Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Afternoon Storms

Friday afternoon flooding in Accomack County.

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Massive storms began at about 1:30 PM Friday afternoon dropping as much as 9 inches of rain between Parksley and Melfa. The storm then spread to cover the entire Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Route 13 in areas was completely shut down due to heavy rain and the heavy holiday weekend traffic. Standing water, downed power lines and limbs caused detours in several areas.

Both lanes of Rt. 13 were closed when power lines fell across the road near Johnsons Rd. south of Fisher's Corner. Northbound traffic was allowed to proceed but the southbound lane was closed for several hours due to flooding. Traffic was detoured to Rt. 316 causing a back up as heavy holiday weekend traffic was squeezed onto the 2 lane road. Many back roads were impassable due to the flooding.

Several minor accidents were reported and there were some vehicles that stalled in the flooded areas. 

There was some minor flooding reported at Shore Life Care in Parksley but the residents were never in any danger. 

The National Weather Service estimates 5-8 inches of rain in central Accomack County.  

WESR callers reported as much as 12 inches in localized areas.

Traffic was stopped completely on Rt. 13 for almost an hour Friday afternoon due to flooding near Johnson Rd. just South of Fisher's Corner. The northbound lane was opened after approximately an hour but the southbound lane remained closed and traffic was rerouted down 316 causing an extended backup as heavy fourth of July traffic was squeezed onto the two lane road. 

Back roads all over central Accomack County were flooded in spots and several minor accidents and car abandonments were reported . There were no injuries. 

Minor flooding was reported at Shore Life Care but residents were never in any danger. Also flooding was reported at the day care center on Rt. 13 north of Fisher's Corner but again none of the children were ever in any danger. 

The storms moved off at around 4:30. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

"General Winnie"

Our Pocomoke Public Eye friend "Slim" offered some informative comments on automobile dealership history in Pocomoke City, including mention of Midway's "General Winnie." Here's a March, 1967 ad for the General in the Salisbury Daily Times. -tk

TIME MACHINE: 1922, 1960, 1958, 1962, 1964.

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February, 1922

The Washington Herald (Washington, D.C.)

February, 1960

The Daily Mail (Hagerstown, Md.)

March, 1958

The Salisbury Times

February, 1962

The Salisbury Times 

September, 1964

The Salisbury Times

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