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MD. Small Business Week ~ CHAMBER CHALLENGE

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TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Prevew

1935.. Financial woes dealt to one of Eastern Shore's largest nursery operations; 1957.. Pocomoke City's "Merrill's Beach;" 1941.. Strike curtails oyster packing in Crisfield; 1891.. Another "Marriage Tree" visit near Pocomoke; 1895.. Onancock's Margaret Academy.

Although you may not find all of these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye!

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!


Delegate Mike McDermott - PRESS RELEASE: Revenge Porn Bill Passes House


Delegate Mike McDermott
(ANNAPOLIS) -- Today House Bill 43, entitled “Criminal Law - Harassment - Revenge Porn Bill,” passed the House of Delegates. Delegate McDermott’s bill, House Bill 204 was merged into House Bill 43. Delegate McDermott (R-Worcester & Wicomico Counties) joined the efforts to supprt House Bill 204,  one of the so called “Revenge Porn” bills that the Judiciary Committee heard this year.

HB 43 makes it a misdemeanor for a person to disclose sexual images of another person without the consent of that person. However, this bill does not address the extortion issues that Delegate McDermott sought to address in HB 204.

Delegate McDermott’s “Revenge Porn” bill made it illegal for any individual to hold a person’s sexual image against them in return for goods or services, accounting for the emotional damage upon the extorted person. Not only would HB 204 protect individuals from their past sexual images getting released to the public, but it would also work to prevent anyone from using a person’s images against them.

“House Bill 43 is an important step in making sure that a person’s past cannot come back around to haunt them,” Delegate McDermott said. “I would have liked if the bill that was passed through the House covered extortion, but overall, I’m pleased to see that this issue is being addressed.” There have been a growing number of extortion cases in which an individual’s phone or computer were hacked and their sexually explicit images were stolen. Some victims of the hacking were then forced to pay money or provide a service to the hackers. While extortion is already illegal, Delegate McDermott’s bill would have enforced against any extortion in the growing cyber world.

“When certain relationships end, there are sure to be some hurt and vengeful people involved,” continued Delegate McDermott. “House Bill 43 addresses this concern and is a much needed law in this growing cyber world. While this is not the precise bill I sponsored, I am still pleased that a growing concern is now being acknowledged in this state,” Delegate McDermott concluded.

House Bill 43 awaits a vote in the Senate.

Snow Hill PUBLIC INPUT Meeting Scheduled


7:30 p.m., Monday, March 3, 2014
City Hall
1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance.
2. Review and approval of minutes from meeting of February 3, 2014.
3. Review and approval of bills to be paid.
4. Presentation of Special Recognition Plaque to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker for his leadership efforts in the original construction and the recent extension of the Cypress Park Nature Trail.
5. Authorize Mayor to sign proclamations:

1. Girl Scout Week (March 9-15, 2014).

2. Arbor Day (April 2, 2014).
3. Golden Teacher Appreciation Proclamation. (Elva Burns, Lewis Connelly, Harold Curry, Winifred Dutton, Jessie Cottman Smith).
1. Discuss request from Great Pocomoke Fair Committee for one day Beer Permit during Truck and Tractor Pull event June 28, 2014.

2. Mayor Morrison to discuss proposal to purchase artificial Christmas tree for downtown area.
3. City Attorney to discuss possible amendments to City Code concerning annual license fees applied to vacant buildings in the Downtown Business District.
4. Authorize application to Worcester County Liquor Control Board for permission to sell beer and wine at Fourth Friday events in downtown area in 2014.
5. City Attorney to discuss proposed lease agreement for Eastern Shore Communications to utilize space on the City’s Seventh Street water tower for a new antenna.

6. Discuss proposal by Delegate Mike McDermott to include Pocomoke City in legislation to allow the Worcester County Liquor Board to license Class D beer, wine and liquor sale establishments in Pocomoke City.
    Comments from the Audience

    Mayor and Council items.

    Adjourn to Executive Session to discuss personnel, real estate, and legal matters as permitted under the provisions of Sec. 10-508 (A), (1), (7), (8) of the State Government Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland and perform executive actions.



 Delmarva Discovery Center
Residents from ACCOMACK COUNTY receive

 All other locals receive 50% OFF regular admission prices!
Visit SATURDAY ~ 10am - 4pm
 SUNDAY ~ 1pm - 4pm.

 Visit the 'Wallops Through The Ages' Exhibit from NASA Wallops Flight Facility. Running now through April 2014.
The Delmarva Discovery Center on the Pocomoke River serves as a source of learning and discovery for the public through the preservation and interpretation of its cultural and natural heritage.
More info:

~Family Memberships are only $40 -
Unlimited admission for a year!!!~

NASA Honors Astronaut Neil Armstrong with Center Renaming

Two generations of aerospace engineering excellence will come together Saturday, March 1 when NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center in Edwards, Calif., is redesignated NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center.

The agency's center of excellence for atmospheric flight research is being renamed in honor of the late Neil A. Armstrong, a former research test pilot at the center and the first man to step on the moon during the historic Apollo 11 mission in 1969.

The late Hugh L. Dryden, the center's namesake since 1976, will continue to be memorialized in the renaming of the center's 12,000-square-mile Western Aeronautical Test Range as the Dryden Aeronautical Test Range.

"I cannot think of a more appropriate way to honor these two leaders who broadened our understanding of aeronautics and space exploration," said NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. "Both Dryden and Armstrong are pioneers whose contributions to NASA and our nation still resonate today. Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon. Dryden's expertise at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and then at NASA established America's leadership in aerospace, and his vision paved the way for Armstrong to take those first steps."

The redesignation of the center, which is located on Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California, was directed in legislation authored by Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California's 22nd district. The resolution was passed unanimously by the U.S. House of Representatives in early 2013, with the Senate concurring in early January, followed by President Obama's signing it into law Jan. 16.

Armstrong had significant ties to the center, both before and after his days as a NASA astronaut. He served as a research test pilot at the center from 1955 to 1962, amassing more than 2,400 flight hours in 48 different models of aircraft at the center, including seven flights in the rocket-powered hypersonic X-15. Armstrong was part of a team that conceptualized the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle, a flight test craft that evolved into the Lunar Landing Training Vehicle.  Armstrong and the other commanders of Apollo lunar landing missions trained in that vehicle for their descents from lunar orbit down to the surface of the moon.

Following Apollo 11, Armstrong left the astronaut corps and became NASA's Deputy Associate Administrator for Aeronautics, overseeing aeronautical research programs being conducted at the center, particularly its pioneering work on developing digital electronic flight control systems.

Dryden, considered an aeronautical engineering genius, focused on high-speed flight during his tenure as an aeronautical scientist with the National Bureau of Standards. Involved in NACA research from his doctoral research days, Dryden's first NACA Technical Report was published in 1924 and after World War II he moved from the Bureau of Standards to take charge of the NACA in 1947.

  Under his deft leadership, the NACA rapidly pushed the boundaries of high speed flight and organized the research that led to our first steps into space. Dryden continued with the agency after NACA became NASA in late 1958, serving as deputy administrator of NASA until his death in 1965.

Dryden's quiet, but visionary leadership of the NACA is what prepared that organization to become NASA in 1958, and to have an achievable plan for a human expedition to the moon when President John F. Kennedy called for it in 1961. The organizational genius of Dryden was at the root of Armstrong's most spectacular flight achievements, from the X-15 to Tranquility Base.

The renaming of a NASA center is not without precedent. In 1999, the Lewis Research Center in Cleveland was renamed in honor of Sen. John Glenn, the first American to orbit the Earth in the Friendship 7 Mercury capsule in 1962.

A formal public ceremony to mark the redesignation of the center and its test range is planned for this spring.

For more details on the lives and careers of Dryden and Armstrong, visit:

For additional perspective on Armstrong's seven years as a research test pilot at the center that will now bear his name, visit:

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Week 8: Delegate McDermott's Field Notes


Week 8 Field Notes

Field Notes
Observations and Reflections on Legislative Activities
By Delegate Michael A. McDermott
Week 8 February 24-28, 2014
Monday Evening Session:
House Bills 1477-1496 on First Reader
Tuesday Morning Session:
House Bills on Second Reader
House Bills on Third Reader:
Third Reading Calendar (House Bills) #9
HB 296
Motion vote previous question (Delegate Minnick) Adopted
Third Reading Passed (100-35)
HB 453
Third Reading Passed (129-6)
HB 583
Third Reading Passed (99-36)
Third Reading Calendar (Senate Bills) #3
SB 183
Third Reading Passed (136-0)
SB 184
Third Reading Passed (137-0)

Tuesday Afternoon Judiciary Committee Hearings:
HB-500 would create 12 additional District Court Judgeships on the western shore. The total expense is estimated at around $4 million per year.

HB-537 is one of several submitted bills which seeks to address the Richmond II court case requiring defendants to be allowed legal representation at any stage before the court. This bill would require a mandated appearance before a District Court Judge within 24 hours. The cost is said to rise from over $5 million in 2015 to over $21 million in 2019.

HB-705 would provide for minors and the disabled who are victims of crimes to have legal advocates who can request criminal injuries compensation before the court.

HB-746 seeks to create an evidence based risk assessment in determining pretrial release for criminal defendants.

HB-803 would increase fees and charges in the courts for the purpose of funding the Victims Criminal Compensation Fund. The fees collected are raised by roughly 50% or greater.

HB-810 would change the definition of “undue influence” as it relates to crimes against the elderly if the victim is at least 68 years of age. The expanded definition would cover issues such as property transfers that do not directly benefit the victim.

HB-897 would enhance the penalties for a person convicted of Malicious Destruction of Property for a 2nd or subsequent offense.

HB-967 would remove the defense in cases of Malicious Destruction of Property that a person was a co-owner of the property if the actions committed deny the other owner(s) of use of the property.

HB-985 would repeal a section of law which requires the representation and appearance of the Public Defender to represent a defendant “provisionally” as required.

HB-1186 would repeal a significant section of law which created the District Court Commissioners in 1971. This is one of the bills seeking to address a portion of the DeWolf court decision.

HB-1232 would create a new Division of Pretrial Detention to be utilized to conduct Administrative Hearings as a means of releasing defendants prior to their seeing any officer of the Court in a criminal matter. This also seeks to address the DeWolf decision.

HB-1245 would provide certain protocols for receiving and submitting certain notifications and forms to the courts through digital means and through the designated court system.

HB-1277 would provide that if a Public Defender represents an individual before a judicial official for the purpose of a bail or bond review, the representation of the individual ends at the conclusion of the hearing.

Eastern Shore Delegation Meeting with Gov. O’Malley:
The delegation met with the governor in the Signing Room adjacent to his office. The meeting focused on the Phosphorous Management Tool (PMT) and the impact it could have on the state and specifically on the Eastern Shore. Most contributed to the dialogue and the governor seemed engaged. It appeared that some of the information we confronted him with was being heard for the first time or at least in a context that required some degree of reflection. I told the governor that he was “a bold governor” and that his actions were often not built upon a foundation properly laid for those who the regulations and changes fall upon. I told him our farmers and our watermen feared the administration and felt their futures were uncertain as a result of his actions. He stated that that President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “If you are going to lead from the front, make sure your people do not lose sight of you…”. In response, I told the governor that “farmers and watermen are having a hard time even seeing you with binoculars”.  He did not disagree and he stated that perhaps his administration had moved too fast in some areas. He did appear to be genuinely concerned on the loss of confidence the Eastern Shore appears to hold in regard to his policy enactments. Delegate Conway told him they needed to slow down the process and not be in a hurry in their decision making. We spoke at length about the proposed Fiscal Impact Study that if going to be conducted by the Department and is due for completion by July. I asked the governor to carefully consider the impact statement when it is completed lest our people consider the process as nothing short of “smoke and mirrors”. He said, “I give you my word…the study will be reflected in our actions going forward”.

We also advocated for an increase in the funding levels that are being applied to the community colleges verses the funding levels being provided to the 4-year schools. The governor expressed a desire to build up the community colleges and recognizes their importance to local jobs.

There was a limited discussion on the land based big wind project ongoing in Somerset County (Bay Wind) and concerns that the concerns expressed by the Southern Maryland Delegation may derail this project which promises to bring significant revenues to Somerset County and the lower shore. The governor seemed perplexed that this was being held up under the circumstances.

Wednesday Morning Regular Session:
House Bills 1497-1503 on First Reader

Senate Bills on First Reader

Wednesday Afternoon Judiciary Hearings:

HB-682 would create an automatic Expungement of certain records of the Motor Vehicle Administration that are now performed manually. It would also allow for Expungement of a record even if there are other charges pending.

HB-733would establish special penalties for any Maryland State official who is convicted of DWI or a related penalty. The minimum sentence would be 60-days for a first offense. The bill is ironically being offered by Delegate Don Dwyer  who has been convicted of DWI while serving as a delegate from Anne Arundel County.

HB-835 would create alter the charge of Criminally Negligent Manslaughter by Vehicle to make it Criminal Negligence Resulting in Death. It would eliminate the “failure to perceive” portion of the bill. According to some who testified, this standard has made it difficult to prosecute. Others opposed the changes to the bill.

HB-957 seeks to increase the penalties for third offense DWI laws as well as an increase in penalties when a minor was a passenger in the vehicle. It would expand the ability of the judges to utilize incarceration as a penalty tool.

HB-1014 would allow a Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) for alcohol concentration to be utilized for the purposes of probable cause testimony in court. It would also allow it to be used in a probation revocation hearing. These tests are often used at the roadside to determine blood alcohol concentrations before making an arrest for DWI.

HB-1015 would require anyone convicted of DWI while transporting a minor to be subject to the installation of an Ignition Interlock System as a part of their penalty.

HB-1053 seeks to provide specific penalties for the failure of a worker in established professional capacities to fail to report suspected child abuse. The bill would also set up a Task Force to study certain training requirements for those professionals who are “mandatory reporters” (teachers, nurses, etc.) under the law.

HB-1212 would increase the penalties and create a new law for those convicted of driving while texting who are involved in a motor vehicle accident which results in death or serious injury. A conviction would result in a 12 point assessment on a driver’s license and a potential 3-year sentence.

HB-1244 would change the age by which a person may apply to the Criminal Compensation Board to the age of 25 as opposed to the current age of 21 (if the offense occurred when the minor was 17).

HB-1284 would require the Department of Human Resources or the local Department of Social Services to notify the primary care physician of a child specific information relating to the child which may impact on the continued and ongoing care of the child.
Thursday Morning Session:

Bills on First and Second Reader
Third Reading Calendar (House Bills) #10
HB 25
Third Reading Passed (127-0)
HB 43
Motion Special Order until 2/28 (Delegate Dumais) Adopted
HB 45
Third Reading Passed (128-1)
HB 315
Motion Special Order until 2/28 (Delegate Szeliga) Adopted
HB 355
Third Reading Passed (129-0)
HB 416
Third Reading Passed (130-0)
HB 420
Third Reading Passed (130-0)
HB 428
Third Reading Passed (130-0)
Third Reading Calendar (House Bills) #11
HB 104
Motion Special Order until 2/28 (Delegate Kipke) Adopted
HB 125
Third Reading Passed (129-0)
HB 165
Third Reading Passed (130-0)
HB 172
Third Reading Passed (131-0)
HB 175
Third Reading Passed (130-0)
HB 176
Third Reading Passed (131-0)
HB 243
Third Reading Passed (109-21)
HB 246
Third Reading Passed (131-0)
HB 265
Third Reading Passed (128-3)

Third Reading Calendar (House Bills) #12
HB 439
Third Reading Passed (130-0)
HB 454
Third Reading Passed (119-12)
HB 460
Third Reading Passed (127-1)
HB 461
Third Reading Passed (130-0)
HB 530
Motion Special Order until 2/28 (Delegate Anderson) Adopted
HB 552
Third Reading Passed (130-1)
HB 641
Third Reading Passed (131-0)
HB 660
Third Reading Passed (130-0)

Thursday Afternoon Judiciary Committee Hearings:
HB-631 would remove the provisions in the law which prohibit a court from refunding a bail bond unless certain criteria are met. A judge may have a bond refunded up to 180-days from the court date with just cause and if extensions are requested. This would extend that date indefinitely.

HB-695 would prohibit the tampering with any evidence at a crime scene or potential crime scene.

HB-697 would make it a crime to make a threat to commit an act of mass violence. Some examples were provided about threats made online by individuals which created significant havoc in a community and school system.

HB-714 would prohibit a person from attempting or using an interactive computer service to obtain information for the purposes of committing identity theft of another.

HB-782 would create an additional crime of Third Degree Sex Offense while Committing a Burglary.

HB-787 would create a commission to study the use of “isolated confinement” in our state corrections facilities.

HB-807 would create the crimes of Home Invasion and Armed Home Invasion. We heard from many victims about these types of crimes. Currently, there are many charges that are applicable and cover the various elements of a home invasion (such as Kidnapping, Armed Robbery, 1st Deg. Burglary, etc.)

HB-921 would authorize the Department of Corrections to issue a Certificate of Completion for inmates who may successfully complete their parole or probation. It is viewed as an incentive and a means of assisting inmates as they attempt to gain employment.

HB-955 would prohibit a person from using another person’s personal identifying information (various forms) to solicit another person to commit a crime. The example would be someone posing online as another person and providing confidential information to another person in an effort to entice the person to commit a crime against another.

HB-962 the bill would require a person who desires to be hired as a state correctional officer to submit to a polygraph exam.

HB-993 would prohibit a Registered Sex Offender from participating in any Halloween activities.

HB-1105 would disallow a person from being able to participate in a Home Detention Program if the person was convicted of committing a crime while on Home Detention.

HB-1137 would clarify that one who robs an individual of a illegal drugs, or breaks in a house to steal drugs, etc. is still a crime even though the target of the robbery or theft was an illegal substance.

HB-1141 would repeal the termination date for the law which authorizes a Parole Commissioner to impose any unserved portion of a sentence on an inmate that was originally imposed. We heard testimony from the department that this was a very effective tool for the department to use for violators.

HB-1183 would expand the application of Felony 2nd Degree Assault to include emergency workers, firefighters, etc.

HB-1187 would prohibit the trafficking (sale, offering for sale, etc.) of human organs (living or deceased).

HB-1264 would require a police officer (if requested by a mortuary science practitioner) to remain at a location where an individual has died and the body is present until the body has been removed from the scene.

My Bill Hearing on HB-858:
Currently, a judge in Maryland is restricted as to the probation time period they may impose for persons convicted of crimes. There are a few crimes where a probation may be extended by several years if the judge determines it would be appropriate. This bill would add the charges involving Child Pornography to the list of charges where probation could be extended at the courts discretion. There was no opposition to the bill and I was joined at the table by the State’s Attorney’s Association, and victim advocates.

Bills Voted Favorable in Judiciary Committee on Thursday Evening:
HB-27, HB-49, HB-151,HB-185, HB-307,HB-309, HB-352, HB-385, HB-647, HB-781, HB-1004      
Friday Morning Session:
Special Ordered Bills:
House Resolutions
Special Order Calendar
HB 43
Third Reading Passed (130-0)
HB 104
Third Reading Passed (113-19)
House Resolutions
Special Order Calendar
HB 315
Third Reading Passed (83-48)
HB 530
Third Reading Passed (132-0)

Friday Morning House Bills on Third Reader:
Third Reading Calendar (House Bills) #13
HB 6
Third Reading Passed (132-0)
HB 105
Third Reading Passed (100-32)
HB 150
Third Reading Passed (131-0)
HB 203
Third Reading Passed (132-0)
HB 255
Third Reading Passed (131-0)
HB 401
Motion Special Order until 3/4 (Delegate Braveboy) Adopted
HB 467
Third Reading Passed (127-1)
HB 475
Third Reading Passed (130-2)
HB 476
Third Reading Passed (131-0)
Third Reading Calendar (House Bills) #14
HB 480
Third Reading Passed (112-20)
HB 487
Third Reading Passed (131-0)
HB 556
Third Reading Passed (130-0)
HB 617
Third Reading Passed (131-0)
HB 628
Third Reading Passed (132-0)
HB 704
Third Reading Passed (129-0)
HB 765
Third Reading Passed (125-6)
HB 1057
Third Reading Passed (124-6)
HB 1147
Third Reading Passed (129-0)

There was a bill on the floor regarding veterans.  Here is what I had to say about veterans funding in the state of Maryland.
Questionable Bills Passed Friday:
HB-315 changes the law so that illegal aliens who claim that they were the subject of abuse, neglect, or some level of abandonment, are to be viewed as “juveniles” in Maryland. This distinction allows them Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) as a designation under federal law to assist certain undocumented children in obtaining lawful permanent residency. It was brought up that a 20-year old who is kicked out of the house because they don’t want to work would be considered “abandoned” under the code and could then achieve residency status. Again, illegal aliens are allowed greater provision than citizens who cease being a juvenile in most cases at the age of 18.

HB-104 changes the requirements for the position of “Budget Analysts” hired by the state to perform services for the people of Maryland. I say it “changes”, but, in fact, it eliminated any of the statutory requirements. Before this change, a person who was going to provide these services to the state and our $35 billion budget had to have at minimum:
(i) have at least 3 years’ experience in personnel and other 1 subjects that are related to the operation of a business organization;  
(ii) be a graduate of a recognized school of business 3 administration or have the additional experience that the Secretary requires; and
(iii) meet any other qualifications that the Secretary sets.
The changes to the law strike all of the qualifications! Changes such as these are ripe for political abuse as persons can be hired with zero qualifications and no experience based upon provisions of state law. This was quite striking.
Friday Afternoon Judiciary Committee Hearings:
HB-760 would establish that any civil union entered into by another state or country are subject to the laws dealing with domestic relations in Maryland. This would include annulment, separation, and divorce.

HB-958 would allow a man to be excluded from  having any legal standing as a father of a child for purposes of guardianship or adoption  if the child was conceived as a result of his rape of the mother.

HB-1007  would establish a Grandparent Visitation Right in Maryland. Many grandparents feel displaced and cut off from their grandchildren following a divorce or separation involving their married children. This would provide certain visitation rights to grandparents.

HB-1052 would establish the Maryland Uniform Collaborative Law Act. In short, this is a legal process whereby the two parties in dispute (domestic related or other) agree to collaborate. When this occurs, all of the communications are confidential between the parties and cannot be used against either one in court. The process is designed for candid agreements between parties to forgo more extensive litigation. If the collaboration breaks down, the attorneys cannot represent their clients in court on the matter.

HB-1270 would require the Department of Human Resources to be responsible to pay for the needs of a child in their custody and not charge the child or create a debt on the child’s behalf. Currently, Maryland government will utilize any payments or revenue a child receives to off-set the cost of their upkeep while in custody of the state.

HB-1294 would require a Juvenile Court to hold any juvenile in a juvenile facility and would eliminate the flexibility given to the judges in these cases. Often, juveniles over 15, depending upon the charges, are held in adult corrections facilities pending hearings .

HB-1295 would repeal a section of the law which does not allow a court case which has been moved into the criminal courts to be brought back to the juvenile courts (a reverse waiver).

HB-1301 would allow a court which is determining the child support amounts in a case to also consider custody and visitation arrangements. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

From Pocomoke City Police Chief Kelvin Sewell: Phone Scam Warning From IRS

 Pocomoke City Police Chief Sewell would like to take a moment to warn all citizens of a most recent telephone scam.

To date the Pocomoke City Police Department has received two reports for this type of scam!

 We have shared a message from the IRS, please read below.

If you have a Facebook page please go to the link above and share the message so your friends and family members will be aware.

IRS Warns of Pervasive Telephone Scam
WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today warned consumers about a sophisticated phone scam targeting taxpayers, including recent immigrants, throughout the country. Victims are told they owe money to the IRS and it must be paid promptly through a...

Hogan Outlines Economic Vision at Sold-Out Business Summit

February 27, 2014

ANNAPOLIS - GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan outlined his plan to turn Maryland's economy around this morning at a Business Summit on Improving Maryland's Economic Competitiveness at the Westin Hotel in Annapolis. The event was the second of its kind, the first of which was hosted by Hogan and his grassroots organization Change Maryland last year. The event drew in nearly 400 business and community leaders from across the state. The Hogan for Governor Campaign held this year's event.

"According to one prominent national ranking, Maryland's business climate clocks in at 41st among the 50 states," Hogan charged. "That is simply unacceptable. Maryland can and should do better, and we will - by fixing three competitive disadvantages."

Hogan continued:
  • "First, we need to change Maryland's reputation as a state that is unfriendly to business…
  • Second, we need to change Maryland's tax structure to make it competitive with other states. That includes both personal and corporate taxes.
  • Third, we need to change Maryland's onerous and unpredictable regulatory environment."

  • In addition to Hogan laying out his economic plan, former Secretary of the Department of General Services Boyd Rutherford, Hogan's running mate, led a panel on improving Maryland's business climate and economic competitiveness. The panel included a number of well-respected state business leaders, including:

  • Wendy Merrill, small business owner and expert;
  • Tom Kelso, Managing Director at Matrix Capital Markets Group;
  • Rick Williamson, Senior Vice President of Leasing at St. John Properties;
  • James Brady, Former Secretary of the Department of Business & Economic Development, who now sits on the Board of Directors at T. Rowe Price.

  • A business owner for over 25 years, Larry Hogan has helped attract hundreds of businesses and thousands of jobs to Maryland. He took time away from his successful business to serve as a Cabinet Secretary in the Ehrlich Administration, and founded the state’s largest non-partisan grassroots organization, Change Maryland, focused on bringing fiscal responsibility and common sense policies to Annapolis.

    Authority: Larry Hogan for Governor, John C. Wobensmith, Treasurer.

    David Craig Launches First Paid Media Campaign for Maryland Governor '14

    David Craig Launches First Paid Media Campaign for Maryland Governor '14

    Radio Spots Inform Electorate they can 'Vote Themselves a Raise'
    David Craig announced the first paid media campaign among candidates for Governor in a radio spot that will run through March on Baltimore News-Talk radio stations.   The 30-second spot highlights Craig’s proposal to reduce and ultimately eliminate Maryland’s individual income tax.

    The 30-second spots characterize the O’Malley – Brown record of raising taxes, fees and tolls and excessive regulation as a “job killer” that is causing Marylanders to flee to other states.

    “The Governor has direct control over taxes and the budget, and I plan to use this power responsibility, said Craig. “Maryland is losing the economic race in this region and with it thousands of businesses and jobs to neighboring states.  It is time politicians enable people to vote themselves a raise instead of being penalized for trying to make ends meet.”

    The ads will run on WBAL’s “C-4” and “Derek Hunter” shows.  On WCBM, the ads will air on “Sean and Frank” and national talk shows Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.
    In the ad, the Harford County Executive says, “I’m David Craig.  My plan will lower, and put us on a glide path to do away with the state personal income tax.  We’ll jump start economic growth, create jobs and keep Maryland families together.”Craig announced February 18 a sweeping reform of the individual income tax code that would save taxpayers $2.55 billion in a phased-in approach that puts the state on a glide path toward eliminating the tax altogether.

    According to the Congressional Budget Office, 94% of businesses pay taxes on personal returns as sole proprietorships, partnerships and certain types of corporations.

    “Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and job creation nationally,” said Craig.  “Maryland’s high personal income tax is a major impediment to attracting, expanding and retaining jobs.  It is critical that we eliminate this job killer.”

    As county executive, Craig twice reduced Harford’s main revenue source – the property tax - saving taxpayers $50 million.

    The radio buy will enable the campaign to amplify its tax message as Marylanders prepare for tax season.


    TIME MACHIINE ... This Sunday's Preview

    1935.. Financial woes dealt to one of Eastern Shore's largest nursery operations; 1957.. Pocomoke City's "Merrill's Beach;" 1941.. Strike curtails oyster packing in Crisfield; 1891.. Another "Marriage Tree" visit near Pocomoke; 1895.. Onancock's Margaret Academy.

    Although you may not find all of these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye!

    Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!


    Residential Structure Fire Being Investigated

    Virginia Fire Departments, Stations 9, 12, 10  and 13 responded to  the scene of a residential structure fire that may have been deliberately set.

     A report of  fire,  with flames showing, was called in to 911 around 5:25 a.m. this morning.

    By the time fire departments arrived at the residence at 15490 Ethel Lane in Painter, flames were showing and the home was fully involved.

    The Virginia State Police Arson investigator and the Accomack County Sheriff's Department are on the scene investigating.


    02/27/2014 Residential Structure Fire, Ethel Lane near Painter. Stations 12 (Painter), 10 (Melfa), 9 (Onancock) and 13 (Community) Check with later today for more pictures and details.



    Robin L. Pope

    Maryland State Police

    (STEVENSVILLE, MD) – The suspicious death of a Queen Anne’s County woman almost one year ago remains under investigation as police continue to work to identify a cause of death and determine if that cause of death was the result of a criminal act.

    The woman is identified as Robin L. Pope, 51, of Stevensville, Md. Until December 2012, Pope had been residing with her husband, Wayne A. Pope Jr., in the 100-block of Beach Road, Stevensville. The couple separated that month and Robin Pope had been staying at a residence owned by a female friend on Kent Island.

    Shortly after 2:00 a.m. on March 2, 2013, the Queen Anne’s County Emergency Operations Center received a call from Wayne Pope, who reported suspicious circumstances involving his wife.

      When Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to Wayne Pope’s home, he told them his wife Robin had come to the home late Friday night, March 1, to retrieve some belongings. 

     After she arrived, he left the home. When he returned to the home early Saturday morning, he found his wife’s black 2011 Infinity still parked in the driveway, but she was not at the residence. He also said their dog, a Great Dane, was missing.

    Deputies found Robin Pope’s keys, purse, credit cards, and cash still in her vehicle. The dog was found dead on March 2, 2013, in the water near a pier at a residence near the Pope’s home. An exact cause of death for the dog was not identified, but it was determined the dog had not died from external trauma. 

    Shortly before 3:30 p.m. on March 23, 2013, Queen Anne’s County Emergency Communications received a 911 call from the 500-block of Bay Drive, Stevensville. The caller reported he had been fishing on a pier when he observed a body in the water near the shore. Police and fire department personnel responded and recovered the body of an adult female from the water.

    The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner used dental records to positively identify the body as Robin Pope. The cause and manner of her death were not identified and remain undetermined.

    Maryland State Police Homicide Unit investigators continue to seek answers and evidence in this case. Although the cause and manner of Robin Pope’s death have not been determined, investigators continue to consider the circumstances surrounding her disappearance and death suspicious. Because the cause and manner of death have not been determined, investigators have not ruled anything out as a possibility, or ruled anyone out as a suspect.

      All possibilities remain open.

    State Police investigators have not given up and are doing everything possible to determine how and why Robin Pope died. If she died as a result of a crime, State Police are committed to finding the person or persons responsible and bringing them to justice.

    State Police continue to hope for assistance from the public. The area where Robin Pope disappeared and was later found dead is isolated, but investigators believe there are people who have information that could be helpful. Anyone who has information, even if they think it is insignificant, is urged to contact the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit at the Easton Barrack, at 410-822-3101. 

    Family Pet STILL MISSING! REWARD Offered!

    TURBO is still missing!

    Family pet missing since Sunday night is still missing from the Oak Hall, Virginia area near Route 13.

    Turbo could possibly still be wearing a collar.

     $200 REWARD !!

     If anyone has seen Turbo PLEASE call 757- 894- 4241 
    His family misses him very much.

    Japanese H-IIA Rocket Scheduled For Launch Today From Japan

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration - NASA

    A Japanese H-IIA rocket carrying the NASA-Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Core Observatory is seen as it rolls out to launch pad 1 of the Tanegashima Space Center, Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014, Tanegashima, Japan.

    Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
    The GPM Core Observatory is proceeding toward launch scheduled for 1:37 p.m. EST on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014.

     Final checks have been made for the operational conditions of the H-IIA launch vehicle, satellites, launch facilities, tracking and control systems, and weather conditions. Once launched, the GPM spacecraft will collect information that unifies data from an international network of existing and future satellites to map global rainfall and snowfall every three hours.

    #nasa #gpm #nasarain #jaxa #japan #launch #rocket #launchpad #satellite

    To watch the launch TODAY

    Wednesday, February 26, 2014

    SAVE THE DATE ~ Pocomoke City Police Dept. Annual Easter Egg Hunt

    MEDIA ADVISORY: Hogan to Give Major Economic Address in Front of Another Sold-Out Crowd in Annapolis

    Larry Hogan, frontrunner for the GOP nomination for governor, will give a major economic address tomorrow at his second annual Business Summit on Improving Maryland's Economic Competitiveness before a sold-out crowd at the Westin Hotel in Annapolis. The event will also include a panel discussion with state business leaders Wendy Merrill, Owner of StrategyHorse Consulting Group and Insurance Designers; Tom Kelso, Managing Director at Matrix Capital Markets Group; Rick Williamson, Senior Vice President of Leasing at St. John Properties; and former Secretary of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, James T. Brady, Board of Directors at T. Rowe Price. The panel will be led by Hogan's running mate and former Ehrlich Cabinet Secretary, Boyd Rutherford.
    Hogan, who announced his candidacy less than a month ago, already leads the other GOP challengers by nearly 2-1 or greater margins in the latest statewide polls. Hogan's campaign to change Maryland continues its rapid growth and has added over 5,000 people in the weeks since his official campaign launch, and now stands at 80,000 strong.
    Members of the press are invited to attend this event. For more information and to confirm your spot, please contact Hannah Marr at, or by phone at (443) 221-4450.
    WHO: Larry Hogan for Governor Campaign
    WHAT: Business Summit on Improving Maryland's Economic Competitiveness
    WHERE: Westin Hotel Annapolis | 100 Westgate Circle | Annapolis, MD 21401
    WHEN: Thursday, February 27, 2014 | 8 - 10 am

    Authority: Larry Hogan for Governor, John C. Wobensmith, Treasurer.