Thursday, September 5, 2019

County Fair Coming Up

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Time Machine Preview

This Sunday here at The Pocomoke Public Eye..

1940.. Hotel/restaurant on the water leaving Pocomoke. 

1937.. Is a modern Eastern Shore highway on the horizon or is it just political talk again?

1994.. Looking at strides Pocomoke has made to conserve energy but work remains.

1891.. A grand masquerade horseback parade is part of "Big Day" plans in Onancock.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

TIME MACHINE: 1922, 1943, 1898, 2007.

August, 1922

Worcester Democrat

Footnote: After its life as The Hargis Department Store the building was shared by J.C. Penney and Montgomery Ward for many years.

January, 1943

The News Journal (Wilmington)

May, 1898

New York Daily Herald

April, 2007

 Daily Times (Salisbury)

1961..  (Route 13 bypass opens) 

1973..  There's a Triple Crown winner.. it's Secretariat!

The Time Machine is a weekly feature I've enjoyed researching and compiling on The Pocomoke Public Eye since 2011.  I have fond memories of growing up in Pocomoke City and welcome reader contributions we can share about things you've read, remember, or were told relating to our Pocomoke/Eastern shore area...a sentence, a paragraph, or more all fine. Just email it.