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UPDATE On Pocomoke Stabbing

There has been a second arrest in the stabbing of Desmond Roberts.
Torrance Davis

Pocomoke City Police Officers arrested Torrance Davis after a three hour standoff at 713 Fourth Street.

Kelvin D. Sewell,
Police Chief
Pocomoke City


(BERLIN, MD) – Maryland State Police are investigating a fatal Worcester County crash that occurred when two teenaged brothers crossed a highway on foot tonight into the path of an oncoming trooper’s patrol car. 

    The trooper is identified as Trooper Nicholas Hager, 21, a one year veteran assigned to the Berlin Barrack.  Tpr. Hager was transported by Maryland State Police personnel to Atlantic General Hospital due to injuries sustained during the crash.     

    One teenager was transported by ambulance to Atlantic General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.   He is identified as Tymeir D. Dennis, 16, of the 10800 block of Maple Court, Berlin, Maryland.   

    His brother was transported at Peninsula Regional Medical Center prior to being transferred by air to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center for treatment.  He is identified as Tyheym D. Bowen.   

    The preliminary investigation indicates that at about 8:00 p.m. yesterday, a state trooper assigned to the Berlin Barrack was on routine patrol in his unmarked patrol car.  The trooper was headed northbound on Rt. 113 approaching Bay Street.  For reasons unknown at this time, the two brothers crossed Rt. 113 from east to west, in the area of Bay Street.  They ran directly into the path of the approaching patrol car. 

    The trooper attempted to take evasive action, but was unable to avoid striking both youths.  He immediately called for emergency medical services and began to provide emergency care to both teens.    

    One victim was taken by ambulance to Atlantic General Hospital.  The other was taken by the ambulance to Peninsula Regional Medical Center.  He was later transported by air to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center for treatment.  The trooper was taken by state police personnel to the Atlantic General Hospital. 

    Command staff from the Berlin Barrack responded to the scene to oversee the ongoing investigation.  There has been no determination of speed at this time.  The investigation is being conducted by the Maryland State Police Crash Team. The investigation continues. 

Maryland State Police
Berlin Barrack

TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview

1960.. John Kennedy campaigns in Salisbury; 1977.. Who's the young new dentist coming to Pocomoke City?; 1891.. A unique new enterprise for the Eastern Shore; 1894.. The lightning rod men have returned to Onancock; 1971.. A new Miss Pocomoke is named. 

Although you may not find all of these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye! 

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Friday, November 8, 2013

What's Inside The Mind Of An Arsonist

This story was posted in the EASTERN SHORE POST last week.  If you followed the nightmare Accomack County went through from November 2012 until April of 2013 you NEED to read this!  I have read the story twice and still can find NO sympathy for anyone such as these two, who, in the middle of the night for most nights  put so many other lives at risk.    

Confession of an Arsonist
By Linda Cicoira
November 3, 2013
Arsonist Charles Robert Smith III told police he deliberately set dozens of fires in Accomack County because he has problems with impotency and feared his fiancée would break off their relationship if he didn’t do as she directed.

“I love the fire service,” the former fire company captain continued. “It’s just a problem I had and it’s my way of dealing with it … I wish I was back on drugs. That way, I’d have an excuse.”

“I think this was a stress reliever the way it came about,” Smith, also known as Charlie Applegate, 38, said. “I thought it was a joke at first (when she mentioned setting fires). We were just out riding … she just came out of her mouth with it … I just started laughing and then I figured out she was for real.”

Smith was referring to 40-year-old Tonya Susan Bundick. The two lived together on Matthews Road in Hopeton when they were arrested on April 1 just after a fire was started on Airport Drive near Melfa. Smith pleaded guilty to 67 arsons and a count of conspiracy to commit arson at a trial on Oct. 31. Bundick is charged with one count each of arson and conspiracy and has yet to be tried.

The auto body shop owner said he never used a flashlight when he went through woods and fields or while in the houses. “That would be a dead giveaway,” Smith noted. “In the fire academy they taught you how to just feel … I wore a black mask every time.” He said Bundick did use a flashlight for the fires she set.

“I know I was wrong in the beginning for driving but … after she did that first one, it just seemed like some of her problems went away. I’d basically do anything for her … I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights over this,” Smith continued.

“We’ve been right there with ya,” Accomack Sheriff Todd Godwin couldn’t help replying to Smith’s last comment.

Godwin and Special Agent Robert F. Barnes Jr. of the State Police interrogated Smith just after his arrest. In recordings included in evidence at Smith’s arson trial last week, the defendant said the spree started with revenge graffiti that he and Bundick spray-painted across roads, signs and buildings in the area.

Those scrawls escalated to arsons, with Bundick setting the first of nearly six-dozen fires and him taking over the job because she almost got caught, Smith disclosed.

Smith said the only night he enjoyed committing arson was when he lit up the former Whispering Pines Motel in Tasley, which was not far from his shop. “That was only because I’d always wanted to see that place burn.” He said he went in a door that was open in the back of the building and set “probably 40 or 50 mattresses” and “some old chairs” ablaze.

Smith said the fire-starting excursions always included a trip to Walmart in Onley.

“I don’t know why people have to paint” over the graffiti that seemed to cover every available spot from the Maryland state line to Northampton County in the summer of 2012, Smith said. “I just used some cheap paint … it was spray paint but it costs like 80 cent … you can take a scrub brush and soap and water and it comes right off.”

The graffiti described Jay Floyd of the Parksley area as a “narc,” and was done because Floyd and his girlfriend, Danielle, “were constantly talking … behind my back,” said Smith. “Putting me down and telling how no count I was” to Bundick.

Ironically, “they’re the ones who set me up with her,” he said. “When I got with her I thought we were just a booty call,” Smith recalled. “I tried not to (fall in love with her) for about eight months … I was doing everything wrong just to try to get her to get the hell away from me because the ones I love the most are the ones I always end up hurting and they’re the ones who hurt me the worst.”

The couple hasn’t been charged with graffiti-related offenses.

Smith may be sentenced as early as December and could face up to 584 years in prison and fines of more than $5.6 million. His lawyer noted that even if he got a year for each offense he wouldn’t outlive his terms.

Evidence involved four DVDs of his confession and a list of incidents that were compiled by Commonwealth’s Attorney Gary Agar and Smith’s lawyer. The discs and documents were available the next day.

“Nobody else has been with us,” Smith said. “I stay on the phone with her the whole time. Basically when I got to them (the sites), I’d call her or she’d call me unless we got stuck where we couldn’t get a signal.” Then he would wait for a horn to blow.

“Never once did we ride around and look” for houses to burn, Smith told police. “We rode around looking for where the cops were.” However, later in the videos, he confessed that on the last night, he wanted to catch fire to an old building near the State Police barracks. Bundick chose the place on Airport Drive, which was fire number 67 in the list of charges.

“I knew we were busted before we did it,” Smith said of the last arson. “Too many cars. It was a dead giveaway. I even told her that. I said, ‘This place is a setup.’ She’s a lot smarter than me and she said that it wasn’t … that I was imagining things.”

In all, there were more than 80 suspicious fires reported in about five months. Smith said he and Bundick were not responsible for fires in chicken houses, Exmore, Horntown, Greenbackville or New Church. “I think some … was (for the) insurance,” he said of those incidents.

Bundick drove and he ignited the structures after a close call they had with the 14th fire on Drummond Lane in Tasley, Smith said. “I was going nuts that night waiting at Colleen’s” (the dentist’s office on nearby Lankford Highway). The incident was near the Department of Forestry where Arson Investigator Glen Neal has an office. Local folks speculated the fire was set to ridicule police.

In that case, Smith reported, Bundick was unable to get back to the vehicle before officers arrived, but she eventually did manage to leave undetected.
“I was hoping after that night it was the end,” Smith added. “She don’t express herself very well … whenever she was out there doing that stuff she would talk about her problems. It would actually mellow her out.”

Smith told Godwin and Barnes that the fires were not because of issues with police or fire companies. However, he noted that he quit the Tasley Fire Company after serving for 8½ years as an officer because of the chief. “Outside the fire company I can get along with him great … either I was going to catch an assault and battery against him … or just stop running” calls. So Smith quit.

There were no fires from Dec. 24, 2012, to Jan. 20, 2013. We “stopped because of the kids. You know what this is going to do to them,” Smith said.
The first fire in the arson series was on Nov. 12. However, Smith admitted the “real” beginning involved a house in Lee Mont where Bundick’s father grew up.

Smith said delinquent taxes caused the property to be sold. Bundick owned it with two other family members and wanted it torched if she couldn’t have it. “I just couldn’t come up with the money,” he said.

Smith said he tried to burn down a house in Tasley because he was mad about the way the owner, who was supposed to be his friend, talked to Bundick on Facebook. “I made sure he wasn’t home.”

Smith said he set another fire at the home of a former boyfriend of Bundick’s. “I pondered on that one for months … she was just dead set.”

“I never wanted to hurt nobody,” Smith said. Even at the boyfriend’s house, Smith said they made sure no one was home. “We rode by his house I don’t know how many times and then we watched them leave … we were actually on our way home and (he) had to walk out … and leave.” Smith said sometimes when his fiancée wanted him to burn a place, he would “make up some kind of an excuse why I couldn’t do it.”

He said neither he nor Bundick was involved with the fire at Ah’s Kitchen near Pungoteague. “Were weren’t trying to take someone’s business.” And “we stayed away from Sanford and Saxis because Bundick contended, ‘It’s such a tight-knit community.’ ”

Smith gave details of a fire at the “old Belote house” on Lankford Highway beside Blue Crow Antique Mall near Painter. “I hiked in from the pond … oh God I cut myself that night.” He confessed to going to an opening at the back of the house and reaching in and stuffing rags on top of the ductwork.

When he burned an abandoned structure on Holland Road, “it took me 15 minutes” to get to the house. “I thought I could just walk down the railroad tracks … I had to climb up trees and over branches to get over the ditches.” Another time, he said, he got lost in the woods when he went to set a fire near Withams.

For the blaze in a shed on Nelsonia Road, “I hiked in quite a ways,” Smith said, explaining that Bundick dropped him off at the intersection of Fletcher Road “all the way on the other side of that field.” He “just lit some cardboard.” On the way in and out, “I just kept laying down when I saw a car.”

Smith said Bundick dropped him off on the highway so he could burn a house on Ticktown Road. “I almost broke my leg … there was a fence or something I tripped over … I dropped a lighter. You can go look for it,” he told the officers.

To burn down a house on Redwood Road, Bundick dropped him off in front. “I thought I got busted that night … I accidentally ran out in front of a car.”

One of the first fires was in a neighbor’s two-car garage with chicken coops on Matthews Road. He repeatedly hit the building with a plastic pipe to make sure there weren’t any chickens inside. “I went back there five times to get that lit.” Smith said Bundick was angry because the owner made negative comments about her children.

“More than likely she’s going to pin this all on me and I’m fine with that,” he said. “I could have stopped from day one,” he laughed.

A big house that served as Hungar Haven restaurant in the 1980s and later as Mallard’s was lit with empty beer boxes in the pump house. This act was also for revenge. Smith said he thought Johnnie Mo still owned the building and he had a grievance with him.

Smith also admitted setting fire to a house Anita Johnson was renovating on Front Street in Accomac. Smith said Bundick dropped him off on Back Street. “There were three rows of shelves … I just threw a (lit) rag on that.” Smith said he remembered fighting a fire near there.

For a building on Whites Crossing Road, Smith used leaves to set the fire.

Agent Barnes said police thought a woman lit the large two-story house fire on Church Road behind the former BaySys mansion. But Smith insisted he did it. “It’s God’s honest truth. I went in the back door … she dropped me off.”

He blamed the fire at Leatherbury United Methodist Church in Deep Creek on Bundick.

Asked why a church was chosen, Smith replied, “Your guess is as good as mine. I honestly do not know … I wasn’t the mastermind of this… trust me I would have been busted” sooner.

Smith said he did not get sexual gratification from setting the fires. “I did it all for the wrong reasons. I never got a thrill out of this.”

He also swore that he never used an accelerant but toward the end of the confession he admitted to using a mixture of motor oil and citronella fuel at a house on Drummondtown Road near Wachapreague. “I did bring a rag for every one of them, but I just didn’t always use it.”

The former grader shed that belongs to Winter Cullen in Mappsburg went up after Smith lit the contents of a bushel basket. Bundick dropped him off on Seaside Road, he said.

During the interrogation, Smith repeatedly asked if he could see Bundick. He also was concerned about more than $300 of his that was left in their van. “It’s actually mine but I just wondered if we could split it,” he said. Smith deferred questions about where her children would go to Bundick.

Asked by 1st Sgt. J.P. Koushel what police could have done differently, Smith replied, “I think you all did a great job, to be honest.” Smith said if his firefighter brother had gotten hurt because of one of the fires, he probably would have shot himself.

Smith said he didn’t keep notes or newspaper articles of the fires. He got kicked off an arson site on Facebook for getting mad at someone who said Bundick “was nothing but a joke.” Smith said, “She watched the news … most of the time when a special news bulletin came on. … I’d go make a snack.”

Smith used cars that belonged to his customers during the spree, but did not elaborate about it in the interview.

“Are you glad that we caught you?” Godwin asked Smith

“No, I’m not because I was supposed to get married” in May, Smith answered. “I know where I’m going” now, he said. Smith is not a stranger to prison. Between lockups and drug rehabilitation when he was in his 20s, he served about eight years for forgery, burglary and bad-check offenses.

Smith fidgeted, shook his legs and often laughed loudly while being questioned. He also smoked cigarettes continuously and while handcuffed got a lighter out of his pocket to light up.

“I just have a bad feeling when I go in there (Accomack Jail) if I set any of (their) houses on fire,” Smith said. Godwin offered to send him to Eastern Shore Regional Jail in Eastville, but Smith didn’t want to go there either.


Coast Guard, Navy Respond To 3 Distressed Sailboats Off Va., NC Coasts

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — Coast Guard assets and the Navy cruiser USS Vella Gulf are responding Thursday to alerts from three sailboats more than 200 miles offshore in the Atlantic Ocean.

Coast Guard Fifth District watchstanders received two alerts via a satellite tracking device and a third alert via an emergency position indicating radio beacon, each from a separate sailboat.

Two of the vessels are 230 and 275 miles east of Virginia Beach, and the third vessel is 230 miles east of Elizabeth City, N.C.

Watchstanders launched crews aboard an HC-130 Hercules airplane and are preparing to launch an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C.

The watchstanders also contacted the Navy who diverted the USS Vella Gulf toward the location of the two northern sailboats, and they issued an alert via the automated mutual-assistance vessel rescue system for any vessels in the area to assist.

U.S. Coast Guard

Be Sure To Order Some Homemade Ice Cream


Virginia Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe Reaches Out To Republicans

Virginia Gov.-elect Terry McAuliffe is reaching out to rival Republicans, looking to put the acrimonious campaign behind him.

McAuliffe on Wednesday was heading to Richmond, where he will move into the governor's office in January. McAuliffe, a former Democratic National Committee chairman, signaled that he would do everything he could to find compromise with Republicans who control the legislature.

He says he wants to make Virginia "a model of pragmatic leadership."

The 56-year-old McAuliffe defeated Republican Ken Cuccinelli in a campaign that was driven by a crush of negative advertising, non-stop accusations of dodgy dealings and a tea party-backed nominee who tested the limits of swing-voting Virginia.

McAuliffe immediately promised to reach across party lines, starting with a pledge to meet with Republican lawmakers to find areas where they might collaborate.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Three Suspects Still Being Sought In Pocomoke Stabbing

Marcus Dennis
(POCOMOKE CTY) Today at approximately 3:30 PM , in the 400 block of Laurel Street in Pocomoke City, Desmond Roberts, Sr. was stabbed several times by four males who exited a vehicle.

Pocomoke City Police, along with the assisstance from the Worcester County Sheriff's Office,  arrested, Marcus Dennis,  one of the suspects involved

The Pocomoke City Police are currently looking for the other three suspects. 

 Warrants for attempted murder will be applied  for on the three suspects tonight.

Det. Bailey from the Pocomoke Police Departmet reports that Roberts is currently at PRMC and reported  in good condition.

.Dennis was on house arrest and should not have been outside.



7 PM

Tickets:  $5

TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview

1960.. John Kennedy campaigns in Salisbury; 1977.. Who's the young new dentist coming to Pocomoke City?; 1891.. A unique new enterprise for the Eastern Shore; 1894.. The lightning rod men have returned to Onancock; 1971.. A new Miss Pocomoke is named. 

Although you may not find all of these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye! 

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Mt. Vernon Vol. Fire Co. 9th Annual Fall Fundraiser


(November 6, 2013) – On November 4, 2013 at approximately 4 a.m., Ocean City police responded to the area of 110th Street in reference to a citizen’s report of the sound of a “gunshot.” Upon arrival, officers noticed damage to a vehicle in the parking lot.

During the initial investigation, officers were quickly able to identify that the possible source of the damage to the vehicle came from the 10th floor of the nearby condo building. Officers requested to enter the unit which was occupied by four juvenile males, all of Salisbury, MD and one juvenile female of Berlin, MD. 

During a search of the unit, officers recovered numerous improvised destructive devices and additional manufacturing materials. These devices were homemade and constructed using water bottles, tin foil and drain cleaner. Officers also recovered marijuana, prescription pills and drug paraphernalia in the unit.

Ocean City police charged each of the juveniles with manufacturing and possession of a destructive device. In addition, a 14-year-old male has been charged with malicious destruction of property under $500 and possession of drug paraphernalia, a 16-year-old male with possession of drug paraphernalia, and a 16-year-old female with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

A referral was made to the Department of Juvenile Services who ultimately authorized the release of each juvenile to their parents.

Ocean City Police Dept.

Worcester County Sheriff's Office Warns About SCAMS

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office is warning all citizens that recently multiple calls in our area have been received claiming that they are from “Delmarva Power” and also “Publisher’s Clearing House”.

Please be informed that Delmarva Power WILL NOT attempt to call you direct to gain payment prior to your electric service being disconnected. Delmarva Power has advised that their normal practice is a mailing with a warning date and then if no payment is made, the disconnection is effective. If in doubt please call Delmarva Power direct at 1-800-375-7117.

Additionally, several citizens have received calls stating they have won the Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes, YOU are reminded that NO INFORMATION should be disclosed over a telephone/internet connection that is not secure. A call to Publisher’s Clearing House was not returned, however they are listed on the website as known scams.

The best practice is to “call” any creditor or bank that you associate with direct yourself, so that you are insured that you are speaking with the financial institution. Another good practice is “if” you do not recognize the number DO NOT answer the phone, if it is important they will leave a message.


If you feel that you have been scammed, please contact 410-632-1111 or your local Police Agency

Hunters For the Hungry Starts 16th Season

The Eastern Shore Chapter of the Virginia Hungers for the Hungry will begin their 16th season of service to residents of the Shore. The program raises funds necessary to pay the processing cost for deer donated by local hunters. The deer is processed into packages of ground meat and distributed through the Food Bank in Onley.

This years program will begin receiving deer on November 2 through the deer hunting season. The deer may be taken to refrigerated trailers at the Food Bank in Tasley or B&B Market in Machipongo. They also may be taken to the local processor, Brent Powell in Wachapreague. The deer must be field dressed and properly registered.

The program pays $45 per deer processing costs discounted from the going price of $80 a deer. Currently there are matching funds available for local businesses, clubs and groups. This organization is a 501-c-3, making donations deductible. The management expense is very low to maximize funds available for processing.

A local chapter is requesting both deer and financial donations to allow the program to continue this year. 

Donations can be sent to Hunters for the Hungry, PO Box 1702, Parksley, Va. 23421. 

You can contact Worth Saunders at 710-0049 or log onto the organizations web site at

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Cody Lee Figiel
(November 5, 2013) – On November 2, 2013 at approximately 4:15 p.m. Ocean City police responded to the area of S. Ocean Drive in reference to a suspected burglary. Officers entered the residence and observed a male, later identified as Cody Lee Figiel, 21, of Centreville, MD, asleep in the home. Figiel was taken into custody without incident.

Figiel was also the suspect in a burglary incident that was reported on October 25 at another residence in the S. Ocean Drive area. When police responded on October 25, the complainant advised officers that an unknown vehicle, a GMC Acadia, was parked in the driveway. This vehicle was confirmed to be stolen out of Queen Anne’s County and a warrant was issued by the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Department for Figiel’s arrest as a result.

Figiel was charged by Ocean City police with multiple counts of burglary and theft in addition to the numerous motor vehicle theft charges made by the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Department. Figiel was seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and transferred to the Worcester County Jail without bond pending a bail review.

Northampton County Arrests For the Month of October

Northampton County Arrests For the Month of 

Northampton County Sheriff David Doughty

Laverne Ethel Manley 50, of Cheriton, Va., was arrested October 1, 2013 for four counts of felony utter checks and two counts of felony forge a check. She was released on bond. 

Michel Moreno Marrero 40, of Hialeah, Fl., was arrested October 23, 2013 for felony larceny. He has been released on bond. 

Stephen Ray Carpenter 28, of Capeville, VA., was arrested October 25, 2013 for felony assault, felony hit and run, misdemeanor DWI and misdemeanor suspended license. Additional charges were served October 29, 2013 for, felony attempt murder, felony kidnap, and felony use of a firearm in commission of a felony. He is being held in the Eastern Shore Regional Jail on no bond. 

Kimberly Collins 27, of Eastville, Va., was arrested October 25, 2013 for felony obtaining a credit card without the cardholders consent and misdemeanor credit card fraud. She was released on bond. 

Carlos Brinkley Cardoza 40, of Nassawadox, Va., was arrested October 26, 2013 for felony possession a firearm by a convicted felon, and two counts of felony larceny. He is being held in the Eastern Shore Regional Jail on no bond.

James Craig Parks 31, of Exmore Va., was arrested October 28, 2013 for felony robbery and misdemeanor assault. He is being held in the Eastern Shore Regional Jail on no bond. 

Also Served were:
12  Capiases
2  Summons for Violate Visitation Order
3  Misdemeanor warrants for Assault
2  Misdemeanor Warrant for Drunk in Public
2  Misdemeanor Warrant for DWI
1  Emergency Custody Order
4  Emergency Protective Order
1  Preliminary Protective Order
1  Protective Order
1  Warrant for Extradition
1  Desertion from Armed Forces
5  Misdemeanor Warrants for Suspended OL
1  Misdemeanor Warrant for Disorderly conduct
6  Misdemeanor Warrants for Bad Check

Northam's Victory In Race Will Trigger Special Election

Senator Ralph Northam's victory in the Lt. Governor race Tuesday will trigger a special election to replace him in the Virginia Senate for the upcoming session. A likely candidate in that race will be Delegate Lynwood Lewis. Should Lewis decide to run and win, another special election will be conducted to fill his House of Delegates seat.

During the next few weeks details will be worked out and an opponent will likely emerge to face Lewis. 


51-year-old Man Aboard Raft Is Rescued By Coast Guard

Photo/U.S. Coast Guard
PORTSMOUTH, Va. — The Coast Guard rescued a 51-year-old man aboard a life raft Tuesday after the man abandoned his 28-foot sailboat, Dove, 20 miles south of Atlantic Beach, N.C.

Rescued was Jay White of Gloucester.

White contacted Coast Guard Sector North Carolina Command Center watch standers at approximately 7:15 a.m. via a mayday call on a VHF-FM marine radio stating that his boat was taking on water.

Sector North Carolina watchstanders issued an urgent marine information broadcast and dispatched crews aboard a 47-foot Motor Life Boat from Coast Guard Station Fort Macon, N.C., a 45-foot Response Boat - Medium from Coast Guard Station Emerald Isle, N.C., and diverted the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Staten Island, a 110-foot patrol boat homeported in Atlantic Beach, to assist.

The MLB crew from Fort Macon arrived on scene and found White aboard a life raft after he had abandoned his sailboat, the Dove.

The crew rescued White and recovered the life raft at approximately 8:15 a.m. before returning to Station Fort Macon.

"The rescue was successful," said Petty Officer 3rd Class Kevin Hallenbeck, the coxswain of the MLB.  "It was a great case to show that with everyone working in sync, the Coast Guard mission can be accomplished successfully."

The Navy ships USS Kearsarge and USS San Antonio also responded to the UMIB but stood down from rescue operations once the man was rescued.

There are no reports of injuries.

U.S. Coast Guard

:"Lat's Hear It For the Bay!" This Saturday!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hogan to O'Malley: No Guts, No Cuts

November 5, 2013

Contact: Steve Crim

Late last week the blog Politics Maryland reported that State Budget secretary Eloise Foster of the Department of Budget and Management indicated Governor O'Malley directed government agencies to prepare "cost containment plans" to cut spending instead of raising taxes. Change Maryland, the state's leading voice of opposition to a one-party political monopoly in Annapolis, scoffed at the claim that O'Malley would not seek higher taxes or fees in the face of Maryland’s looming $510 million structural deficit.

"Every election year, Governor O’Malley promises not to raise taxes, but he has broken this promise every year he has been governor.  Under this administration, Marylanders have been slammed with 40 consecutive tax, toll and fee hikes. Now, as he attempts to cement his legacy and further his presidential aspirations, he is back to singing the 'no new tax' tune once again," said Larry Hogan, founder and Chairman of Change Maryland.

During his re-election campaign, O'Malley ran commercials railing against fee and tax increases; after he claimed he was looking for a "diet of cuts" until the state’s economy and revenue were stronger. Yet in his second term, he pushed for some of the most regressive taxes and fees we've seen in this administration: increases in the state’s gas tax and tolls, a rain tax, and more that disproportionately affect the families that can least afford them.

"In 2012, O'Malley infamously tweeted ‘You have to have the guts to make the cuts.' But after seven years, where are the cuts, governor?" asked Hogan. "The facts show that Martin O'Malley has actually increased state spending by over $8 billion — with zero cuts. By the standards of his own rhetoric, Governor O'Malley is gutless," Hogan said.

"The massive tax increases in 2007 were supposed to solve the structural deficit. Then it was the 2012 tax hikes. Here we are again with a shortfall, even after forty consecutive tax increases under this administration," charged Hogan. "Even these outrageous tax increases have not kept up with spending addiction of the O'Malley-Brown administration. This is further proof that this administration simply lacks the courage to say, 'no' to spending."



Politics Maryland: O’Malley rejects taxes to fix projected $510M deficit, orders spending cuts

The Daily Record: O’Malley to propose budget with more cuts, no new taxes

Twitter: @GovernorOMalley 11:43 AM - 12 Jan 2012

Monday, November 4, 2013

Entertainment Line-up For the Mar-Va Theater

Mayor and Council Meeting Monday Night

7:30 p.m., Monday, November 4, 2013
City Hall

  1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance.

2.  Review and approval of minutes from meeting of October 7, 2013.

3.  Review and approval of bills to be paid.

4.  Authorize Mayor to sign proclamation for Native American Heritage Month.

5.  Representatives of PKS, Inc. to present annual audit report for year ended June 30, 2013.

6.  Reappoint Councilwoman Tracey Cottman as representative to Tri-County Council.

7.  City Manager to recommend purchase of new tasers for police officers.

8.  Authorize Mayor to sign proclamation for Dysautonomia  Awareness Month.

9.  City Manager to present three-month budget summary report.

Comments from the Audience.
Mayor and Council Items.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

TIME MACHINE ... 1957, 1955, 1971, 1930, 1968

(Reader friendly viewing of newspaper archives material)

April, 1957
(The Deseret News And Telegram- Salt Lake City, Utah)

11 Die In Crash Of Navy Plane

CHINCOTEAGUE, VA. (UP)- A Navy patrol bomber crashed and exploded in flames at the Chincoteague Naval Air Station Tuesday, killing all 11 persons aboard.

The twin-engined P2V6M struck the ground a short distance from the base, which is located six miles east of here on Virginia's eastern shore.

Police headquarters here said the plane apparently crashed on take-off.

"There was a crash which sounded like thunder here," a police officer said.

"We don't know whether the explosion happened in the air or on the ground, but we do know it could be heard six miles away."

The Navy said 11 men were on the plane and all were killed. The spokesman said the plane was on a routine flight from Chincoteague to the Marine base at Cherry Point, N.C.

The crash occurred 90 seconds after the patrol bomber took off on its flight, the Navy said.  


November, 1955
(Rome News Tribune- Rome, Ga.)

Maryland State Eyes 5th Unbeaten Season

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. (AP)- Four unbeaten football seasons in the last seven and well on the way to another is Maryland State today.

That's Maryland State- not the University Of Maryland which you might think at first glance.

This year they're going side by side down the football victory trail with seven apiece and no defeats. Maryland State has scored 176 points to 19 for the opposition.

Behind the teams which was undefeated in 1949, 1950, 1953, and 1954 regular season schedules is Coach Vernon McCain. In his seven years he has the imposing record of 61 victories, 1 tie- and 5 defeats.


September, 1971 (Time Machine archive)

High School football was set to make its debut in Worcester County with teams in Snow Hill and Berlin but Pocomoke would not yet be fielding a team. The county commissioners had approved approximately $33,000 for each of the three High Schools for a football program. Pocomoke chose to use its first year funding for improvements to its athletic field, while continuing with its soccer program. Snow Hill and Berlin would continue their soccer programs as well. 


August, 1930
(Altoona Mirror- Altoona, Pa.)


Arthur E. Winter of this city, district governor of Rotary, is now at Ocean City, Md., officially visiting from that base a number of the Rotary clubs located in that part of the district. He is accompanied by Mrs. Winter and writes that he is receiving a royal reception from the clubmen down there.

Already Mr. Winter has visited the clubs at Pocomoke City, Princess Anne, Crisfield, Salisbury and Cambridge. Next week he goes to the northern part of the peninsula, spending two solid weeks in this trip of visitation. The cordiality extended is exceptional, according to Mr. Winter, receptions being held at each place visited by the Rotarians.

Mr. Winter returns to Ocean City each night and is taking advantages of ocean bathing and swimming several hours each day.


November, 1968

Pocomoke City residents were remembering long-time city attorney L. Paul Ewell who passed away at the age of 91. The Pocomoke native was admitted to the Bar in 1902 and retired from active law practice in 1966. Ewell was a past president of the Worcester County Bar Association and a charter member of the Pocomoke City Lions Club.


August, 1867
(The New York Times)

(News from Maryland's constitutional convention)

A new county to be called Wicomico, is authorized to be formed on the Eastern Shore, out of portions of Worcester and Somerset, should the majority of the people within the bounds of the proposed county declare for it by their votes.

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