Friday, December 25, 2009

WARNING: "A Mother's Worst Fear" sadly comes true

A article sent in by a reader and concerned mother submitted and posted on the SBYNews blog has tragically turned to reality and the fate of an 11 year old has more than likely became victim of "A Mothers Worst Fear".

As I read this story from a concerned Mother in her own words it seams as though she is telling a story of her own experience with T. J. Leggs but as the search and investigation into little Sarah Foxwell deepens this mothers story turns into a warning, a warning that has sadly transpired one short year after this warning was written.

Read and think, those with small children should make sure you know who you have acquainted yourselves and your children with.

Don't let this mothers words be unheard, don't let another child be harmed when you have the power to help keep them safe, pass this word of warning to everyone you know.

Below is the story sent in to SBYNews blog "A Mothers Worst Fear" it was posted 12/02/08

"My story is hard to tell but needs to be heard..... i moved back to the eastern shore in October of 2001 from Annapolis. Things had changed, people had changed and i didn't know a lot of people here anymore so i went to work for my mom and started my life over... My sister turned 21 in July of 2003 and i took her out on the town being the older sister and we wound up at a local nightclub where i met my soon to be ex husband. Everybody there loved him. They all told me they had only known him a short time but truly seems genuine. After dating a few weeks he told me that he had to take these state mandated classes they were "no big deal" of course i asked what they were for he told me that when he was 18 he met a girl at a haunted park and they made out and her parents found out and pressed charges she was 15 at the time. Which was a similar story he told everyone at the bar... well to me kids will be kids that wasn't anything to hang over someones head for the rest of their life....boy was i wrong....

I got pregnant while on birth control and i figured i am a mature 25 year old adult i will do the right thing so we got married and my daughter was born on June 2 2004 and the nightmares began. A few days after my daughter was born, my soon to be ex husband was arrested for sexually assaulting the girl across the street... he swore it was a set up someone targeting him just for having his picture on the sex registry. I believed him... i fought for him and he was found not guilty after being retained in Jessup for my daughters first 10 months of her life... then when he came home he was never here.. always out with guys, shooting pool, working extra shifts in a bar, you name it he did everything except be a father or a husband.

On March 28 2006, we were shooting pool together on a league at a local bar and when i came out of the bathroom i saw my soon to be ex husband with his hands down another woman's pants playing the mega touch machine.... My mouth dropped i was in shock if he did this when i am in the same building what was he doing when i wasn't with him.... i kicked him out that night. However i am still being to nice at this point in time because we drew up a guideline of visitation, child support everything including the fact that he didn't want my daughter left with his own parents or have her stay at there house for more than an hour... From April till June i let him visit my daughter twice a week as agreed upon. In the beginning he didn't even visit with her he chased me around the house making threats starting fights i had to call the police to get him to stop cursing me and threatening me. He got so violent and irate with me it was bad for her so i would leave the house for a hour so they could spend quality time together only my idea of quality and his idea of quality defiantly have two different definitions.. that was my biggest mistake ever. i left my daughter with a monster.... during one of his episodes he punches holes in the hallway of my house because my daughter wouldn't stop crying.. my daughter acted out his behaviors at 2 years old.. a couple weeks go by and i was giving my daughter a bath and i was on the phone with a friend and when i went back into the bathroom after getting a towel out of the hallway my daughter was inserting a baby nemo toy into her vagina and i gasped and said" what are you doing?" she replied with " nemo is giving me kisses" i was in shock to say the least and my girlfriend told me i had to calm down and take her to er for exam. Social services was called and an exam was done that said her Hyman was intact but there were cuts and bruises that could be self inflicted but the behavior is learned... the hospital and social services told me that excessive petting and touching is almost impossible to prove and that without rock solid evidence or a confession don't expect anything to come of this. He was asked by social services to take a lie detector test and he declined and the the case was closed. I immediately put my daughter into counseling where she has been ever since and still continues to go. She had to relearn what was appropriate touching, who is and isn't aloud to touch there, etc...My soon to be ex husband also became very violent with me. There were many times he would throw objects at me threaten to kill me if i kept her from him you know the rest; same story different girl i had to get a protective order to protect myself and my little girl...The order expired in July of 2007 i was worried i was going to have to battle for divorce yet nothing so my lawyer and i decided to give him a year to make a move...NOTHING... he only ever made four child support payments,so he is behind a little over $14000.00, he lives six houses away from me and no note, no knock on the door nothing done by him to show he cared or wanted to be a part of her life

In September of 2008, i amended my divorce papers to read i want sole custody; no visitation for the father and the father is to have no obligation to the child; no child support no visits, surrender your rights to her and i will leave you alone forever.... he now is fighting me for joint custody and visitation. i just cannot do it.... i failed my daughter once by leaving her alone with the worst monster any mother fears....I am now being told that he is probably going to get supervised visitation and i am not OK with that why, because our state gives fathers the right to their children no matter what their criminal background is. I didn't have enough evidence to convict him of assaulting his own child, her testimony and acting out what daddy did wasn't enough .... put yourself in my four year old daughter shoes... she has to sit a a table with a man she doesn't know that sexually assaulted her when she was too little to know better... and what is she going to think of me for letting this happen when she gets old enough to understand everything.

I still to this day do not know the truth about what happened with why he is on the sex registry for Maryland other than he sexually assaulted little girls between the ages of 10 to 14 and in Delaware he raped a 16 year old girl all of which I found out after I threw him out of my house. This man has committed countless other uncharged sexual acts in our community but i cannot say what they are but i am asking for help... if he has assaulted you or someone you know help them take the steps forward to take action so this man can rot in jail for the rest of his life and so my daughter can have the normal life i have created for her... what is the old saying" you have to break the cycle for the abuse to stop" please help me break the cycle he can NEVER see her again.....

The first link is Maryland showing he has been convicted of sexually assaulting a child the second link is Delaware showing he was convicted of raping a girl between ages of 16 and 17...."



Anonymous said...

Just amazing and disturbing this warning wasn't heeded, If someone had listened to this women, things would be very different today.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of women blindly taking up with these men when they know they have records already.They endanger thier own children to being molested and later try to justify why they took up with the lowlifes in the first place.This thing already had a record when she met him in a bar,hello,and then once again he was charged with sexually assaulting another child,she once again didn't want to believe it.Her child was molested,because she had no common sense after knowing he had two charges of sexual assault under his belt.Then this aunt of Sarah Foxwell takes up with this guy and now a child is dead.These parents need to be charged with child neglect for letting sexual predators around thier children.I do not feel sorry for these women,just like in New York now a little four year old boy is missing,because the mother cared more about sex with a man than the safety of her own child.

The Public Eye said...

I agree, If T. J. Leggs did do this crime the guardian (Aunt) of Sarah should hold some responsibility.

The warnings were there, but it's soooo many women out there that say "I can change him" BS

Sadly it is now pass-tense and a little girl is gone. We can't change that, we can though help keep it from happening again if we get off our butts and do something.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you 7:03pm.