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O. J. wants his stuff back

Everybody together now..... Awwwwwwwwwwww

O.J. Simpson wants items that were seized in Vegas

O.J. Simpson filed a declaration in court Friday claiming that several items seized by authorities following the bungled hotel heist that sent him to prison are rightfully his and should be returned.

The declaration in Superior Court lists numerous signed footballs Simpson says he was awarded during his glory days as a college and pro athlete in the 1960s and 1970s. Others include ties Simpson says he wore during his murder trial and a picture he says the late FBI director J. Edgar Hoover gave him.

Simpson says most of the items disappeared when he moved from Los Angeles to Miami after being acquitted of the 1994 murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

"These items were utilized in my daily life," he says in the declaration filed by his lawyer. A hearing is scheduled for Aug. 18.

The items include a ball he was awarded in 1975 for scoring four touchdowns in a single game, others commemorating seasons in which he gained more than 1,000 yards and a ball commemorating his selection as a college All American in 1968.

Since his Sept. 13, 2007, arrest in Las Vegas, Simpson has insisted he was only trying to retrieve property stolen from him when he and several others burst into a hotel room and confronted a pair of memorabilia dealers who were led to believe they were offering the items for sale to a private collector.

Simpson, who was convicted of armed robbery, kidnapping and other charges, was sentenced to nine to 33 years in prison. Most of the others pleaded guilty to lesser charges.
Almost since the day of the arrest, the items have been the subject of a legal tug-of-war between Simpson and others.

One of the memorabilia dealers has laid claim to them and Ronald Goldman's father, Fred Goldman, wants them to help satisfy his share of a $33.5 million wrongful death judgment he and Brown's survivors obtained against Simpson.

"Tragically, we support Mr. Simpson's claim of ownership," said Goldman's lawyer, David Cook. He added he believes if Simpson prevails in court the items will eventually be turned over to Goldman.

A Senior Moment

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Murder Charge Filed in Gay Sailor's Death

SAN DIEGO (july 24) - The U.S. Navy says a sailor has been charged in military court with murder and other offenses in the shooting death of a gay San Diego seaman.
Petty Officer Jonathan Campos of Lancaster, Calif., was charged Thursday in connection to last month's fatal shooting of Seaman August Provost of Houston.

Provost was shot multiple times as he stood guard at Camp Pendleton on June 30. The 29-year-old's family believes the shooting may have been a hate crime. The family says Provost complained of being harassed about his sexuality in the days before his death.
Navy officials have rejected those claims and say there is no record of Provost filing a harassment report.
They say Campos, a 32-year-old gas system technician, is being held at the brig and is cooperating with investigators.

84th Pony Penning is Wednesday, Thursday

Early on the morning of Wednesday, July 29, the herd of Chincoteague ponies will swim the channel from Assateague Island to Chincoteague as part of the 84th annual Pony Penning.

Each year, tens of thousands flock to the island in the last week of July to see the tradition take place. Many come in hopes of bringing home a piece of the island -- their own Chincoteague Pony.

The ponies, according to legend, are said to be descendants of Spanish horses that swam ashore after a vessel capsized off the island's coast. Today, the Chincoteague Ponies are registered as their own breed.

Two herds of ponies exist -- one each on the Maryland and Virginia sides of Assateague Island. The Virginia herd is owned and cared for by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company.

"The fire company came to own the famous ponies after a devastating fire destroyed part of the town in 1925 and the townspeople decided to start their own fire company," said company Public Relations Officer Roe Terry.

"Later, a fundraising event, in the form of a picnic, bingo and small carnival, was held to raise more money, and the company decided to combine this event with a livestock penning that took place annually on Assateague, Chincoteague and Wallops Island," Terry said.

Over time, this fundraising event has evolved into Pony Penning, an institution that attracts visitors from around the world.

The Chincoteague Ponies were made legendary in Marguerite Henry's 1947 book "Misty of Chincoteague." The allure of the ponies grew even more after the film "Misty," based on Henry's book, was released in 1961.

"After the book about Misty and then the movie with the same name was made, the ponies became world famous, and like they say, the rest is history," Terry said.

Wednesday morning during slack tide --between 6 and 11 a.m. --the ponies will be herded into the Assateague Channel by the Saltwater Cowboys to swim to Chincoteague Veteran's Memorial Park.

Following tradition, the first colt or filly to come ashore will be dubbed King or Queen Neptune, and will be given away to a lucky ticketholder on the carnival grounds, where the ponies will be herded after the swim.

The Pony Shuttle will begin taking viewers to the swim site at 5 a.m. A complete shuttle schedule is available at

The pony auction will be held the next day. Between 8 a.m. and noon, bidders will contend for the approximately 70 to 80 foals that will be sold.

Picture courtesy JMMB

'Open holster' protest set in Annapolis to support gun rights

A group of gun-rights advocates will gather in Annapolis next weekend wearing empty holsters and magazine pouches to protest state laws on carry permits for handguns.

Daniel A. Miller of Millersville, an organizer of the Open Holster protest, explained in a letter to the Maryland Gazette that there are no plans for an organized rally on Aug. 1 from noon to 6 p.m. Instead, he hopes to see people milling around the historic city center with empty holsters, introducing themselves to each other and handing out fliers to the curious.

He wrote that organizers have urged those attending not to put toy guns or anything else that could be mistaken for a weapon in their holsters.

"While we are in passionate disagreement with the leaders of this state regarding the laws governing our rights, we fully realize that a willful disregard of those laws will result in arrests and the forfeiture of our rights, something none of us want to occur," he wrote.

Ray Weaver, a spokesman for the Annapolis Police Department, said the group has gotten permits for the event and said police anticipate no problems.

"It doesn't really create any different enforcement situation than we'd normally have," he said.

Maryland issues carry permits to residents, but it has a discretionary system that requires an applicant to prove a "good and substantial reason" why he needs to carry a firearm. Opponents of the system call it "discriminatory" and have tried unsuccessfully several times to change the law.

Organizers of the event will take photos of anyone wearing a holster from noon to 1 p.m. near City Dock, with plans to send the pictures to lawmakers before the General Assembly reconvenes in January.

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"The Nutty Professor" and the liberal race card

The arrest of the nutty professor and 'friend' of hussein obama that said the police officer "acted stupidly" is just another opportunity to shove the 'race card' down our throats. This arrest was not a racial profiling arrest like the loony left want to think, the officer was doing his job.

The liberals loons can't see past the fact that this was a white cop and a black professor and friend of their 'messiah' that would not cooperate with the officer. The nutty professor did not get arrested for a B&E, he was arrested for disorderly conduct. He should have had obstruction and hindering added to that charge.

Had the scenario played out like this all would have been fine, but instead the nutty professor had the race card in his hand as soon as he saw a white cop.

This officer wrote a very detailed report. This professor should hang his head in shame for this behavior. This incident could have been completely avoided if the by the following dialog.

stupid professor: "hello officer how can I help your today?

Officer "Yes sir I got a call about someone breaking in to the residence"

stupid professor "oh no that was me, you see my door is broke and I had to pry it open"

Officer "oh ok well do you have your license so I can just determine who you are and your residence"

Stupid professor "oh sure, here you go."

Officer "Oh thank you Mr. Stupid professor sorry for the inconvenience and have a good day"

Officer keying up mike "I will be clear it was the homeowner entering his house......10-8"

Instead we get the self-righteous, radical, black extremist and racist response ....hereHenry Louis Gates, Jr. Police Report - July 23, 2009

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Chris Matthews Wrong on Obama Birth Certificate

MSNBC's Chris Matthews got into a heated exchange with a congressman on his show Tuesday as he revisited the question of President Barack Obama's birth certificate — or lack of one.

Rep. John Campbell, R-Calif., is a co-sponsor of the so-called "birther bill," which would require future presidential candidates to provide a copy of their original birth certificates.

“Birthers” are those who believe Obama is not qualified to be president, based on a belief that he was not born in the United States.

Campbell is not a “birther” and never has claimed that Obama was born outside the United States or should be disqualified from being president.

On the show, Matthews seemingly undermined claims by some that Obama never has released his birth certificate, producing what Matthews said was a true copy of it.

But Matthews made a false claim. Obama never has released his actual birth certificate. He has released another document, which state authorities often provide in lieu of a birth certificate, called a certificate of live birth.

Matthews on Tuesday said Campbell was "playing to the crazies" by supporting the "crazy" bill, and the congressman shot back that it was all about "putting the matter to rest."

Matthews also accused Campbell of "feeding the wacko wing of your party," and held up what he called a copy of the supposed Obama birth certificate.

Case closed?

The indisputable fact is that Obama has not released his birth certificate, which the state of Hawaii issues for all citizens born there.

Instead, his campaign has released only his certificate of live birth from the state of Hawaii, which is a document that offers a summarized version of the birth certificate.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, GOP nominee Sen. John McCain quickly released his birth certificate when liberal bloggers raised questions about his eligibility to be president. McCain was born at a military hospital in Panama.

Obama could likewise put the matter to rest by releasing his actual birth certificate, which would show, among other things, the place of his birth and the doctor who performed the birth procedure. This information is not provided on the certificate of live birth.

As it stands, Obama is the only president in history whose birthplace is unknown to the public – a fact that would be stated on the actual birth certificate. Interestingly, his family has mentioned two different hospitals in Hawaii as the place of birth.

The fact that Obama has refused to release his actual birth certificate does not mean conspiracy theorists are right when they claim he was born in Kenya and therefore not eligible to be president. Investigators who have reviewed the claims have found no evidence Obama was born outside of Hawaii.

But Obama’s refusal to release his birth certificate does mean that Obama remains one of America’s most mysterious and opaque presidents ever.

Obama, for example, has not released many other documents regarding his public and private life.

Many of these documents were sought by reporters, who easily acquiesced when Obama said he would release them – though most presidential candidates release them as a perfunctory matter.

Among the key documents that Obama continues to shield from the public:

Obama released just one brief document detailing his personal health. McCain, on the other hand, released what he said was his complete medical file, totaling more than 1,500 pages.

Obama refused to offer his official papers as a state legislator in Illinois. Nor did he produce correspondence, such as his schedules of appointments or letters from lobbyists, from his days in the Illinois state Senate.

Obama did not release his client list as an attorney or his billing records. He maintained that he performed only a few hours of legal work for a nonprofit organization with ties to Tony Rezko, the Chicago businessman convicted of fraud in June 2008 but did not release billing records that would prove this assertion.

Obama ignored requests for his records from Occidental College, where he studied for two years before transferring to Columbia University.

Obama’s campaign refused to give Columbia, where he earned an undergraduate degree in political science, permission to release his transcripts. Former President George W. Bush and presidential contenders Al Gore and John Kerry all released their college transcripts.

Obama did not agree to the release of his application to the Illinois State Bar, which would have cleared up intermittent allegations that his application may have been inaccurate.

Obama did not release records from his time at Harvard Law School.

During the presidential campaign, McCain’s campaign released a full list of all online donors. Obama’s campaign still has not released the names of those who donated at least one-third of the $750 million he raised.

Ironically, Obama accused the Bush White House of being "one of the most secretive administrations in our history," and chided then-Sen. Hillary Clinton for not releasing her White House schedules.

Chris Matthews, get your facts straight and demand full disclosure — that’s the best way to keep an honest government.

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Pot, Guns Found at Va. Day Care

Va.- Authorities say a drug task force turned up marijuana plants and 10 guns at an Eastern Shore of Virginia day care last week.

Virginia State Police say that on June 16, members of the Eastern Shore Drug Task Force were looking for a wanted person on the 7000 block of Reedtown Lane in Eastville when they noticed marijuana in the backyard of an adjacent house. Investigators with the task force seized a total of 74 marijuana plants and 10 guns- including a sawed-off shotgun- at the home, which police say is a licensed day care facility.

At the scene, members of the task force arrested 30-year-old Deandre L. Dunton of Eastville. He was charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession of a firearm while possessing five or more pounds of marijuana and possession of a sawed-off shotgun.

City to have its own game 'Pocomokeopoly

I think the name is stupid, How about a game with a name like Pocomonopoly?
And furthermore I thought we already had that here with the town officials holding all the good properties, if a player lands on an open property and buys it, the town players condemn it and/or demolish it so they can own that too?

There is a certain ring to the word "Pocomokeopoly."

"The city's name just works really well," said Pocomoke Mayor Michael McDermott. "I mean, Berlinopoly just doesn't sound the same -- but Pocomokeopoly sounds great."

The Pocomoke City Chamber of Commerce is hoping local businesses agree. The town-themed board game is the latest fundraiser for the Chamber and advertisement for Pocomoke City, said Julie Holland, who is coordinating the project.

"I was looking for a fundraising idea and something that would help promote the town and the businesses," Holland said. "It's similar to your favorite board game -- we can't say the 'M' word -- but it's the same way you play."

The plan is for businesses to sponsor each square, which will then feature their logo and information. The squares cost $350 to $500, depending on the location, and the four corners of the board -- which in Pocomokeopoly are "Start," "In Court," "Loading Zone" and "Speeding, Go to Court" -- are also up for grabs.

When the game is released in the fall, players will race around the board, paying rent at such places as Nock's Tire Service and the Bay Country Radio Station instead of, say, The Boardwalk and the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Businesses have already started to snatch up the 36 board spaces -- four more have been reserved for town government, which contributed $1,500 for the box cover -- and sponsorships for the game's money, "fate" and "chamber" cards.

As one of the first to purchase a square, Shore Bank picked up some prime real estate.

"I couldn't afford Park Place, so I went for the one before Park Place," said Lynn Badger, bank marketing director. "So we are going to be on that home stretch right be before you get back to start."

Only 500 copies of Pocomokeopoly will be made, and they will be available in local shops for $25 in late fall.

"We are told to try and pull the kids away from the TV and the video games -- you are supposed to get back to family game night, and this is a good way to get back to that and the town," Holland said. "Hopefully with the smaller kids, they will become aware of the businesses in the community and as they grow, they will be able to patronize them."

With Pocomoke City's recent accomplishments, now seemed like a great time to find a new way to market the town, she added.

"Pocomoke City has done so much lately as far as growth, especially with the Discovery Center and being an All-America City finalist," Holland said. "There is so much life here and so much growth, and the town is doing so much to promote people living here."


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Chincoteague Island Blueberry Festival July 24, 25 and 26

The 22nd Annual Chincoteague Blueberry Festival will be held at the beautiful Chincoteague Community Center at 6155 Community Drive on Chincoteague Island, Virginia on July 24, 25 and 26, 2009. The Blueberry Festival will be held from 9:00 to 4:30pm rain or shine. The Blueberry Festival remains the largest Fine Arts and Crafts event on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with exhibitors from 10 states including many excellent local artists. This large Fine Arts and Crafts exhibit brings a unique Christmas in July shopping atmosphere to Chincoteague. The Arts and Crafts exhibits are located both inside the Chincoteague Center building and outside on the green space and parking lot.

Rep. Mike Castle gets booed

Rep. Mike Castle’s recent “listening session” in Georgetown is bringing him YouTube fame, but not because of the topic.

It’s because the Delaware Republican got booed after vouching for President Barack Obama’s citizenship.

The video of the June 30 town hall meeting on health care reform shows a woman toting an American flag and her own U.S. birth certificate asking why people are ignoring the president’s birth certificate. She said Obama is a citizen of Kenya, not the U.S.

The crowd applauded and cheered as she yelled, “I don’t want this flag to change! I want my country back!”

Castle, attempting to correct her, said, “If you’re referring to the president there, he is a citizen of the United States.”

The crowd then heckled him as he reiterated that Obama is indeed a U.S. citizen.

Sysco CFO Lewis to retire after 36 years

POCOMOKE CITY -- C. Frederick Lankford, president and CEO of Sysco Eastern Maryland LLC, announced that Archie C. Lewis Jr., senior vice president and chief financial officer of the company, will retire on July 17 after 36 years with the Pocomoke City food distributor.

Lewis began his food service career at the former Campbell Soup Company in Salisbury in 1968. While a member of the Army Reserves, he met Tom Lankford whose family owned Lankford Food Service Company in Pocomoke City. Lankford offered Lewis a position with the company, and he joined Lankford Foods as the controller on July 17, 1973.

Lankford Foods merged with the Sysco Corporation in September 1981. Lewis was promoted to vice president of finance in 1982, and then to senior vice president in 1998.

"Over the past 36 years, Archie Lewis has dedicated himself to the success of our company," said Fred Lankford. "His uncompromising ethical standards and outstanding leadership skills are legendary not only at Sysco Eastern Maryland, but within the entire Sysco Corporation."

Lewis, who resides in Pocomoke City, was married to the late Shirley Sigrest Rantz and is stepfather to her two daughters, Leanna and Jill.

Don Repine, Sysco Eastern Maryland's current vice-president of finance, will assume Lewis's position as the company's chief financial officer.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chincoteague Pony Swim on July 29

The Coast Guard advises that tourists attending the Chincoteague Pony Swim on July 29 should avoid chartering boats without licensed captains inspected by the Coast Guard.

Sector Hampton Roads personnel will be aggressively enforcing federal regulations intended to ensure the safety of the public during this event. Boat crews will board boats and cite charters that do not have licensed captains or are carrying more than six passengers without the required Certificate of Inspection.

The Coast Guard advises tourists to ask the boat’s captain to show his or her original Coast Guard license. The boat is required to be inspected by the Coast Guard if it carries more than six passengers and the certificate should be displayed in an area accessible to passengers.

Charter boats are not required by federal law to carry insurance. Passengers should ask whether the boat is insured as a passenger vessel. If not, passengers may be unable to pursue a claim if they are injured while aboard.

The Coast Guard is reaching out to the owners of vessels that are advertising trips for the Pony Swim to ensure they operate legally. If an owner operates illegally, the Coast Guard will seek maximum penalties. Vessel owners and operators can receive civil penalties up to $1,100 for a first violation. The Coast Guard can initiate action seeking to suspend or revoke the license of a Coast Guard licensed captain who carries more than six passengers.

Petty Officer 1st Class Gregg Pescuma, operations officer for Station Chincoteague, also advises, "When leaving the Pony Swim area, be aware of kayaks, inflatable rafts, other boating traffic and people viewing from the water. The Coast Guard and Virginia Marine Police will be enforcing a slow speed zone."

Plane crashes in Pocomoke

A small aircraft crashed at the intersection of Route 113 and Groton Road in Pocomoke City early Sunday afternoon.

The pilot, 80-year-old Preston Norman Smith of Pocomoke City, walked away from the crash, according to police.

Fuel complications are believed to have caused the crash, according to the results of a preliminary investigation by the Maryland Sate Police.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration are expected to conduct a post-crash investigation today.