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Special Anniversary Today



TIME MACHINE Preview ... "Oh, give me spring by Pocomoke..."

Published in two major newpapers nearly a century ago, "Along The Shores Of Pocomoke" painted a verbal picture of nature's handiwork along the shores of the Pocomoke River.

Hopefully these wonders of nature are still in tact 96 years later.

Read it in full this Sunday on The Pocomoke Public Eye!

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two or more if you wish. Your name won't be used unless you ask that it be. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Beauty Spring Brings....

Unlike those living in the cities who must be aware of the dangers that they may face at every turn....

Those of us living in the country are aware of the peace and  beauty that faces us at every turn and celebrate it.
And we are thankful.

Special thank you to my sister for sharing her peach blossom photo.

Remembering MR. POTATO HEAD

Mr. Potato Head turns 60!
An American made plastic toy and the first toy to be advertised on television. Mr. Potato Head and all of his accessories have remained in production and quite popular since his debut in 1952. Through the years this popular spud has kept up with the changing times and even has a facebook page.

Invented and developed by George Lerner. Hasbro manufactured and distributed the original Mr. Potato Head toy consisted of only the push pin parts - hands, nose, mouth, eye glasses, shoes, ears, be used on a real potato...Now that sure gives a whole new meaning to "don't play with your food!". After complaints regarding the rotting potato Hasbro created a plastic body part for the guy. The rest is history........

Mr. Potato Head has been quite a popular guy since the days when many of us spent hours rearranging his face. And how ironic is it that Mr. Potato Head celebrates his birthday just as potato planting season gets into full swing on the Eastern Shore.

Today I am reminded of the grandmother with her grandson who wasn't acting the obedient child she thought he should be (many years ago). She squeezed his hand, bent down to him and looked him in the eye. She said to him, "(name) tatas has eyes". I understood the meaning- so did he.

And  I am still haunted today by a birthday of my only daughter many years ago when all she wanted for her birthday was a Mr. Potato Head. Silly me made the decision to give her something entirely different. There was holy you-know-what raised that day when she discovered there was NO Mr. Potato Head. I learned an important lesson on that day.

And today, tucked away with all her belongings from the past, I am sure, is Mr. Potato Head.

Who knew.

To read more about the exciting life of Mr. Potato Head go here


Mar-Va Theater Adds New Board Members and Theater Manager

Written By
Bill Kerbin
POCOMOKE CITY -- When the Mar-Va Theater board now meets, there are four new faces around the table: new board members Sage Allen, Rob Clarke and Kennis Austin, along with new theater manager Katy Fleming.

Having been in banking since 1974, Allen is branch manager and business development officer for Shore Bank in Pocomoke City. Prior to coming to the area Allen had attended the International Fine Arts College of Fashion in Miami and Fairmont University in West Virginia, her native state.

Having attended her first meeting, Allen said that it was an honor to be named to the board. She called the group professional, "one of the best boards I have ever been on," and she looked forward to working with the members.

Clarke is perhaps best known in the Pocomoke City area as the Councilman from District Five. He was recently elected to his third term on the Council. At Salem Church, he serves as treasurer of the trustee board. He is a forester with Maryland's Department of Natural Resources and has a B.S. in forest resource management.

Clarke said that it is a good feeling to see all the traffic in downtown Pocomoke on Friday and Saturday nights. He hopes that the theater and the other museums will encourage more businesses to locate in the downtown. He mentioned the fact that the Holly Gove school had used the theater for a program, hoping that a connection will be made with other local groups.

Austin is a 17-year veteran with the Worcester County Board of Education, having served as a teacher, administrator and currently a student services specialist. He is a graduate of Radford University and Old Dominion University.

Austin said that he was excited about being a part of the board that operates "one of the great symbols of Pocomoke." He is impressed with the preservation of the theater.

Fleming comes to the Mar-Va from the Delmarva Discovery Center, where she served for 16 months as the visitor services coordinator. She is a graduate of Hollins University where she worked in marketing and public relations during her college tenure.

At the Mar-Va, Fleming said, her duties will include mainly marketing and promotions. She praised the board, citing the support that they have given her. "Everyone has a role," she said.

***The annual Mar-Va dinner meeting is planned for March 27 at 6 p.m. at the Pocomoke Fire Comany community center. A beef and dumpling dinner will be served by the Ladies Auxiliary, and tickets are $20.***

Another program is a presentation by Aaron Wilburn, a comedian and songwriter, on March 31. Wilburn has been featured on the Gaither Homecoming Tour. Tickets are $10 at the door or $7.50 in advance.


***Since this article was written the date for the Mar-Va dinner has been changed.  Please see post below for new date.***jmmb

Annual Dinner Meeting ~ Note Change Of Date

Annual Dinner Meeting
Pocomoke Community Center
April 10th at 6 PM
Tickets: $20
Menu Includes:
Beef & Dumplings with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Turnip Greens, Baked Corn, Pickled Beets, Cornbread, Iced Tea, Coffee, & Dessert
by the Pocomoke Fire Co. Ladies Auxiliary
Thank you for your continued support throughout the years. We sincerely appreciate it and hope that you'll join us on Tuesday evening, April 10th.
Tickets can be purchased at the Mar-Va Box Office or on our website before noon on April 3rd.
If you're unable to attend the new date and have already purchased tickets, please contact the Box Office for your refund.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Maryland's 'Move Over' Law


(PIKESVILLE, MD) – State Police Superintendent Marcus L. Brown, in partnership with M. Kent Krabbe, Executive Director of the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF), together with representatives from several law enforcement agencies, fire and emergency medical services departments, reminded Maryland motorists today about the importance of the Maryland’s ‘move over’ law.

The intent of Maryland’s ‘move over’ law is to provide an extra barrier of safety for police officers, firefighters, and emergency rescue personnel working along Maryland roads. In light of two recent, separate incidents resulting in injuries sustained by law enforcement officers, the need to boost awareness of the law is evident.

On the morning of January 15, 2012, Trooper First Class Jason James, assigned to the Golden Ring Barrack, was transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center after being struck by a passing motorist. TFC James was working a traffic stop when the incident occurred.

On the morning of January 22, 2012, a Howard County Police officer, a person he had in custody and the driver who hit them suffered injuries, after the motorist failed to slow down and move over. All three individuals were transported to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center for treatment.

“Roadside safety is a matter we feel strongly about, because it comes with the job as a first responder,” said Colonel Marcus Brown, Superintendent of the Maryland State Police. “Ultimately, we would like it to become instinctive for drivers to slow down and move over, if possible, when they see the lights of emergency vehicles activated on the roadside.”

As part of the effort to boost awareness of the law, officials today  (Wednesday) unveiled a new decal provided by MAIF, to be displayed on patrol vehicles of first responders for one month. The decal reads, “If I’m on the Shoulder, Slow Down and Move Over” and serves as a reminder for drivers approaching from the rear of an emergency vehicle using visual signals while stopped on a highway to, if possible, ‘make a lane change into an available lane not immediately adjacent to the emergency vehicle.’ This movement should only be done if another lane in the same direction is available and the move can be made safely and without impeding other traffic. If moving to another lane away from the stopped emergency vehicle is not possible, the law requires drivers to ‘slow to a reasonable and prudent speed that is safe for existing weather, road, and vehicular or pedestrian traffic conditions.’

Violation of the ‘move over’ law is a primary offense with a fine of $110 and one point. If the violation contributes to a traffic crash, the fine is $150 and three points. If the violation contributes to a traffic crash resulting in death or serious injury, the fine escalates to $750 and three points.

Maryland became one of the last three states to enact the law. Statistics indicate more than 150 U.S. law enforcement officers have been killed since 1999 after being struck by vehicles along America's highways. According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, there were a total of 177 law enforcement officer fatalities, 64 of which were traffic-related. To date, forty-three Maryland State Troopers have been killed in the line of duty and three of them have been killed by motor vehicle crashes.

Tattoo Parlor To Open In New Church

ACCOMACK: County approves tattoo parlor in former New Church funeral home

Written By
Carol Vaughn
Staff Writer
NEW CHURCH — This town near the Virginia-Maryland border will soon have a new business — a tattoo parlor.

The Accomack County Board of Zoning Appeals granted a special use permit for the business to Jeremy Rantz, who said he plans to open the parlor next month.

The parlor will be located at 4194 Lankford Highway, in one half of a former funeral home. The building is in a business-zoned district.

Rantz said he plans to locate a military surplus store in the building’s other half.

Rantz told zoning officials he has worked as a tattoo artist in another state and is in the process of getting licensed in Virginia.

The Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation regulates tattoo artists along with other professions including cosmetologists, surveyors and real estate agents.

Rantz, who recently completed EMT training, said his priority for the new business is safety, saying he has seen some tattoo artwork “done by people who do not know what they are doing.”

The room where the work will be done will be “wiped down, floors, walls and ceilings...It’s just like a hospital,” he said.

The building was extensively renovated after termite damage was discovered, including installing a new roof, Rantz said, adding, “This is the only place that has been 100 percent designed for a tattoo parlor.”

No one spoke against the business and no adjacent property owners registered opposition after receiving notification of the application.

Rantz’ business will not be the town’s first tattoo parlor; there was one located in a former bank building further north in the past, but it is no longer in business.

A Pocomoke City, Md., woman in 2008 was granted the first permit to operate a tattoo parlor in Accomack County for her business, Forever Yours Tattoo, in Temperanceville, which also later closed.

Building and Zoning Director David Fluhart said then other tattooists have worked in the county as a home occupation, which is governed by different zoning regulations.

Over the past decade tattooing has become one of the fastest growing categories of retail business in the nation, according to U.S. New and World Report.

An estimated 15,000 tattoo parlors are in operation in the United States and at least one new one opens each day, according to a 2011 report.

America’s Millennial generation — teens and twenty-somethings — have embraced tattoos as a means of self-expression.

Nearly four in ten have a tattoo, and among those who do, about half have between two to five tattoos and 18 percent have six or more, according to the Pew Research Center.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Legislative Updates By Delegate Mike McDermott

 Press Release on Budget Debate
Bay Fund Raids by Democrats
 By Delegate Mike McDermott

“Mr. Speaker, when I started out in politics, I asked how it was possible to keep raiding funds to balance our budget. The answer I received was that it wasn’t a ‘raid’ it was a transfer! This amendment is intended to keep the tax dollars collected for the Coastal and Chesapeake Bay funds intact. We are once again, allowing the raid on a fund that was intended to protect our most beloved natural resource.” said Delegate Mike McDermott (R-District 38B Lower Shore) regarding his amendment to the Budget Reconciliation and Financing Act (BRFA)  that was on Second Reader today in the House. The BRFA is part of the yearly budget that determines the way governmental monies are spent and what, if any, new taxes are assessed.

“Transferring money away from something as precious as the Chesapeake Bay and our Coastal Bays  is still a raid and  I would consider this “transfer” akin to an act of piracy” explained Delegate McDermott whose amendment, if passed, would have kept $8 million in the Bay Fund instead of the General Fund. The BRFA requires the transfer of part of the monies garnered from the Maryland tax on gas to be transferred to the Bay Fund, as well as the General Fund. Delegate McDermott’s amendment would allow this trust fund to keep more of the money collected for the intended purpose.

“Every  year we raid these funds, Mr. Speaker! It just isn’t right and it’s time we stand up and do what is right--keep the promises you make!” concluded McDermott.

From Richard Douglas For U.S. Senate - Maryland 2012

Douglas Urges Common Sense Before Imposing yet Another Tax

Richard Douglas, candidate for U.S. Senator, noted that the Maryland General Assembly's House Ways and Means Committee is holding hearings today on a "Luxury  Surcharge" tax that would affect boat, airplane and other vehicle owners.

"The Annapolis tax-a-thon marches on," said Douglas. "Here's another ill-conceived attempt coming out of Annapolis to thwart the progress of yet another key Maryland industry," said Richard Douglas.  "With soaring fuel costs, and a gas tax hike still on the table, this is the last thing Maryland's marine industry needs right now."

"I would urge our legislators in both Annapolis and Washington to stop harming businesses and look for ways to reduce government spending."

While voicing strong support for federalism in America, Douglas noted that Sen. Ben Cardin consistently hides behind the principle to avoid breaking ranks with Governor O'Malley and his anti-worker circles in Annapolis.  

Said Douglas, "Federalism should not become an excuse for dereliction of duty.  Cardin should support efforts to reduce taxes on Marylanders, and he should loudly oppose O'Malley's efforts to raise them."



Ways and Means Hearing 3/22 at 1:00 p.m.

Boating Trade publication synopsis:

Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company ~ County Fire Tax

The Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE  
THURSDAY, MARCH  22, 2012  
5:00 P.M.  to  7:00  P.M.


11:00 A.M.   to   2:00 P.M.

In regards to the  COUNTY FIRE TAX.

This is an  open public format so please stop by and ask questions and get answers.

There will be a sign up sheet for anyone  that may need transportation to the
7:00 P.M.
Metompkin Middle School in Parksley

Everyone will be permitted a 4 minute turn to speak.


From Richard Douglas For US Senate - Maryland 2012

Upcoming Eastern Shore Radio Interviews

WCTR 1530 AM - The Voice of Kent and Queen Anne's County

WICO 1320 AM - Delmarva's Talk Station

3.22.12 / 8:20 AM

"America's Morning News with Bill Reddish" 

WCEM -1240 AM - The Mid Shore's Radio
3.23.12 / 11:00 AM

Cleveland "Rip" Rippons show

3.23.12 / 1 PM
 "Talk of the Town" 


TIME MACHINE Preview ... "Oh, give me spring by Pocomoke..."

Written almost a century ago and published at the time in two major newspapers, "Along The Shores Of Pocomoke" painted a verbal picture of nature's handiwork along the shores of the Pocomoke River. Hopefully these wonders of nature are still in tact 96 years later.

Read it in full this Sunday on The Pocomoke Public Eye!

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two or more if you wish. Your name won't be used unless you ask that it be. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

DASH RESCUE Night At Don's Seafood

DASH Rescue Night at Don's Seafood
1344 Ocean Highway
Pocomoke City, Maryland

as they

at Don's in Pocomoke City.

FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012
4PM until 11:30 PM

Proceeds benefit our dogs in need!

There will be a 50/50 raffle, etc.

Starting around 4pm and lasting throughout the evening
until closing time!

Don't drink? No problem!
Come out for dinner & say hello!

Wednesday nights launch from NASA at Wallops Island was postponed one more time due to poor weather conditions.

A significant criteria for launch to proceed is clear skies not only at Wallops but also at viewing sites in New Jersey and North Carolina. Low clouds in New Jersey and at Wallops on Wednesday evening  prevented  the launch attempt.

Have no fear. 

NASA at   Wallops Island, Virginia has rescheduled the launch for  Friday, March  23, 2012 between the hours of 12:00 midnight through 3:00 A.M.

Shore Beef & BBQ

11:00  A.M. to  7:00 P.M.

1/2  Rack Ribs w/Side
Drink ~ $9.95


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another Visit- The New Pocomoke City Police Station

Visiting the Future Pocomoke City Police Department
Friday, March 16, 2012

Front office (top)
and Records Room (bottom)
Of course, changes are always being made.  This is the way the building was discribed to me.  Regardless of what goes where or who goes where really won't matter.  This is just going to be such a remarkable police station I truly don't think anyone will argue.

New carpet has been installed in most of the offices and a crew was in the process of finishing putting down tile.  This photo is just a corner of the Chief's office.......I did NOT step in there.  One reason, the capet had just been put into place.  The other?  Bigger shoes than I wear  will be in that office and with some awesome responsibility so I'll just wait. 

Most of the building now has the walls and trim painted and the floors finished or nealy completed.
This is another office....the "box" is just next door.  Hmmm.....
It was sort of difficult to get anywhere in the building on Friday because of the floors being finished.  Hey, that's ok with me.  Let's get this buiding finished....and it almost is.
More great workers hard at work.  It is amazing how many hands it takes to create great things.
Thanks, guys!
This is one of the larger rooms in the new police station.  When completed it will have computers and desk space for the officers to do any paperwork that is involved once an arrest has been made.  A bench will line the back wall.  Once installed I'll tell you who gets  seated there.  Towards the back of photo is the cell area (left).  The cell doors have been hung (I peeked in but I couldn't find the light switch).  Since the cells are basically holding cells they will have doors and no bars.  You  get your bars when you get to Snow Hill, boys!.    Please note, those are my words- no one  elses.

That's it for this trip.  I'll be back soon and maybe those cells will be finished so I can take a good look.  From peeking the other day it looks like to me that if you don't like living in a box you better straighten up and give up the life of crime.  Those are small cells and if have you bad guys out there are as BIG as you think you are you are not going to fit. 

Thanks Councilman Malloy.  A special thank you to Chief Sewell and Lt. Strong for the nice conversation on Friday.  Chief Sewell, I do promise I will not apply for the job as  police officer.

From Richard Douglas- Candidate For U.S. Senate 2012

Douglas Questions Cardin's Opposition to Cut Federal Gas Tax
News Release  3.21.12

Cumberland - Maryland U.S. Senate Candidate Richard Douglas criticized incumbent Senator Ben Cardin today for opposing a US Senate effort to cut the federal gas tax. Appearing on radio stations WCBC and WFRB in western Maryland, where gas prices hover at $4 per gallon, Douglas condemned Cardin's failure to support a Senate bill that would have reduced the current federal gax tax from 18.4 cents per gallon to 3.7 cents over five years.

"Ben Cardin could have voted for working families and against one of the most burdensome taxes in America. Instead, he choked," said Douglas. "Meanwhile, Goverenor O'Malley continues his stubborn gas tax-a-thon in Annapolis, and Mr. Cardin is as quiet as a mouse. This is just pathetic."

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) offered the amendment which Cardin rejected. "Martin O'Malley is talking about bridge collapses and the urgency of 'investing' in infrastructure," Douglas added. "In addition to reducing the federal gas tax, Senator DeMint's amendment would also have drastically sped up transportation projects by reducing bureaucratic delays. Instead, Ben Cardin cast a vote to tax Maryland more and aggravate bureaucratic delay."

While voicing strong support for federalism in America, Douglas noted that Cardin consistently hides behind the principle to avoid breaking ranks with Governor O'Malley and his anti-worker circles in Annapolis. Said Douglas, "Federalism should not become an excuse for dereliction of duty. Cardin should support efforts to reduce taxes on Marylanders, and he should loudly oppose O'Malley's efforts to raise them. Instead, Cardin is absent from his post. Once again, Senator Cardin chokes and Maryland suffers. Maryland deserves a better US Senator."

TAGS: Martin O'Malley, Jim DeMint

Senate Vote on DeMint amendment:

This Mornings Early Weather.....

Second Day of Spring ~ Downtown Pocomoke City


I have been asked many times why the tyveck still remains over the window in the new restaurant.  And NO it is not still covered due to vandalism.  A different type of window has been ordered for that area of the building to make it easier for serving customers on the deck. 


Maryland State Police Press Release03/21/2012 10:15

(BALTIMORE, MD) – State and city police arrested an Eastern Shore man in Baltimore last night who was wanted for fleeing a traffic stop in Cambridge last weekend that resulted in injuries to a police officer.

Demetrice D. Demby, 39, of the 700-block of Douglas Street, Cambridge, Md., was arrested at about 9:30 p.m. yesterday in the 2800-block of Erdman Avenue in Baltimore. State Police were assisted in the arrest by the Baltimore Police Department and the Baltimore City unit of a US Marshals Service warrant task force. Demby was arrested without incident at the home of an apparent acquaintance.

Following the incident early on the morning of March 18, 2012, Maryland State Police Homicide Unit investigators obtained an arrest warrant for Demby, charging him with first degree assault, second degree assault, attempted first degree murder, attempted second degree murder, and second degree assault upon a law enforcement officer. The warrant was served on Demby last night and he is being held without bond in the Wicomico County Detention Center where he was transported following his arrest.

Demby was the driver of a truck stopped by Cambridge Police Department officers for a traffic violation just before 12:30 a.m. on March 18th. As a K-9 drug scan was being conducted of his vehicle, Demby accelerated away while a Cambridge police officer was standing near the front of his truck. The officer was injured in the incident and that officer and another fired at Demby. Demby was not struck by the gunfire and fled the scene. His truck was found abandoned a few blocks away. A search for Demby had been underway since.

Accomack County Schools

After a 2 hour delay this morning, the Accomack County Schools are now

It's Not Too Early To Sign Up For the 2012 Theater Academy

Virginia Law For Burning

The Virginia Department of Forestry says a statewide outdoor burning ban is now  in effect until the end of April.

According to the  forestry department  the state law prohibits outdoor burning before 4 p.m. if the fire is in, or within 300 feet of, woodland, brush, or fields containing dry grass or other flammable materials.

The ban is in effect until April 30.

Since Jan. 1, 2012  the  forestry department has responded to 166 fires that burned 1,570 acres statewide.

Those who comply with the ban should still avoid burning things if wind speeds are higher than 20 mph, or if the winds are blowing toward homes. Instead of burning leaves, people should compost them.

JFK Assassination:Fidel Castro Knew Of Plot, New Book Claims

Huffington Post
A new book by a former CIA analyst provides evidence that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro may have had prior knowledge of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Brian Latell’s book Castro’s Secrets: The CIA and Cuba’s Intelligence Machine contains information from declassified government documents and first-hand reports from Cuban spies who defected to the United States. The Miami Herald describes the work as “the first substantial study of Fidel Castro’s intelligence operations.”

According to Latell's account, on Nov. 22, 1963, a Cuban intelligence officer was ordered to focus his attention on Texas -- not the usual target of his work. That afternoon, in Dallas, Kennedy was shot. “Castro knew,” the intelligence officer later told the CIA after defecting to the U.S., according to Latell's book, explaining his superiors' sudden and unusual interest in Texas. “They knew Kennedy would be killed.”
Moreover, the book claims that Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy’s assassin, warned Castro and Cuban intelligence officers that he had planned to assassinate the president after being refused a visa by the Cuban government. Oswald had planned the assassination to “prove his revolutionary credentials," the Miami Herald reports.

The implication that Castro had prior knowledge of the Kennedy assassination, yet remained silent is not very surprising, given the animosity between the two leaders.

In 1961 Kennedy ordered the ill-fated mission known as the "Bay of Pigs,” the first action in what became a long, complicated and volatile history between the United States and Cuba. Kennedy ordered an invasion of Cuba by a group of CIA-trained Cuban exiles, with the intention of assassinating Castro, who was viewed as a threat because of his close relationship with the Soviet Union and the fear that a nuclear attack on America was being planned. The invasion was a tremendous failure, and the soldiers sent to carry out the mission were slaughtered by the Cuban army.

This was not the last attempt by America to assassinate Castro. Many other attempts to kill the dictator, from explosive cigars to a poison-tipped pen, also failed.

In the book, Latell discusses a CIA agent by the name of Rolando Cubela, formerly a high-level Cuban official who was recruited to assassinate Castro. Cubela, Latell writes, turned out to be a double agent and had been feeding information directly to Castro, including information about the attempts on Castro's life.

Latell says that Castro had been waiting to learn whether Kennedy was planning to kill him, and through Cubela he got the answer. This knowledge is said to have been what led to Castro's silence after learning about Oswald's plan to murder Kennedy.

Kennedy assassination has inspired many conspiracy theories, along with a number of works of literature and film.

Stories such as Mafia involvement in the killing have been told, rumors saying that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ordered the killing have circulated, and the Israeli government has been implicated, along with Castro himself.


Cause of Death Due To Drowning

The Northampton Sheriff's Department says no foul play is suspected in the death of Tyrell Jerome Evans, who was recovered from a pond March 14.

Evans, known to his family as "Tootie", was reported missing on March 6. His body was found a little over a week later in a pond, located near Bahama Road in Cape Charles.

His body was sent to the Norfolk Medical Examiner, and the 31-year-old's cause of death was listed as drowning.

The agencies that  assisted the sheriff's office in the case were:   the Accomack County Sheriff's Office, Cape Charles Police Department, Virginia Marine Resources Commission and the Virginia State Police.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pocomoke City's New Restaurant

The New Pocomoke City Restaurant
Friday, March 16, 2012

Everytime I show up to take photos this  restaurant has become  more magnificent than the last time.  We have been watching this restaurant grow for a few months now with just a few more months left to go before all this will be in the past.   
The railing was in place and truly  does compliment the entire building.  Even if I never get to eat a meal there it sure has been delightful to watch this grow into something that will make Pocomoke people proud.


These are the guys that hardly get any attention or recognition for the hardwork they  do everyday.  Working in the water and mud is something that never appealed to me - or many others- but it's an honest job and someone has to do it.  Keep in mind that the city crew has two major projects going at the same time.-  The new restaurant and the police station....  Talk about busy.

These guys work! And  they all seem to work well toghether.  I surely hope that when all the maintenance is completed on the restaurant and police station someone gives them some powerful recognition!  Thye are deserving of it.

There wasn't anything going on inside but you sure can tell someone has been there.  Alot of progress.....and getting closer to completion as each day passes...
Now that someone has been chosen by the city to manage the restaurant work on the kitchen can be completed.


Friday was such a beautiful day and this is a most beautiful time of the year to be in down town Pocomoke.  I almost wished that instead of these guys working on the deck flooring they were setting up chairs.  How relaxing it will be to be seated on this deck at the edge of the Pocomoke River on days like this day was.

One of the workers showed me a photo he had taken of two Bald  Eagles that sit every morning in one of these trees across the river.  How great will that be seated at the restaurant in the early afternoon or evening and watch them land?  (Keep that in mind bird watchers)
Well, that's it for this time......I'll be back in a few more days and I can't wait!
Thank you Councilman Malloy for giving me the opportunity to take these photos but I must tell you that if I get my feet muddy and ruin a pair of shoes - you buy me a new pair.  Thanks for being such a good sport.  Please be sure to let your city crew know they've been photographed.  What a great group of hard working men!