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TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview

1913.. As an investigation continues into the mysterious death of a young Salisbury woman, article reports she did not die in her office chair but that her body was placed there, plus another revelation is also reported; 1899.. Snow Hill resident is governor-elect; 1968.. Businesses listed in Shop Pocomoke promotion; 1907.. "Public Day" explained; 1994.. Pocomoke City man makes "Pastries For Keeps."
Although you may not find these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye! 

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Tasley VFD Issues Statement on Smith Status With the Dept.

The Tasley Volunteer Fire Department has issued a statement regarding the status of Charles R. Smith aka Charles R. Applegate.

It says:

  Charles R. Smith, also known as Charles R. Applegate, is a former active member of the Tasley Volunteer Fire Co. and has not participated in any company related activities over the course of the last nearly three years. 

Due to his total lack of interest and participation Charles was removed from the roster for 2012 and considered to be inactive.  

This inactivity includes emergency response operations, company related functions, company community interaction and company communications. Given Mr. Smiths current inactive status and lack of involvement for nearly three years with the company, he was scheduled, along with any other inactive member to be removed from membership in the Spring of 2013 in accordance with company bylaws.

Smith is currently incarcerated in the Accomack County Jail accused of arson in a fire near Melfa on Monday April 1, 2013 along with his companion Tonya Bundick. Smith has confessed to setting many of the 76 arson fires that began in November 2012. 

Other charges are pending.


Miss and Little Miss Pocomoke Pageants TONIGHT !

Don't forget the Miss and Little Miss Pocomoke Pageants
 are tonight!
Saturday  April 6, 2013
6:30 PM
Pocomoke High School


Tickets are available at the door for $8
or in advance for $7
 at Shore Cut, Enchanted Florist and Schers

Good luck to all contestants!

Legislative Updates By Delegate Mike McDermott

Apr. 5th, 2013
Gun Bill Overview
by Delegate Mike McDermott
What are the provisions of the O’Malley-Brown Gun Bill? The following is a general overview to help you navigate the most significant changes to firearms laws in Maryland following changes made through SB-281 as it passed in the House of Delegates and received concurrance in the Senate.

Firearms/Magazine Changes

  • Exempts all law enforcement officers (active and retired) as well as military personnel from the provisions and restrictions of this act.
  • Designates certain rifles as “Assault Long Guns” on a compiled list which currently contains 45 firearms (including many popular firearms such as the AR-15 and the SKS as well as any of their “Copy Cats”), and bans these delineated firearms for sale in Maryland as of October 1, 2013.
  • Continues the current ban on “Assault Pistols” as delineated on the ban list (has been in effect since 1994).
  • Restricts magazine capacities for all firearms to 10-rounds or less and prohibits the sale of any magazine capable of holding more than 10-rounds.
  • Assault weapons may be transferred through inheritance, and the heir may take possession of the firearm so long as they are not otherwise disqualified from possessing a Regulated Firearm.
  • Assault weapons and magazines may be sold to persons out of state.
  • A person who has purchased or otherwise ordered a banned firearm prior to the October 1, 2013 Effective Date will still be allowed to receive the firearm and possess it even after the Effective Date.

Manufacturers of Firearms

  • Manufacturing facilities are generally exempt from the requirements of this bill.

Licensing Requirements

  • Creates a Handgun Qualification License. In order to purchase a Regulated Firearm (handgun) a person will need to take a Firearm’s Orientation Class consisting of 4-hours of classroom and range training which will cover: state firearm laws, home firearm  safety,handgun mechanisms and operations. The range component of the training includes orientation specific to the firearm involving safe handling. (If someone previously owned a Regulated Firearm, the Firearms Safety and Orientation Class is not required. Also the Maryland Hunter Safety Class/Certification can be taken in lieu of the Firearms Safety/Orientation Class as required.) The person seeking  licensure must also fill out the appropriate application with the Maryland State Police and submit a full set of digital fingerprints. Following a full background check and revue of the applicant and completion of the Safety/Orientation Class, the Secretary of Public Safety shall issue the applicant a Handgun Qualification License which shall be good for 10-years. There are fees associated with this licensure process: $50.00 for the Application Submission coupled with additional fees to be payable to the Central Repository for fingerprint review as well as a separate fee charge for the FBI for their review. There will also be a charge for having the fingerprints received into the system. While some of the fees fluctuate, it is clear the cost for an initial Handgun Qualification License will cost well over $100 payable at the time of the application.

Ammunition Changes

  • Bans a person from possessing any ammunition if they are disqualified from possessing a Regulated Firearm.
  • Bans certain types of bullet compositions (so called “cop killer” bullets)

Mental Health Provisions:

  • Restricts a person who is the subject of an Involuntary Commitment from possessing any firearm and requires them to surrender any firearms in their possession to law enforcement for safe keeping. It also provides for a way for an individual to be granted relief from being Disqualified to possess a firearm. This process involves a hearing review and there are fees associated with this process.

  • Applies these restrictions to persons under a Current Ex Parte Order and Orders for Protection.


Friday, April 5, 2013

New Church Vol. Fire and Rescue Have First 1st Friday Pizza Nite

I hope the New Church Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department's 1st Friday Pizza Nite was as much of a success tonight as their pizza was. Great pizza! 

Poor guys, seemed to have equipment failure just as pizza baking got into swing!  After a wait pizza was once again  baking.  Those firemen were so apologetic!  And I know when they looked out and saw that long line of cars their hearts did flip-flops.  But anyone who cooks a lot can tell you that any oven can give up at any given time.  It's happened to me.  No way to prepare for it.

And no one seemed to mind  the wait at all. - either ahead of us or behind.  And the greatest thing -besides the wonderful pizza- is that you don't have to get out of your car!


Next 1st Friday Pizza Nite is MAY 3

Ocean City Police Warning Residents and Business Owners of Counterfeit Currency

The Ocean City Police Department is warning residents, business owners and employees to be on the lookout for counterfeit currency being circulated in Ocean City. Since April 3, 2013, the OCPD has received 5 reports of counterfeit bills in $10 and $20 denominations that are being passed as payments to local businesses.

Ocean City Police are encouraging citizens to closely examine currency by looking carefully at the money you receive. Citizens should be aware of the security features located on currency. The three main security features located on bills are:
  • Shifting inks on the dollar amount located on the face side in the bottom right corner.
  • Security threads, which display the denomination of the currency imbedded in the bill.
  • The watermark located on the face of the bill on the right side.
In addition, the Ocean City Police Department is offering these tips to detect suspicious or counterfeit currency:
  • The genuine portrait appears lifelike and stands out distinctly from the background. The counterfeit portrait is usually lifeless and flat. Details merge into the background, which is often too dark or mottled.
  • On a genuine bill, the saw-tooth points of the Federal Reserve and Treasury seals are clear, distinct and sharp. The counterfeit seals may have uneven, blunt or broken saw-tooth points.
  • Genuine serial numbers have a distinctive style and are evenly spaced. The serial numbers are printed in the same ink color as the Treasury Seal. On a counterfeit, the serial numbers may differ in color or shade of ink from the Treasury seal. The numbers may not be uniformly spaced or aligned.
Ocean City Police are asking that residents and businesses if you locate suspicious currency to please report the incident to police. 

Anyone with any additional information regarding the recent incidents of counterfeit currency occurring in Ocean City is asked to contact the OCPD Criminal Investigation Division Detective David Whitmer at: 410-520-5390.  In addition, the OCPD reminds businesses and community groups that a crime prevention officer is available to conduct counterfeit awareness presentations upon appointment through the Public Affairs Office.

For further information on detecting counterfeit U. S. currency, citizens are encouraged to visit the United States Secret Service Web site at:

Submitted by:
Ocean City Police Department

Mudbogging Ventures To Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department

Mudboggers add another date to the 2013 racing schedule!!

The Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting their first mud bog !

Rules and regulations will be the same ones followed with the Gumboro~Crisfield mud bogs.

More information as I receive it.......

The event will be held at the location of the Snow Hill Fire Department.

11:00 AM- This is probably when gates open.


Starting a NEW tradition ........First Friday Pizza Night

New Church Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company
The fire company with  traditions the community enjoys
The 4th of July celebration
Haunted Forest for Halloween
and now the tradition of
First Friday Pizza Night!!

NEW To Downtown Pocomoke City....

Market Street Boutique
145 A Market Street
Market Street Boutique carries
 unique perfumes
 handbags and hats
 gifts and more!!
Store hours:
Tuesday thru Friday~ 10am-6pm
Saturday~ 10am-7pm.

City bling in a small town setting!
MasterCard and Visa accepted
Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening
Friday, April 19 at noon

Reminder: PCVFD Community Dinner

The Pocomoke City Vol. Fire Co.  will have their
Community Dinner
 on Sunday, April 7, 2013
12 noon til 4 p.m.
 Prepared by the Ladies Aux. and
Served Family Style by the Firemen at
The Community Center
 (next to the fire station)
 All you Can Eat!
Menu includes:
Chicken & Dumplings <> Roast Beef
 Mashed Potatoes <> Turnip Greens
 Baked Corn <> Pickled Beets <> Cornbread <> Rolls
 Coffee - Tea - Water <> Assorted Cakes
Tickets: In Pocomoke - First Shore Federal,
 PNC Bank, Taylor Bank, Enchanted Florist,
 Country Blossoms.
 Oak Hall - T's Corner
Adults $18 <> 4 to 12 yrs $10 <> under 4 free
Please come out and support
 The Pocomoke City Vol. Fire Co.

Beretta Leaves Maryland Because of Stricter Gun Laws

Dabney Bailey, Thu, April 04, 2013
New legislation is forcing gun manufacturing company Beretta to uproot and take their business elsewhere.

Established in 1526, Beretta holds the distinction of being the oldest active firearms manufacturer in the world. The U.S. factory is located in Accokeek, Maryland, and has been a staple of the local economy for years.

Beretta warned that stricter gun control laws would push the company outside of state lines, but that didn’t stop Maryland legislators. Jeffrey Reh, a spokesman for Beretta who also serves as the President of Stoeger Industries under Beretta, announced that the company would begrudgingly uproot and take its business elsewhere. He said, “We don’t want to do this, we’re not willing to do this, but obviously this legislation has caused us a serious level of concern within our company.”

He added that Beretta paid approximately $31 million in taxes, employs 400 people, and had invested $73 million in the business over the past several decades. Despite being such a prominent player in the local economy, Beretta was unable to prevent legislators from passing tighter gun control laws.

Ironically, Beretta manufactures some firearms that are now banned in Maryland.

Republican state Delegate Anthony J. O’Donnell lamented: “Losing [Beretta] would be a big disappointment. Maryland has a reputation for having a horrible business climate, and this would be one more nail in the coffin.”

Legislators had ample warning. Back in the ‘90s, when Maryland beefed up gun control laws, Beretta moved one of its warehouses a short drive away to Virginia.

Beretta’s bold move is regrettable but understandable. Reh told reporters, “Why expand in a place where the people who built the gun couldn’t buy it?”

All of Beretta’s pleas fell on deaf ears. Even as Reh lamented Beretta’s looming departure and emphasized the company’s centrality in the local economy during the hearing, Maryland legislators grilled Reh on self-defense.

One legislator stated: “Other than target shooting, the only other reason [for a semi-automic firearm] would be for self-defense… [Why would you need a] rifle that accommodates 20 rounds semi-automatic for deer hunting? … It’s only very infrequently that someone commits a crime with an assault weapon – why do you need one for self-defense?”


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Virginia Beach Resident Detained in Afghanistan

  • Mila Mimica

  • WASHINGTON, D.C. (WAVY) - A local representative is calling for the release of a Virginia Beach resident who was detained and beaten in Afghanistan Wednesday.

    According to a news release from Rep. Scott Rigell's (R-VA) office, David Gordon is a contractor for Tamerlane Global Services, Inc., a project management firm based in Reston, Va.
    Gordon "sustained several injuries" Wednesday according to Rigell's letter, and is a father of two with another child on the way. Rigell writes Gordon was sent to an infirmary Thursday.

    The letter claims the Afghan Attorney General's office is asking for $2.4 million for Gordon's release, and the incident is related to "ongoing commercial contract dispute."

    Below is a transcript of the letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, asking for his help in expediting Gordon's release.

    Dear Secretary Kerry,
    An American contractor, Mr. David Gordon, is being illegally detained in Qomandani Amanya, Kabul Afghanistan. We request the Department of State expedite his release from detention.

    Mr. Gordon is a contractor working for Tamerlane Global Services, which is located in northern Virginia. He is a father of two with another child on the way. He was detained April 3, 2013 without any charges levied against him. Additionally, the Deputy Attorney General within the Afghan Attorney General’s office referenced that this was related to an ongoing commercial contract dispute and is asking for US $2.4 million for his release.

    We were deeply concerned to learn that Mr. Gordon was beaten during the night of April 3, sustaining several injuries, and was not sent to the infirmary until April 4, 2013. The threats that he is receiving and the demonstrated lack of protection during his confinement give us serious concern about his welfare.

    We request that the Department of State intervene and expedite the release of this illegally detained American.

    Thank you for your prompt attention on this matter, and we look forward to your response.


    Representative Scott Rigell (VA-02)
    Representative Frank Wolf (VA-10)
    Representative Duncan Hunter (CA-50)


    Mar-Va Theater ~ This Weekend

    Friday, April 5th
    Saturday, April 6th
    7 PM
    ALL TICKETS ~ $5

    The Miss and Little Miss Pocomoke Pageants

    The Miss and Little Miss Pocomoke Pageant
    Saturday  April 6, 2013
    6:30 PM
    Pocomoke High School
    Tickets are available at the door for $8
    or in advance for $7
     at Shore Cut, Enchanted Florist and Schers.
    2013 Little Miss Pocomoke Contestants
    2013 Miss Pocomoke Contestants

    Don't forget!
    Your voting selects the
    "Miss People's Choice"

    A penny per vote

    Photos can be seen at Enchanted Florist or Shore Cut

    For 55 years the Junior Woman's Club of  Pocomoke City has sponsored the
     Miss and Little Miss Pocomoke Pageants

    Missing 13 Year Old Girl

    UPDATE:  Girl has been located.

    Amber Johnson
    13 years old
    Last seen in Pocomoke Md.  getting into a car with 2 African American males.
     She has an eye brow piercing and the right side of her head is shaved.
    Her parents and Byrdie and Stevie Johnson.
    Call 443-397-2448
    Believe she is headed to Baltimore, Maryland


    TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview.

    1913.. As an investigation continues into the mysterious death of a young Salisbury woman, article reports she did not die in her office chair but that her body was placed there, plus another revelation is also reported; 1899.. Snow Hill resident is governor-elect; 1968.. Businesses listed in Shop Pocomoke promotion; 1907.. "Public Day" explained; 1994.. Pocomoke City man makes "Pastries For Keeps."
    Although you may not find these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye! 

    Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

    Accomack County Arson Suspect Makes Court Appearance

    Tonya S.Bundick
    By Sarah Hutchin
    The Virginian-Pilot
    New details about the couple charged in connection with the latest of a string of arsons emerged Wednesday, and one of the suspects, Tonya S. Bundick, shuffled quietly in front of a judge during her first court appearance.

    While an arraignment was postponed for her boyfriend and co-defendant, Charles R. Smith III, court documents revealed that the 38-year-old man had confessed to the fire they are accused of setting Monday night in Melfa.

    Documents from previous cases further highlighted Smith's lengthy criminal record and a history of drug addiction. Other records confirmed he had served as a firefighter.

    Charles R. Smith

    Police arrested the pair near the scene of Monday night's fire on Airport Drive and charged them with arson and conspiracy to commit arson, both felonies.

    Authorities recovered a gas can, several pairs of boots, men's coveralls and two laptop computers from their home, according to search warrant documents filed in Accomack County Circuit Court.

    According to a checklist for bail determination, Smith was an Eastern Shore native and self-employed, painting and repairing cars.

    Rosters from the Tasley Volunteer Fire Company, released by Accomack County to The Pilot under the Freedom of Information Act, show Smith served with the Tasley volunteers from 2002 to 2007. Rosters from 2008 to 2011 list a "Charlie Applegate," not Charles Smith. Police said Smith used "Charles Applegate" as an alias.

    Smith's criminal history includes 31 felony convictions, according to court documents.

    Smith was convicted of breaking and entering and grand larceny in a 1998 case. He and an acquaintance took tools and guns from homes, later selling the stolen goods for money, according to a written statement from Smith. They used the money to buy crack after at least one of the break-ins, he wrote.

    A few years earlier, court records show, Smith was convicted of 24 counts of forgery.

    Smith admitted in writing to having a drug problem. A magistrate added a note to the bottom of a bail determination checklist: "I hope he can get help for his drug habit."

    Smith went through inpatient and outpatient treatment after his forgery convictions, but a 1996 drug test indicated he had been using cocaine, according to court documents.

    Around that time, he lived with friends and family and in an apartment provided by his parents. He worked at several businesses but struggled financially, according to a 1996 letter to Accomack County Commonwealth's Attorney Gary Agar from a probation officer.

    After Smith and Bundick were arrested, police said they had been living together as boyfriend and girlfriend on Matthews Road in Parksley. Several people who knew the couple said they were engaged.

    Bundick held a certified nursing assistant license from 1991 through 2007. Board of Nursing public records make no note of problems.

    Court records showed Bundick is unemployed and has two children.

    She and Smith were taken into custody without incident early Tuesday when a state trooper and sheriff's deputy stopped their minivan near the Airport Drive fire, state police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said during a Tuesday news conference.

    According to Bundick's arrest warrant, "surveillance units" saw a vehicle drop off an individual at Airport Drive in Melfa. The person set fire to the residence, and a vehicle returned and picked up the person.

    That vehicle was stopped, and Bundick was identified as the driver. The passenger, whom police later identified as Smith, gave a statement relating to the additional fires in Accomack County, according to an arrest warrant.

    The first suspicious fire was set Nov. 12 in Parksley. Set mostly at night, the fires popped up all over the county - from Painter to Temperanceville to Withams - in subsequent months, sometimes more than one a day. No one was hurt.

    Vacant residential and commercial buildings were prime targets in the rural county, which contains more than 600 abandoned structures, police said. The county relies on 600 volunteers and 33 paid full-time fire and paramedic personnel to fight fires.

    Police increased patrols and surveillance. Flashing electronic road signs promised a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. State police continue to ask anyone with information to call or text the Accomack County Arson Tip Line at 655-1437.

    Pilot writer Margaret Matray contributed to this report.

    Remember Cara? Have A Heart 2013

    Remember Cara the dog who had its back leg so injured that it was thought she would have to be put to sleep?   She was taken in by the SPCA Eastern Shore Virginia and the rest is happy history!


    Matt Holland's Fundraiser:

    Have a Heart 2013

    EVENT DATE: Apr 30, 2013
    DAYS TO GO: 26
    My birthday is less than a month away, and trust me when I say that I don't need anything. I'm up to my eyeballs in unplayed video games. I've got more books to read than I have time to read them, and our house is chock full of stuff that would probably be happier at Goodwill.
    This is Cara now.  She was adopted February 15, 2012
    KB photo
    So, in lieu of all the gifts I know you were dying to shower me with, I'm launching another birthday fundraiser for our favorite SPCA on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where we adopted our three-legged pup, Cara. They're an amazing organization that survives solely by the donations they receive from the community, and I'd like to help them to continue the work that they do to find loving homes for pets who need a second chance at life.

    For those who don't know the story, Cara was scheduled to be put to sleep before the SPCA rescued her, because she had (probably) been hit by a car and her back leg was pretty much destroyed.  Yet, the Eastern Shore SPCA saw something special in this crazy little pup, rescued her from animal control, paid for the surgeries she needed, and in the end, they gave us a wonderful addition to our family!

    So please considering donating to my fundraiser to help us thank them for all they do. Every little bit helps, and I'm sure Cara would appreciate it, if she understood anything beyond "Sit", "Shake" and "Don't listen to anything I say!  Good dog!"

    Please kindly continue reading ...

    NASA Commercial Partner New Rocket Rollout April 6

    Media Invited to NASA Commercial Partner New Rocket Rollout April 6

    Orbital's hotfire test conducted at Wallops Flight Facility on Feb. 22
    NASA photo 
    WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. -- News media are invited to cover the scheduled Saturday, April 6, morning rollout of Orbital Sciences Corporation's Antares launch vehicle to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport's Pad-0A at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Va.

    Orbital is testing the Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo logistics spacecraft under NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program. A demonstration flight of Antares and Cygnus to the International Space Station is planned for later this year. Following the successful completion of the COTS demonstration mission to the space station, Orbital will conduct eight cargo resupply flights to the orbiting laboratory through NASA's Commercial Resupply Services contract.

    The rollout, which is scheduled to begin at about 4:45 a.m. EDT, is in preparation for the launch vehicle's test flight later this month. Pad operations to raise the rocket to a vertical position will begin at about 6 a.m. will take two to three hours to complete. The launch window for Antares' test flight is between April 17 and 19.

    Media representatives interested in covering the Antares rollout and pad operations must contact Rebecca Powell at 757-824-1139 or by 4 p.m., April 5. A media escort will leave Wallops' main gate at 4:30 a.m. for vehicle rollout. Orbital and NASA representatives will be available for comment. All times are tentative, and reporters should contact Wallops for up-to-date information.

    NASA initiatives like COTS are helping develop a robust U.S. commercial space transportation industry with the goal of achieving safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation to and from the space station and low-Earth orbit. In parallel, NASA's Commercial Crew Program is working with commercial space partners developing capabilities to launch U.S. astronauts from U.S. soil in the next few years.

    For more information about the upcoming test flight, visit:

    Loans To Repair Damage From Hurricane Sandy

    Accomack County is applying for funds that will provide loans to lower-income families to repair damage sustained to their by Hurricane Sandy.

     If you would like more information, or to obtain a pre-application for a loan, contact David Annis at 787-2800 Ext. 126.

    "Dirty Energy" Spill ~ Homes Evacuated

    While some were attending Good Friday services at their church and others were preparing for company coming over the Easter holiday 22 homes in Mayflower, Arkansas were being evacuated. 
    Gosh!  Our government was so busy with their other bull crap they somehow simply forgot to inform the public that Exxon Mobile, once again, was losing crude oil into the delicate surroundings of a neighborhood.  And you can't understand what's wrong with the water....

     Exxon pipeline oil spill in Arkansas
    By Cassady Sharp

    Nearly 12,000 barrels of crude oil spilled out of Exxon Mobil’s Pegasus pipeline into a Mayflower, Arkansas neighborhood causing the evacuation of 22 homes last Friday. The pipeline originates in Patoka, Illinois, and carries crude oil to the Texas Gulf Coast from Western Canada.

    President Obama and the State Department can learn an important lesson from this 12,000-barrel pipeline leak.  The TransCanada Keystone pipeline is not a ticket to an energy-independent future, but rather a certain oil spill we cannot afford.

    “Despite what oil companies like Exxon want you to believe, oil pipelines leak.  It’s what  they do.  What’s happening in Arkansas right now could be the future for communities from North Dakota to Texas if President Obama approves the Keystone XL pipeline.  

    There’s a reason it’s called ‘dirty energy,’ and it’s time we put it behind us.  Let’s stop the spills and move forward with clean energy now,” said Greenpeace US Executive Director Phil Radford.

    Continue reading....

    Save the Youth Adult Computer Classes

    126  Willow Street
    Pocomoke City, Maryland
    Stop by the Save The Youth office on Willow Street  to sign up by April 30, 2013.
    Office is OPEN 9:00 AM  until 3:00 PM

    Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    Delegate Mike McDermott ~ Magazine Restrictions

    Delegate McDermott argues against magazine restrictions

    Published on Apr 2, 2013

    Man Arrested for Possession of Drugs and Weapons

    Jerry Lee Hurt
    On April 2, 2013, at approximately 6:00 a.m., the Ocean City Police Department and the Worcester County Sherriff’s Criminal Enforcement Team concluded a two year investigation with the serving of multiple search warrants in Ocean City, West Ocean City and Berlin.

    The target of the investigation identified as Jerry Lee Hurt, 37, of Edgewood, MD, was located in Ocean City and was eventually arrested pursuant to items recovered by police while executing the search warrants at a Berlin residence. The items included two handguns, oxycodone tablets, crack cocaine, and heroin.

    Hurt was charged with the following violations:
    • Possession of heroin
    • Possession of cocaine
    • Possession of oxycodone
    • Possession with intent to distribute heroin
    • Possession with intent to distribute cocaine
    • Possession with intent to distribute oxycodone
    • 2 counts of possession of a firearm during a drug trafficking offense
    Hurt was seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner and held on $100,000 bond. Hurt was transferred to the Worcester County Jail. 

    Hurt is currently on parole for a previous drug distribution conviction in Harford County. Additional handgun charges are pending.

    Ocean City Police Department

    Possession Of Hand Gun Gets Man Arrested

    On April 2, 2013, a Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Deputy was on patrol in the area of Route 113 and Betheden Church Road, Pocomoke, Maryland, and stopped a vehicle operated by Palphanneilia Urias Pratt, 47, of Norfolk, Virginia, for speeding. 

    Upon making contact with Mr. Pratt, the he immediately stated his driver’s license was suspended in Virginia.  The Deputy also observed that Mr. Pratt appeared to be very nervous.

    Upon further questioning of Mr. Pratt it was learned that there was a handgun in the trunk area of the vehicle.  Subsequently a search of the vehicle produced a handgun. 

    Mr. Pratt was placed under arrest and charged with possession of a handgun. Mr. Pratt was seen by the District Court Commissioner and released on personal recognizance.

    Lt. Edward C. Schreier
    Worcester County Sheriff's Office

    Suspect Sought in Eastern Shore Murder / UPDATE

    Gary A. Coble
    Gary Aaron Coble, 47, of Cape Charles, was arrested Wednesday morning by Northampton deputies, said Sheriff David L. Doughty Jr.

    Coble is charged with 1st degree murder, use of a firearm while committing murder, possession of a firearm after being convicted of a felony, possession of ammunition after being convicted of a felony.

    NORTHAMPTON COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) - Officials say 47-year-old Gary A. Coble of Cape Charles is wanted in connection with the death of an Eastern Shore resident.

    An Eastern Shore man's death is being investigated as a homicide, according to the Northampton County Sheriff's Office. Deputies say police were called Sunday morning to a home in the 21000 block of Seaside Road. When investigators arrived, the body of 35-year-old Bryan K. Elliott was found.

    David Doughty with the Northampton County Sheriff's Office said Coble is sought on charges of first degree murder, use of a firearm while committing murder, possession of a firearm after being convicted of a felony, and possession of ammunition after being convicted of a felony. "To my knowledge they just moved in very recently," neighbor Bryan Sparrow said.

    Elliott was living the home with his uncle. Deputies aren't saying how he died but are ruling the death a homicide.

    "I'm not sure quite what happened expect I know he was shot," Elliott's friend Robert Morris said.

    Elliott's family lives in nearby Cape Charles.

    Family says Elliott was a waterman and had a one year old son.

    "He was a real good guy," Morris said. "He would do anything for you. One of the best friends I ever had."

    This was the first homicide in Northampton County since 2010.

    If you have any information on Coble's location, contact deputies at 757-678-0458.


    Please Attend ~ Installation of the Rev. Jeffery T. Howard

    Great Meal For A Great Cause! The Delmarva Discovery Center

    Join us this Thursday at Ruby Tuesday's in Pocomoke, MD for dinner.

     Print this coupon and enjoy a wonderful meal for a great cause.