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Pig Roast and Karaoke Tonight At Furnace Town


WHEN: Saturday, June 18, 2011

TIME: Pig Roast starting at 6:00 p.m.

Music/karaoke 8:00 p.m. – 12 midnight

COST: $20.00/person includes dinner and admission
$6.00/children ages 2 – 13
$5.00/admission without dinner

WHERE: Furnace Town Living Heritage Museum

Located on Old Furnace Road, off Route 12, five miles north of Snow Hill, Maryland
Music provided by
Beer available
Please call 410-632-2032 for more info

Mayor and Council Meeting

7:30 p.m., Monday, June 20, 2011
City Hall

1.      Call to Order, Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.

2.      Review and approval of minutes from meeting of June 6, 2011.

3.      Review and approval of bills to be paid.

4.      Second Reading of Res. No. 447 to set the tax rate for 2011-2012.

5.      Second Reading of Res. No.  448 to adopt the proposed budget for fiscal year 2011-2012.

6.      Second Reading of Res. No.  449 to establish certain City fees and other charges for fiscal year 2011-2012.

7.      Review proposed revised contract for restaurant building construction (Gillis/Gilkerson – low bidder). 

8.      Discuss request for abatement of real property taxes and waiver of water and sewer fees for Marva Theater.

9.      Discuss request from Great Fair Committee for funding for 2011 Great Fair.

10.  Review letter from Eastern Shore Gas Company regarding proposed upgrade of underground utility lines.

11.  Discuss proposed annual tax abatement for properties on Taylor Avenue and others.

12.  Review recommendation from Police Chief Ervin regarding new vehicles.

13.  Discussion of proposal by State of Maryland to increase tolls on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Comments from the Audience.
Mayor and Council Items.
Adjourn .

Accomack County Will Hire Independent Auditor

Now maybe Accomack County will begin to make progress with those unpaid taxes!

At Wednesday's Accomack County Board of Supervisor's meeting, Supervisor Robert Crockett made the suggestion that the Board hire an auditor to examine the County's tax system.

Crockett stated that he believes the best way to make a better system for tax collection is to retain the services of an independent auditor to examine the offices of the Treasurer, Commissioner of Revenue, Director of Finance and the Assessor to identify any problems that may exist.

The Board voted unanimously to spend up to $7,500 to hire an independent auditor.


Don't Miss The Final Night of the Annual Cypress Festival

Sponsored By The Pocomoke City Chamber of Commerce


Saturday, June 18, 2011                    Admission $2.00
Rides and Midway by Sherwood Amusements
11:00 a.m.      Gates Open 12:00 noon Rides Start

Battle of the Bands Competition Starts
Sponsored by Delmarva Power
12:00 noon Band Entry:  Jeremy  Ray and the Bandits

1:00 p.m. Band Entry:  14-5

2:00 p.m. Band Entry: Life as a Martyr

4:00 p.m. Band Entry: Fast Nixon

5:00 p.m. Band Entry: As Alice Sleeps

Performances by Cascading Carlos

Shows at 1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m. Car Show by Crabtown Cruisers

**Free River Cruises on the Bay Queen

Leaving the dock at 3:00 pm and  6:00 p.m.**
Sponsored by the Pocomoke City Chamber of Commerce and Captain John Riggi
4 to 9 p.m. Sillie Willie The Clown will be on the grounds
        Sponsored by Hickman Heating & Plumbing

6:30 p.m. Ty Sherwood and the Tydewater Band

TBA Duck Derby
                Sponsored by Shore Bank
                And Mariner Oil/Dave Mears

10:00 p.m. Fireworks    Sponsored by Pocomoke City

10:00 p.m. Festival Closes

Ride Tickets—$1.00 for 1 or $20 for 25

Burn Ban Status

Worcester Co. Burn Ban Status
Presently at this time Worcester County does NOT have a burn ban in effect. The continued dry weather has certainly had an impact on the local environment. The Fire Marshal’s Office and the County’s Environmental Programs Division are presently reviewing the situation. At a minimum outside burning is discouraged. County Fire Marshal Jeff McMahon encourages County residents and visitors to reframe from outside burning.


'The Rest Is History'..........

From: Between The Lines
June 17, 2011
Written By: Publisher/ Editor, Steven Green

Although he would most likely never admit it publicly, Worcester County State’s Attorney Beau Oglesby must have been feeling tremendous vindication in the moments after the jury returned a first-degree murder conviction in the death of Christine Sheddy.

To understand why, we must look back at last election season when then-State’s Attorney Joel Todd illustrated in campaign materials how a number of crime victims were backing him for re-election. One of those crime victims quoted in the campaign ads was Sheddy’s mother, Lynn Dodenhoff. When Oglesby questioned crime victims being used as political leverage, the proverbial you know what hit the fan.

Oglesby’s pointed comments set off a firestorm among the local blogs and on a Facebook page slamming both Oglesby and this newspaper. Over the course of that October weekend, dozens of phone messages, nasty emails, ridiculous threats and Facebook posts addressed the matter. Hysteria was how I described it back then. Many comments criticized Oglesby and his so-called inexperience and how Todd was the better man to prosecute the case and bring justice to those who harmed Sheddy.

The rest is history, as Oglesby prevailed in another nail biter and is the current top prosecutor in Worcester. Although many were concerned how Oglesby would handle a major murder trial, he proved this week he can not only handle the pressure but also overcome it. The jury returned a first-degree murder conviction on Justin Hadel in Sheddy’s death. What else could anyone ask for?

Nonetheless, Oglesby was still being ripped in the bizarre local blog world. Oddly enough, Todd came to his successor’s defense with a statement.

“This week, the Worcester County State’s Attorney successfully prosecuted Justin Hadel for 1st Degree Murder. Despite that, negative remarks have been posted about him,” Todd said. “Let me be clear, this post is neither a condemnation nor an endorsement of the current state’s attorney. Nevertheless, to those who supported me who may be making attacks against the incumbent because they’re hoping to make him vulnerable for my return at the next election, let me be perfectly clear: I have no intention of running for state’s attorney again. … The personal attacks that have been made against him are ill-advised. Give him a chance to do his job. If you are not pleased with his job, then you may get actively involved in the next election and exercise your right to vote for the candidate of your choice.”


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A Little Something For The Dads

Don't forget Dad this Sunday, here's a little something to send ol'Pop to help brighten his day.


June 16, 2011 5:33 p.m. The Pocomoke City Vol. Fire Co. assisted Stockton Vol. Fire Co. with a large field fire on Jones Rd. Extremely dry conditions and high winds caused the fire to spread rapidly.

Smoke from the fire as seen on Stockton Road

 Additional Fire Companies / Departments that helped fight the fire included: Snow Hill, Girdletree, Greenbackville, New Church, and the Forestry Service.

Additionally, Maryland State Police, Trooper 4 (helicopter) was used to help locate the distance the fire was spreading into the woods.

The fire started from a combine that was harvesting the crop.

The burned area of cleared land was harvested wheat and barley. Very little of the unharvested crop was lost. However, all of the harvested crop in the combine, along with the combine,  was lost.

 Approximately 50 to 70 acres of harvested land was burned and less than 50 acres of forest area was involved. One firefighter received an ankle injury. Firefighters were on the scene for about 3 hours.

Stockton Chief Neal Payne was the Officer in charge.
Pocomoke Chief Dicky Gladding was the Operations Officer.

More photos on

Jury Finds Man Guilty of First Degree Murder

This is one of the best articles I have read concerning coverage of the Sheddy murder trial. 
Being a juror during this  trial had to have a few confusing moments.

Beau Oglesby, who so many expected to fall flat on his,  face didn't.    He proved that he could handle a trial like this and he also let everyone know that he is fully aware that his job is not finished with this trio.

I'm sure we all will agree that this is not the end  of this story by a long shot.  As Paul Harvey would remark, "the rest of the story"........., this is it

Written by
News Editor,
Shawn Soper
Md. Coast Dispatch

SNOW HILL -- After three days of dramatic testimony, a Worcester County jury on Wednesday found a Texas man guilty of first-degree murder in the death of the Delaware woman reported missing near Pocomoke in November 2007 whose remains were discovered buried on the grounds of a bed-and-breakfast in Snow Hill over two years later.

Justin Hadel, now 20, of College Station, Texas, was found guilty of first-degree murder this week for the beating death of Christine Sheddy, a 26-year-old Delaware women reported missing in November 2007 from a farm near Pocomoke where she had been staying with friends.

Sheddy had moved to the Byrd Rd. residence just about two months earlier and shared the residence with another couple, Clarence “Junior” Jackson and Tia Johnson, along with Johnson’s two children, and Hadel, who is Johnson’s cousin. Sheddy was reported missing on Nov. 13, 2007, touching off a massive search in the area of the Byrd Rd. residence where she had been living with her two young children.

After an extensive two-year search, Sheddy’s remains were discovered buried on the grounds of the River House Bed and Breakfast in Snow Hill, where both Jackson and Johnson had worked prior to Sheddy’s disappearance. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner later ruled Sheddy had been killed by as many as four blows from a blunt object. Investigators identified Hadel as the suspect and he was arrested in Texas and was charged with first-degree murder.

It later came to light Hadel had confessed to Tia Johnson about committing the murder after two unsuccessful attempts to tell his cousin about what had happened. In addition, Hadel later confessed to killing Sheddy to his jail cellmate, Jonathan Handy, while awaiting trial. Both Johnson and Handy testified this week Hadel had confessed.

Johnson, who had refused to testify in the months leading up to trial under fear of incriminating herself in the crime, was compelled to testify this week by the court under the doctrine of “use immunity.” Use immunity is granted to a witness in a criminal case that prevents the use of the witness’s compelled testimony against that witness in a criminal prosecution. A witness with use immunity may still be prosecuted, but only based on evidence not gathered from the protected testimony.

This is what the writer is referring to doctrine of'use immunity
Document Name: ORDER OF COURT

 ORDERED that if called to testify or provide other information in the criminal prosecution in the above captioned matter, Tia Johnson is required to give testimony or provide other information which Tia Johnson has refused to give or provide on the basis of the individual's privilege against self-incrimination; and it is further ORDERED that no testimony or other information compelled under this Order, and no information directly or indirectly derived from the testimony or other information, may be used against Tia Johnson in any criminal case, except in a prosecution for perjury, obstruction of justice, or otherwise failing to comply with this Order.

Oglesby also acknowledged defense’s notion Hadel was somehow the mastermind.

“There is no suggestion that Justin Hadel was ordering anyone around,” he said. “If you believe Handy, the order came from Junior to finish her off. But the question of why is not a question that has to be answered by you. If you believe Christine Sheddy died of injuries inflicted on her, and Justin Hadel inflicted those injuries, than you can find him guilty of murder.”

The jury did find Hadel guilty of first-degree murder after deliberating for three hours on Wednesday. Afterward, one juror, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the jury was convinced Hadel was responsible for inflicting the blows that killed Sheddy.

“We took an initial vote and while we weren’t immediately in total agreement, I think everybody realized he was guilty of killing her,” the juror said. “I think we all agreed he was guilty of something, but there was considerable discussion about the pre-meditation issue.”

After carefully reviewing the evidence, the juror said reaching the verdict wasn’t difficult.

“Everybody wanted to carefully go over the evidence again,” the juror said. “We wanted to make sure we got it right. We wanted to treat it with respect and carefully and thoroughly reach a decision. Somebody was dead and another person was likely going to spend the rest of his life in jail, so you want to do the right thing.”

The juror also said, while it wasn’t an issue for the jury to decide, most on the panel believed others were involved.

“I would suggest all of the jurors believed two other people should be charged with something in this case,” the juror said.

Johnson’s lengthy testimony on Tuesday laid out the events leading up the Sheddy’s disappearance in great detail. Johnson testified she had returned to the Byrd Rd. residence on the evening of Nov. 13, 2007, to find the typical bonfire blazing on the property with no one else around. Hadel and Jackson returned a short time later and told Johnson that Sheddy had run off.

Johnson made arrangements for Sheddy’s children to be picked up, while Hadel and Jackson went to search for Sheddy. The two men returned about two hours later and the three adults and Johnson’s two children packed some belongings and inexplicably went to the River House in Snow Hill for the night.

During the trial, testimony showed Hadel had struck Sheddy as many as four times with a shovel during a dispute over sex. Johnson testified Hadel had been intimate with Sheddy after she came to live at the Byrd Rd. residence. It also became apparent Jackson and Johnson were involved in the cover-up, although the extent of how much Johnson knew and when she knew it was not entirely clear.

What is clear is that Hadel eventually confessed to Johnson while the two were in a car together at a gas station in Salisbury after two earlier attempts to tell his cousin what happened that night. By the end of the trial on Wednesday, it was clear Jackson and Johnson were involved, at least in the cover-up, but the guilt for Sheddy’s death was squarely on Hadel. During his closing argument, State’s Attorney Beau Oglesby told the jury the evidence and testimony showed Hadel deliberately and willfully killed Sheddy.

“The defendant intended to kill Christine Sheddy,” he said. “He thought about it. He had enough time to reconsider before hitting her. You’ve heard the evidence, you’ve seen the pictures, you heard from the Medical Examiner who tells you a minimum of four blows were inflicted on a 5’3”, 104-pound woman.”

Oglesby pointed out with emphasis the Hadel’s willful and deliberate actions met the standard for premeditation.

“Was it premeditated?” he asked. “When he was preparing to strike her, it was willful, deliberate and pre-meditated,” as he pounded the jury box with his hand to punctuate each word.

Public Defender Arch McFadden, however, pointed to Johnson’s testimony that Hadel told her it was an accident.

“If you believe Tia, you’re probably somewhere in the area of first-degree assault,” he said. “He said he swung the shovel and hit her and that it was an accident. An accident is not homicide.”

McFadden attempted to paint Hadel as a pawn in a larger cover-up constructed by Jackson and possibly even Johnson.

“To believe he was the mastermind, that he ordered around Tia and Junior, both grown adults, is just incredible,” he said. “It was Junior’s decision to go to the River House. He had the key, he picked the room and he had the key to the shed where the tools were located. In order for the state’s theory to be true, a 16-year-old had to kill her and direct two grown adults to cover it up. It’s just incredible.”

McFadden also suggested Johnson lied on the stand to protect Jackson.

“As early as November 2007, Tia has already lied to protect Junior,” he said. “She lied to protect him then, and she is lying to protect him now. The only way to get Tia out of this, and get Junior out of this is to lie about what really happened, and they’re the only ones who really know. She made up stories to protect the man she loves.”

McFadden referenced a picture from the scene where the remains were recovered showing a piece of wood with the name Junior carved into it with a crown over top to hammer home his point.

“King Junior killed Christine Sheddy and they got Tia and Jonathan Handy to come in here and tell us Justin Hadel did it because it’s all they have,” he said.

However, Oglesby countered two independent witnesses testified Hadel had confessed to them.

“Justin Hadel confessed to two separate people and said he killed Christine Sheddy,” he said. “Two people with no connections. The defense would have you believe two witnesses both lied and completely fabricated confessions out of thin air. There is not a single piece of evidence that points a finger at anyone other than the defendant.”

Oglesby did not discount the assertion Jackson and Johnson were involved, at least in the cover-up, but told the jury that issue was not in front of them at this time.

“I do not doubt that it was Jackson’s idea to take the body to the River House,” he said. “He knew about the place and he had access to the place, but Justin Hadel is not charged with getting rid of the body. Who decided where to take the body is not at issue here today. The question before us is who killed Christine Sheddy, who struck her at least four times. It is uncontradicted that anyone but Justin Hadel killed Christine Sheddy.”



Sponsored by The Pocomoke City Chamber of Commerce

Friday, June 17, 2011                         Admission $2.00

Rides and Midway by Sherwood Amusements

6:00 p.m. Gates Open and Rides Start

6:15 p.m. Eastern Shore Robotics  Demo

7:00 p.m. Midnight Country Express

10:00 p.m. Gates Close

Ride Tickets—$1.00 for 1 or $20 for 25
Duck Derby Tickets Available at the
 Pocomoke City  Chamber of Commerce Hospitality Booth

Accomack County Lobbyist Is OUT

The Accomack County Board of Supervisors said no to the lobbyist and yes to Eastern Shore Rural Health at their meeting on Wednesday, June 15.

A motion was made by Supervisor Wanda Thornton to approve the contract for the lobbying firm for the next six months. During discussion, Supervisor Grayson Chesser said there was no way he would vote in favor of the lobbyist. He stated that the people of Accomack County have spoken overwhelmingly and not one person who he has talked to was in favor of it. Chesser added that he was willing to go to Washington D.C. if needed to represent the County.

Supervisor Wanda Thornton told the board "If you don't have a lobbyist, you dont get anything." She went on to say that the Wallops Research Park and NASA are an extremely intricate part of jobs for the County and if the board abandons that, people will go to Maryland and there will be no jobs here resulting in our young people not being able to find jobs. She said the board needs to do everything they can to create jobs in the County.

Supervisor Robert Crockett told the board that everyone who has contacted him was against the lobbyist and that it is his duty to represent and to listen to the people in his district.

Supervisor Ron Wolffe was in favor in the lobbyist noting that Accomack County should be on the same playing field as other Counties. He said the County needs a lobbyist to get things done.

Supervisor Reneta Major approved of the lobbyist and said Accomack County needs to be innovative. She said this is a good chance for infrastructure and called it a "no brainer." She added that no one from her district called her in opposition.

The motion failed to carry 6 to 3, with Thorton, Wolffe and Major voting in favor.

In other action, Eastern Shore Rural Health was given approval of a conditional use permit to construct a new health center near New Church. Mrs. Nancy Stern, CEO of Eastern Rural Health spoke to the board and told them that the health care organization had been serving people on the shore for 35 years and that as of June 1st, 29,000 have chosen them for health care, whether insured or not.

Stern urged the board to move forward because they were on a timeline, noting that the process was two months behind. She added that Eastern Shore Rural Health complied with everything for their new Onley facility and would do the same for the new Atlantic Medical Center.

Several citizens spoke in favor of the new health care facility and there was no opposition to the new center.

The board unanimously voted to approve the permit with a few minor revisions.


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Check-Out Pampered Chef

Another of our friends and reader has a new website Pampered

Please give it a once over and lets support our local friends. The Pampered site will be pinned under the Ad and links section for further reference.

Justice For Christine

Written by
Jennifer Shutt
SNOW HILL -- A case that began in November 2007 with the disappearance of 26-year-old mother of three Christine Marie Sheddy has ended with a jury finding Justin Michael Hadel guilty of first-degree murder.

The jury of six men and six women began deliberating about 10:30 a.m. with sparring arguments from the defense and prosecution fresh in their minds. It took them just over three hours to unanimously decide Hadel not only killed Sheddy but premeditated the murder.

"Since she went missing, I have been working this case every day," said Sheddy's mother, Lynn Dodenhoff, during a news conference. "This closes a chapter; we buried her and that was one thing, but today someone was held responsible."

Worcester State's Attorney Beau Oglesby said he and his office are "exploring charging additional people" in the death of Sheddy, and he could not say if there would be more than one person who may face future prosecution.

"I'm so grateful they believed in me and believed in my daughter and got justice for her today," Dodenhoff said.

The jurors who decided Hadel's fate arrived at their decision within hours of hearing Oglesby and defense council Arch McFadden debate in their closing statements.

McFadden dug into the credibility of witnesses Tia Johnson, who was living with his cousin Hadel and Sheddy at the time of her death.

McFadden told jurors Johnson lied to police in 2007 when asked about Sheddy's disappearance. She told police she had dropped off her boyfriend, Clarence Jackson, at a friend's house; in her testimony this week, she said Jackson had been at the farmhouse with Hadel all day.

During her testimony Tuesday, Johnson said when she returned to the farmhouse Nov. 13, 2007, she found only Sheddy's two children. Two hours later, she testified, Hadel and Jackson emerged from the night to tell her Sheddy had "taken off." Within a few days, she testified, Hadel changed his story, telling her he'd killed Sheddy.

"The only way Tia Johnson can get out of this and get (Jackson) out of this is to say (Hadel) confessed with no one else around," McFadden said. In earlier testimony, Johnson said Hadel told her on two separate occasions he had killed Sheddy. "Tia lied on Nov. 27, 2007; she lied to police on Feb. 23, 2010; and she lied to you yesterday on that stand."

Oglesby reminded jurors Johnson only testified because she was compelled by a court order to do so.
"Tia Johnson loves (Jackson), yes, but Justin Hadel is family," said Oglesby, offering a reason Johnson was reluctant to testify in the first place.

McFadden showed the jury a photograph of the gravesite where police found Sheddy in February 2010. On a nearby piece of wood, "Jr." -- Clarence Jackson's nickname -- was carved.

"King Junior killed Christine Sheddy," McFadden said.

"There is not a single piece of evidence that justifies the statement Mr. McFadden said that Clarence Jackson killed Christine Sheddy," Oglesby countered. "There is no physical evidence that links anyone with the death of Christine Sheddy but the defendant."

The State's Attorney's Office previously filed a motion to seek life without the possibility of parole. Circuit Court Judge Thomas Groton has ordered a presentence investigation to gather additional information about Hadel's criminal history before imposing a sentence.

During a post-trial news conference, Oglesby said he is still committed to seeking a life sentence.


Thursday Events Schedule - Cypress Park

Sponsored By The Pocomoke City Chamber of Commerce



Rides and Midway by Sherwood Amusements

6:00 p.m. Gates Open and Rides Start

7:00 p.m. Pocomoke Idol with DJ Big Al

10:00 p.m. Gates Close

Ride Tickets—$1.00 for 1 or $20 for 25

Wristbands for the Cypress Festival are $8. Each band is good for one day; Wed and Thursday nights and Saturdy noon to 4.

Criminals Attempt Scam On Shore Bank Customers

Shore Bank customers received a letter this week from Hampton Roads Bankshares stating that a number of their customers have been victims of a text message "phishing" scam.

According to a letter signed from Brenda Payne, Senior Vice President of Hampton Roads Bankshares, criminals are sending text messages under the pretense that the messages are being sent from the Bank. The text message incorrectly states that the person's debit card has been deactivated and instructs the customer to call the Bank at the provided number. But the number is not the Bank's phone and is actually a number established by the scammers. If the number is dialed, callers hear what seems to be a legitimate call center and they are asked to enter their card number, followed by a request for their pin number. Once the scammers have this information, they are able to create fake cards and make ATM withdrawals.

If you receive this text, do not respond by text or call any phone numbers provided. Payne's letter reminds customers not to share debit card numbers or PINs with anyone.

Shore Bank will never ask for your PIN or any password used to access accounts because the information is personal.

You are encouraged report the incident with your bank, including the phone number you were asked to call.

If you have already shared this information with someone as a result of a text message, call 1-800-523-4175 immediately.


Sign Up For Summer Theater Academy

This year the Mar-Va Theater Performing Arts Center will bring you three exciting sessions of Theater Academy. We will offer sessions for varying abilities. Our Introductory Session is for those thespians that are beginning to learn the craft of theater and performing arts.
 Students with three years or more experience may register for our Advanced or Musical sessions. Each session culminates in a production. Sessions are 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Mon – Fri
Advanced: Midsummer Night’s Dream
Musical: Peter Pan and Wendy
Introductory Session: Ages 8-15
June 27 – July 1
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Musical Session: Ages 8-17
August 1 – 12

Introductory Academy Fee
$100 members / $150 non members

2 Week Academy Fee
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jury Reaches Verdict -

In the Christine Sheddy murder trial,  a jury of 6 men and 6 women have found Justin Hadel GUILTY of  first-degree murder and assault.

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