Saturday, November 17, 2012

TIME MACHINE Preview ... The Year With Two Thanksgivings!

The year is 1941... "Delmar Likes Turkey But Can't Decide Day To Eat It."

What brought on the dilemma and a jumble of observances? Read about it this Sunday on The Pocomoke Public Eye.
  Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Saturday @ Riverside Grill Pocomoke


-Maryland Crab Soup w/ 1/2 deli sandwich or side salad 6.99
-Blackened Shrimp Caesar Salad 9.99
-NC Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich w/ hush puppies and slaw 6.99
-Seafood Quesadilla w/ beans n rice 9.99
-Ale Batter Fried Shrimp Basket w/ fries *8.99

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Tangier Island Approved For Jetty Project

Photo/Tangier History Museum
By Scott Harper
The Virginia-Pilot

After nearly two decades of waiting in vain for help, Tangier Island has won federal approval for a $4.1 million jetty project to protect its western shore and central harbor from rising seas, storm surges and rapid erosion.

Gov. Bob McDonnell is scheduled to announce the news at a ceremony Tuesday on the remote fishing outpost in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay, according to state and federal officials familiar with the plans.

McDonnell also will sign an agreement to share project costs with the Army Corps of Engineers, which will oversee the design and construction of the new stone barrier at the mouth of the main harbor in the town of Tangier, the officials said.

The corps first endorsed the jetty project in 1996, but it hasn't been built for lack of funds. Island leaders have pleaded for financial help since then, saying that without protection from pounding surf and rising sea levels, the exposed western entrance to their harbor would sustain more damage and put fishing boats, docks, homes and lives at risk.

"We're pretty excited," Tangier Mayor James "Ooker" Eskridge said this week. Like most of the 450 other island residents, Eskridge lives off catching crabs, oysters and other seafood from the surrounding Bay.

"This will give folks a boost," he added. "After each storm, people were losing their desire to reinvest here, kind of losing hope. We weren't quite sure if we'd ever see this day."

After Hurricane Sandy swept through Virginia late last month, one of Tangier's famous crab shanties, where soft-shell crabs are grown to market size, was destroyed, and two others were left "pretty much unusable," the mayor said. Boats and shoreline were damaged, too.

With the mouth of the harbor getting wider and wider because of erosion, "the impact of storms kept moving farther and farther inland," Eskridge said. "It was becoming difficult to know where you could tie up your boat and be safe."

The jetty project will unfold in three phases: a study to determine how best to proceed; the design of the stone jetty or jetties to stymie wave action; then actual construction. The study already is under way and should be completed in 2014, said Patrick Bloodgood, a spokesman for the Corps of Engineers in Norfolk.

The design should take two more years, and construction is expected to commence and be finished in 2017 - "if all the stars align," Bloodgood said.

Money already is anted up for the study, he said, but Congress still must set aside funds for the design and construction phases, and corps leaders in Washington must allocate those funds toward the Tangier project when measured against hundreds of others nationwide.

Doug Domenech, the governor's secretary of natural resources, toured Tangier Island in May and told local leaders that the McDonnell administration would try to win approval for the jetty project.

While administration officials lobbied the corps to embrace a jetty system, members of Virginia's congressional delegation did so, too.

Asked what did the trick this year, Bloodgood said, "I'm not really sure, only that I know the governor's office has pushed pretty hard on this item."

Tangier Island still faces an uncertain future, its shores threatened by sea level rise and sinking land. A seawall made of rock has protected a piece of the western side of the island since the 1980s.

But with erosion rates eclipsing 16 feet of land per year on the west and 3 feet a year on the east, Tangier's dwindling population is nervous about simply being swallowed up by the Bay.

Eskridge said the governor toured the island after Sandy and expressed support for more help to the east, perhaps a jetty project there, too. But the mayor is realistic about finding funds during these lean times.

"The government has waited so long to move on these projects," he said, "so now they're millions of dollars more expensive than if we had dome something earlier. I don't know. It's frustrating."


Aurora Co-op Passes $1 Billion In Revenue

GREAT JOB Aurora Agronomy in Pocomoke City, Maryland and Seaford, Delaware!!!

The Aurora Cooperative, a leading grain marketer and agricultural supplier throughout Nebraska and the United States, announced fiscal year-end results that showed the co-op passed $1 billion in revenue for the first time.

The company reported sales and related income totaling $1.1 billion for fiscal 2012 and total earnings of about $29 million. This represents the highest earnings year in the company's history.

Highlights of the year included farmer-owner's equity growing to $135 million and in excess of $5 million in patronage and tax-free equity revolvement to farmer-owners.

Farmer-owner update meetings will be held in the coming months to review fiscal 2012 and provide an update on the company's progress.

Based in Aurora, since 1908, the Aurora Cooperative is a multi-purpose agricultural cooperative. For more information, visit


No Job For Many and No More Hostess Ho Ho's

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Hostess Brands — the maker of such iconic baked goods as Twinkies, Devil Dogs and Wonder Bread — announced Friday that it is asking a federal bankruptcy court for permission to close its operations, blaming a strike by bakers protesting a new contract imposed on them.

The closing will result in Hostess’ nearly 18,500 workers losing their jobs as the company shuts 33 bakeries and 565 distribution centers nationwide. The bakers’ union represents around 5,000.

Hostess will move to sell its assets to the highest bidder. That could mean new life for some of its most popular products, which could be scooped up at auction and attached to products from other companies.

“We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike,” said CEO Gregory Rayburn in a statement.

The company had given a 5 p.m. ET deadline for the bakers to return to work or face a shutdown of the company. The unions at Hostess could not be reached immediately for comment on the decision.

Hostess filed for bankruptcy in January, its second trip to bankruptcy court since 2004. It previously emerged from restructuring in 2009 after a four-and-a-half year process.
The company is now controlled by a group of investment firms including hedge funds Silver Point Capital and Monarch Alternative Capital.

In September, one of its major unions, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, voted narrowly to accept a new contract with reduced wages and benefits. The bakers’ union rejected the deal, however, prompting Hostess management to secure permission from a bankruptcy court to force a new concession contract on workers.

The new contract cut salaries across the company by 8% in the first year of the five-year agreement.

Salaries were then scheduled to bump up 3% in the next three years and 1% in the final year.

Hostess also reduced its pension obligations and its contribution to the employees’ health care plan. In exchange, the company offered concessions, including a 25% equity stake for workers and the inclusion of two union representatives on an eight-member board of directors.

– CNNMoney’s Chris Isidore contributed to this story.


Man Pleads Guilty To Attempt Of Arson On House He Owns

By Connie Morrison
 Kevin Eugene Taylor appeared in Accomack County Circuit Court November 15 to answer a charge of attempted arson on a house he owns on Saxis Road.

According to Commonwealth's Attorney Gary Agar, Mr. Taylor bought an insurance policy on the home about one month before a fire partially burned it. The fire was later determined to have been intentionally set. In that case, Mr. Taylor had paid an individual to burn the house down. That individual, John Dorsey, was convicted in August for his part in the scheme and is scheduled to be sentenced in December.

When the first effort failed, Mr. Taylor took matters into his own hands, constructing and assembling a homemade explosive device connected to a timer. Mr. Taylor had painted graffiti on an adjacent outbuilding to deflect suspicion from himself. The device failed to detonate.

Mr. Thompson pled guilty, and based on the plea and evidence summarized by the Commonwealth, Judge W. Revell Lewis III found Mr. Taylor guilty, and remanded him to jail to await sentencing.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Governor McDonnell Requests Federal Disaster Assistance

Governor McDonnell Requests Federal Disaster Assistance in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

RICHMOND- Governor Bob McDonnell today asked for federal disaster assistance to help 28 Virginia communities recover from the affects of Hurricane Sandy, an extremely large storm that brought high winds, heavy rains, coastal erosion and tidal flooding to the eastern portion of the Commonwealth and dropped significant snowfall in the west and southwest. Sandy caused three tragic deaths in Virginia.

The governor requested federal aid through FEMA's Individual Assistance Program for Accomack County. If approved, the Individual Assistance Program makes funding available for homeowners and renters in the form of grants and low-interest loans as well as disaster housing assistance. The governor also requested disaster unemployment assistance and legal services.

"More than 240 homes were damaged in the Saxis, Sanford and Messongo areas of Accomack County, and most of the damage is not covered by insurance. That is a significant impact to the residents of those communities and federal assistance is critical in helping them recover," said Governor Bob McDonnell.

The governor also requested FEMA's Public Assistance Program for the counties of Accomack, Arlington, Clarke, Craig, Culpeper, Essex, Fauquier, Frederick, Greene, Highland, King and Queen, Lancaster, Loudoun, Madison, Mathews, Middlesex, Nelson, Northampton, Northumberland, Prince William, Rappahannock, Shenandoah, Surry, Warren, and Westmoreland and the cities of Fairfax, Falls Church and Manassas.

FEMA's Public Assistance Program would make funding available to reimburse state and local governments for costs associated with response and recovery efforts, such as debris removal and related emergency services. If the governor's request is approved, and if sufficient damage information is collected, then other localities could be added to the declaration.

In addition, Governor McDonnell requested Hazard Mitigation Assistance for all Virginia localities. The Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program helps local and state governments take actions to reduce the impact of future disasters, such as elevating homes in flood zones, flood-proofing businesses and other measures.

"Virginia localities, first responders, state agencies, volunteers and our private partners have provided significant resources to aid storm victims throughout Virginia and I praise all of their efforts to help those impacted by the storm," Governor McDonnell said.

"And while media reports have focused on the widespread devastation in New York and New Jersey, thousands of Virginians continue to suffer from storm impacts. They need us to reach out and help. That is why I am challenging individuals and corporations to contribute to storm relief. The Virginia Disaster Relief Fund is a state-managed relief fund to financially help Virginia residents impacted by disasters. Proceeds of the fund are distributed as grants to Local Disaster Recovery Groups. Grants also can be made to charities and faith-based organizations associated with the Virginia Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters.

To donate to the fund, please visit"

Riverside Grill Pocomoke - Friday

NOVEMBER 16, 2012

-Maryland Crab Soup w/ ½ ham sandwich or side salad 6.99
-Seafood Quesadilla (shrimp, scallops, and crab) w/ beans and rice 9.99
-Wedge Salad w/ blackened shrimp 8.99
-Cajun Shrimp Caesar Wrap w/ fries 8.99

4  TO  7PM
w/$1 OFF ALL appetizers

@ 8 pm
$3.50 Capt. Morgan
and Sailor Jerry Drinks
 $1.50 domestic drafts

This Weekend At The Mar-Va Theater

Friday  November 16, 2012
Saturday  November 17, 2012
7 PM
Tickets  $5.00

Six Structure Fires Since Monday In Accomack County

Accomack County 911 reports two more fires Wednesday night which makes a total of six reported since Monday. The fires were reported within five minutes of each other at around midnight.

Wednesday night's fires were in unoccupied structures on Mason Road in Bloxom and Fox Grove Road. The fires seem to be in the area between Pastoria and Hallwood. Monday's fire occured near Parksley, Tuesday's near Hallwood, Greenbush and Pastoria.

Monday night- abandoned structure fire, Dennis Drive, Parksley

Tuesday night-
 structure fire- Adams Road near Drummonds Mill Road

 structure fire, Lankford Hwy. and Johnson Rd near old Gunners Shack

structure fire, Savannah Road, Hallwood

 Fire investigators are working the cases.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

TIME MACHINE Preview ... The Year With Two Thanksgivings!

The year is 1941... "Delmar Likes Turkey But Can't Decide Day To Eat It."

What brought on the dilemma and a jumble of observances? Read about it this Sunday on The Pocomoke Public Eye.
  Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Thursday Specials ~ Riverside Grill Pocomoke

Every Thursday beginning at 4PM stop by and enjoy an 8 oz. burger with anything you want on it for just $4.00!


-Veggie Chili w/ 1/2 shrimp salad sandwich or side salad 6.99
-Buffalo Chicken Sandwich 7.99
-Ale Batter Fried Shrimp Platter w/ fries and cole slaw 9.99
-Raspberry Walnut Salad 7.99

4  TO  7

@8 Pm: $3.50 Bacardi drinks till close

Accomack County Citizens PLEASE Make ALL Important Phone Calls !

Road crews used snow plows throughout the area, including Saxis Road, to
remove debris left from Hurricane Sandy.  Even a fishing boat owned by
a local fisherman came to a stop on the road  leading into Saxis. Photo/BW

Citizens of Accomack County:

IF YOUR HOME IN ACCOMACK COUNTY WAS DAMAGED BY HURRICANE SANDY, report damages to your home or property by calling the Building and Zoning Department at 757-787-5721.  This is YOUR responsibility.

FEMA: The Commonwealth of Virginia has not received a Federal Declaration which means FEMA assistance is NOT available at this time.  YOUR calls concerning YOUR own personal damage from the hurricane will perhaps move this along.  If you haven't made those necessary calls please do so today!

WELLWATER: If well head was submerged, it is considered not safe for consumption until it has been chlorinated. For more information and assistance, contact the Department of Health at

DEBRIS: Storm debris can be taken to the Accomack Northern or the Southern Landfill, as well as the Painter Convenience Center until November 20, 2012 at NO CHARGE. You will be required to provide your name and 911 address of the location where the debris originated.

Accomack County is currently working with volunteer groups to assist with debris removal caused by the storm.

If you need assistance or would like to offer assistance with debris removal and/or fallen trees, contact Mr. Fischer of Public Works at 757-787-1468.

Donation boxes have now been placed at Lowe's in Pocomoke City. If you are considering donating to the victims of Hurricane Sandy please note the items listed below. Whatever your donation is please know that it is very much appreciated among the people in these communities who are trying so hard at this time to get their lives back to normal.


all purpose cleaner
rubber gloves
empty spray bottles
scrub brushes
paper towels
large trash bags
dish detergent
clothes detergent


toilet paper
hand sanitizer


garbage cans
trash cans


portable heaters
can openers (electric or non)
pots and pans
cooking utensils
eating utensils
plates and place settings
paper/plastic plates
plastic eating utensils
air mattresses
sleeping bags
udergarments (warm socks)

Other items you may care to donate:

appliances - working
microwave oven
frying pan
coffee pot
table and chairs
area rugs
bath towels/wash rags

No matter how large or how small please know that your kind donation will be appreciated.

DASH Rescue 2nd Annual Afghan Raffle

Time is running out to purchase your tickets to win one of Three items being raffled off on Saturday, November 24, 2012 for DASH Rescue.

The Raffle is for Two Afghans and One Quilt. The First person drawn will have the first choice as to which Afghan or Quilt  they prefer. The Second person drawn will have their choice of the remaining two items. And, of course, the Third person drawn will win the remaining 3rd item up for raffle.

Please take a few minutes to go to
to look at the Two Afghans and One Quilt that are being raffled  off to help raise much needed money to help Vet. our Foster Pups. Once our pups are up to date with their necessary Vetting and are doing well in their Foster Homes, they become available for Adoption and can go to their new Forever Homes.

Again, please go to our website and check out the Afghans and Quilt that are being raffled off in case your ticket is drawn, you will know which Afghan or Quilt you wish to have on display over your sofa or at the foot of your bed. If you do not want to buy tickets online, please contact Pauline at 315 497 0750 or stop buy the house to purchase your winning ticket. Or contact Rachel through you are in the DASH Rescue website please take a few minutes to check out our now available
Foster Pups.

Thank you all sincerely for helping us save one more beloved Fur-baby.See More 
DASH Rescue
A place for Dachshunds And Small Hounds to find loving homes. D.A.S.H. Rescue is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization

Pocomoke Christmas Parade In Its 40th Year !

40th YEAR


On Monday night, November 26, 2012, Pocomoke City will be transformed into a "Winter Wonderland" as the town plays host to one of Delmarva’s largest nighttime Christmas parades as we celebrate our 40th year.

Always held on the first Monday night after Thanksgiving, the Pocomoke parade has become an Eastern Shore tradition and will attract over 100 units from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia along with thousands of spectators.

We have our web site up and running for this year. This is where you will find the applications and rules for this year’s event. If you are interested in participating this year you should go to to register.

If you have any questions you can contact Mike Shannon at 410-957-0802 and leave a message with your name, address and telephone number and type of entry.
A special thanks to the community of Pocomoke City and surrounding areas for the recent support given to us to continue this great tradition that has been a part of the town for now 40 years running.

In the event of inclement weather, the parade will be postponed until Tuesday, November 27, at 7:00 p.m

Holiday Wreath Contest and Silent Auction

Bus Driver Could Lose Job Over Threat

Written by
Anne McNamara
NEW CHURCH, Va. (WAVY) - Residents on the Eastern Shore are rallying around an Accomack County bus driver accused of threatening a child.

Parents are upset Leon Harmon has been taken off the bus route he has driven for more than 30 years. They say they feel safer with Harmon at the wheel and that children get home later because of the change.

Supporters of Harmon held a meeting Wednesday night to prepare for another meeting with the school board. They started a petition to keep Harmon on his route. 

"Our kids love Leon, we love Leon,"Pamela Lynch, who has kids in the school system, said. "We've known Leon. He's a member of our community. Myself, I've known him 35 years. He drove me as a child."

Harmon, who would not go on camera for fear he would lose his job, says he is currently suspended with pay. He says an elementary school student, who was new to the bus, accused him of making a verbal threat. Lynch says she saw the child acting out when she was getting her daughter off the bus.

"There was yelling coming from the back of the bus. When I looked to the back of the bus, I did see a small child, stood up, was speaking to Leon in somewhat of a loud voice, began beating on the window. At that point, I did hear Mr. Leon turn around to correct the child," said Lynch.

"What I heard Leon say was something to the effect of... 'Boy you speaking like that you need a hand in that mouth.' Not that he was physically going to put his hand in his mouth," Lynch said.

Harmon maintains he did not threaten the child. He says the surveillance camera on the bus was not working at the time. Harmon says his options now are to resign, switch routes or appeal to the school board. He plans to appeal.

"He's just a wonderful person," said Connie Burford, a supporter. "He's a good guy."

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rhonda Hall tells Harmon is no longer driving his route, but she could not comment further, citing this as a personnel issue.

The school board meeting will be held Tuesday.

Lynnhaven Baptist Church ~ "Walk Through Bethlehem"

"Interactive, unique outdoor experience"

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Old-Fashioned Christmas Evening in Pocomoke City

Riverside Grill Pocomoke ~ Specials


-Tomato Florentine Soup w/ grilled cheese or side salad 5.99
-NC Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich w/ hush puppies and cole slaw 6.99
-Ale-Batter Fried Shrimp Basket w/ fries 8.99
-Apple Cranberry Salad 7.99


4 -7
$1.00 OFF ALL appetizers !


@8PM ~  $5.00 crab dip!
$2 coors light drafts
 $2 house wine
 $5 pink or white cosmos

Fire Companies Kept Busy In Northern Accomack County

Thomas Berry, Krista Kilmon, Wayne Marshall
Several fire units were called Tuesday night at approximately 9:30 to a structure fire on Adams Road near Drummonds Mill road. When fire units arrived they reported the structure was fully involved.

This is the second fire in as many nights in the area.A fire investigator was called to the scene.

Parksley, Bloxom,Tasley, Onley and Onancock responded.

Units hadn't returned to base when another structure fire was reported at 10:45 at 24419 Lankford Highway near the intersection of Johnson Road near the old Gunners Shack.

Parksley, Tasley, Onancock,and Bloxom responded to the blaze.

Then at 11:45 another structure fire was reported at a sturcture at 27227 Savannah Road near Hallwood. Bloxom,Saxis,

Monday night at 10:54 there was another structure fire reported in an abandoned two story structure at 26510 Dennis Drive. Units from Parksley, Tasley, Bloxom, Onley and Onancock responded to the blaze. Units stayed on scene.

"Winter Watermen's Festival"

More Fun At the Worcester County Library !!

Space is limited!  Please register ahead of time.

Accomack Man Missing For Three Weeks

Missing: Archie Thompson
DelmarvaNow Photo
Written by
Carol Vaughn
Staff Writer
TASLEY — Archie Thompson of Tasley has been missing for over three weeks now and his only sister is growing increasingly worried in her search for answers.

Renee Singleton of Wattsville said the last time she spoke with her big brother on the telephone was in mid-October and his cellphone goes to voicemail when called since.

Thompson’s coworkers at McDonald’s in Onley also are concerned, she said. “They said he never misses work ... He never misses no money and he hasn’t picked his check up.”

Singleton filed a missing person’s report with the Accomack County Sheriff’s Office Nov. 3 and has called daily since, hoping for news as to her brother’s whereabouts.

She described Thompson as 56 years old, 5’ 1” and weighing 130 pounds and said he almost always is seen wearing a hat.

Singleton said her brother keeps to himself but is known for walking everywhere.

“He walks all the time; he’s done it all his life,” she said.

Singleton has even called Hampton Roads medical facilities, following up on rumors her brother had been seen, only to be told they have no record of him being there.

A relative of her former husband was sure he saw Thompson in the emergency room at Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital on Nov. 1 and said he even spoke to him, but that lead also turned up empty, Singleton said.

Law enforcement officials told her Thompson’s apartment does not appear to have been disturbed.

Anyone with information should call the Accomack County Sheriff’s Office at 757-787-1131.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

School Bus Accident Eastern Shore Vriginia

According to police, there has been a school bus crash on the Eastern Shore on Rte. 13 in the town of Nassawadox.

They say seven kids were on the bus and two were transported to the hospital.
The bus driver was also transported.

They say the bus driver was given a citation for following too close.

Route 13 was shut down for a few moments but it is now back open.

27th Annual Turkey Shoot ~ Saxis Volunteer Fire/Rescue

Change Maryland's Growth Surges to 25,000

Annapolis, MD - Change Maryland, the state's fastest-growing, independent, nonpartisan, grassroots movement, has surged to 25,000 members from every county in Maryland. Founded 18 months ago by successful businessman and former Maryland Cabinet Secretary Larry Hogan, the organization's primary mission is to increase the state's economic performance and job growth.

The only way to bring about real change in Maryland is to build a coalition of Republicans, Independents, and fiscally conservative and moderate Democrats. That is exactly what Change Maryland has been doing so effectively. It unites people of all parties to work together to bring reform, fiscal responsibility and common sense to Annapolis.

The group now has more than twice as many Facebook followers than the Maryland Democratic and Republican parties combined and more than all the potential statewide candidates added together.

"This isn't just another fight between Democrats and Republicans, it's more important than that. This is a fight for Maryland’s economic future and it’s a fight worth fighting,” said Change Maryland founder and Chairman Larry Hogan. "Everyone is concerned about developing a vibrant economy that produces private sector jobs, realizing greater take home pay and increasing the tax base to pay for essential government services."

In a much-needed step to restore credibility and transparency with the business community, Change Maryland analyzes and reports economic data that the O'Malley Administration repeatedly seeks to downplay, ignore or obfuscate  For example, Maryland has lost 6500 businesses and 31,000 members of taxpaying households between 2007 and 2010 - some of the sharpest declines in the region.   The state's job losses since 2007 likewise cement Maryland's place as a regional laggard in economic performance.  

Another key statistic Change Maryland reported is the 24 tax and fee hikes enacted since 2007 which remove an additional $2.4 billion from the pockets of hard working families each year.   Most recently, Change Maryland is the first organization to call attention to the Genuine Progress Indicator, a blatantly political marketing tool designed to mask the state's poor economic performance.

Hogan's business, governing and political experience make him well-suited to chart a course for increasing Maryland's economic performance and job growth.

As a successful small business owner for 25 years, Hogan has been a leader in economic development, bringing hundreds of businesses to the state and has assisted in the creation of thousands of jobs.

Hogan is no stranger to Maryland's governing structure, where as a cabinet secretary during the Ehrlich Administration, he handled the appointment of over 7,000 people to all three branches of government, including legislators, cabinet secretaries, administrators, regulators and nearly 100 judges statewide.

In the political arena, Hogan was the presumed Republican nominee for Governor in 2010 until Gov. Bob Ehrlich decided to enter the race. Prior to that, Ehrlich called Hogan "the only Republican in Maryland with a chance to win statewide."  Maryland's most powerful Democrat, Rep. Steny Hoyer, called Hogan the toughest opponent he has ever faced in his entire career. In a district that was 3.5 to 1 Democrat to Republican, Hogan beat Hoyer in 4 out of 5 Democratic counties.

"Maryland has a lot going for it," said Hogan, "but the entrenched, monopoly party leadership is simply not concerned with our economic problems, and the results speak for themselves."


Change Maryland's newsletter is here:

Sanford/Saxis Residents.....And local areas

Photo by Martha Jane Linton, Saxis Va.
Sanford/Saxis residents- If you have not called the Building and Zoning Department at 757-787-5721  PLEASE do so immediately.  The Building and Zoning Dept. is asking for ALL infomation to be reported by tomorrow - Wednesday.  The infomation you give to them goes to the final tally of damages that occured in the area.  PLEASE CALL.

For those who still want to donate please know that your kind donations of clothing has been overwhelming and very much appreciated.  I do know that Helping Hands in New Church- a donation drop off place-  states that the response for clothes being left there has been great and greatly appreciated.  However, the need for cleaning supplies, linens, blankets, non-perishable food, any household item, etc. is in greater need at this time.

A huge thank you to all of those that have unselfishly given.

Hopefully today Lowe's  in Pocomoke City will have their drop off boxes situated so that it is convenient for anyone in the local area to drop their donations there.  Please feel free to donate any type of  household  item:  linens, blankets, non-perishable foods, toilet paper, bathroom items- toothpaste, soap, wash rags, etc.  The list is endless.  So may people have lost everything- and I DO mean everything!

Crews of kind people and wonderful organizations  continue to work throughout the Sanford and Saxis, Virginia areas.  The damage is massive and clean up will take quite a while.  Last weekend the residents were so lucky to have some students from Broadwater Academy and Cub Scout Pack 300 assisted  in the cleanup.  Please know there are so many more wonderful groups and individuals out there working and their kindess and hard work is so appreciated by the people that have lost so much and some don't even know how or where to begin. 

Accomack County is currently working with volunteer groups to assist with debris removal caused by the storm.

If you need assistance or would like to offer assistance with debris removal and/or fallen trees, contact Mr. Fischer of Public Works at 757-787-1468.
If anyone has any news that may affect the Sanford/Saxis area, Belinda Road, Savannah Road- please contact me.

Tuesday Specials ~ Riverside Grill Pocomoke ~

November 13, 2012

-Soup and 1/2 sand or salad 5.99
-Meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes and green beans 6.99
-Taco Salad 6.99
-Ale Batter Fried Shrimp Basket w/ fries 8.99

~ 4 PM - 99cent kids meals until close ~

4  TO  7
with $1.00 OFF ALL appetizers

@ 8pm: 50 cent wings till close- we've got hot, mild, medium, old bay, and BBQ

Stockton Vol. Fire Co. ~ Annual Turkey Shoot

Stockton Volunteer Fire Company

Shooting begins at 7:00 AM
50/50 Raffles
Kids Rounds
Plenty of GOOD FOOD

For more information or to reserve a space contact:
Jimmy Blades 410-957-3728  or 
Tom Beauchamp 410-957-1100

Call today!  Spaces are filling up fast!

Pet Photo With Santa

Have your pets photo taken with Santa Claus this weekend!

 Santa will be at the SPCA Eastern Shore on Saturday, November 17, 2012

9 AM until 1 PM

$12.00 donation for one framed photo and if you leave your email with us, we will send you all the pictures taken of your loving pet.

26528 Lankford Hwy.
Onley, Virginia

Accomack County Sheriff's Office Arrests Fugitive

Lou Thurston with the Newport News Police Department says Jason Daniel Brumbaugh, 32, says a tipster called Eastern Shore officials, alerting them of Brumbaugh's possible location. Brumbaugh was taken into custody at approximately 4:30 p.m. Monday afternoon in Accomack

According to Sheriff Todd Godwin, a joint investigation to include Accomack County Sheriff's Office, Parksley Police Department and the Virginia State Police led to the arrest of a suspect wanted on multiple felony charges in Newport News as well as a misdemeanor charge regarding a November 9th domestic assault on Maxwell Street in Parksley.

A thorough investigation was conducted in attempt to locate the suspect at large and a perimeter was established surrounding the Parksley area resulting in the apprehension of the suspect at a residence on Callen Street.

Jason Daniel Brumbaugh, age 32 of Newport News, was arrested November 12th on Newport News Felony Charges to include Probation Violation, Breaking & Entering, Grand Larceny, Obtain Money by False Pretense, and Commit Larceny with Intent to Sell. Brumbaugh is also charged with Assault and Battery on a Family Member in Accomack County. He is incarcerated in the Accomack County Jail with bond denied.

Monday, November 12, 2012

"Project Linus" - Make a Blanket Days

10th Anniversary
For  "Project Linus" being sponsored by 
 Salem United Methodist Church
Join us and help a neighbor on DelMarVa. Make blankets for children living in the most damaged areas of DelMarVa.

Make a Blanket Days
Thursday and Friday, November 15-16
10 AM until 5 PM

Lunch will be served to those attending
Salem United Methodist Church
2nd & Walnut Streets
Pocomoke City MD 21851

If you can sew, kits have been made for simple blankets. Bring your sewing machine, scissors, neutral color thread and favorite supplies.
If you crochet or knit, bring your needles and scrap 4 ply yarn.
If you don’t knit , crochet or sew, please come and make No-sew fleece blankets.

Donations needed: fleece in 1 ½ - 2 yard pieces, 4 ply yarn

For more information call Donna at 410-713-9321

Salem UMC is handicapped accessible on the Walnut Street side.

Riverside Grill Pocomoke - FREE Appetizer With Military ID

*In honor of Veteran's Day we will be giving a free appetizer to anyone who shows their military ID on Monday*

-Veggie Beef Noodle Soup w/ 1/2 deli sandwich or side salad 5.99
-Taco Salad 6.99
-Shepherd's Pie 6.99
-1 chili cheese dog w/ fries 4.99, 2 dogs 6.99
-Chili Nachos 5.99

4  - 7 PM

Beginning  @ 8PM

-$1 tacos and quesadillas, $3 margaritas
-1/2 price appetizers and 1/2 price import beer bottles

Sunday, November 11, 2012

"In Flanders Fields"

photo /reinventingaboomer
In Flanders Fields
By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD
(1872-1918) Canadian Army

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

You will never be forgotten.......

OH! Those Trunk-Or-Treaters !!

Midway's annual Trunk-or-Treat hosted by Bay Country 97.9 on October 27th was lots of fun!  It's safe to say that not only did the little kiddies have fun but so did the "big kiddies".  A few hours of games, contests, and just freaky fun is what everyone needed on this day.

Thank you for letting me be a part of it.  Here are a few photos....

Photo BW
Pocomoke City High School Jr. ROTC was on hand to direct parking.  GREAT JOB!!

Bay Country 97.9/ Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW

Photo BW