Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shannon Moser (Poser) Stoy AKA (Blink) The "B" is at it again

Yes people, we are continually receiving "free rent" in the mind of the Blinkster and her minions that she drags along on a 3/8" chain with a choker.

I have not graced the pages of the plagiarizing blog of Blink since she un-hooked a few of her heavily chained minions and sicked them on us but the recent extremely high number of hits to PPE sparked my curiosity. Of course I found the normal ho-hum stolen articles and pictures posted as her own.

Then leading me through links I come across this piece written by the 8th wonder of the world. She is referencing the article I put up about the Mothers warning.

Quote from: Blink34 on Today at 09:04:00 AM

That letter is heartbreaking, but I have to point out that blog is part of the problem.

We uncovered a registered sex offender in an officers position who would have access to children at some of their events; that blog went on a smear campaign of me,, and Scared Monkeys as a result of us disclosing that information.

Most recently, the incident I mention above, regarding Scott Mitchell's failure to arrest a child rapist, was also defended by this blog.

How is it the author thinks he can have it both ways? Complete hypocracy, imo

I do not want to make Sarah's thread about issues involving other cases, I just want to point out their is a responsibility on behalf of blogs/forums to take a stand against crimes against children whomever they are perpetrated by.

What were the conditions of this guys bond and were they being enforced?

Why would someone that boast about being so concerned inject her own hate into the death/murder of a sweet innocent child?

Not only does she reach down real low but she lied about PPE also.


1) Did not "uncover a registered sex offender in an officers position" what she did was use that to accuse the PVFD of a conspiracy.

2) PPE never "smeared" the SM forum, they banned me because I am friends with one of their enemies. PERIOD!

3) I never defended "Scott Mitchell" I questioned his guilt, still no charges have been brought against Scott Mitchell, I am not the judge or jury. We have a legal system in place. Who is Blink to define the guilt of another?

4) The all mighty "B" does not believe serving a child murderer the death penalty is justice, this liberal stance does explain a lot. I reckon she wants then to be supported in the comfort of modern prisons for the remainder of their miserable lives while enjoying rec-rooms, color TV, heat and air-conditioning 24/7, 3 nutritious meals while we pay for their worthless ass with tax dollars.

  1. Comment by FairWitness — December 26, 2009 @ 12:01 pm

    Here’s a solution to the problem of pedophilia; make it a FEDERAL CRIME like kidnapping. Upon conviction of sexual assault against a child (not teenagers engaged in statutory rape), the convicted shall be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. If they murder the child during the sexual assault, the death penalty shall be mandatory. This should apply to the 1ST CONVICTION. No 3 strikes allowed, not even 2. What do you think, Blink?

    I love it accept for the mandatory death penalty.

5) Blink is a proven plagiarizing, fraud, a liar that has abandon her own children to fend for themselves, or were they taken?

6) I left you alone "B"... you want it? you got it.















I can and will fill in the blanks +


Heckler said...

Hey the Heckler is all ears!!

The Public Eye said...

hello heckler,

I've read some of your comments on another blog and I believe you're very capable of filling in the blanks on the "B" ;)

happy holidays

Anonymous said...

Blink does not support the death penalty? Well, then let me at that dude and I can show you how to use a cinder block. Or maybe blink had rather hand feed the SOB for the rest of his life. What does she think he needs? More counseling?
...........that blog is part of the problem........." don't think so. And.."complete hypocracy, imo"... Then here is what I have to say IMO, MYODB.

Anonymous said...

It has been posted here and on Hornsby blog that the secretary to Tim Miller tried to post the truth on Scared Monkeys. Maybe they could be contacted and would do that here. I have always wondered why SM has not vetted B's references. Seems like they would do more than take someone's word when putting their reputation on the line.

Anonymous said...

Stoy hasn't any references, resume, or associations with any professional organizations much less any formal training or higher education in any field.
So far we have heard she is a journalist, investigator, & a public relations specialist-all self professed. Blink Developement Group is a one horse show operating out of a residence in NJ. Stoy created an LLC to make it appear legit. She's a blogger plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

The real problem is...Blink and SM.

None of what has been written about her even bothers her. She continues to thrive on the attention. Typical traits of people with personality disorders.

She is a very sick woman and I am stunned that the owners of SM have empowered such a dangerous woman. What does that say about them??

SM is just a gossip sight for people with empty, bitter lives. All 30 of there active members are just so addicted to the web, they can no longer think rationally or forthemselves. They can not speak freely and spend to much time trying to suck up to that "Klaasend." She has been exposed numerous times for being a very unethical, dishonest woman.

On the positive side ~ at least they are off the streets. lol :)

Anonymous said...

What is Shannon Stoys connection to Monoxide? He's a poster banned from Websleuths. It was mentioned on a topix forum.

Anonymous said...

Stoy has no connection to MONO.
Monoxide just hates her more than most do!

gOOGLE mONO Mixed martial arts blink shannon stoy

Definately Anonymous said...

Ohhhh no, Blink had a relationship with Monoxide, aka Josh Melton at Websleuths. They were the "sheep" who uncovered the Anthony money trail...hahahah, Mono emailed Lee, asked him if he could donate through paypal. Lee said yes, Mono did and poof Mono and Blink accused Lee of taking Caylee money. Was all a set up. They both got banned from WS. He is the one who cut her off, said she took all the credit. He worked with the late Sean Krause to expose her identity, long story, but they did have a relationship. Stay far away from Monoxide, he is a 21 or 22 year old who will wreak havic on your net life if he feels like it.

Anonymous said...

How did that many American Psychos come from one place?

Anonymous said...

Is Blink (Shannon Stoy) related to Rick Stoy? There may be more than one Rick Stoy. I'm talking about the one who graduated from
Alfred University.