you can do.
BTW this is the first time she has been asked any hard questions by commenters. Her 1/2 dozen or so followers are nothing but losers themselves.

Anonymous said...

Blink and her "team" lie about her departure from Websleuth on the tattler. Tricia exposes the lie so Christine's family can see another lie of Blinks. Then Blink adds fuel to the fire and lies more (which has nothing to do with bringing Christine home, mind you). Tricia comes back on and makes a lovely post including Christine on the WS prayer thread then Lynn bashes her. Scratching head over her, what is wrong with this picture?

Anonymous said...

Lynn now claims that we can all be "Rest assured that we have asked and gotten references from Blink."

I ask you folks, what authentic references could Blink bring to the table?

The famly has been warned fair and square. Yet, they refuse to believe it. I say best of luck to them but I am done feeling sorry for them if they chose to support Blink. It is obvious this family has their head in the sand and can only have empathy for themselves.

Anonymous said...

5:50 & 6:00, I agree with both of you and I too am done feeling sorry for the family as they seem to enjoy the bantering with all of their not so witty comments. If I were Christine's mom I would have put an end to this a long time ago and asked both the Pocomoke Tattler and Blink on Crime to stop the nonsense a long time ago. It's so undignified and very very low class.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are all still sitting around waiting for the "national media" to decend on Pocomoke as was alluded to by Blink?

Anonymous said...

****************************** or if all these "important people" Blink knows, as was alluded to, by the nut with the stick, have done anything.

Anonymous said...

The hypocracy and double standards of Blink and Christine's family have no boundaries at all.

Losing a child does not give anyone the right to be nasty to other innocent people. This family is in dire need of therapy and understandably so. Their anger spews from every pore of their body.

Lynn should really Beth Holloway's book. Beth lost her child too, Natalee's body has never been recovered, the crime has never been solved and justice has yet to be served.

Yet, Beth has turned her pain into something positive. She doesn't sit home and attack people from a computer. She is out their making a difference in the lives of others. Now that is a mother a child can be proud of.

I am sorry for being so brutally honest but that is truth as I see it.

Thank you and may you all have a nice day despite all the attacks from the ignorant people out there.

Anonymous said...

You better believe if Blink had references they would be shouting them from the rooftops just so they could say we told you so. I don't buy that line for one second!

A longtime Blink poster said...

Blink On Crime
Site Summary


Total 1,369,655
Average Per Day 6,237
Average Per Visit 2.5
Last Hour 299
Today 4,109
This Week 43,657

The spotlight is on and the only one's with anything to hide are trying to hide their involvement.

Do something productive besides sit on a computer spewing forth trash about decent people. A mother crys for her daughter to be placed where the children can go and visit her resting place. And you underdogs want to slam her?

How pitiful. Are any of you on here in anyway involved with all this? If so shame on you all. I am a professional and yes, your internet IP's can be traced right to your door. Just like mine can.

I'd suggest you all stop the petty name calling and join with those who want to bring this case to an end.

I don't know who owns this site, but you need to be looking at exactly what is being put up in the way of defamation and slander.

Anonymous said...

Blink claimed to shun the national media in a post with a bunch of stupid excuses. She must fear them for some reason or another. lol

Anonymous said...

7;02 I wonder how many times Blink hits refresh to make that post count seem so important. I thought this was about Christine?

As for your threat, come a knockin. I would live a sit down with someone like you.

As a "professional" (God only knows what) it would seem logical that you would know who owns this site. lol

Anonymous said...

Blink won't sue because then she would have to show her credentials. lmaooooooooo

Anonymous said...

7:02 well then, start tracing. Next thing we are going to start hearing, is how we are going to get sued. That comes next with these "types."

This is an anti-Blink site, plain and simple. If truth hurts don't visit.

"The spotlight's on"-yeah right!

Anonymous said...

I see Blink has her bully squad out and about. Blink is the one that needs to very becareful about the info she is putting out, especially when she knows it is all a bunch of BS.

Anonymous said...

7:17 like Blink didn't know the difference between an indictiment and someone being actually charged with a crime. But she is also a professional LOL.

Anonymous said...

7:24 Yes, the spotlight is on alright. It is on the invetigator, I mean the journalist.

Anonymous said...

7:19, and prove her reputation has been damaged!

Anonymous said...


Shannon Stoy
Lead Analyst/Investigator
3View Search Services

"I am investigating Christine Sheddy's case privately"

Anonymous said...

7:29 LOL

I am sure many of us could put our emails together and compile a very accurate story about Blink.

Anonymous said...

What Blink is doing to this family, this community, and to all her readers is the real and only crime I have witnessed.

Anonymous said...

One of the most moronic things to come out of pea brain's mouth was when she said Brian Winter's name disappeared from case search and she was "CERTAIN" it wasn't because of her-implying it was because of her.
She demanded to know how come his name disappeared since he had been "indicted."

Anonymous said...

An indictment by the way is just a formal accusation. You would think since she is a professional she would know.

Anonymous said...

Blinks only claim to fame is that she exposed a public relations man's real name and identity. Big deal. The guy was an idiot anyway.

In all honesty, I always suspected she copied someone's info from another sleuthing site.

Anonymous said...

I think Mike would be intereted in the fact that not only is Billy giving out IP's but he is posting them on his site. That is a big no no.

Anonymous said...

Too late Billy, I used my snipping tool to capture it.

The Public Eye said...

"sue" now that's funny...

If the Blink supporters will back-up and actually read and comprehend what has been posted and where they should, if they have 1/2 a brain cell exactly when and where all this nonsense began.

It began when the pocomoke City VFD was attacked and accused by Blink of a conspiracy or a cover-up.

The Blinkies tried to play that off as the protesters defending an SO.

A lot of people here tried to pass on information that possibly could have helped Blink, some when out of their way (at first) to do some of their own foot-work for Blink and report finding to her... all was just dandy as long as she was Queen.

We quickly caught on to her agenda and started asking questions instead of answering them and we all became "Christine haters" according to the blinkies.

Blink is still letting blatant lies be posted about the people of Pocomoke and I personally will not stand by and watch my fellow members of this great city tarnished.

You want to track IP's and knock on some doors?? com'on, you want to sue ME!!? get in line and take a number.

I wish this all never happened, I've lost some friends and gained some friends all because of the lies of some un-known journalist trying to build a conspiracy against some mighty fine people. I will not let some city slicker trash talk our people and represent them as "inbreed hillbilly's" , nor will I let them drag down our VFD men and women of our LE.

You asked for it, you got it, now you realize you bit off more than you can chew and want to cry about it.

I will continue to pray for Christines family, and that they find closure and justice.
I will pray they find and seek the 'truth' and I pray that they will soon realize they are being used.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post Public Eye. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

"Blink is still letting blatant lies be posted about the people of Pocomoke and I personally will not stand by and watch my fellow members of this great city tarnished."

Sadly, the lies spread far further then Pocomoke.

Anonymous said...

I feel for Lynn, I admire her strength and determination. I pray she finds her daughter and brings her home.

That said, she has no business lecturing anyone on what is right and wrong when she continues to support the likes of Blink and goon squad.

My message to her - if someone lies, they are a liar. No grey areas there either. Blink is a liar, not only do you know it but you are condoning it.

Anonymous said...

The only thing worse then Blink's investigative skills are her journalism skills. And I use that word "skills" lightly.

Anonymous said...

Public Eye,

That was a great post. Don't worry about the threats of suing. I literally get these threats on a daily basis.

Remember, it is not libel if it is the truth.

My only concern here is the family. It does no good to heap on the pain of deceit to the pain already being experienced by the family.

My heart truly breaks for them.

Tricia Griffith

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! Blink is the biggest fool I have ever read. I can't believe she has fooled so many. Just read this for a good laugh. Warning: do not drink near your from monitor. LOL

Anonymous said...

WOW! How can Blink seriously call herself a journalist? Her writing is barely literate, at best.

Her lack of professionalism never ceases to amaze me.

She should have been better "schooled." Please! What a fraud!

Tricia said...

Does anyone have Blink's resume where she makes her claims of helping out with other cases?

Since I was just brought into this I don't know what all her claims are.

If someone could post her claims I think that would be a good idea for future reference. Only post the things that blink herself has claimed to have done. I hate to create work for someone but I would really appreciate it and it will help others see what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Her claims are vague, Tricia. The latest is the detective who is supposedly her "mentor." No name, no agency associated with this detective.
She claims to have turned over new evidence to the detectives here. Again no names. It wouldn't hurt to say "I turned over this new evidence to Det Kagan."

Anonymous said...

It's odd that when she thinks she has the real scoop, she isn't so vague, take for instance the neighbors' story.
Otherwise she just refers to "her sources" as "someone."
BTW- I'm sure by now, you know the neighbors' story, was relayed to Blink by Christine's mother and not a first hand account. Isn't that called "hearsay?"

Anonymous said...

When she got to the end of her "story" as told to her by the mother. She and her "team" went hunting. They poured over local websites trying to link names with anyone on MD's court case search and other public record searches.

Anonymous said...

You people REALLY need to learn how to use Google. You bash Blink but have you searched anything on Tricia Griffith and Websleuths?

She has a personal bone to pick with Blink. Blink called her out. Many of us know what it is - we don't live under bridges like trolls.

How many t-shirts, mugs, and advertisements do non-profit companies like WS sell anyways? You all are absolutely backwards in this thinking - research it all for God's sake.

Anonymous said...

11:27 Alot of non profits sell merchandise. They can't rely on donations alone-research it all for God's sake.

Anonymous said...

Gee thanks 11:27, for turning me on to Google. I just went and googled 1/2 dozen non-profits and guesss what?-they ALL sell merchandise-research it all for God's sake.

The Public Eye said...


see this is the problem, your thinking is exactly what has stirred the pot.

Let me give you a little history here.

Tricia and I met VIA email conversation, we exchanged emails...

I asked her to come aboard as a contributor and was shocked they she even considered as busy as she must be.

Tricia also advised me that she would be glad to join us but that she would not be a "Blink basher"

I agreed and let her know that we are NOT here for that and that I was sorry this drama has ever taken place here.

Tricia IS NOT here to bash or bring anyone down, she is a person of integrity and she made it perfectly clear that she would not tolerate that from before the beginning.

Hopefully enough folks will realize where the truth, will, and determination stands in all this.

Sometimes we have to step on some toes to find the real truth, we will up-spin the conspiracy theory, and do it honorably.

Anonymous said...

Great post PE! I think Billy is jealous because YOU are what he claims to be but his self serving colors are showing through.

Anonymous said...

11l27 Here is the thing that you blinkies keep missing, Tricia is not using a berieved family for her own personal gain. She is not pretending to be a lead investigator to help find a missing mother of 3.

I really don't care who Tricia is BUT I do care who Blink is. Got it! Now go make your comments on Blink's site, you know she likes to brag about her hits per day.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about the online crime solving community. I do know that Tricia has shown diplomacy. Diplomacy is what makes a professional successful and a success out of the profession choosen, especially in these newer online fields.

Anonymous said...


I would like to apologize for the way you have been treated. I was saddened to read Christinesmom post to you on the Tattler. It was certainly not called for. Once again, Lynn is only listening to Blink. For the life of me, I can not understand why she can not see all the issues surrounding Blink and not just on this case.

Sadly Lynn does not realise that Blink is not her ONLY hope.

Anonymous said...

This about Christine. This about Blink expoiting Christine's family's desperation. This is NOT about Tricia from Websleauth

Howver, I am happy to see another website be willing to bring more attention to this case. Lynn should have appreciated that and if Blink was truly legit, she would have too.

Tricia Griffith said...

Thank you for your kind words. This is a very nice community you have here.

I would never have said a word on any forum about this situation had not blink's friend posted something that was a total falsehood and was using that falsehood to try and show what a great person blink is.

That made me very angry. I could not sit back and let her friend use lies to make Blink look better in the eyes of the family. I would not be able to sleep if I ignored this.

I had a HUGE post explaining all about the accusations being thrown at me and Websleuths. I decided not to post it because no matter how much proof I offer these shrieking banshees will still follow me around throwing these mud pies at me.

However, if anyone wants any explanation please email me at and I would be glad to answer ANY question.

If anyone wants me to post about it here I will. No problem.

One thing I would like to clear up is is not a non-profit. We are just

I was very flattered when I was asked to be a guest blogger here. Working on my first blog as we speak. It will have to do with truth :)

You are right. This is about Christine and not about Websleuths or me. Please understand it is very hard not to respond when people throw out lies about me. But you are right, this is about Christine.

I want you all to know something; if for some reason Blink's work actually helps everyone find out the truth about Christine then I will be the first one to say so.

When it comes to a situation like Christine's family is facing we should hope and pray they get their much needed answers no matter who helps them.

Again, anyone has any questions I am an open book:)


Anonymous said...

Tricia, any allegations Blink or her lunatic followers make about you or WS, we just consider the source and laugh.

I can only imagine what kind of threats and nasty emails you have received from Blink and her blinkies for telling the truth and exposing her lies. That is the kind of people they are. They remind me of a group of junior high school girls who still try to bully and intimidate people. They forget we have all grown up and they are now one that live in glass houses. :)

ya know, I just really can't see Blink having any long term relationships, she is just too full of crap and will always get exposed. We are far smarter than she gives us credit for.

Anonymous said...

wow, I have been following this case from way across the country for the last several months and yet have never posted on ANY site. But I just have to say - you people crakc me up! Worrying so much about who is slinging mud and protecting your town. I think that as much as you claim the contrary, you have lost sight of what happened here, and lost sight of finding what happened to Christine Sheddy. If your town is as wonderful as so many of you claim (and I am not saying it isn't - I have no clue aside from the postings I read from locals - sounds fine enough, actually) but you'll rebound from this added scrutiny. That seems like such a periphery issue here in the bigger scheme of things. I am not here to condemn or take sides, but I just had to try and refocus all this negative energy. A lot of eyes from around the country are on this case - wouldn't it be great to solve it and reclaim the goodness that is Pocomoke?

Anonymous said...

wow, me from across the country again. I just went and read the last few posts in this thread and my goodness, wow - it is like high school in here. Everyone is taking sides - and this has become all about who said what regarding and between Blink and Tricia. What happened to Christine? Too many people are worried about saving face and not enough are worried about what happened on that farm. I can't honestly think that Christine's family is reading this crap. What a waste of time, talents and energy. Why not come together and quit with the divisiveness. Your town is supposed to so great and full of wonderful, loving people who help each other. ha! Could have fooled me.

Anonymous said...

6:40 It's up to the law enforcement officials to solve this case, I do believe they have and everyone knows the holdup.

No one has lost sight of anything. What this has turned into is a quest by a few people to make one of the detectives look bad because of words spoken back and forth and other happenings politically. Nothing more nothing less. Most of what others are saying is so far from the truth we won't stand for it. We welcome Tricia as she has had dealings with the lie teller.

jmmb said...

anon 6:40
"Those" people have helped. And "those" people would be willing to help again if it were not for the fact that someone was invited in that some of us disagree with. Please continue to read so you will understand exactly what is going on.

Getting this across the nation is something we tried to stop.

Thankyou though, for posting.

Anonymous said...

Hello , a couple of things I would like to bring up , Tricia I am glad to see you contributing here , would you please post an explanation of what happened with your experience with Blink ? I have read over at that sight and I do not understand the road this has taken with the firefighters and whole town conspiracy theory , I do not understand this bad town thing , I was shocked at the attitude they took with the whole town , the town did not murder Christine Sheddy so I guess I am trying to sort out what is going on here and who Blink and crew are . I also feel afraid to ask questions of them as if you differ even slightly on a theory they let you have it , curious and confused

Anonymous said...

6:40 It's up to the law enforcement officials to solve this case, I do believe they have and everyone knows the holdup.................can you please explain his , have they solved it and can you explain the hold up , I am from another state and I do not know everything about this case , thanks in advance .

The Public Eye said...

curious and confused

10:49 PM

don't feel bad, we are all curious and confused also, except we are getting slammed for it, as it looks like you have noticed.

We are all trying very hard to get to the bottom of this and finding bits and pieces each day.

Stick around, we WILL in time find the queen B's agenda

Tricia Griffith said...

To the person who wanted to know what happened with Blink please email me at I would be glad to tell you.

It is interesting that I have been accused of starting this thread with my post from the Tattler. However if someone was any kind of a detective they would know that it was PE who brought the post over from the Tattler and started this thread.

To the person who thinks this is "highschool" you have no idea what is at stake.

Anonymous said...

Blink's resume from Scared Monkeys as requested:

Contributing Research Analyst/ Investigator:
Nationwide Investigations: Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, Missing Mens Cases
OCSO, FBI, TES: Caylee Anthony Case
States Attorney’s Office 9th Circuit, AG Law of Florida: Trust Fund and Charitable Donations misuse and fraud investigation, multiple entities and subjects.
Aerial Image Corporation: President, Sean Henady
Lubbock Texas Police Dept- Investigative Unit: Ken Wilcox case
Medico lethal Death Scene Investigator
Minnesota ME Office Gary Peterson:
Corrie Anderson case
Gina Lin Anderson case
Confidential casework and ongoing projects

And what about all the reseach into Lawless family (Sandra Cantu)? Many people did hours of research and Blink the person who started it at Scared Monkeys left them high and dry. Guess there was no limelight in the case.

Way Across said...

me again, from way across the country... Thank you Tricia for not replying here with all the details about your conflict with Blink. Because again I ask, who cares? In the big scheme of things here, what difference does it make? I can't even belive you people continue to feed that machine. Stop already and work on finding what happened to Christine so we can quit looking at your town and thinking there is so much more than meets the eye.

And Queen B's agenda? Oh my - WHO CARES? This is nothing but gossip and mudslinging, and it's a shame to continue to watch as it happens. I posted yesterday to just say - "hey, we're looking at your town in this whole Sheddy search. Put on your Sunday best." And yet...

Anonymous said...

1:26 You have no idea what you are talking about. And yet...

Anonymous said...

We could care less who is looking at our town, way across. It's only a couple of dissatisfied people who because of their own attitudes are ticked off at the powers that be. The rest of us love it here. This is the fastest growing county in the State of Maryland, which for us is unfortunate because it just makes our property taxes higher.

Anonymous said...

How is a whole town responsible for Christine Sheddy's murder ,it sounds like a threat either stop what you are doing or we will keep looking at you and your town,again how is the whole town guilty / responsible for her murder that is completely ridiculous and insulting to the average resident also you keep saying to focus on Christine but I notice your comments are always somewhat threatening and controlling as in stop already , there is more than meets the eye ,put your best foot forward etc, I mean think about it you are telling a whole town how to behave ,and that is up to you but other people have different points of view and perspectives , you should be respectful of that fact , I also do not think this has helped in any way shape or form to gain info etc on the case , I keep thinking that the creeps from that farm are watching and feeling confident that if they keep their mouths shut they will be o.k. I just think that if you do not 100% agree with Blink you will get bashed and basically hounded I do not think that is what she wants to be known for , please allow people to form and have their own ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hello I just posted the 7.30 post and before anybody wants to accuse me of not respecting the family or not being able to understand the pain etc , we have had two small children ripped from our lives in this family , and by the time justice was done, the person responsible ended up serving two years in prison !!! so I am sorry to say I /we know all to well the agony and suffering that goes along with this , so if you disagree with people fine but just say that don't start dragging out "the you don't understand" or 'you are disrespecting the family" etc . how do you know what people have suffered !

Anonymous said...

7:30 and don't you dare ever ask Blink what she has solved. Instead of answering the question you will get accused of hiding something yourself. Go figure.

Tricia Griffith said...

Let me pose a hypothetical question:

If for some reason Christine's family asked all you/us to help with actual searches would you still do it? If so would there be any conditions to your helping?

Anonymous said...

No, I would not. I'll never aid support in a search ever again unless I know the person personally.

Plenty of people have gone above and beyond a few times before and it hasn't seem to be enough.


Anonymous said...

Only if the WCBI asked.

Anonymous said...

I am saddened to say but I don't think I would. This family has spit in the face of many that have tried to help already.

My decision is subject to change in the event the family's attitude changes and Blink apologizes to the many she has hurt.

The Public Eye said...

lets think about this shall we?

I don't think the "family" has done anything wrong.. They are angry... they have a lost loved-one that has been missing for almost two years, a daughter, a sister, a mother, vanished!!

What the family has done is allow an outsider to step on the good people, LE, VFD, etc. I know some will see that as the "family" assisting in this trampling. I do not, I see a torn family going along with their "NEW HOPE"

While this new hope is wildly going in all kinds of really crazy directions, lying, accusing, inventing cover-ups and conspiracies etc. they must follow, they have too go along for this NEW ride... blinded by hope.

Again, let us not fall in the same category as the trolls, with the guilt by association.

I will however, keep up and consistently back or locals when the lies rear their ugly head.

Just like we are doing, actually showing and proving what is really the truth. And that IS going to make some folks mad, and they will attack us for it.

Anonymous said...

P.s. As a victim of abuse and urban crime the moderators on her site have zero compassion for victims that don't have a sad headline to take advantage of. Went there and had a literal mob of moderators hounding me. Didn't take long to figure out the cliques. I felt if I even tried to be kind and be in conversational threads talking about recipes I'd get things deleted there. Oh didn't know Rhubarb Pie annoys people so much in the random convo thread.

Anonymous said...

What's hilarious is that all of you (Blink's crowd and the "more intelligent posters" that aren't part or blink's conspiracy crowd) you all actually think you solve crimes by reposting newspaper articles. Trust me, when you actually start getting deep into a case and get involved you will be let go on websleuths as directly working with a case gets you the boot as it well should!

You can't REALLY be a detective there. It's no more than a role playing forum that takes advantage of tragedy to gain a fun plot for their witless plight.

Investigators and countless other members of law enforcement risk their lives every day and night to solve these cases. They all work together and actually solve the cases. Again, the fact any of you think you know more than the investigators is laughable.

The only positive aspect of the site is:
should a sex offender or convict become a member and begin harassing people on threads, their IP can be tracked and maybe they can be tracked down.

The site would be wise to lighten up its moderation and allow more discussion among it's members, that way they will have less time to hound and harass investigators with moot information.

"Get a Life" indeed.