Thursday, January 11, 2018

Downtown Trees Are Gone

(From WBOC video)

Pocomoke City's former tree lined Market Street.



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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Wintertime Diversions!

Step 1. Think Spring weather!  

Step 2. Think Spring flowers, Spring events, Spring travel!

Step 3. If you need a further diversion from mother nature's wintertime shenanigans see Step 4!

Step 4. It's reported scientists have found proof of a fourth dimension.  So click on the site below and see if you can figure it out (by the time you do it might be Spring!).

Step 5.  If  Step 4 doesn't sink in go back to Steps 1 & 2.  Also circle March 20th on your calendar and view it often!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

TIME MACHINE: 1949, 2003, 1912, 2008.

Our Little Corner In Space And Time    
(Reader-friendly viewing of items from newspaper archives)

March, 1949
The Baltimore Sun

Footnote:  The old school building was located at 5th Street between Walnut Street and Cedar Street, and faced Walnut Street.  The new school that was under construction is the current MAC Senior Center.  When the new school opened it was home to the first through third grades.

March, 2003
Somerset Herald (Princess Anne)

January, 1912

Ads from The Democratic Messenger (Snow Hill) 

January, 2008

The Daily Times (Salisbury)

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