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Time Machine: 1921, 1889, Circa 1940, 1883.


December, 1921

Worcester Democrat 

December, 1921

                                                                      Worcester Democrat 

Footnote:   Just a few months away (April 22, 1922) was the most devastating fire in Pocomoke City's history destroying much of the business section and homes in the downtown area. 

January, 1889

Peninsula Enterprise

Circa 1940

Excerpt- Social entertainment in New Town (now Pocomoke City) in the early to mid 1800's 

...the dance was a favorite source of social enter- 

tainment in the early history of New Town. There were 

three classes of characters, which I shall describe, partici- 

pating in this amusement. First, the first citizens ot the 

town engaged in it. Sometimes it was the result of a 

wedding, a cotton picking, quilting, or it may have been a 

special dancing party. I am not now describing the balls 

held at hotels where a gentleman and lady could enter by 

paying the entrance fee, but social dances held at private 

houses for amusement. The host and hostess would pro- 

vide such - things as wines, liquors, candies, cake and 

tropical fruit to make the entertainment as enjoyable as 

possible. The invited guests would assemble after candle 

light. They were composed chiefly of single persons, but 

sometimes there would be a small sprinkling of married 

ones also. An expert fiddler would be engaged. All 

things being ready and the parties on the floor, the fiddler 

having his fiddle well tuned, would draw his bow at full 

length, when a feeling of exhilaration would go through 

the room like electricity. The parties now engaged in a 

four or eight-handed reel. Oh! what a tine time there 

was. The cotillions, waltzing, capering, parties passing 

each other on the floor, crossing and around the room, 

cutting the pigeon wing, etc. After that reel was over the 

hat would be passed around to take a collection for the 

fiddler, for that was the way he was paid for his services. 

Then another party would be made up and after the dance 

the hat was passed around again, and so the night was 

spent till or near the break of day. When they would get 

weary and laint they would keep their spirits up by pouring 

spirits down. At such places of hilarity many a young 

lady's heart and hand has been wooed in marriage. 

Secondly. The lower class of society in the country, 

both of men and women, would attend the holidays in 

New Town. On those occasions they assembled at the 

hotels and engaged in the dance, and some of the same 

order of men in New Town would participate with them. 

It would be a novel sight at the present day to see such a 

gathering ol men and women at a hotel engaged in a 

regular hoe down, such as was practiced then. 

Thirdly. This class would be the colored people. They 

would assemble in town from all the surrounding country. 

They would construct booths on the hill or public square, 

in which they would have for sale cakes, candies, cider, 

beer and tropical fruits. They would have all sorts of 

jollity, boxing, wrestling, pitching quoits, dancing after the 

riddle and pattywhack. This word pattywhack of itself 

is unmeaning, hence I shall be under the necessity of 

explaining the process of the dance in this way. The 

company would be in the open air on the hill . The leader 

in this amusement would pat with his hands and stamp 

with his foot while the rest would dance. The leader 

would use some outlandish expression in song, such as the 

following : 

"Juber up and Juber down, 

Juber all around de town. 7 ' 

And when they would reach the climax, he would sing- 

out with an extended voice ■ 

" Jump over double trouble Juber." 

Then such antics and gymnastics as the dancers would 

perform with their hands and feet, keeping time with the 

leader, as would be truly diverting to the reader could he 

behold such a performance now. Another song which 

they would sing in their dances was: 

"Possum up de gum bush, 

Raccoon in de holler. 

Saddle on de gray mare, 

Martingil and collar." 

I have endeavored to spell their words as they would 

pronounce them, Late in the afternoon, they would be 

seen with their little bundle of cakes, getting ready to start 

for home. Thus the day closed with them.

PPE Footnote: "The Hill" (i.e. Public Square) was a high mound at the foot of Market Street. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Pocomoke Christmas Lights Decoration Winners

 1st Place Traditional - The Scott Family

1st Place Wacky- Travis Cowger and Family

1st Place Business- Simply Sublime

(From Pocomoke Recreation Committee Facebook page)

Friday, December 25, 2020

Time Machine Preview

 This Sunday here at The Pocomoke Public Eye:

1921  ..  Christmas in Pocomoke City reviewed.

1889  ..  The holidays in Onancock have passed quietly and pleasantly.

1940  ..  (Picture) The early years of one of the Ocean City boardwalk's most enduring attractions.

1883  ..  A published history of New Town (now Pocomoke City) tells about our town's social entertainment in the early and mid 1800's. 

     December 25.. Relax and enjoy!

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 The Night Before Christmas In Pocomoke City!

"Ho, Ho, Ho, Next stop is Pocomoke City"

Twas' the night before Christmas
And throughout Worcester County
Children were snug in their beds
Awaiting Santa's good bounty.

The Eastern Shore hour was late

When all should be sleeping.
But to no one's surprise
Some sure were peeping.

The jolly ol' elf isn't far away

They all knew.
Maybe he's in Accomack, Somerset,
Or Wicomico, too.

They hoped that with decorations

Making everything pretty,
Santa certainly would visit
Pocomoke City!

Then from Second Street Extended

To Stockton Road,
Santa's sleigh was spotted
With all its good load.

And from the river bridges

To the Virginia line,
He made all his stops
Hoping to make everything fine.

All the children were sure

That when they awoke,
They would find good things
Left by Santa in Pocomoke!

Monday, December 21, 2020

#MasksOnMaryland campaign in Pocomoke City

 The city of Pocomoke is participating in the Maryland Department Of Health's #MasksOnMaryland campaign. We want to see your masks! Inbox us a picture on our Pocomoke City Facebook page & your reason to mask up.

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Time Machine Holiday Season: 2004, 1906, 1958, 1937, 1935.

December, 2004

Daily Times (Salisbury)

Edna Davy Muir (1914-2007)

December, 1945

The Bradenton Herald (Bradenton, Fl)
Footnote: Below is a follow-up article published in April, 1946 in the Salisbury Times.

December, 1906

Baltimore Sun 

December, 1958

Crisfield Post

December, 1937

Salisbury Times

December, 1935

Crisfield Post

(Read more about it this Wednesday here at The Pocomoke Public Eye.)

Friday, December 18, 2020

Time Machine Preview

 This Sunday here at The Pocomoke Public Eye:

2004  ..  Local columnist Edna Davy Muir recalls some of her Christmas memories.

1945  ..  The spirit of Christmas is evident at the Somerset County Jail in Princess Anne with Santa visiting there to spread cheer to two children of a woman prisoner (and a follow-up article on what happened when the charges against the woman were brought before the grand jury). 

1906  ..  A writer looks back to old fashioned Christmas's in the country from yet an even earlier time.

1958  ..  Letters to Santa.

1937  ..  From the Eastern Shore to across the bay Marylanders are aiding Santa to prevent empty stockings.

1935  ..  (Ad) Marva Theater Christmas Eve and Christmas Day movies.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Governor Hogan announces new restrictions and new relief package


ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Thursday urged state residents to stay home for the holidays to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and also announced a new $180 million relief package to help businesses and people affected by the pandemic.

The governor issued an emergency order to limit travel to essential purposes only. 

View full news story:

Gov. Hogan Urges Residents to Stay Home for Holidays, Announces - WBOC TV


Skating at Snow Hill!