Saturday, June 8, 2013

Coast Guard Medevacs Injured Boater 35 Miles East Of Cape Charles

Coast Guard medevacs injured boater 35 miles offshore

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — The Coast Guard medevaced a 58-year-old at approximately 5 p.m. Saturday from the sailing vessel Reindeer about 35 miles east of Cape Charles.

A crewmember aboard the Reindeer contacted Coast Guard 5th District watchstanders at 3:55 p.m. reporting a crewmember had
Photo/US Coast Guard
sustained a head injury and in need of medical assistance, and the watchstanders dispatched an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., to conduct the medevac.

When the Jayhawk crew arrived on scene, they hoisted the man into the helicopter and took him to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk.

U.S. Coast Guard

1/2 Price Cypress Festival Wristbands Available Today and Tuesday‏


1/2 price wristbands for the Cypress Festival, June 12- 15, are available
 the Chamber of Commerce
(6 Market Street)
 today from 10 am to 4 pm
Tuesday from
10 am to 4 pm.

 Wristbands may also be purchased at the
Lower Shore YMCA
through 4 pm Tuesday June 11

Wristbands are $8 and are good for unlimited rides for:

Wednesday June 12 from 6 pm to 10 pm or
Thursday June 13 from 6 pm to 10 pm or
Saturday June 15 from 12 pm to 4 pm

If one rider would like to ride all 3 days, 3 wristbands should be

Be sure to get your wristbands now!  After 4 pm June 11 wristbands are $16.

For a detailed schedule of the Cypress Festival

Agencies Assist Accomack County With Drug Arrests / Indictments

Great job to ALL agencies that worked so diligently to rid our communities of this scum!  This was not an easy task.  What a crying shame it is that after all the investigating and all the planning that goes into each arrest  some of these same thugs are allowed back into the communities only to be rearrested  at some other point in time.  If only our court system would recognize this.

More than a dozen quiet indictments were disclosed Thursday/ June 7, 2013 in an announcement released by Sheriff Todd Godwin.

Conducting the investigations were:
Eastern Shore Drug Task Force, Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security Investigations, Virginia State Police, Worcester County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland, and the Criminal Enforcement Team

Indicted and arrested were:

Dwaine Hargis, AKA- Red Lip, 48,  Parksley,  two counts of distribution of cocaine

Eddie Jackson, 59,  Onancock,  two counts of distribution of cocaine

Alyssa Beebe, 20, Modest Town, one count of distributing drugs to a minor

Williams Brown, 33, Bloxom, one count of distributing drugs
to a minor

Ashley Joy Warrington, 29,  New Church, five counts of distributing

Also indicted but not yet arrested and still being sought at press time were:

Upshur Ayres AKA- Bink, 25,  Onancock,  two counts of distributing cocaine

Billy Harmon, 28, Horntown,  two counts of distributing cocaine and one count of distributing heroin

James Smith, 28,  Horntown, two counts of distributing cocaine and one count of distributing heroin

William Nelson, 38,  Painter, one count  distribution of cocaine

Harry Earl Pinkard, AKA- Peaches, 45,  New Church, one count of possession of cocaine

Keon Lamar Townsend, 31, Horntown three counts
of distributing heroin

Royce (Poogie) Antonio Townsend, 40, Horntown,  three counts
of distributing heroin

TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview.

1885.. Snow Hill's Rip Van Winkle; 1998.. Pocomoke's Paul Makuchal wins stamp design contest; 1886.. Eastern Shore earthquake; 1952.. Pocomoke's plans for hosting 5th annual Delmarva Chicken Festival; 1946.. An Accomack County school absence excuse.

Although you may not find these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye! 

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting! 

Summer Fun ~ Delmarva Discovery Center


Friday, June 7, 2013

Pocomoke Nature Trail / Stevenson's Pond


Kick those bedroom slippers off your feet and grab your sneakers, hiking boots- even flip flops whatever YOU think you may need for a hike!  The last loop of the Pocomoke Nature Trail is completed thanks to the steady, hard and rigorous laboring of some of Pocomoke's finest!


My husband and I met with Councilman Don Malloy the following day of the trails completion of the trails 600 feet of the "Missing Link". ( Since this has always been Councilman Malloy's  venture I let him lead the way)  I can still recall the beginning of the Nature Trail whose entrance is located at the back of Cypress Park. 20 years ago?  That means, of course, that we were all a little younger, moved a little faster and stayed up a whole lot later.  But it was fascinating that long ago to hear about the advancement of  the boards.  I've walked it many times- even bought the t-shirt back then to which I saved and still have today.


Stevenson's Pond and Nature Trail here we come! 
My last visit to Stevenson's Pond was the day the "flying bridge" was flown in.  This, at that time, was "excitement for the day".  My now husband and I took our lunch hours from work to watch! A cool dreary- and of course it had rained.  Terrible place to be but I was so busy paying attention to the helicopter nothing mattered.  The landing was a success and nothing any of us poking around had ever seen.  Remarkable!!  I'll never forget that day....We were both late returning to work from lunch and I lost a pair of $85 shoes to the mud at Stevenson's Pond!  Needless to say, I had never been back so Sunday was quite a delight.




. You can tell by walking on the trail that getting the final link of the trail wasn't no easier than any of it had ever been.  And one thing about it you will see Nature at its most spectacular array of beauty.  There is no way to detour it... or the creatures that live there.  It is their space.

There are cypress trees on the Nature Trail that are larger than I ever remember seeing!

Cypress Tree top
And of course you can't have a Cypress tree and not expect cypress knees.  In my family Cypress knees are affectionately known as Pocomoke Trolls.


We are al aware of the fact that the Pocomoke Nature Trail was designed and built by the wonderful volunteers of Pocomoke City and considerate volunteers from the U.S. Navy who are currently stationed at NASA /Wallops Flight Facility.

What about the bridge?
Here is what I know now but never thought about then.
During the early 1990's the city of Pocomoke had received grants to dismantle the dilapidated buildings in the area of Vine Street in downtown Pocomoke City.  Beauchamp Construction won the bid  for demolition.  According to the Beauchamp Construction website business began with the hometown company in 1992. 

The "flying bridge"  is actually 2 roof trusses that were removed from one of the buildings torn down in the Vine Street area. (I am told it possibly from a cleaning business).

It has been told that (talk about seeing into the future) maybe they should be saved "just in case" they are needed in the future.  And there they are!  Your "flying bridge".  And, if I have been told properly,  the bridge was set that day without a glitch all due to the careful planning from Beauchamp Construction- and probably a few others. 


Please note that you can also fish from the Nature Trail walkway in most areas.  Here's how I know....

Photo/ BW

There is a bobber branch

And a bobber bush
I do not fish but I know the sign of a bobber that is out of place.  And I bet it is safe to say that there have been a few tears shed  here from little boys, bad words from the big boys.

 And it all blends in nicely with the truths and the folk lore  of the over 20 year story of the Pocomoke Nature Trail  and its  many volunteer friends....


Please take time to visit.

 But Remember:The Nature Trail setting belongs to Nature....everything else that is there is maintained by those that care. Please take your trash and if needed  someone else's too.

Collins Arrested On Thursday

DaMar Collins
BERLIN, Md. - The 26 year-old  man who allegedly assaulted a Berlin Police Officer and fled on Wednesday is now in custody.

  According to police,  Damar Collins was taken in without incident in Salisbury on Thursday.

His arrest comes after an arrest warrant was served  charging Collins with 3 counts of 2nd degree assault, resisting arrest, burglary, and other charges.

Collins is being held on $25,000 bond.

Crisfield Police Rescue Drowning Stroke Victim

Photo/Crisfield Police Dept.
Drowning Stroke Victim Rescued by Crisfield Police

Crisfield, MD- On Thursday June 6, 2013, Pfc. Hoover, Pfc. Daisey and Acting Corporal Crockett were able to save the life of a 65 year old local man.

 The Officers were initially dispatched by (PCO Smart) to the area of Fourth Street for a report of a person yelling for help. The Officers arrived on the scene in less than one minute and heard the screams for help coming from the Somers Cove Marina. They were able to locate a male subject in the water fighting for his life.

 The subject had been the victim of a previous stroke which impaired the movement of one of his arms.

Pfc. Hoover and Pfc. Daisey were able to keep him above water until A/Cpl. Crockett entered the water. They were then able to get him to safety.

The subject was later treated and released on the scene.

Crisfield Police Dept.

Worcester County Sheriff's Office / Tropical Storm Andrea


From:Worcester County Sheriff's Office

As Tropical Storm Andrea makes it way towards the Eastern Shore, The Worcester County Sheriff's office is encouraging people to take precautions before the severe weather is upon us.
Please check you exterior for loose items as estimated winds could exceed 40 mph at times.
We are expecting a significant amount of rain with estimates as high as 5-6 inches.
For our local folks, most of you should be familiar with the roads that normally flood. Take precaution if you approach high water if you are driving. We will have extra patrol deputies out beginning Friday afternoon until the storm passes our area.

For those who have to work, please consider calling your home or someone that you know before you leave from work and allow an extra amount of time to get to your destination.

We encourage you to use the major routes as the county back roads are a concern for us for downed trees and wires that are difficult to see in the dark. A major concern is always coastal flooding.
For those who are in these coastal areas, you can expect some high water during the tide changes.
Our deputies will be patrolling these areas and will assist anyone in need.

The expected brunt of the storm will occur during the evening hours during Friday. This time table is somewhat flexible since this storm may increase or decrease in size while over landfall. As usual, if you do not need to be out, please stay indoors.
We will do our best to post road closures or hazardous conditions as they happen on this page and local media. Please be safe and smart in your travels.

U. S. Coast Guard Warns Mariners

Coast Guard warns mariners of the danger of approaching Tropical Storm Andrea

WILMINGTON, N.C. – The Coast Guard encourages boaters to stay off the water Friday due to the approach of Tropical Storm Andrea and the storms impact on on the coastal Carolina area.

Adverse weather effects generated by a tropical storm or hurricane can cover an area hundreds of miles wide. Recreational boaters and members of the maritime industry who fall outside of the direct path of the storm are advised to be cognizant of dangerous weather conditions and appropriate precautions to stay safe and minimize damage.

North Carolina boaters, including those in Pamlico Sound, Albemarle Sound and connecting waterways, are urged to secure their vessels and any emergency positioning indicator radio beacons. Those who heed the warnings of the Coast Guard and local law enforcement authorities will keep themselves and first responders out of danger.

Boaters should take the precautions necessary to ensure their personal safety due to strong, gusting winds associated with the outer weather bands of tropical storms. Heavy seas, significant rain and damaging winds may accompany and present serious dangers to boaters. Rescue and assistance by the Coast Guard and other agencies may be degraded as the storm approaches.

Drawbridges along the coast may deviate from normal operating procedures prior to a storm. They are generally authorized to remain closed up to eight hours prior to the approach of gale force winds of 34 knots or greater and whenever an evacuation is ordered. Because of the uncertainty of weather movements and related bridge closures, mariners should seek passage through drawbridges well in advance of the arrival of gale force winds. When in doubt, check in advance with the Coast Guard Sector North Carolina command center or with a local Coast Guard station.

Here are a few tips to help mariners protect themselves, their families and their vessels:

•If local authorities issue an evacuation notice, take heed and know the evacuation routes.

•Secure electronic position indicating radio beacons.  If unsecured, EPIRBS can break free from a boat and trigger an emergency signal to the Coast Guard.

•Do not go out to sea in a recreational boat when a tropical system is approaching.

•Contact local marinas to ask for advice about securing a vessel. Marina operators are knowledgeable and can advise mariners on the best methods for securing a boat.

•Ensure boating gear is properly stowed or tied down to avoid causing unnecessary searches by the Coast Guard and other first responders. Life jackets, life rafts and small non-powered vessels are some examples of boating equipment often found adrift following severe weather.

•Take action now. The effects of a tropical system can be felt well in advance of the storm itself and can prevent the safe completion of preparations.
After the storm passes, check with local authorities before entering any storm-damaged area. Boat owners should not place themselves in danger in order to survey damage.

•Do not try to reach a boat that has been forced into the water and is surrounded by debris. Wait until authorities have made safe access available.

•Do not try to board a partially sunken boat; seek salvage assistance from a professional.

•Stay clear of beaches. Even the best swimmers can fall victim to the strong waves and rip currents. Swimmers are urged to stay clear of beaches until local officials say the water is safe.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Early Morning Under the Influence Arrest

 In the early morning hours of June 6, 2013 a Worcester County Sheriff's Office Deputy observed a vehicle make a left turn against a red arrow from Route 50 onto Golf Course Road.

The operator was found to be John Dee Cannon 34, of Ocean City Maryland.

 Mr. Cannon appeared to be intoxicated. Mr. Cannon was arrested for DUI and refused a breath test.

Cannon was Charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and was arrested. Mr. Cannon was released pending trial.

Lieutenant Edward C. Schreier
Worcester County Sheriff's Office

Police Units Continue To Search For Missing Berlin Woman

Worcester County Sheriff's Office

This morning, the Maryland State Police Aviation Unit accompanied by detectives from the Criminal Bureau of Investigation conducted an aerial search of the South Point area in attempting to locate Ms. Helen David who has been missing since May 28, 2013.


We continue to ask the general public for their assistance in locating Ms. David.

Detectives are continuing to follow leads and tips from the public. We would like to thank all those who have assisted us in our continued search.


 Helen David is 5-foot-6, 182 pounds, with gray-black hair. She was last seen in the area of South Point, in Berlin. She was wearing light blue capri pants and a light blue shirt.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call their local police department or the Sheriffs Office at 410-632-1112.

Victims Track Personal Cell Phones Right to Thief - Arrest Made By Police

Stanley Darnell Harris
On June 2, 2013, at approximately 2:15 a.m.  Ocean City Police responded to 117 49th Street in  reference to the theft of three cell phones and credit cards.

 Officers arrived at the scene and met with the victims who advised that their cell phones, which were all IPhones, had been stolen and that they were tracking their whereabouts using the cellphones GPS tracking features.  

During the search for the phones, which had been tracked to the 25th & 26th Street area of the Crystal Beach Hotel, one of the victims was able to activate the audible alarm feature on their stolen cell phone. Officers heard the alarm and located the source of the sound emanating from room 303. 

Officers located an individual in room 303, who was later identified as Stanley Darnell Harris, 52, of Washington, DC.  The phone with the alarm was coming from Harris’s pants pocket.  Officers recovered the phone from Harris and determined it was one of the three stolen cell phones.  While on scene, officers recovered the two other stolen cell phones and two wallets belonging to the victims.

In addition to the stolen phone, Harris was found to be in possession of a fictitiously altered Military identification.  Harris was arrested and charged with the following:
·         Three counts of Theft over $500 under $1000.
·         Theft scheme over $500 under $10,000.
·         Theft under $100.
·         Possession of a fraudulently altered military identification.

Harris was seen by an Ocean City District Court Commissioner and transferred to the Worcester County Jail on a $5,000 bond.

  Ocean City Police Department

TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview.

1885.. Snow Hill's Rip Van Winkle; 1998.. Pocomoke's Paul Makuchal wins stamp design contest; 1886.. Eastern Shore earthquake; 1952.. Pocomoke's plans for hosting 5th annual Delmarva Chicken Festival; 1946.. An Accomack County school absence excuse.

Although you may not find these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye! 

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting! 

D-DAY ~ 69 Years Ago Today

June 6, 1944, 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower called the operation a crusade in which “we will accept nothing less than full victory.”

More than 5,000 Ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the D-Day invasion, and by day’s end on June 6, the Allies gained a foot- hold in Normandy.

The D-Day cost was high -more than 9,000 Allied Soldiers were killed or wounded -- but more than 100,000 Soldiers began the march across Europe to defeat Hitler.

1992- Downtown Pocomoke City

Please take time to visit  and support Team Britt's Support Our Troops Project

 Find drop off locations for donations that are shipped to our current troops, have your class send notes to troops, buy a t-shirt, sign up to man a table at many of the upcoming local attractions.  There are so many projects to get involved with to show these brave troops they are not forgotten.

As always - PLEASE fly your flag proudly and the display of  a simple yellow ribbon goes a long way.

Accomack County Sheriffs Office Searching For Robbery Suspect

From Sheriff Todd Godwin;
On June 3, 2013 at approximately 5:15 AM, the Accomack County Sheriffs Office received a report of a robbery at the Bargain Barrel in New Church, Virginia. 

Upon deputies arrival, it was determined that a masked individual approached an employee who was arriving for work at the Bargain Barrel and robbed her at gunpoint of an undisclosed amount of money.

The suspect in this incident was described as an unknown race male, 51060, slim build and wearing dark clothing.

Anyone with information on this or any other incident is asked to contact the Accomack County Sheriffs Office at 757-787-1131 or 757-824-5666.

Tips may also be submitted through our website at

Traffic Stop Turns Into Manhunt

DaMar Collins 
Written by
Brian Shane
BERLIN — A traffic stop turned into a manhunt this afternoon in downtown Berlin, where a wanted man remains on the run from police.

According to Berlin Police Chief Arnold Downing, a Berlin Police officer spotted DaMar Collins, 26, driving in downtown Berlin with a passenger. The officer knew Collins was driving on a suspended license.

Collins knew he’d been spotted, too, and sped around a corner, where he and the passenger switched places.

He fled from the scene. A foot chase ensued. Collins ended up climbing up the side of a building. The officer tried to get at him from the ground. Collins managed to kick him in the face, and escaped, Downing said. The officer was hospitalized as a result of injuries sustained.

Collins then made his way through a window of the building, and ran through an apartment where someone was home. He exited by the front door, and ran down Washington Street in downtown.

Downing said police believe Collins caught a ride with someone, and fled the area.

Police searched the area for about 90 minutes. Their search included the South Main Street home of Leslie Gebhart. At the time, however, she was busy in West Ocean City, and kept hitting “ignore” as her mobile phone rang and rang.

“'Then I got a text from my neighbor across the street who never texts me — 'what are all the police doing in your front yard?'” she said. “Then I knew it was time to come home.”

Her 20-year-old daughter answered the door when police came knocking, asking if it was OK if the looked around. The State Police helicopter hovered directly over the home. Gebhart watched as pairs of police officers combed her yard.

As of 5:30 pm, “they said that they're pretty sure he’s probably gone at this point,” she said. “They know who they're looking for. But they're still crawling all over the place.”

Until they catch him, "I don't think we're going to sleep very good tonight,” she said.

The incident happened near Buckingham Elementary School, which was not affected, and was not put on lockdown. According to Worcester County schools spokeswoman Barb Witherow, there were no children inside at the time. A handful of staffers were present. There were no after-school programs this week, she also said.

Online court records show that DaMar Collins recently completed a prison term of more than two and a half years for a drug conviction in May 2010.

Collins is described as 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighing approximately 150 pounds. Anyone with information is asked to contact Berlin Police at 410-641-1334.



 New Church Volunteer Fire Department
(at the firehouse)

FRIDAY  JUNE 7, 2013
Location: New Church Firehouse
5 to 8 pm
$10.00 for a large Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza
No need to call ahead to order!
All proceeds go to support the
 New Church Volunteer Fire Department.
Thank you for all of your support.


COMING SOON !! LIVE ~ At The Mar-Va Theater

Enjoy the gospel of Matthew -LIVE- from the Mar-Va stage!
The Mar-Va is proud to announce the Godspell will be taking the stage on
Friday, June 28
Saturday, June 29
At  7:00 PM
Sunday,  June 30 at 2 PM
Tickets are $15/adult and $7/12 and under.
You can purchase tickets at the Mar-Va Box Office, Market Street Deli, Enchanted Florist, or T's Corner!

This Weekend At The Mar-Va Theater


Friday, June 7th
Saturday, June 8th
7 PM
Tickets: $5

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It begins: Major Demand To Impeach Obama ~( Most Say It Won't Happen)

Petition asks Congress to investigate, prosecute offenses

Watergate investigator Bob Woodward of the Washington Post compares Barack Obama to Richard Nixon. Members of Congress say it’s about time to consider it. Rock legend Ted Nugent says Obama’s constitutional violations make him eligible. And even Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin has called for Obama’s impeachment.

The document is addressed to members of Congress, who have the responsibility to make sure government officials don’t go outside the bounds of the U.S. Constitution and to bring appropriate retribution when they do.

The petition cites a number of scandals in just the last few weeks and months.

Among them are the “lethal and prolonged terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, and the subsequent ‘Watergate-era cover-up.’” And then there’s the big – and getting bigger – scandal involving the federal government’s use of the Internal Revenue Service to harass and attack “conservative groups.”

There’s also the spying and harassment of journalists and the Associated Press.

“Top constitutional attorneys from across the political spectrum now agree that Obama has committed certain specific offenses that unquestionably rise to the level of impeachable ‘high crimes and misdemeanors,” the petition explains.

And that’s even before the issue of “Obama’s policy of targeted assassinations of U.S. citizens without any constitutionally required due process – including the drone assassination of an American-born 16-year-old as he was eating dinner.”

Oh, and let’s not forget the “disastrous ‘Fast and Furious’ operation in which approximately 2,000 firearms were directed from U.S. gun shops across the U.S.-Mexico border and into the hands of members of Mexican drug cartels.”

And Obama’s decision to refuse to obey his oath of office and defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

That’s all in addition to the alleged illegal “recess” appointments of several officials as well as the Obama Justice Department’s refusal to prosecute voter intimidation, his appointment of 30 “czars” and just general contempt for Congress and the American people.




(LANDOVER, MD) – Commercial vehicles traveling in and around the Capital Beltway region yesterday were the target of “Roadcheck 2013”, a coordinated enforcement effort that resulted in scores of trucks being placed out of service for safety defects and a dozen drivers taken off the road for being unqualified to drive commercial vehicles.

Yesterday, members of the Maryland State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division were joined by allied law enforcement and regulatory officers as they launched “Roadcheck 2013” at Fedex Field in Landover. The enforcement initiative focused on commercial vehicles traveling around the Capital Beltway in Prince George’s County.

Commercial trucks and buses were directed into a temporary inspection zone set up at Fed Ex Field in Landover. The operation used overhead road signs and variable message boards to notify commercial motor vehicles on the Capital Beltway (Interstate 495) would be inspected at the temporary weigh and inspection site off Arena Drive. Roving police units patrolled the surrounding area for vehicles attempting to avoid inspection at the fixed site.

Commercial vehicle inspectors examined 525 vehicles. Of those, 101 vehicles were placed out-of-service for major safety defects. In addition, 19 drivers were placed out of service for being unqualified to operate commercial vehicles. Police issued 181 traffic citations and 284 warnings for commercial vehicle related violations.

Allied law enforcement and regulatory agencies assisting with the operation included the Virginia State Police, Montgomery County Police Department, Prince Georges County Police Department, Calvert County Sheriff, Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, and Maryland Comptroller’s Office personnel. In addition to the Maryland State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division personnel, State Police units also assisted, including the Special Operations Division K-9 and command vehicle, Cadets, Tactical Medics and the Electronic Services Division.
Similar operations will be conducted in the future as state and local police work together to reduce traffic injuries and deaths, while increasing safety on Maryland roads.

Maryland State Police

Ray Ray's Pet Parade !! Get Your Pet Dressed Up !!

Ray Ray, age 7, invites you and your pet to join him on a parade through Onancock to celebrate animals.

If possible, kindly bring a can of pet food, litter, bleach or other pet supply to donate to the local SPCA.

Dress your pet and strut your stuff!

Bones awards will be given for top 3 costumes.

 Silly people hats are encouraged.

Friendly pets of ALL kinds are welcome.
 Pets must be leashed or carried. Owners are responsible for pet's behavior and bodily functions. Water will be provided.

The parade begins behind the Roseland Theatre and proceeds along the sidewalk to the wharf and back.

Rain date is Sunday, June 9, 1:00.

Good luck, Ray Ray!!!

Cypress Festival Update

Cypress Festival Update 
sales end June 11 at 4pm

Boat Decorating first prize
Doesn't have to fancy- just make it FUN!

$150 gift certificate to Riverside Grill
Enter for free

Find forms for all events at
Photo/ J. Glovier
We know you love a challenge so we gotta think it's the sign up fee preventing you from competing in the
Tug-O-War and Raft Regatta
at the 2013 Cypress Festival! 
 So we are waving all fees... and all prize money. 
Win these events and have a trophy with your team's names proudly displayed at Don's Seafood and Chicken House in Pocomoke for the next year and brag all the way to 2014!  
What's that?  You are not as young as last time you competed in these events?  We have a special category just for those who are over 50, called "Party Like It's 1999"  
So no excuses!  
Make this a Cypress Festival to remember!

Volunteers needed for Cypress Festival
For all of you who have volunteered for the Cypress Festival so far, thank you!  We still need volunteers, especially for Saturday.  

Please contact the Chamber at 410-957-1919 or  if you would like to help out.