Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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Seven years ago this month I was invited to be a contributor to the Pocomoke Public Eye and I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing items stemming from my interest in searching newspaper archives. 

Unfortunately, circumstances of the past few years left The Pocomoke Public Eye without the services of PPE founder Tom Ayres, and the late Brenda Wise (JMMB) who worked so diligently and enthusiastically every day to keep things informative and interesting.

Although I wasn't able to devote the time to PPE that Tom and Brenda did I would have felt guilty not to try to at least keep it going to some extent. So that's what I've been doing these last several years with my weekly "Time Machine" postings and occasional fill-ins during the week. 

With the help of one or more additional contributors our Pocomoke Public Eye could be immensely enhanced.

Can you or someone you know contribute on an occasional or regular basis?  Items can be brief, lengthy, or in-between. All subjects in good taste are welcomed such  as Community News and Happenings, Opinions, Recollections, or specific interests you might be able to share in such areas as Sports, Fishing, Politics, History, Music, Gardening, Entertainment, Health, Technology, Science, Food & Cooking, Hobbies, etc.,etc.

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

TIME MACHINE: 1914, 1965, 1935, 1952.

May, 1914

The Baltimore Sun

August, 1965


Worcester Democrat                   

May, 1935

The Star Democrat (Easton)

June, 1952

Democratic  Messenger
(Above text reads:)

At annual Commencement this (Thursday) evening, 27 students will be graduated from Pocomoke High School. Honor graduates on the program are Miss Betty Krabill, Charles Ward and Miss Norma Lee Mason.

In the above photo are:

Front Row, (left to right) Janet Hudson, Elaine Evans, Jane Venable, Beatrice Brown, Kay Connaway, Faye Jones, Ruby Tull, Patsy Taylor, Patsy Ward.

Second Row, (left to right) Roberta Adkins, Betty Henderson, Shirley Jones, Norma Mason, Patsy Thompson, Peggy Fitzgerald, Fay white, Betty Krabill.

Third Row, (left to right) Parcie Outten, Thomas Merrill, Jimmy Bunn, Irving Adkins, Sherwood Aydelotte, Eugene Mason, Verlin C. Krabill, Principal.

Fourth Row, (left to right) Charles Ward, Donald Flax, John East.  Absent-Everett Howard.

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