Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Simple Reminder.........

Thou shalt NOT steal!

Do you understand that?

TIME MACHINE Preview ... Baseball's Vic Keen's Ties To Pocomoke City

High School baseball in Worcester County...the Major Leagues...managing in the old Eastern Shore League...
Read more about Vic Keen this Sunday on the Pocomoke Public Eye!

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two or more if you wish. Your name won't be used unless you ask that it be. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Pet Jerky Treat Death Toll: 360 Dogs, 1 Cat, FDA Says

At least 360 dogs and one cat reportedly have died in the U.S. after eating chicken jerky pet treats made in China, even as claims of illnesses tied to the products have topped 2,200, federal veterinary health officials said.

Food and Drug Administration officials this week issued the first summary of reports of pet deaths linked to the jerky treats in the past 18 months, along with the strongest suggestion to date that owners might want to avoid the products all together.

“The FDA is reminding pet owners that jerky pet treats are not necessary for pets to have a fully balanced diet, so eliminating them will not harm pets,” agency officials said in an online report.

At the same time, the FDA said it will begin testing treats to see whether irradiation of the products may have contributed to reports of treat-related problems ranging from diarrhea and vomiting to kidney failure, Fanconi syndrome and death.  

In 2009, the Australian government halted irradiation used to sterilize cat food after reports of paralysis and other problems appeared to be linked to the process. Ninety cats were sickened, of which 30 died, according to press reports at the time.

U.S. regulations allow pet food, including pet treats, to be irradiated up to a maximum of 50 kiloGrays to provide microbial disinfection or elimination of other pathogens. By contrast, most foods for human consumption are limited to far lower levels, 1 kiloGray maximum for fresh foods and 3 kiloGrays for fresh shell eggs to eliminate salmonella. The upper limit is 30 kiloGrays for spices or dry dehydrated seasonings -- except for frozen packaged meats for astronauts, which may be irradiated at levels up to 44 kiloGrays.

It’s not clear whether or how irradiation may contribute to illnesses in pets. The process is widely regarded as safe and even necessary by food safety experts such as Christina Bruhn, a researcher in food science and technology at the University of California at Davis.

Keith Schopp, a spokesman for Nestle Purina PetCare Co., confirmed that his firm's Waggin' Train brand products are irradiated. 

"This is similar to what is used in sterilizing spices, apples, tomatoes and meat for human food," he said in an email to NBC News. "The extra precaution is taken to assure pet owners the treats they buy are safe and healthy."

FDA officials indicated they would ask NASA -- which has expertise in the effects of irradiated food -- for help in their analysis.

Investigating irradiation's effects on pet treats will be the latest avenue for an agency stumped by rising reports of deaths and illnesses in pets. The treats are part of an estimated nearly 86 million pounds of pet food imported to the U.S. from China each year.

In China, people mostly prefer the dark meat of chicken, leaving a large amount of light meat products available for export. Much of that has been funneled into pet treats, including pet jerky treats that are considered the fastest growing segment of the pet food market, the FDA indicated.

Since 2007, the FDA has received growing numbers of reports of illnesses and deaths in pets fed the jerky treats. Repeated tests at FDA laboratories, at the agency’s Veterinary Response Laboratory Network, and by other animal health diagnostic labs across the country have failed to detect any microbiological, chemical or other contaminants in high enough levels to cause the symptoms in the pets.

“To date, none of the testing results have revealed an association between a causative agent and the reported illnesses,” the FDA said.

The situation has frustrated pet owners who blame the deaths and illnesses of their animals on tainted treats. Several lawsuits have been filed against the firms that sell the treats and the companies that make them, including Nestle Purina, which makes the popular Waggin’ Train and Canyon Ranch jerky treat products, and Del Monte Corp., which makes popular Milo's Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats.


The Pocomoke City Fire Company Cadets

Being held at the Fire Department

Saturday   September 15, 2012
9:00 AM  until  2:00 PM

Cost:  $10.00

Get your car washed and help support the
Pocomoke City Volunteer Fire Company Cadets

Friday, September 14, 2012

"Warriors Supporting Warriors" Field Hockey- For Our Troops.

‘Warriors Supporting Warriors’
Pocomoke Warriors  VS  Easton Warriors
Pocomoke High School Stadium


Friday, September 14, 2012
Junior Varsity game starting - 4:00 p.m.
Varsity game following at 5:30 p.m.
COST  $5.00

BAKE SALE and team members will be selling flags with yellow ribbons

ALL proceeds  from the game will go towards the
"Wounded Warrior Project"
Also as a tribute all military personnel - with military I.D. will be able to attend the game at no cost.

Come out and support the Warriors of Pocomoke High School as they support and honor the men and women who proudly serve our country.

Legislative Updates From Delegate Mike McDermott

Voter Fraud Investigation Demand
  • Observations and Reflections on Legislative Activities

  • By Delegate Mike McDermott

  • Mike McDermott: “ The allegations against Wendy Rosen make her the Poster Child for Voter Fraud”

    (Annapolis) -- Delegate Mike McDermott (R), representing Maryland's Eastern Shore, is calling upon Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations of fraud committed by former 1st District Congressional Candidate Wendy Rosen. The former Democratic candidate was a challenger in the race against incumbent Congressman Andy Harris (R).

    "At a time when many declare we should not be concerned about 'voter fraud,’ the disqualified 1st Congressional District Candidate, Wendy Rosen, makes the perfect poster child " stated Delegate Mike McDermott. "These allegations must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as a vigilant reminder that our elections are precious and must be protected” continued Delegate McDermott.

    Delegate McDermott has requested an investigation of the allegations that Ms. Rosen voted in the states of Maryland and Florida during the same election cycle. The delegate went on to say, "Her [Rosen's] outrageous conduct has resulted in an attack on our strong two-party election process that should not go unpunished.  We expect more from our electorate and we must demand our candidates lead by example."

    Formal requests were filed with both Offices of the Attorney Generals Gansler (Maryland) and Bondi (Florida) requesting the investigation of alleged fraud committed by Rosen in their respective jurisdictions.

    Delmarva's Got Talent ~ Last Call For Contestants

    LIVE: Delmarva's Got Talent! 

    September 21st & 22nd
    28th & 29th
    Time: 7PM

     for contestants!

    Don't miss out on this awesome annual event! 

    Grand Prize is $500

    Entry fee: $25 + application

    For more information, visit our website!

     We're accepting applicants until Thursday, September 20 at noon! 

    Mar-Va Theater

    Thursday, September 13, 2012

    Crisfield Mudbog, Continued ~ September 1, 2012

    This is a winner take all race where the drivers dial in what time they think it will take them to finish getting through 150 ft. of mud!  The jackpot grew rapidly once again and before we knew it $2,000.00 was the winning amount!!  The spectators love this - and so do the drivers!

    The winner of the Gambler's Race at he Crisfield Mud Bog on Sept. 1 was

    Sam was only 0.09 off from his dial in time

    "Dirty Dreams"
    Driver/ Sam Jones
    Photo/ Elizabeth, North Carolina
    Summer 2012

    Video:  Brian Watson /"Little Red Dakota"
    "All Night Soldier"
    Driver/Owner/ Patrick Long

     According to the driver Patrick Long, "All Night Soldier" took second place in the Small Tire Super Stock with a 7 second pass.  In Big Tire Super Stock he ran a 6.5.

    Which reminds me:  If you have any information about your racing at the last race in Crisfield let me know!

    "Friends In Low Places"
    Driver/ Daniel Harvison

    Video: Charlie Price/ "Midnight Express"
    "Poppy's Toy"
    Driver/ Gary Downes

    "Dirty Dog"
    Driver/ Travis Pruitt

    Next mud bog will be October 13, 2012 in Gumboro, Delaware.
    For information and directions go to

    Always looking for new info......
    Contact me if you'd like to share.

    TIME MACHINE Preview ... Baseball's Vic Keen's Ties To Pocomoke City

    High School baseball in Worcester County...the Major Leagues...managing in the old Eastern Shore League...
    Read more about Vic Keen this Sunday on the Pocomoke Public Eye!

    Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two or more if you wish. Your name won't be used unless you ask that it be. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

    NEW Traffic Law To Take Effect October 1st


    (PIKESVILLE, MD) – Maryland State Police are reminding motorists of a new law about to take effect regarding actions drivers must take when approaching intersections with non-functioning traffic signals.

    Beginning October 1, 2012, a driver approaching a non-functioning traffic control signal from any direction at an intersection shall stop:
    -at a clearly marked stop line;
    -before entering any crosswalk; or
    -before entering the intersection.

    After stopping, the driver must:-yield to any vehicle or pedestrian in the intersection; and
    -remain stopped until it is safe to enter and continue through the intersection.

    Intersection traffic control signals, most commonly called ‘red lights,’ or ‘stop lights,’ direct the safe and orderly flow of traffic in and through thousands of intersections across Maryland. Most are powered by electricity that can be interrupted because of storms, traffic crashes, or other incidents that cause power outages. Just because a traffic control signal is not functioning at an intersection does not mean drivers are relieved of their duty to exercise care and caution. The new law makes clear the procedures each driver must now follow.

    Violations of the new law carry a fine of $90 and two points if the offense does not contribute to an accident. If the violation contributes to a crash, the fine is $130 and three points.

    If two vehicles approach an intersection without a traffic control device or with a non-functioning traffic control signal from different roadways at the same time, there is existing motor vehicle law that applies. In this situation, the driver on the left must yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on his or her immediate right.

    There are also times when a traffic control signal that normally operates green, yellow, and red lights may be in ‘flashing’ mode. This usually means red lights may be flashing in one direction and yellow lights are flashing in another direction. Flashing red
    and yellow lights on a traffic control signal do not mean the light is ‘non-functioning.’

    In this situation, the drivers approaching the red flashing light must stop and can only proceed when the intersection is clear. Drivers approaching the yellow flashing light should slow down and use caution, but are permitted to proceed through the intersection without stopping. Drivers are also reminded that if a police officer is directing traffic in the intersection, they should obey the directions of that officer, regardless of the signal indicated on the traffic control device.

    It is difficult to describe every potential intersection situation. Above all, drivers are reminded that it is their duty to always drive with care and caution, especially when approaching an intersection with a non-functioning signal. If other drivers are present at the intersection, remember to be courteous, use caution, and do everything possible to try to determine the intentions of other motorists and communicate your intentions, if you are unsure of how to proceed. Even if you have the right of way, it is better to allow another driver to proceed if it appears he or she is going to do so, instead of risking an intersection crash.

    Maryland State Police Press Release

    Mar-Va Theater This Weekend

    Friday  September 14th
    Saturday  September 15th
    7 PM

    ADMISSION:  $5.00

    Maryland Pit Bull Ruling Is Challenged In Federal Court

    By Ian Duncan
    The Baltimore Sun

    A resident at the low-income Armistead Gardens housing development is suing the state in federal court, asking judges to strike down a recent court ruling that pit bulls are inherently dangerous.

    In a complaint filed Wednesday, lawyers for Joseph Weigel argue that he would have to move out of his home at the East Baltimore housing complex if he refuses to give up his dog.

    In August, the Maryland Court of Appeals ruled that purebred pit bulls are "inherently dangerous" and that landlords could potentially be strictly liable if a pit bull attacks a person on their property.

    After the ruling, Armistead Homes Corp., which manages Armistead Gardens, told residents to get rid of pure and mixed-breed pit bulls or face eviction, according to the suit.

    Weigel's suit argues that in the ruling, the appeals court unconstitutionally overrode the property rights of people like Weigel by making them choose between their homes and their pets.

    Charles H. Edwards, Weigel's attorney, said that if a restraining order is not issued, Weigel and his dog will be homeless before the end of September. While Weigel is the only resident of the development named in the suit, Edwards said it could apply to as many as 500 dog owners who live there.

    "These people are faced with a very hard choice — homelessness or euthanization of their dogs," Edwards said.

    Armistead Gardens did not respond to requests for comment on the suit. And the Maryland attorney general's office declined to comment on ongoing litigation.

    The original ruling sprang from a 2007 incident in which a young boy was mauled by a pit bull in Towson. When the dog's owner declared bankruptcy, the boy's family took forward a case against the owner's landlord.

    In April, the Court of Appeals ruled that both purebred pit bulls and pit bull mixes were inherently dangerous, overturning a previous law that an owner must have known their dog was dangerous in order to be held strictly liable.

    Then in August, the appeals court partly walked back the ruling, applying it only to purebred pit bulls. But experts say that might not have changed the effect of the ruling because "pit bull" is not a breed of dog, rather an umbrella term for different breeds.

    The General Assembly made an unsuccessful attempt to revise the ruling in the special session, and is expected to try again next year.

    Edwards said he knows he has an uphill battle in his challenge.

    "It's an incredibly difficult case to win, but you got to do something," he said.

    While the court made clear that the ruling was not a ban on pit bulls and that their owners would not have to give up their dogs, Tami Santelli, Maryland director of the Humane Society of the United States, said its effect on renters could be "more insidious".

    Stacey Evans, the chairwoman of the animal law section of the Maryland State Bar Association, believes landlords could be held liable even if they did not know a pit bull was on their property.

    Animal protection groups are worried that the ruling would lead to tenants abandoning pit bulls in order to stay in their homes.

    "Everyone was pretty nervous in April when the case came down," Santelli said.

    While the Humane Society estimates the ruling could affect as many as 70,000 dogs in Maryland, Santelli said she had not heard of large numbers of animals being given up to shelters. But she said homeowners and condo associations have contacted the organization to say they are updating policies to ban pit bulls in common areas.


    Rocket Launch For Saturday ~ NASA Wallops Island Canceled

    The launch of a Terrier-Lynx suborbital rocket scheduled September 15, 2012  for the Department of Defense from NASA's launch range at the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia has been postponed.

    A new launch date has not been determined.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012


     Drag racing and off-road course
    (mud pit also if it is not too dry in that area of the infield)
     ATV Registration:  9:00 AM
    Registration Fee:  $25.00
    ATV Events Begin @ 10:00 AM

    Demolition Derby begins @ 4:00 PM
    Registration Fee:  $25.00
    ATV EVENT ~ $2.00
    (must present wristband if you leave and return later)
    Children 6 yrs. and under FREE

     Kitchen will be OPEN for lunch and dinner for sandwiches. 
    Try the NEW funnel fries!!!!

    Mar-Va Theater ~ Delmarva's Got Talent ~

    There's still time left to be a contestant!
    Sign up today!

    If you would like to be a contestant in Delmarva's Got Talent" contest there's still some time left to enter.
    But hurry.  Time is running out. 

    You could be the one to walk away with the grand prize!

    For entry form go HERE

    Man Gets Multiple Life Sentences In Child Sex Abuse Case

    By Connie Morrison
    WESR Radio
    A 60-year old man, who was called Pop-Pop by the children in the household, because he was like a grandfather to them, received two life sentences, and four 20-year sentences, for sexual abuse of those same children.

    William Roger Clough, Jr. was found guilty in Accomack County Circuit Court in March under a plea agreement, in which he agreed to plead guilty to 4 counts of aggravated sexual battery, one count of forcible sodomy, and one count of object sexual penetration, in exchange for the Commonwealth not pursuing six other similar charges.

    Referring to the charges and convictions, defense attorney Patrick Robbins told Judge W. Revell Lewis III, There is no way to sugar coat this, and presented Mr. Clough's minimal education and lack of criminal history, before asking Judge Lewis to sentence Mr. Clough with in the guidelines of 10-20 years.

    Deputy Commonwealths Attorney Matthew Brenner, didn't mince words in describing Mr. Clough's actions as crimes of the most reprehensible nature. There is not just one child victim, he continued, there are four. Mr. Brenner noted the tender ages of the four victims, who were 4, 6, 7, and 11 at the time of the offenses, and are all related to Mr. Clough. He went on to say that the children viewed him as a grandfather, and he abused that trust by hurting them physically, and inflicting damage to their psyches that will take many years to mend. He used threats to physically harm them, and in one case told the four-year-old he would kill her mother if she told.

    Mr. Brenner said that Mr. Clough deserved the maximum sentence for each crime, and Judge Lewis agreed, stating that grandfathers are supposed to protect children, and the fact that he was a family member made these crimes even worse. He also noted, however, that the system worked, because one of the children told a teacher, who reported it, which led to social services launching an investigation that uncovered the abuse.

    Mr. Clough was remanded to jail to await transport to the state penitentiary to begin serving his sentence.


    Tuesday, September 11, 2012

    Race Day ~ Crisfield Mud Bog ~ September 1, 2012

    If you are familiar with Labor Day tradition in Crisfield then you know nothing gets started until after the famous and fun Crab Derby Parade- not even mud bogging.  The races started just a few minutes late but not enough for anyone to notice unless you were paying attention to the clock.

    It is estimated that  Crisfield  mud bog drew at least 1,000 spectators.  And at one point the cars were lined along the shoulder of the road waiting to pay admission into the mud bog.That's not bad at all considering the holiday and all the events happening in town.  These fans are very dedicated mud bog fans!  Much appreciation needs to be given to them for attending race after race and especially for coping with the HOT temperatures on this day.  In fact, I believe, it was hotter than HOT.

    The most welcomed person of the day had to be the young man walking around the grounds selling lemonade.  Hope you bought some of it because it was delicious and just hit the spot on such a hot and humid racing afternoon!  The poor guy walked all day offering his wares and when I met up with him later in the day he looked pooped!  I certainly hope someone gave him a nice dinner and he got some much needed rest. 

    As of this post the race results and points have not been posted on the official Crisfield/Gumboro website.  So until I have that information here are a couple of videos and some photos from the mud bug along with what  information I have.  If you have any info you would like to share email me.  My email address is listed on this blog.

    "Short and Sassy"
    Owner/Driver Barry Wise

    "Old School II"
    Randy Willey
    Hurlock, Maryland

    "Mud Dobber"
    Driver- Wright Townsend

    "Sod Buster"/Driver Barry Long
    "All Night Soldier"/Driver Patrick Long
    "Wildfire"/Driver Donald Bowden

    I'll be back with more photos and video and the name of the winner in the "Gambler's Race".

    Salty Dog Celebrates Downtown Pocomoke City Fall Festival

    Be sure to register your dog in the Dog Parade !!

    Pocomoke Hockey Team Warriors Support "Wounded Warriors"

    Written by
    Shawn Nisson
    Staff Writer

    POCOMOKE — Two Warrior squads will clash on the field this Friday in an effort to support and honor those who have served our country in battle. Easton’s field hockey team will travel to take on Pocomoke, with junior varsity scheduled for a 4 p.m. start with the varsity game following that at 5:30, in a contest where the proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warriors Project.

    “We wanted to be patriotic,” Susan Pusey, Pocomoke’s head coach said. “We wanted to recognize and honor the military for all that they are doing for our country.”

    There will be a baked goods sale to raise funds and the team will also be selling flags with yellow ribbons that will line the fences around the field. Also as a tribute all military personnel will be able to attend the game at no cost.

    “We just thought it would be a good thing to do,” Pusey said. “We’re playing Easton, who are the Warriors as well, and we’re just trying to raise some money for the Wounded Warriors Project.”

    According to the Wounded Warriors Project website, the groups mission is to “honor and empower wounded warriors.” The project hopes to raise awareness and to get the general public involved in helping to aid the needs of injured service members.

    Pusey said that she has always tried to instil a sense of gratitude and the need to perform services for others in her student athletes.

    “I always try to express to the kids the need to give back,” Pusey said. “We’re trying to build character in these kids to make them realize that people do a lot of things for all of us and we certainly should give back our time and appreciation to our country. Things are not the best now a days and we certainly need to support our military.”

    While this is the first event of it’s kind at Pocomoke, the school has been very successful at putting on events like this in the past. Pusey said that success is a testament to the amount of support they get from both the school and the surrounding community.

    “It’s a really good thing that our school has been doing,” Pusey said. “It shows a lot about Pocomoke high school and our kids that they’re willing to participate, and the faculty and the administration have been fantastic in supporting these events as well.”

    In Case You Missed It: Change Maryland

    O'Malley sharply critical of GOP at convention
    Baltimore Sun 9.5.12

    "If Governor O'Malley worked in a bipartisan manner in his six years in office, state government would have made the tough choices needed to restore economic performance," said Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan.

    O'Malley talks taxes but not 2016 at convention

    Baltimore Sun 9.5.12

    In a statement, Hogan said there is "a pattern of deception from the governor.''

    Oh My, O'Malley

    Wall Street Journal 9.5.12

    "The political group Change Maryland notes that he has raised taxes or fees 24 times as governor."

    O'Malley reprises campaign slogan to back Obama

    Delmarva Now 9.5.12

    Larry Hogan of Change Maryland said: “Governor O’Malley talks a lot about ‘moving forward’ but here in Maryland his policies have slammed us into reverse and have us stick in a ditch.”

    O’Malley brings more drama for Obama

    Examiner 9.5.12

    “Make no mistake about it, modern investments in a modern economy is just code language for more tax-and-spend governing like we have seen in Maryland,” under the O’Malley administration, said Hogan.

    O’Malley speech puts convention in drive

    Maryland Reporter 9.5.12

    Larry Hogan of Change Maryland said: “Governor O’Malley talks a lot about ‘moving forward’ but here in Maryland his policies have slammed us into reverse and have us stuck in a ditch.”

    The Varied Reaction to Martin O'Malley

    Monoblogue 9.5.12

    "Change Maryland did a little digging and found Ohio created three times more jobs than Maryland under Kasich."

    Democrats' rising star leads Maryland through years of tax increases

    Washington Examiner 9.4.12

    "Martin O'Malley is managing the decline of Maryland," said Larry Hogan, founder and chairman of Change Maryland.

    McDonnell ahead of O'Malley 

    Daily Progress 9.2.12

    "Then in late May, Larry Hogan, chairman of the nonpartisan group Change Maryland, wrote a piece for Reason magazine titled 'How Maryland's Tax Rates Are Driving Jobs to Virginia.'

    Annapolis Capitol 9.2.12

    “If this is an opportunity to sprinkle more money around to favored projects, then it is a waste of resources,” Jim Pettit, policy analyst for Change Maryland said. 
    Maryland surplus spurs debate: Did lawmakers need to raise taxes?

    Washington Post 9.1.12

    "Tax increases have fomented grass-roots opposition, giving rise to a group called Change Maryland, which has had 22,000 Facebook followers since the spring."

    State takes to YouTube to fight poor business perception

    The Daily Record 8.27.12

    "The state Department of Business and Economic Development posted a quirky, two-and-a-half minute video Friday that rebuts the claims of organizations such as Change Maryland."

    Contact Any Member Or Call For Tickets

    Today We Remember September 11, 2001....

    Monday, September 10, 2012

    "Warriors Supporting Warriors" Field Hockey- For Our Troops.

    ‘Warriors Supporting Warriors’
    Easton vs. Pocomoke
    Pocomoke High School
    Friday, September 14, 2012 Junior Varsity game starting
    at 4:00 p.m.
    Varsity game following at 5:30 p.m. COST: $5

    Benefits from the game will go towards the
    "Wounded Warrior Project" to honor our military.
    There will be a Baked Goods For sale to raise funds

    The team will  be selling flags with yellow ribbons that will line the fences around the field.

    Also as a tribute all military personnel will be able to attend the game at no cost.

    The awesome power of a wife's love

    A very old man lay dying in his bed.

    In death's doorway, he suddenly smelled the

    aroma of his favorite chocolate chip cookie wafting up the stairs.

    He gathered his remaining strength and lifted himself from the bed.

    Leaning against the wall, he slowly made his way out of the bedroom.

    With even greater effort he forced himself down the stairs,

    gripping the railing with both hands.

    With labored breath,

    he leaned against the door frame, gazing into the kitchen.

    Were it not for death's agony,

    he would have thought himself already in heaven.

    There, spread out

    on newspapers on the kitchen table were literally hundreds of

    his favorite chocolate chip cookies.

    Was it heaven?

    Or was it one final act of heroic love from his devoted wife,

    seeing to it that he left this world a happy man?

    Mustering one great final effort, he threw himself toward the table.

    The aged and withered hand, shaking, made its way to a cookie

    at the edge of the table,

    when he was suddenly smacked with a spatula by his wife.

    "Stay out of those,"

    she said.

    "They're for the funeral."

    Annual Fall Festival~ Vendor/Exhibitor Rules & Regulations & Form

    Rules and Regulations
    Pocomoke City Annual Fall Festival
    October 6, 2012
    The Downtown Pocomoke Association and the City of Pocomoke are hosting the Annual Downtown Fall Festival in Pocomoke City, Maryland.

    Any obligations, releases, waivers or hold harmless items provided in this agreement with the Downtown Pocomoke Association and the City of Pocomoke City, shall be conclusively deemed to apply without exception to the City of Pocomoke, and/or any other agency or organization involved with the planning of this festival.

    The success of the Annual Downtown Pocomoke Fall Festival depends on the parties fulfilling these rights, duties and obligations.

    October 6th, 2012, 10:00am – 3:00pm

    Location: Downtown Pocomoke City. Your space will be assigned when you pay. You will likely be placed along Market Street or Clarke Street, between Second & Front Streets. These streets will be blocked off. You will be told to set up either in the street or on the sidewalk.

    Exhibit Fees: Application is attached for a 10 X 10-ft. space. The fee for a 10ft X 10ft space is $15.00. (The fee for 10ft X 20ft is $30.00) Space/booth/table assignments will be made at Association’s sole discretion, based on availability and on the date each paid application is received.

    You must bring your own canopy/tents, table and chairs
    and whatever you feel you need.

    Signage is the responsibility of the Vendor/Exhibitor and must comply with the specification as stated below. Vendor/Exhibitor will be permitted to display signs identifying the Vendor/Exhibitor and goods and/or services with prices that are being offered to the public. Vendor/Exhibitor will be permitted to distribute handouts, brochures, flyers, and other promotional materials within the confines of assigned exhibit space only. Signage can in no way conflict with or be contrary to the stated purpose of the Annual Downtown Pocomoke Fall Festival.

    Unless agreed to in advance of the event, vendor/exhibitor is not allowed to sell knives, guns, swords, poppers, silly string or any paraphernalia deemed by the Downtown Pocomoke Association or Pocomoke City Police Department to be unsuitable for this event.

    Security: Neither the Downtown Pocomoke Association nor the City of Pocomoke shall be responsible for lost or stolen items. Each Vendor/Exhibitor is expected to secure their area and its contents at the end of each day.

    The Exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Downtown Pocomoke Association and the City of Pocomoke for any loss that may occur through theft, vandalism, fire or acts of God.

    The Vendor/Exhibitor is entirely responsible for the assigned booth/exhibit space and agrees to reimburse the City of Pocomoke for any damage to buildings and/or grounds, sustained within such space during the period of time the Vendor/Exhibitor has contracted for (including move-in and move-out).

    Trash: Vendor/Exhibitor is expected to provide for trash collection in booth and to empty that trash into receptacles provided by the festival.

    Payment: Payment is due with application no later than September 15, 2012, assuming space availability at that time.

    Move-in and set-up on Saturday, October 6th, between 8:00am and 9:30am. All booths must be fully set up and operational by 9:30am and remain open until 3:00pm.

    Compliance: The Vendor/Exhibitor must comply with all Vendor/Exhibitor Rules and Regulations relating to the Annual Downtown Fall Festival. These Rules and Regulations are to be considered an integral part of the attached registration form.

    We look forward to your participation at our
    Annual Downtown Fall Festival!
    Thank you!


    Non-Food Vendor Form
    Pocomoke City Annual Fall Festival
    October 6, 2012
    Registration Deadline: September 15

    Forthcoming Rules and Regulations will be considered an integral part of this Registration Form.

    1. Contact Person: ______________________________________________

    2. Company Name: _____________________________________________

    3. Mailing Address: _____________________________________________

    4. Telephone: __________________

    5. Email: ______________________________________

    7. Please include here a description of the items you will be selling or exhibiting:

    9. Please reserve space as follows: (include all that apply)

    Fees: $15 deposit per vendor, for a 10ft x 10ft space ($30 for 10ft x 20ft)
    Free for non-profit, 501(c)3 organizations.

    Number of Spaces ___________Amount Enclosed $__________
    Please make checks payable to: Downtown Pocomoke Association

    Mail completed form and checks to:
    Angela Manos, City Hall, 101 Clarke Avenue, Pocomoke City, Maryland · 21851

    Questions? Call: 410.603.1178, or Email:

    Payment in full due by September 28, 2011*

    Signature of Authorized Representative: ____________________________
    *Early registrants may benefit from being included in marketing materials for the event.