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TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview

1910.. In Salisbury, wife fatally shoots husband in State's Attorney's office; 1963.. Pocomoke Fire Department elects officers; 1910.. Earthquake shocks in Worcester County; 1952.. More Delmarva Spelling Bee contestants; 1947.. Eastern Shore time changes vary.

Although you may not find these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye!

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Accomack County / Deer Hunting With Dogs

At Thursday nights called meeting of the Accomack County Board of Supervisors, the primary subject was Deer hunting with dogs, but the first order of business was a request from Riverside Memorial Hospital to extend their special use permit. A motion was made to do so and passed with a unanimous vote.

The notice to public hearing reads: Shall the Accomack County Supervisors petition the Virginia board of Game and Inland fisheries to amend the Virginia Hunting Regulations to prohibit deer hunting with hunting dogs in Accomack County.

Twenty eight people spoke for or against this motion, 17 for the motion and 11 against. Comments for the motion were mostly related to property rights disrespect as to hunters and dogs running loose on their property. All of the speakers for the motion told stories about loose dogs, abandoned dogs, damage by dogs and simply the taking away of property rights of landowners. All of these speakers were from Accomack County.

The Virginia Dog Hunting Alliance of Virginia was represented by Kirby Burch who was one of the eleven speakers. Several hunt clubs were represented by their presidents or chairmen. Most of the balance of the eleven speakers came from long time Accomack county residents saying they had hunted deer with dogs in Accomack County for many years with some saying it was the "come-heres" that wanted change, with others just saying it was a way of life.

When the Public Hearing was closed Mr. Hart, Chairman, asked the board if they wanted to vote on the motion. Ms. Thornton spoke first saying she had lost animals from her business from just dogs on the island that were pets and she understood what land-owners were going through. Jack Gray then asked for a delay until he could speak to more citizens. Grayson Chesser then said he too would like to delay the vote until he could think about the issue and speak to residents of his district. Reneta Major then said she had family members with hunting dogs and needed time to think about this issue. Laura Belle Gordy explained that the decision was up to Game and Inland Fisheries and that the Board of Supervisors could only make a recommendation. Kay Lewis comment was that this motion had been on the docket for a long time and any kind of delay was not necessary. Robert Crockett and Ron Wolff made no comment.

After some discussion with the County Attorney Mark Taylor, Ms. Thornton made a motion to vote on this issue at the next regular meeting scheduled for October 16.

This motion passed with only Mr. Chesser voting no.


Worcester County Sheriff's Office ~ Malicious Destruction of Mailboxes

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office
Incident: Malicious Destruction of Mailboxes
 Location of Crime: Bishopville, MD
 On October 4, 2013 around 1:15 am Deputies from the Worcester County Sheriff’s were alerted by a member of the Bishopville Community that several people were riding around in a dark colored truck smashing mailboxes.
 Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office along with Troopers from the Maryland State Police Barrack in Berlin began converging on the Bishopville Community.
A Trooper from the State Police located a dark colored pick-up truck traveling on Saint Martin’s Neck Road near Route 90. The Trooper stopped the truck and upon approaching the vehicle he located 4 people in the bed of the truck along with the driver. Also in the truck bed were 29 watermelons.
 While one Deputy assisted the Trooper, another began traveling the roads of Bishopville.
Through the Sheriff’s Office investigation a total of 14 US Mailboxes, 1 Waste Management Trash Can, and 1 sign for a Church Parsonage were located damaged.
The investigation revealed that the suspects were riding along Bishopville Road and Saint Martin’s Neck Road throwing water melons at mailboxes in an attempt to destroy them. During their initial interviews all 5 identified themselves as Firefighters from Sussex County Delaware. All 5 admitted to being involved in the crimes committed and were arrested.
 All were later transported to the Sheriff’s Office by the Ocean City Police Department and processed. All were released pending trial by a District Court Commissioner.
Many thanks to the observant citizen.
 Stewart William Pryor 28 of Millsboro, DE
 Dylan Lee Sharp 19 of Milton, DE
 Franklin Adam Martin 23 of Milton, DE
 Sean James MaGee, 23 of Selbyville, DE
 Addison Hill-Bittner, 22 of Rehboth DE
 16 counts for each suspect MDOP Less than $500
 1 count for each suspect MDOP Scheme More than $500

David Craig Announces Plan to Jump-Start Maryland’s Manufacturing Sector

For release 10.4.13
Contact: Jim Pettit

Harford County Executive David R. Craig released today a plan to jump start the manufacturing sector which was presented at a forum of gubernatorial candidates in Towson today.  The Regional Manufacturing Institute, a non-profit organization representing Baltimore-area businesses, examined ways to improve the sector’s viability in the wake of a national report in which Maryland earned a “D” letter grade as compared to the other 49 states.

“Nationally, manufacturing is on the rebound, and Maryland needs to be a part of this,” said Craig. “With the federal government shutdown and ongoing fiscal emergencies, it’s clear that our state can no longer rely on our proximity to Washington D.C. to increase jobs, and we must diversify our economy.”

As Governor, Craig would institute three broad areas of reform - reducing taxes, reviewing regulations and taking advantage of the natural gas energy boom that is boosting manufacturing in other states.  Reducing the individual income tax is a priority because of the importance of start-up and early stage companies that are often organized as pass-through entities.  Regulations are often conflicting and duplicative among federal, state and local governments and will be the initial focus of a broader effort to overhaul the process.  Craig said it is also time to stop studying fracking and enable natural gas extraction to take place in Western Maryland in an environmentally-responsible manner.

As evidence of the systemic challenges documented in the annual “National Logistics and Manufacturing Report,” in which Maryland earned a “D,” Craig outlined metrics that illustrate the state is a regional laggard in manufacturing.  Manufacturing’s share of gross state product in Maryland, at 6.5%, is the lowest of any surrounding states and well below the national average. The number of manufacturing jobs dropped from 133,000 in 2007 to 107,000 in 2013, a loss of 26,000 jobs and a 20% decline which is higher than Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

“Manufacturing supports high-paying jobs that Marylanders need,“ said Craig. “We need to reverse the damage of the O’Malley-Brown years and actually grow jobs that meet the needs of people across various education attainment levels and in all parts of the state.”

The O’Malley-Brown Administration has raised taxes, fees and tolls 40 times that remove an additional $3.1 billion out of the private sector economy per year.



1. Attachment: Manufacturing,pdf

2. National Logistics and Manufacturing Report 2013

David Craig Urges Lt. Gov Brown to Reconsider Attending Manufacturing Forum

For immediate release: 10.3.13
Contact: Jim Pettit

Harford County Executive and Maryland candidate for Governor David R. Craig said Lt. Governor Anthony Brown should reconsider his position about cancelling attendance at a manufacturing forum.   The Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland, which represents businesses in the Baltimore area, is reviewing policy positions from each of the candidates for Governor, all of whom with the exception of Brown, are scheduled to attend October 4.

The keynote address will examine why Maryland earned a “D” letter grade according to a national report on manufacturing.     Ranking states among its peers in several areas including diversification of industries, tax climate and human capital potential, the report reinforces dismal results in Maryland’s business climate compared to other states in the region.

“With ongoing fiscal emergencies in Washington having an adverse impact on Maryland’s ability to grow jobs, one would think that the Lt. Governor might want to learn about ways to diversify our state’s employment base,” said Craig.  “Unfortunately his priorities appear not to lie with regular people who need high-paying jobs in a manufacturing rebound that could leave Maryland behind.”

A recent report issued by Boston Consulting Group predicted the boom in shale "fracking" and resulting lower natural-gas and electricity prices,  is setting the stage for the U.S. becoming one of the lowest-cost countries for manufacturing in the developed world.  The U.S. deficit on trade of manufactured goods in the first half of 2013 declined from the same period a year earlier according to the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation.  The improvement is significant and halts a trend where the U.S. lost manufacturing business to China, South Korea and other nations.

Maryland’s manufacturing employment dropped from 133,000 in 2007 to 107,000 in 2013, a loss of 26,000 jobs and a 20% decline which is higher than both Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Moreover, Maryland's manufacturing share of gross state product at 6.5% is the lowest in the region compared to surrounding states and well below the national average of 11.9% of GDP.

“Martin O’Malley and Anthony Brown should both have a seat at the front of the room for this important event,” said Craig.


Friday, October 4, 2013

From the Office of the State's Attorney for Worcester County

Beau Oglesby, State's Attorney for Worcester County
RE:  Charles Phillips Sentenced

Today marks the conclusion of a long and painful journey for the Niblett family. After being found guilty of First Degree Murder in June of this year, Charles Phillips was sentenced to Life Without The Possibility of Parole. 

 I am greatful for the extraordinary efforts of law enforcement, the hard work and dedication from members of The Office of The State's Attorney and most importantly the strength and trust of the Niblett family.

 Because of their efforts and support, Mr. Phillips will spend the rest of his natural life in prison.

Beau Oglesby
Worcester County
State's Attorney

Pocomoke City Disturbance Leads To Arrest For Drugs

 On 04 October 2013 at approximately 8:15am. Pocomoke City Police Officers received a call to respond to 612 Walnut St. for a disturbance at that location.

Pocomoke City Police Department Photo

Once Officers arrived, they began their investigation which led to the seizure of three large ziplock sandwich bags with approximately1/4 ounce each of  marijuana inside, two large pots with marijuana plants, a large plastic container which contained approximately ½ ounce of marijuana and a large smoking device with marijuana residue. 

Arrested was Clay Michael Carlton who resided at 612 Walnut Street.

Recent Arrests ~ Pocomoke City Police Department

More excellent police work !


Pocomoke City Police Chief
Kelvin D. Sewell
 On 03 October 2013 at approximately 10:12 am. Pocomoke City Police Officers conducted a traffic stop on Rt. 13 near Sheephouse Rd. on a black Dodge van for a front seat passenger seat belt violation. As the Officer approached the vehicle, he observed in plain view a black in color handgun that was located directly behind the drivers side seat in a netted compartment. Arrested was Maurice Devease Lincoln from West Palm Beach Florida. The handgun seized is described as a 32 caliber Cobra semi-automatic.
   On 03 October 2013 at approximately 6:25pm. Pocomoke City Police Officers responded to 333 Winters Quarters Drive for a report of a Domestic Assault at that location. When the Officers arrived, the victim in this case stated the suspect Michael Dale Webb assaulted her physically and then pointed a gun at her clicking the gun several times. Officers arrested Michael Dale Webb who reside at 333 Winter Quarters Drive and seized a 22 caliber rifle from the residence.
On 04 October 2013 at approximately 11:20am. Pocomoke City Police Officers arrested Antonio Drummond who was observed by Pocomoke City Officers in possession of two ziplock bags of marijuana. As the Officers approached closer, Drummond completed the drug transaction with Sheila Reed who was also arrested for possession of marijuana. Seized from Drummond was 1/4 ounce of marijuana, seized from Reed was one ziplock bag of marijuana. Both Drummond and Reed was transported to the Pocomoke City Police Department and charged accordingly.

UPDATE: Charles Phillips Sentenced To Life

Charles R. Phillips
WORCESTER CO., Md. - A twice convicted murderer will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

This morning Charles Phillips was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for the murder of William Niblett. Phillips also received 20 years for robbery and burglary charges.

Back in 2008 he was also found guilty in Niblett's death, but in 2012 that ruling was overturned because the police violated his Miranda rights.

During he re-trial this June, Phillips was found guilty of first degree premeditated murder.


Charles Robert Phillips Sentencing Today For Murder Of William Nibblett

Charles Robert Phillips
Charles Robert Phillips is scheduled to be sentenced today in Worcester County  for the stabbing murder of William "Nib" Niblett of Pocomoke City in March of 2008.

A few delays and overturns within the justice system have prevented Phillips from being sentenced for the senseless murder of Niblett. 

Let's hope that today seals the deal for this animal and he is put away forever.  He's had enough chances!

Stockton Vol. Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary ~ ANNUAL YARD SALE

The Stockton Vol. Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary
 Annual Yard Sale

 Saturday October 5, 2013
7 am
Tables  available to rent for $7.00 or 2 for $12.00
For more information contact Julie at 443-880-0566.



Your Choice:

Thursday, October 3, 2013

4TH Annual "Drive Out Breast Cancer" Walk

"Best Friends Walk Together" Pet Walk

"Best Friends Walk Together" Pet Walk this Saturday, Oct. 5 in Onancock.
A healthy, fun way to help raise funds for the cats & dogs at the SPCA Eastern Shore.
A fun family event!

TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview.

1910.. In Salisbury, wife fatally shoots husband in State's Attorney's office; 1963.. Pocomoke Fire Department elects officers; 1910.. Earthquake shocks in Worcester County; 1952.. More Delmarva Spelling Bee contestants; 1947.. Eastern Shore time changes vary.

Although you may not find these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye!

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Somerset County Burn Ban

 From Somerset County Emergency Services

 Due to extremely dry conditions, the Somerset County Commissioners have placed a burn ban in effect for Somerset County. All outdoor burning is prohibited with the exception of the use of gas or charcoal grills.

MarVa Theater This Weekend

Friday, October 4th
Saturday, October 5th
7 PM
Tickets ~ $5

Delmarva Discovery Center ~ SESAME STREET LIVE TICKETS

Demarva Discovery Center ~ Themed Birthday Party Packages

To see program details more clearly go to:


"Prevent Kitchen Fires"—that's the message of this year's Fire Prevention Week

From October 6-12, we'll be spreading the word that more fires start in the kitchen than in any other part of the home—and we'll help teach people how to keep cooking fires from starting in the first place. 


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pocomoke City Police Department Arrest Report

Pocomoke  City Police Department
Kelvin D. Sewell, Chief
September 1, 2013 to September 30, 2013
09-02-2013  Damon Justice, age 26 of Pocomoke was arrested and charged on an Outstanding Warrant, Worcester County.  

09-03-2013  Marguees Wise, age 20 of Pocomoke was arrested and charged with Assault 2nd Degree, Conceal Dangerous Weapon, Dangerous Weapon w/Intent to Injure and Resist Arrest.
09-03-2013  Yakema McBride, age 21 of Pocomoke was arrested and charged on an outstanding warrant thru Wicomico County for FTA.

09-03-2013  Yakema McBride, age 21 of Pocomoke was arrested and charged with CDS Possession – Marijuana.

09/06-2013  Jerren Hinmon, age 24 of Pocomoke was arrested and charged with Alcohol Beverage in Public Place.

09-07-2013  Ronald DeShields, age 56 of Pocomoke was arrested and charged with Theft less than $100.

09-09-2013  Justin Jackson, age 26 of Pocomoke was arrested and charged with Theft less than $100.

09-11-2013  James Gooldrup, age 18 of Pocomoke was arrested and charged with 4th Degree Sex Offense.

09-14-2013  Kashara Foreman, age 30 of Berlin, MD was arrested and charged with Theft less than $100.

09-14-2013  John Ginn, age 44 of Snow Hill, MD 08-03-2013 was arrested and charged with Theft less than $100.

09-15-2013  Tamia Brickhouse, age 23 of Pocomoke was arrested and charged on an outstanding warrant thru Somerset County for FTA.

09-15-2013  Charles Schoolfield, age 47 of Pocomoke was arrested and charged on an outstanding warrant thru Worcester County for Child Support.

Worcester County Animal Control Rabies Clinic Tonight

Rabies Clinic tonight at the Stockton Vol. Fire Company
5:30-7:00 p.m
Cost: $5.00 resident / $10 non resident
Proof of residency required
Any questions contact 410-632-1340

Tier II Registered Sex Offender Arrested By Worcester County Sheriff`s Office Deputies

Robert C. Landis
On October 1, 2013 at approximately 1607 hours Worcester County Sheriff`s Office Deputies responded to Stephen Decatur High School, for a report of a registered sex offender on school grounds.

 Upon arrival Deputies located the suspect, identified as Robert Clayton Landis, 67, of Berlin Md. Mr. Landis was found inside the gated field stadium during an active school soccer game.

Mr. Landis is a Tier II registered sex offender and he was forbidden from being on the property of any school, primary and/or secondary education.

 Mr. Landis was arrested and later taken before a district court commissioner. Mr. Landis was released on a $10,000.00 unsecured bond.

Lieutenant Edward C. Schreier

Worcester County Sheriff's Office

Meet and Greet With Chief Sewell and Pocomoke City Police Officers For Save the Youth Members

Pocomoke City Police Dept. Photo
**Hats off and high fives to Pocomoke City Police Chief Kelvin Sewell and his wonderful department of police officers, dispatchers and those at the station left to hold the fort down!  If you don't know how great and important each and everyone of these employees are then you haven't been paying close enough attention!   

I have heard Chief Sewell say these words many times- " These kids are our future and the more we can educate them on these topics the more understanding they become with the effects and outcome.  To even stop one child from being a part of a crime, either as a victim or a perpetrator is worth the effort.

The Chief is correct, you know.  Many of the youth today have one vision of a law officer and that seems to be the memory of a parent or loved one being hauled off to jail. 

It is so wonderful to know that the Pocomoke City Police Dept. has stepped up and is getting the message out to Save the Youth, children in the schools and the rest of us who are listening.  Once thought to be on its way out,  I am so happy to say that Save the Youth has taken on new leadership.  And with the Pocomoke City Police Dept. spending time with these youths I'd say it's worth the effort to be of assistance if we can so that more youths can benefit.

Thanks, Chief Sewell for all you and your department have done and continue to do for the city of Pocomoke.**

Now on to Chief Sewell's report and wonderful photos.....

Pocomoke Police Department
Chief Kelvin D. Sewell
Save the Youth

PCPD Photo

Pocomoke City children as part of the Save the Youth Program were invited to a Meet and Greet with Chief Sewell and Pocomoke City Police Officers as well as a tour of the department on Monday, September 30th. 
PCPD Photo

PCPD Photo

The youth enjoyed meeting the officers and talking about future occupations in law enforcement and participated in-group sessions with Chief Sewell and Command Staff about Cyber-bullying, Social Media crimes, Gangs and Drugs.

PCPD Photo

PCPD Photo

 Approximately 40 children passed thru our doors to take part in this informational session and to get a firsthand look at a typical day for police officers.  After the sessions concluded, the youth were able to enjoy looking at our police vehicles and having hamburgers and hotdogs with the Department staff.  

PCPD Photo

PCPD Photo

 These kids are our future and the more we can educate them on these topics the more understanding they become with the effects and outcome.  To even stop one child from being a part of a crime, either as a victim or a perpetrator is worth the effort.

PCPD Photo

(Please remember to thank your police department for the wonderful job they are doing.)

Assateague Closed ~ Celebrations Cancelled.....

The partial government shutdown has resulted in the closing of the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and the cancellation of the lighthouse celebration program scheduled for October 5   (Assateague Lighthouse Grand Reopening Celebration).

While the shutdown is in effect, public access to NWS properties will be prohibited and fish and wildlife management activities and public programs will be canceled. In addition, the Assatgeague National Seashore will also be closed during the shutdown.

The news isnt good for the tourist industry on Chincoteague but Susanne Taylor of the Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce said it could open the way for tourists to enjoy some of the other things Chincoteague has to offer.

  Taylor said that business on the Island this summer has been very strong. She stated she has heard that there have been some cancellations for weekend reservations this weekend but hasnt heard of a large number so far. She stated that the Oyster Festival will be held as scheduled and ticket demand has been very strong this year.

Meanwhile, NASA has furloughed all what it considers as non essential employees. We dont have any word on the number of NASA Wallops workers that will be taking an unscheduled vacation.

  The next major launch is scheduled for December when another Antares Cygnus launch is planned. Theres no word on whether or not the shut down will affect that launch date.

Should Congress reconvene and reach an agreement that would end the shut down, everything could change.


Veterans Break Past World War II Memorial Barricade

Washington Post Photo
WASHINGTON (CNN) — Busloads of World War II veterans, many in wheelchairs, broke past a barricade Tuesday morning to cross into the World War II Memorial, as onlookers applauded and a man playing the bagpipes led the way.

Moments earlier, a few Republican members of Congress had removed a section of the black gates that surrounded the site, allowing a line of veterans to roll past security officers, who willingly stood aside.

Veteran Donald Quinn of Pascagoula, Mississippi, said he was pleased with his visit to the memorial, despite the initial blockade.

“I’m surprised to see so many people here and so many important people, but I’ve enjoyed it,” he said. “At first I didn’t think I’d come, but I’m glad I did.”

The National Park Service closed all of its parks, including national memorials, as a result of the federal government shutdown that went into effect at 12:01 a.m ET.

But a spokeswoman from the National Mall and Parks Service said efforts were no longer being made to hold anyone back.

“These are important visitors,” she told reporters, adding that they’re seeking guidance from the director’s office on “where we go next.”

“Obviously we did not want to do anything to mar the trip of these people,” she said, saying the visitors came from Mississippi and Iowa. “They’ve come here specifically to see the memorial that was built for them.”

Some Republican members of Congress and a Democratic senator were on site, blasting the federal government for fencing off the memorial. Outraged and baffled, Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, crossed through an opening in the railing earlier in the morning–before the breach–and got on the phone to try and reach the secretary of the Department of Interior.

“I don’t get it. I’m furious. I’m trying to get a hold of people,” he said, standing on the other side of the barricade and looking around for help. “But I can’t seem to get a hold of anybody.”

Harkin faulted Republicans for what he called their “nonsense” legislative push that led to the shutdown.

“Obviously I can walk here,” Harkin said, as he walked past the barrier. “Why can’t I walk there?” he added, pointing at the memorial located not far away.

A few House Republicans were also at the memorial to disparage the government for closing off the landmark on a day that veterans were set to arrive.

“We’ve got park service employees out here,” said Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, before the gates were opened. “Why wouldn’t you have them here to allow the veterans in, instead of stand and keep them from coming in?”

Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, wearing casual clothes, said she was out walking when she heard about the pile-up outside the memorial and decided to hustle over to the site.

“The last thing we should see in America is a barricade for World War II veterans to be prevented from coming to their memorial,” Bachmann said.

How Precious Is The Time You Have To Spend Today ?

"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored."    ~Earl Nightingale

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tonya S. Bundick, Accused Arsonist, Granted Change Of Venue

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) - A rash of arsons on Virginia's Eastern Shore got a lot of media attention. Because of that, one of the suspects asked to have her case heard outside of Accomack County. Tuesday, she got her wish.

A judge granted a change of venue for Tonya Bundick. Her trial will now take place in Virginia Beach, although a date has not been set.

Her lawyer brought in newspaper clippings to Tuesday's hearing in Accomack County Circuit Court to show just how much media coverage there has been.
Accused Arsonist Bundick- Change of venue granted Photo
The judge talked about how much the Eastern Shore community has already been affected because of this case, then granted the change of venue.

Bundick bonded out of jail in September. She had been incarcerated since she and co-defendant Charles Smith were arrested in early April. Both are charged in connection to dozens of arsons set since November 2012.


5 Industries That Are Mercilessly Robbing the American People

There are more than five ways, of course. There are numerous  product ripoffs, as described in a recent article by Lynn Stuart Parramore, who identified textbooks and bottled water and print cartridges as a few of the ways Americans are duped into paying a lot more than reason and regulation would dictate.

And there are many industry-specific ripoffs, most notably in health care. We have the  most expensive health care system in the world, and yet we're  falling behind other developed countries in numerous health measures.

Here are five more industry-specific rip offs of the American people:

1. The Retail Industry (Walmart): Building Owner Fortunes with Public Tax Money

study in Wisconsin by the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce determined that a typical Walmart store costs taxpayers over $1.7 million per year, or about $5,815 per employee. A 2004  study in California put the cost per employee at $2,103.

For the year 2012,  Walmart's pre-tax U.S. income was almost $18.7 billion. That's over $14,000 per U.S.  Walmart employee.

For the year 2012, the four Walton family members made over  $20 billion from their investments. That's over $15,000 per Walmart employee.

2. The Financial Industry: Printing Their Own Money

Thanks in good part to the derivatives market, the  world's wealth has doubled in ten years. Estimates of the speculative value of the financial derivatives market vary, from  $708 trillion to $1.2 quadrillion. The  Chicago Mercantile Exchange alone reported a 2011 trading volume of over $1 quadrillion on 3.4 billion annual contracts.

A quadrillion is a thousand trillion. A return to the financiers of just .1 percent (a tenth of a penny from every dollar) would generate $1 trillion, the total Adjusted Gross Income for  half of Americans.

3. The Private Prison Industry: Billing Taxpayers for Empty Cells, then Selling Inmate Labor and Paying Them Sub-Minimum Wages

Almost two-thirds of the private prison contracts analyzed by  In the Public Interest "included occupancy guarantees in the form of quotas or required payments for empty prison cells (a 'low-crime tax')."

Some private prisons, such as Corrections Corporation of America and G4S,  sell inmate labor to corporations like Chevron, Bank of America, AT&T, and IBM, and pay the prisoners  less than a dollar an hour.

4. The Telecommunications Industry: Low Quality at High Prices

In the 1990s the FCC  deregulated phone and cable and Internet companies, with the intention of promoting competition. But just a few companies -- Verizon and AT&T and Comcast and Time Warner -- have  divided up the market, reducing competition as they remain poorly regulated.

So now  South Korea has Internet access speeds 200 times faster than us at half the cost. Same thing in Hong Kong. And in  Europe unlimited texting and voice from Verizon costs about a third of U.S. prices.

It gets worse, according to  David Cay Johnston, who reports that regulations have been written that allow large corporations to add unsubstantiated charges to cell phones, cable TV, internet service providers and others that can cost American families over $2,000 per year.

5. The Drug Industry: Buy American...But Tax Us Like We're Foreigners

Bernie Sanders notes that pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly and Pfizer have lobbied to keep Americans from buying cheaper prescription drugs from Canada and Europe, but then they their shift drug patents and profits to offshore tax havens to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

Higher drug prices cost an average American family  over $1250 per year.

Drug companies also participate in  "Pay-for-Delay" deals, through which brand-name firms pay generic makers to keep their cheaper drugs out of the market for a number of years.


~An Old Farmer's Advice ~

An Old Farmer's Advice
Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong.
Keep skunks and bankers at a distance.

 Life is simpler when you plow around the stump.

 A bumble bee is considerably faster than a John Deere tractor.
Words that soak into your ears are whispered… not yelled.
Meanness don’t jes’ happen overnight.
Forgive your enemies; it messes up their heads.
Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you.
It don’t take a very big person to carry a grudge.
You cannot unsay a cruel word.

 Every path has a few puddles.
When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty.
The best sermons are lived, not preached.
Most of the stuff people worry about ain’t never gonna happen anyway.

 Don’t judge folks by their relatives.
Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.
Live a good, honorable life… Then when you get older and think back, you’ll enjoy it a second time.
Don't interfere with somethin’ that ain’t bothering you none.
Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a Rain dance.
If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin’.

Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.
The biggest troublemaker you’ll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every mornin’.

Always drink upstream from the herd.
Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment.

 Lettin’ the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin’ it back in.

 If you get to thinkin’ you’re a person of some influence, try orderin’ somebody else’s dog around..
Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

 Don’t pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.
Most times, it just gets down to common sense.

REMINDER ~ New Laws On October 1st


ALL Maryland drivers are prohibited from using their hands to operate a wireless device while their vehicle is in motion.

If you illegally use a wireless device while driving, you can be ticketed--$83 for the first offense, $140 for the second offense, and $160 for subsequent offenses.


ALL drivers and front seat passengers in motor vehicles must use a seat belt. This is a primary traffic offense and carries a fine of $83.

Passengers riding in the rear seat need to be belted too.

This is a secondary traffic offense which carries a fine of $83.

The child safety seat law continues to be enforced and carries an increased fine of $83.

Maryland State Police

Monday, September 30, 2013

Onancock,Virginia ~ "Progressive Porch Party"


Peninsula Regional Medical Center’s “Drive-Thru” Flu Clinic is returning on Thursday, October 3 and Friday, October 4, 2013 at Arthur W. Perdue (Shorebirds) Stadium at the intersection of Route 50 and Hobbs Road in Salisbury, Maryland. 

 Vaccinations will be administered to individuals 13 years of age or older.  A physician’s order is not necessary.  A donation of $10.00 per vaccination is requested (cash only; exact amount is appreciated.)  

The Drive-Thru Flu Clinic will be conducted from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. on both days.   

Flu vaccinations are encouraged for persons over the age of 65, people with heart or lung disorders, immunosuppressant diseases or diabetes.  

Participants are encouraged to wear a short sleeved shirt that will provide easy access to the upper arm.  For additional information, please call 410-543-7137 or 1-800-955-PRMC.

David R. Craig on Health Insurance Exchange / Government Shutdown

David R. Craig on Health Insurance Exchange / Government Shutdown
For release 9.30.13
Contact: Jim Pettit

Harford County Executive and Maryland candidate for Governor David Craig released the following statement today: 

“The Affordable Care Act has become a flash point in Congressional negotiations to continue government operations and for good reason. The unpleasant surprise with this law is that it’s not really affordable at all.  Maryland's least expensive Obamacare plan will be 83% higher than the lowest-cost plan sold in the state this year.

“People are struggling with the worst economic recovery in our lifetimes, have faced down record tax, fee and toll increases, and now they are forced to pay 83% higher insurance costs. This is a massive health care tax politicians are attempting to brand as something else, and they are forcing people to buy it."



The Maryland Insurance Administration and the GAO analyze similar policies available to similar age groups.  A young person buying exchange insurance under the so-called “bronze plan” will pay $1368 in  annual premiums, according to the state agency.  Yet this year, according to the federal GAO, that person pays just $744 in annual
premiums, an 83% difference.

Government Accountability Office Report:

Maryland Insurance Administration Report:

Investor's Business Daily state rate hikes:

Ribbon Cutting at Buchanan Subaru in Pocomoke, 2 pm October 19

Christy FrostromBuchanan Subaru410-957-1414

Ribbon Cutting at Buchanan Subaru in Pocomoke, 2 pm October 19
You are invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of Buchanan Subaru’s new building at 1727 Market St; Pocomoke on Saturday, Oct 19th @ 2PM. That’s right, the construction is done & the staff has moved into the new facility. From the all-weather service drive to the inviting plush chairs in the customer waiting area to the expansive showroom display, you’re going to Love this new facility!  Stop by on Oct 19th for a day filled with events to celebrate this Grand Opening including food, music, a carwash, face painting, giveaways & contests for the ‘oldest running’ & ‘highest mileage’ Subaru’s that are still on the road. You will also have the opportunity to submit your entry & vote for your favorites in the “Pet Photo Calendar Contest” that runs until Nov 15th. Buchanan Subaru opened its doors for the first time in Pocomoke on May 14, 2011 after purchasing the dealership from Mark Frostrom. The Buchanan family of dealerships were originally based in Waynesboro, PA and include Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, GMC Trucks, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep & Kia. Buchanan Subaru strives to make your auto shopping experience fun & easy and handles service work for all makes & models. You can check out all the ‘Grand Opening’ specials & events on their website;


Costen House Art Show to be held at the Delmarva Discovery Center on Saturday, October 19

Diane Kerbin410-957-4579
Jennifer Rafter

Pocomoke Area Chamber of Commerce410-957-1919

Costen House Art Show to be held at the Delmarva Discovery Center on Saturday, October 19.

The Seventh Annual Costen House Museum Art Show will be held at the Delmarva Discovery Center in Pocomoke on Saturday, October 19, from 10 am until 4 pm. There will be no charge for admission to attend this event. 

For the past six years this show has brought talented local and regional artists together in a museum setting to exhibit their works. 
A highlight of this year’s show will be a demonstration by Chincoteague carver Reggie Birch, well known for creating old-looking decoys and restoring carvings from the past. Among the other artists for the show will be Robin Spalding, winner of the fine art competition at the Pocomoketoberfest juried show earlier this year.  This talented young artist creates imaginative and flawless works combining fine art and photography. 

This year’s show will also feature a bake sale, a display of children’s artwork, and a raffle for a painting of a historic Pocomoke building by artist Jenny Somers. Visitors will be able to tour the Costen House at 206 Market Street during the hours of the Art Show. Proceeds from the show benefit the Costen House Museum and its garden.

Worcester County K9 Unit Compete In The 2013 Police K9 Trials In PA.

On Sunday September 22, 2013, members of the Worcester County K9 Unit traveled to Allentown, PA to compete in the 2013 Police K9 Trials.

These trials are in memory of fallen Deputy Sheriff and Canine Handler, Kyle Pagerly of the Berks County Sheriff’s Department.

Pagerly was tragically killed in the line of duty serving a warrant on June 29, 2011.

This is the third annual Police K9 trial held each year by the Salisbury Township Police Officers Association.

 Proceeds from the trials go to the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund.

 Three members of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit participated in the event, two bringing home trophies.

 Cpl. Ramey and K9 Karma won 2nd place in Fastest Dog. Cpl. Edgar and K9 Jonka won 3rd place in Obedience and 2nd place in Bite Redirect. Several teams from Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland competed.
Photo/ Worcester County Sheriff's Office

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit has attended every year since the First Annual Pagerly K9 trial in 2011 to show support.

We hope to continue this participation and support for future events.

Worcester County Sheriff's Office

Ladies Night Out ~ Market Street Boutique

Accomack County Circuit Court


By: Wesley Edwards

Christopher Beach charged with Malicious Maiming, completed a plea agreement which included a charge reduction to unlawful wounding. He received a 5 year sentence with all but time served suspended and restitution of $11,423 plus court cost. Beach was charged originally with throwing a glass bottle at a party in Craddockville.

Nicholas Drummond was charged with distribution of cocaine, and distribution of marijuana. These charges occured on or about June 1st and July 9th of 2012 in the Melfa area. With a guilty plea the case was continued until a presentence report could be prepared.

Tonnie Northam charged as habitual offender 2+ offenses. In late 1990 Mr. Northam was classified as a habitual offender of driving without a license but with a filing on are about March29th 2013 this classification was removed therefore the charges were reduced to driving without a license and with a guilty plea to the reduced charge a $50.00 fine was imposed.

Melissa Montgomery was charged and convicted back in 2009 of credit card fraud and now probation revocation. Ms. Montgomery took the stand in her own defense explaining that she had a drug problem and would likely have to deal with this issue for the rest of her life. Being a LPN when these charges occurred her license had been suspended and that she had expected to get the license back in May of 2013 but when she was told that her probation was being extended because of two positive test when she slipped back to drug use in June and July of 2013. Judge John Morrison from Norfolk Va. said that the probation department had done all they could with Ms. Montgomery and that he was re-imposing the one year, ten month and twenty three days of her probation but was suspending it all but 30 days at which time she would be released on good behavior for two years.