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TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview

1958.. 120 Descendants Left By Accomac Centenarian; 1943.. Pay raise for Maryland teachers earning less than $3,000 a year; 1911- Wife of Pocomoke City bank president reports threats; 1899.. New Maryland governor is from Snow Hill; 1903.. The value of white wash. 
Although you may not find all of these these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye! 

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Set Up Completed For Boat Docking Contest

Don't miss the Boat Docking Contest !!  A great deal of hard work had taken place to make this an enjoyable event!



Sunday, August 18, 2013
Downtown  Pocomoke ~ behind Riverside Grill
Gates open @ 10 Show starts @ 1:00

Ages 3 & under FREE
 Ages 4 - 12  ~ $5
 Ages 13 &Up  ~ $10

UMES ~ First University to Adopt Hardwire, LLC's Technology

Photo- Hardwire LLC
Calling "campus violence a reality" to prepare for, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore announced plans Thursday to spend $60,000 on the Clark Kent of teacher supplies: an innocuous-looking white board that can stop bullets.

The high-tech tablet — which hangs on a hook, measures 18 by 20 inches and comes in pink, blue and green — can be used as a personal shield for professors under attack, according to the company that makes it, and a portable writing pad in quieter times.

"It needs to be a great whiteboard and a useful tool so that it doesn't get hidden in the closet," said maker George Tunis. His Worcester County company Hardwire LLC starting out making military armor, then adapted it for the classroom after the tragic shootings last year at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., where 20 children and six adults were killed.

"When Sandy Hook happened … a light bulb went off that it's really the teachers and administrators" who need protection, the father of two said. "Those brave souls were trying to close the gap and get to the shooter and stop him, but they didn't have anything that could stop the bullets along the way."

High-profile incidents like Sandy Hook and the 2007 mass murder of 32 people at Virginia Tech have led campuses across the country to focus on safety.

They've developed assessment teams to evaluate potential threats and revamped policies to tighten security. And in Maryland next week, campus police from nine schools are taking a training course in recognizing mental illness to help them defuse potentially dangerous situations.

Body armor is the latest effort, security experts said.

"There are several vendors that have this type of personalized armor," said S. Daniel Carter, a national campus safety advocate.

"It's not something that is in much great use."

UMES is the first university to adopt Hardwire's technology, though the company said it has sold its bulletproof whiteboards, which cost $299 apiece, to roughly 100 lower-grade schools in five states, including Maryland. It also makes bulletproof door shields, clipboards and inserts for children's backpacks, all of which it sells online.

UMES President Juliette B. Bell said in a telephone interview that she decided to order 200 whiteboards for faculty using funds from the university's foundation account so the school could be "proactive rather than reactive" in a violent situation.

Located in the historic town of Princess Anne on the Eastern Shore, UMES has never experienced an "active shooter" incident, unlike some other Maryland schools, including Morgan State University, where a football player and a visiting student were shot in two separate events last year.

"Being able to respond accordingly is very important," Bell said, pointing to the Virginia Tech shootings. "It's all about being prepared."

UMES announced the deal from the Maryland Association of Counties summer conference in Ocean City. Hardwire had a booth set up there where Tunis, with the help of employees and his 14-year-old daughter, demonstrated his products.

Mark McLaurin, a political director with the union SEIU, stopped with several of his colleagues to marvel at his wares. They stared, and then they stared some more.

"It's startling to see," McLaurin said. "I took a picture of it. I couldn't believe it."

His union represents workers in Montgomery County schools, which Tunis considers a potential market.

G. Dale Wesson, a professor at the Eastern Shore university, gave it a once-over and determined that "it won't protect you from a bazooka, but it's something." He called it an alternative to arming teachers.

"You have different options to protect the students," he said from the conference.

Tunis envisions teachers using the whiteboards to fend off attackers individually or as a group, standing side-by-side to create a wall that could shield evacuating students or to fend off an attacker.

"It's designed to be a last resort and to buy you some extra time," he said.


DE Man Arrested for Stolen Vehicle from NY

On August 14, 2013, at approximately 1:30 a.m. Ocean City police initiated a traffic stop in the area of 44th Street and Coastal Highway because the driver was not wearing a seatbelt. As officers attempted to stop the car, the driver of the vehicle fled from his vehicle and ran west into the marsh behind the 45th Street Shopping Village. Officers were able to detain the suspect, who was later identified as Ramone Shy, 25, of Wilmington, DE, after a short pursuit.

During the initial investigation, officers located a back pack that Shy had thrown into the marsh during the foot pursuit that contained drug paraphernalia. In addition, officers found a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle, which they learned was reported stolen by the New York City Police Department.

Ocean City police charged Shy with various charges related to the possession of the stolen vehicle, possession of marijuana and paraphernalia and nine traffic citations, in addition to pending stolen vehicle charges from New York City police.

 Shy is currently being held at the Ocean City Police Department on a Fugitive Warrant.  Shy was seen by a Maryland District Court Commissioner and was held on $5,000 bond for the pending Ocean City Charges and no bond related to the out of state fugitive warrants.

Ocean City Police Dept.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Jeannie Haddaway on the Administration's announcement of long-delayed bridge project

Lt. Governor candidate Jeannie Haddaway on the Administration's announcement of long-delayed bridge project: 

"It's great that the Eastern Shore is finally getting a new Dover bridge, but this project should have been completed much quicker and for less money.  The O'Malley - Brown Administration, in a flailing attempt to justify the gasoline tax increase, is trying to take credit for the Dover bridge that was already funded in the last decade.   When this Administration took over, $41 million previously set aside for this project suddenly vanished.
"Now, nearly ten years later, the Administration is ready to hold a press conference.   As we've seen with other transportation projects across the state, the O'Malley - Brown Administration takes the money, spends it on whatever they want, then warns us that roads and bridges are falling apart and raises everyone's taxes to fix the problems they created.

"They are hoping that everyone forgets that tax payers are required to pay twice due to their reckless spending policies.  This is also going to cost $9 million more now that the project has been delayed."

News for Immediate Release

Jennifer Rafter
Pocomoke Area Chamber of Commerce

Call for Entries for the Perfectly Unpretentious Juried Show,
Save a Beer!

Entries wanted for the Pocomoketoberfest Perfectly Unpretentious Juried Show for fine art, jewelry and crafts.  Grand prize in each category is $200.  Entries are only $20 and artists may sell as many items as they like at their 10 x 10 booth space.   Please contact Jennifer at the Pocomoke Area Chamber of Commerce at 410-957-1919 or for details or see for entry forms.
Experience a unique flavor with Pocomoke’s Second Annual Pocomoketoberfest, Saturday September 7th from noon to 6 pm in Cypress Park on the Pocomoke River! Tickets include a beer or wine glass and free samples from Burley Oak, Evo, 16 Mile and Dogfish Head, St. Michaels, Fenwick Wine Cellars, Great Shoals and  Layton’s Chance, great live music with Heather and Nathan 1 -3 pm and the Funky T from 3-6 pm.  Food for sale with an Oktoberfest taste, and of course shop the Perfectly Unpretentious Juried Show for fine art, jewelry and crafts!
Get your $20 advance tickets until August 31 at the Chamber, 6 Market Street in Pocomoke, or at Cheers in Salisbury.  Designated drivers are only $5. Tickets are also available online at  Tickets are $25 at gate, and craft beers are only $4/glass.  So get your advance tickets, save $5, and save a beer! (Plus a dollar!)


A word from Mike Shannon:
"Its almost here our 1st boat docking contest!!! Here are some of the things going on this weekend.. It all starts on Saturday night with a "Meet & Greet" the captains @ 7 - 9pm at Riverside Grill in Pocomoke then after that we will move down to the Upper Deck where the band Fat Tuesday will be on stage from 9:30 to 1:30.

Then on Sunday morning we will have the captains breakfast at 9am then its just about show time.. Each Captain will have one practice run with no ropes starting about 1215 then at 1pm its time to go racing.. So come make it a weekend in Pocomoke City and enjoy all the fun we have to offer.. We hope to see you there!!!"

Sunday, August 18, 2013
Downtown  Pocomoke ~ behind Riverside Grill
Gates open @ 10 Show starts @ 1:00
Ages 3 & under FREE
 Ages 4 - 12  ~ $5
 Ages 13 &Up  ~ $10

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Commission Approved Toll Increase

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel Commission approved a 10% toll increase Tuesday effective January 1, 2014 with a 10% toll increase to occur every five years thereafter.

While some drivers crossing the CBBT will be paying more beginning January 1, 2014, others may benefit from new toll discounts.

The new rates will include a two tier rate for passenger cars which will be higher during peak driving periods. Peak driving periods are defined as Friday through Sunday May 15 through September 15. All other periods will be considered off-peak. The rate for a passenger car starting January 1, 2014 will be $15 during the designated peak days with a $3 return rate within twenty-four hours and $13 for off peak days with a $5 return rate within twenty-four hours. The result is a $1 net increase over the current round trip toll rate. A new proposed round-trip discount of $8 will also apply to cars and light trucks that are towing trailers. The previously approved Commuter Rate of $5 remains unchanged and will also take effect by January 1, 2014. All toll discounts will be applied to EZPass customers only. Travelers that currently do not have an EZPass account are encouraged to visit the CBBT Administration Building to open an account, or sign up on line at

The revenue from the proposed toll increase will be used to help finance the construction of the Thimble Shoal Channel parallel tunnel. The Commission originally planned to begin construction of the parallel tunnel in 2021 but decided to move forward earlier than that due to the current favorable interest rates for tax exempt debt and decreased construction costs.

A resolution approved at the May 2013 Commission Meeting states that one reason to proceed with the construction of a new parallel tunnel is that as the age of the existing tunnel approaches 50 years maintenance needs will increase. The existing tunnel structures require that traffic be stopped for most maintenance activities, which creates approximately 1400 hours of lane closures per year. The new parallel tunnel will allow traffic to be rerouted to allow for needed maintenance projects.

For fiscal year 2012, the CBBT took in approximately 55 million dollars and spent approximately 39 million dollars. As of June 2013, they have amassed a reserve fund for parallel tunnel construction of 186 million dollars. The current debt is approximately 102 million dollars.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

At The Mar-Va This Weekend !!


Friday, August 16th
Saturday, August 17th

7 PM
Tickets  $5.00

OCPD Charge Local Man with Multiple Acts of Indecent Exposure

On August 12, 2013, at approximately 11:45 p.m., Ocean City police responded to the area of Jamestown Road in reference to an indecent exposure involving a male exposing himself in a vehicle.  Officers had responded to the area on previous occasions for similar complaints, however; the suspect had left the area before police arrived.

On this occasion, officers arrived in the area and located the suspect, who was later identified as Erik T. Rosado, 28, of Ocean City, who was seated in his vehicle. Investigators determined that Rosado was the person who had been seen by victims in his vehicle exposing himself to passers-by.  Police located two witnesses who positively identified Rosado as the suspect who had exposed himself three previous times over the past two weeks.

After being interviewed by detectives, Rosado was charged with four counts of indecent exposure.  At the time of this release, Rosado is in custody at the Ocean City Public Safety Building awaiting an initial appearance before a Maryland District Court Commissioner.

The OCPD is asking anyone who may have been the victim of a similar incident in the Jamestown Road area to please contact the OCPD Criminal Investigation Division, Detective Nick Simpson at: 410-520-5349.

Ocean City Police Dept.

Tonya Bundick To Be Released On Bail

Tonya Susan Bundick who along with her boyfriend Charles R. Smith III was implicated in 67 arson cases between November and April, was granted bond Thursday morning in Accomack County Circuit Court. Judge Glen Tyler granted a $30,000 bond on condidions that a professional bondsman be utilized and that Bundick agreed to remain in Accomack and Northampton Counties while on bond. The only exception would be for emergency medical treatment with written proof.

Bundick was charged with one count of arson and one count of conspiracy to commit arson by an Accomack County Grand Jury in July. The maximum sentence on each count is 10 years for a total of 20 years. Her boyfriend, Charles R. Smith III was charged with setting 67 of the 76 fires that occurred from November 2012 to April 2013. Bundick was only formally charged with arson and conspiracy to commit arson in a fire near Melfa on April 1 which led to the arrest of the pair.

Smith is behind bars with bail denied awaiting trial.


TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview

1958.. 120 Descendants Left By Accomac Centenarian; 1943.. Pay raise for Maryland teachers earning less than $3,000 a year; 1911- Wife of Pocomoke City bank president reports threats; 1899.. New Maryland governor is from Snow Hill; 1903.. The value of white wash. 
Although you may not find all of these these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye! 

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

!st Boat Docking This Sunday ~ In Pocomoke
POCOMOKE CITY — The circuit of boat docking competitions that runs through several cities on the Eastern Shore is about to grow another leg.

The inaugural Pocomoke City boat docking contest, dubbed “Racin on the River,” kicks off this weekend.

“A couple of the watermen around here came up to me (to put this event on) because they’re trying to do a little circuit,” said organizer Mike Shannon. “They had Cape Charles, and then they skip a couple of weeks and they’re in Crisfield and St. Michaels and Deal Island and Tilghman Island, so they’re all over the place

“They asked if I could pull this together, and the people here in town — and in other towns — have been very gracious in donations.”

That generosity means more than $12,000 will be given to the winners of the competition.

Shannon, who also organizes the town’s Christmas parade, established the Pocomoke Boat Docking Association to help raise funds and accept sponsors.

“There’s a lot of red tape that the government has now,” he said. “I had to do everything for the parade, so I went ahead and did everything for both at the same time. That was rough.”

Twenty-five boats can compete in the competition by contacting Shannon at 410-726-5777. There is no fee for registration.

“Everyone has to have the right documentation, but these guys know all of that,” Shannon said. “They’re not new to this by far.”

Boat docking has a loyal — and vocal — following on the Shore, and Shannon expects several thousand people at the inaugural event.

“The more we have and the more they cheer, the faster they go,” he said. “It’s just something to do on a Sunday afternoon on the river out here.”

Bleachers and seating will be provided, and food and beverages will be sold by host Riverside Grill. The gates open at 10 a.m., and the competition begins at 1 p.m.

Opportunities for sponsorships are still available.

“I won’t turn anybody away,” Shannon said. “If they want to donate $50 or $100, that’s great. Every little bit helps. We’ll also have a VIP area for people who donate more than $500

“Pocomoke is a great town, and it’s trying to grow. We have great events all year long. It’s one thing after another that we’re trying to do to put Pocomoke on the map, and I just want everybody to come check out the new restaurant and downtown, and just take a look at a great little town.”


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jeannie Haddaway on real cost of Maryland's Health Exchange

For release: 8.13.12
Contact: Jim Pettit

Maryland Lt. Governor candidate Jeannie Haddaway released the following statement regarding costs required to implement Maryland's health exchange.  These costs were disclosed in Maryland Reporter August 11.

"Under the O'Malley-Brown Administration, implementing the new health care law is more about politics, marketing and spin than improving people's lives. The Administration wants everyone to believe that somehow Obamacare is free, as if grants magically appear that nobody has to pay for.  They even said no state funds would be used to launch the exchange, which we later learned was not true.

"If the new health care exchange is so great, then it should not take $24 million in marketing and technical assistance for people to use it.  And make no mistake, this so-called 'outreach' is targeted towards their political base.  It's also strange that the O'Malley - Brown Administration takes credit for creating 300 marketing temp jobs funded by our own tax dollars.  Government-run health care is bringing us an 83% healthcare tax. That won't be in the glossy brochures, because it's a fact."



Md. health insurance exchange to open this fall at cost of $200M

Obamacare will stick Marylanders with 83% tax increase

Tax-Free Week keeps locals from Delaware

Delmarva Now 8.11.13
"State government has collected $4 billion in extra revenue since the enactment of a 20% sales tax increase in 2007," said Craig.  "This is a pittance." 

Tax-Free Week coincides with back-to-school shopping
Carroll County Times 8.11.13
"David Craig’s campaign for governor called Tax-Free Week a gimmick. 'The sales tax hits people who have to spend more of their income just to get by.'

The tax-free year?
Monoblogue 8.9.13
"Considering Craig comes from a county that’s a half-hour drive from a locality which has “tax-free forseeable perpetuity” – and isn’t afraid to trumpet that fact in every advertisement bargain-hungry Marylanders see – he raises the right question."

David Craig on 'tax free' week
citybizlist - Baltimore 8.8.13
"Why is it just for a week,  and why do politicians decide what items qualify?"

Candidate Craig: …Need for a So-Called ‘Tax Free Week’ Raises a Broader Issue
The Dagger 8.8.13
“State government has collected nearly $4 billion since the enactment of a 20% sales tax increase in 2007. That is a lot of back to school clothes."

Maryland GOP gubernatorial candidate bashes Obamacare as insurer flees state
Daily Caller 8.6.13
"Harford Country Executive David Craig blasted the health care reform law Monday as a “massive new tax” and warned that it “is not going to work.”

Craig: Obamacare Is Massive Tax On Marylanders
Patch 8.5.13
"Craig made his statements based on recent reports released by the Government Accounting Office and the Maryland Insurance Administration."

Craig: Obamacare will Stick Marylanders with 83% Healthcare Tax
Pocomoke Public Eye 8.5.13
“This entire contraption will fall apart unless untold thousands of healthy people inexplicably decide to go online and buy expensive insurance instead of making a car payment.

Craig speaks at GOP Central Committee mixer
Southern Maryland Newspapers 7.24.13
"Craig’s running mate, Del. Jeannie Haddaway, also attended the mixer and said that Craig’s executive experience made him an ideal choice for governor."

David Craig interview
WBAL "Jimmy Mathis" 7.20.13
"We don't need common core, let teacher's teach."

Craig-Haddaway announce ticket for Maryland Governor
Delmarva Now  7.17.13
"Craig said the combination of his legislative and leadership experience along with Haddaway's legislative and business experience make them a strong team."

Campaign's in full swing at Crisfield festival
Baltimore Sun 7.17.13
"Harford County Executive David R. Craig was showing off his newly unveiled running mate, Dorchester County's Del. Jeannie Haddaway.",0,3697766.story

Governors race takes shape
Baltimore Sun 7.17.13
"This week he made what appears to be an excellent pick for his running mate in Del. Jeannie Haddaway.",0,5410879.story#ixzz2bdf6YKwq

Craig makes running mate official
Baltimore Sun 7.16.13
"I chose Jeannie because she will actually help me run the government.",0,5202135.story#ixzz2bdeMvW9v

David Craig unveils Jeannie Haddaway as Running Mate
Washington Post 7.16.13
Del. Jeannie Haddaway decried “the arrogance of power in Annapolis” and pledged “a better way.”

David Craig announces running mate
WBAL 11 NBC 7.16.13
Haddaway, who has served on the House Economic Matters Committee, said she would play an active role in developing economic development policy. Craig noted she would not be "a silent partner."

Craig, Haddaway ticket official
Easton Star Democrat 7.16.13
Craig said taxes are adversely impacting middle class and working class Marylanders.

David Craig Announces Lt. Governor Running Mate
SBY News 7.16.13
“The Lt. Governor is too important a position to tell them to go in a corner for eight years and dabble on public policy experiments and come out to attend press conferences for the cameras."

David Craig Picks Haddaway as Running Mate
WJZ 13 CBS 7.11.13
"A native of Easton, Haddaway is the owner of Dragonfly Designs, a graphic and web-design company on the Eastern Shore."

Craig Announces Haddaway
Raging Against the Rhetoric 7.11.13
Craig said Jeannie Haddaway is “capable of being Governor on day one.”

CRAIG: Common core’s abstraction distraction
Washington Times 7.12.13
"As a 34-year educator in Maryland’s public schools, I’ve seen education fads come and go." 

Casino revenue is up, but not at Perryville
Gazette 7.12.13
"The state, whether it should be or not, is involved in gambling."

A call to repeal the ‘rain tax’
Hagerstown Herald-Mail 7.8.13
“If you wanted to open a business with a parking lot, would you want to come to Maryland and figure out this new tax?”

Harford executive calls on General Assembly to repeal 'Rain Tax'
Aegis 7.2.13
"Craig, a candidate for Maryland governor, raised red flags about the measure last fall, asking at what point Marylanders will have had enough of tax increases.",0,945153.story

David Craig interview
WCBM "Sean and Frank" 7.1.13
"The legislature should repeal the rain tax and start over."

'Rain tax' plans to go into effect
WMAR ABC 2 6.28.13
"Harford County Executive David Craig is calling for the General Assembly to repeal the fees and start over in its approach for dealing with this issue."

Monday, August 12, 2013

Burton Charged In Delaware With Murder Of Nicole Bennett

Matthew Burton
DOVER, Del. - Authorities say a crime originally believed to have been committed in Maryland, has since been discovered to have been committed in Delaware, meaning new charges, and extradition, for the accused.

Delaware State Police say their homicide detectives have now charged 29-year-old Matthew Burton, of Dagsboro, in connection of the murder of Nicole Bennett. Burton had been charged by Maryland State Police in July 2012, with 1st and 2nd degree murder, and held on those charges since, while both the MSP and DSP the investigations continued. Those investigations later reportedly revealed that the crime was committed in Delaware.

Maryland dropped their charges, a fugitive warrant was filed from Delaware, and Burton will now be extradited. He will be formally charged with murder 1st degree caused death of another during commission of felony, murder 1st degree intentionally caused death of another person, and 1st degree rape, when he returns to the State.

According the reports, the body of 35-year-old Nicole Bennett, of Millsboro, was found on June 15th, 2012, on Swamp Road in Worcester County, Maryland. An autopsy revealed she had been murdered and had been asphyxiated, she was reportedly already dead when she was left on the dirt road.

Bennett had been reported missing by her husband, to Delaware State Police, she had not returned home from working late the night before, at the Bay Shore Community Church in Gumboro, Delaware. Bennett's car was still in the church parking lot, with her personal belongings still inside. The church was about six miles from where her body was found.

Troopers say Bennett and a custodian, later identified as Matthew Burton, were alone in the church the evening of June 14th, 2012. Police say during their investigations they searched and process the homes and vehicles, of both Burton and Bennett, and DNA evidence connected Burton to the crime. Burton was later arrested, and charged. 

No information has been released at this time as to when Burton will appear in court, for these new charges in Delaware.


Sept 7 Pocomoketoberfest pre-sale tickets available now and call for Juried Show entries

Enjoy a unique local celebration with a flavor like no other! 
Celebrate Pocomoketoberfest from noon to 6 pm on Saturday, September 7th. Pocomoketoberfest may have more flip-flops and bermuda shorts than lederhosen, but we will make a toast to it this year in September, just like Germany! (Yes, Oktoberfest starts in September!) Come enjoy the taste of Eastern Shore beer and wine.  Receive a commemorative glass, enjoy free samples, live music, great food and the Perfectly Unpretentious Juried Show with shopping opportunities for fine art, jewelry and crafts from local artists!  Juried show entries are accepted until 4 pm on August 31.

Get your tickets at the Chamber, 6 Market Street by August 31 for $20 and join us in Cypress Park on the Pocomoke River for Pocomoketoberfest, a festival unlike any other!  Tickets are also available online at or can be purchased at the gate for $25.




Rocket To Launch From Wallops This Tuesday

WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. A NASA Terrier-Improved Malemute suborbital sounding rocket carrying experiments developed by university students from across the nation is scheduled for launch Tuesday, Aug. 13 from the Wallops Flight Facility on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. 

NASA said the experiments were developed through the RockSat-X program conducted with the Colorado Space Grant Consortium. The goal of the RockSat-X program is to provide students a hands-on experience in developing experiments for space flight. 

According to NASA, this experience allows these students to apply what they have learned in the classroom to a real world hands-on activity. Approximately 40 students and instructors will be at Wallops to witness the launch.

Based on the approved range schedule, the rocket is set for launch between 6 and 10 a.m. EDT. The backup launch day is Wednesday, Aug. 14. The rocket will be visible to residents in the Wallops region. The NASA Visitor Center will open at 5 a.m. on launch day for viewing the launch.

Live coverage of the launch is available via UStream beginning at 5 a.m. on launch day at:
Launch status can be followed on launch day on Twitter at:
and Facebook at:

Launch status also is available on the Wallops launch status line at (757) 824-2050. 
Further information on the mission, including a map showing from where the rocket may be seen, is available at:


Sunday, August 11, 2013

SHVFD Delivers A Successful Mud Bog

Congratulations to the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Department for unleashing one heck of a 1st Annual Mud Bog!  Thanks  for taking the chance.

Dirty Dog II / Driver Richie Lewis
Photo/ Brian Phillips

Over 40 mud trucks were on hand to show the huge crowd just what mudbogging is all about. 

Thanks to all that came to support Snow Hill Vol Fire Dept.

More photos, info soon....

Billy "Zombie" Marsh Dies

During the driver's meeting Saturday at the Snow Hill Vol. Fire Dept. Mud Bog many drivers learned of the death of their long time friend and racing buddy Billy Marsh, Jr also known to his friends as "Zombie".  Billy passed away on Thursday after a long brave battle with cancer.

Sadly missed by many.  Rest in peace.

William Birx "Billy" Marsh, Jr.
CRISFIELD-William Birx "Billy" Marsh, Jr., 55, of Crisfield passed away Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013, at his home following a courageous battle with cancer.

Born in Baltimore Aug. 5, 1958, he was the son of Marie Frances Mister Marsh of Crisfield and the late William Birx Marsh, Sr.

Billy started working on the water at age 16. He was a talented boat mechanic and most recently was a truck driver for Reese Trucking.

He was an honorary member of the Crisfield Elks Lodge #1044, and was co-founder and treasurer of the Eastern Shore Mud Racing Association. He enjoyed working many years at the National Hard Crab Derby's Boat Docking contest where he fired the official starting shot. Billy also loved restoring antique cars. 

Very devoted to his family, he is survived by his mother, Marie Marsh and her companion Charles Lankford of Crisfield; two children, William "Billy C." Marsh and Madison Marie Marsh; three siblings, Steven Marsh of Tampa, Cheryl Tawes and husband David of Crisfield and Mark Marsh and wife Marjorie of Pocomoke; his nieces and nephews, Megan, Patrick and Seth Tawes, April Turner, and Kaylin, Brittney, Logan and Blake Marsh; his very special friend, Dawn Greco of Crisfield; and his best buddies, Wright Townsend and Travis Sayre of Crisfield and Terry Eberhart of Westover.

Funeral services will be held Monday at 2 p.m. at Bradshaw & Sons Funeral Home in Crisfield where friends may call Sunday from 6-8 p.m. and one hour prior to the service. Rev. Steve Willing will officiate. Interment will be in St. Peter's Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory are requested to be sent to the Madison Marsh Educational Fund, c/o Cheryl Tawes, 123 Hall Highway, Crisfield, Md. 21817.

To send condolences to the family, please visit

TIME MACHINE ... 1965, 1849, 1865, 1940, 1936.

(Reader-friendly viewing of newspaper archives material)

February, 1965
(Salisbury Times)


Bids To Be Asked On 13 In Virginia

ONLEY - It appears now that bids will be called on April 28, for the construction of the new section of Route 13 between Onley and Accomac.

This by-pass has been one of the most controversial sections of the newly-planned additions to Route 13 on Virginia's Eastern Shore. Those who have been opposed to it claim that it is a twisting route passing to the west of Onley, the east of Tasley, and west of Accomac. 

When hearings were held on the by-passes of Onley, Accomac and Tasley nearly two years ago at Painter, a number of local citizens spoke in protest of the plan. At the time, these citizens presented an alternate plan whereby the highway would cross the railroad tracks south of Onley and go in a straight line up the seaside to connect with present dual lane Route 13 in Accomac.

The Onley-Accomac and Tasley bypasses are part of an overall plan to dualize all of the highway in Accomac and Northampton Counties. The Highway Department has estimated the entire job will take as long as 10 or 15 years, due primarily to a shortage of road-building funds.

April, 1849 (Zanesville Courier- Zanesville, Ohio)

HOMICIDE BY A METHODIST MINISTER.- We are informed that a serious rencoutre occurred on Friday last, near Sandy Hill, Worcester County, Md. A dispute arose between Thomas J. Burrows, a member of the Philadelphia Conference, and James B.A. Bishop, about some business affair. A quarrel ensued and Burrows, in a fit of passion, drew a pistol and shot Bishop, who lived but a few minutes after. Burrows was lodged in jail, and the affair has caused a great sensation at Sandy Hill. The Mr. Bishop shot was the brother of the Rev. Wm. Bishop of the Philadelphia Conference. He was a farmer and about 27 years of age. This affair is a most unfortunate occurrence for all parties concerned.

Footnote: Sandy Hill was the former name of Stockton. 

1865 (Time Machine archive)

Before the time of Ocean City, Green Run Beach on Assateague Island was a vacation destination for lower Eastern Shore residents as well as visitors from other states along the eastern seaboard. Its Ocean House Hotel began attracting visitors in 1865. The Ocean House was noted for its local seafood menu and featured live music in a large dance hall, a bowling alley, and a bar for the gentlemen. After making their way to Snow Hill, visitors were taken by horse drawn hacks to Public Landing where the sailing sloop "Fairfield" helped complete their journey to Green Run Beach about 20 miles south of where Ocean City came into existence in the mid 1870's.

September, 1940
(San Antonia Express- San Antonia, Texas)

Child Unhurt After Three-Story Fall

By Associated Press

POCOMOKE CITY, Md.- Sept.14.- Gloria Taylor, 2 1/2, tumbled from a third story hotel window today, landed on concrete pavement, and was unhurt.

Mr. Frank Bowler, hotel manager, called it "a miracle." Gloria explained: "I fell out the window like an airplane."

The child, daughter of a hotel employee, was found sitting on the pavement. X-rays at a Salisbury hospital showed no apparent injuries and tonight Gloria was running about the hotel playing normally.

Mrs. Bowler said Gloria unhooked the screen in the third-floor room and apparently lost her balance. 

June, 1936 (The Daily Mail- Hagerstown, Md.)


SNOW HILL, Md., June 26. (AP)- The city's prisoners at the county jail here became garbage collectors today. 

Mayor John O. Byrd and city council did away with private contracts for collecting garbage and decided to let the prisoners do the work.

State's Attorney Thomas F. Johnson and the Worcester County Commissioners approved the plan for working the city's prisoners.

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!st Annual Boat Docking Contest For Pocomoke

August 18, 2013
Downtown  Pocomoke ~ behind Riverside Grill

Gates open @ 10 Show starts @ 1:00

Ages 3 & under FREE
 Ages 4 - 12  ~ $5
 Ages 13 & Up  ~ $10

Pocomoke Boat Docking Association




A very heart felt "THANK YOU" goes out to all the sponsors that have made this event happen!!!!

Meteor Shower to Illuminate the Sky Tonight With Shooting Stars

Get the blanket ready and find a nice patch of grass because tonight theannual Perseid meteor shower is expected to bring its exquisite star showers.

Every year at this time, the Earth passes through the orbit of a comet called Swift Tuttle, and we see meteors streaking across the night sky as pieces of debris from the comet enter the earth's atmosphere at more than 100,000 mph and burn up. 

The Perseid can be seen during the last week of July or first week in August, but the peak will come tonight -- the evening of Sunday, August 11 into the morning of Monday, August 12.

According to Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office, the best time to see the showers will be right before dawn.

"It's not one of those things where you can go out for 30 minutes after sunset," Cooke told ABC News. He added that while your eyes are all you need -- no binoculars necessary -- you need a couple of minutes to adjust to the dark. If the conditions are good -- clear skies and far away from city lights -- you might see more than 60 shooting stars per hour.

The shower is visible anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, if weather conditions permit. According to AccuWeather, conditions should be good for viewing in the Northeast, but in the mid-Atlantic, especially Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., and on the immediate West Coast visibility might be impacted due to clouds. The crescent moon, which creates for darker skies, should aid in the visibility.

Ultimately, though Cooke says don't worry about all those details and just "lie flat on your back, look straight up and enjoy the show -- it's nature's fireworks display."
If you do decide to venture outside tonight, here are some useful tips.

Where should I look? The whole sky, actually. The shooting stars will seem to come from the constellation Perseus, in the northeastern sky. But they may appear anywhere as quick streaks.

Where should I not to look? Don't look at the moon, or anything else bright. You want your eyes to get used to the dark.

Where should I go? Any place will do, but darker is better, with a nice expanse of open sky. Get away from city lights if you can.

When to watch? The Perseid is best after midnight Monday morning.

Do I need any special equipment? Nope, forget the binoculars, all you need is your eyes.
Can I take pictures? Sure, you can try, but a smartphone camera probably won't do. You'll want a camera with manual settings and a tripod is a must. Set your lens to the widest possible setting. Set the ISO (sensitivity to light) to a high number, such as 400 or 1600. And -- this is critical -- your exposures need to be l-o-n-g. Experiment. An exposure of 30 seconds might give you a field of stars with a couple of streaks across it. Or you might try for an hour (close down the f/stop) and get very little.

What if it's cloudy? You should be checking the weather regularly, including the radar to see what the conditions will be like. We'd suggest one of these weather apps. If it is cloudy, you're probably out of luck, but, hey you'll get a good night's sleep.


Tony Stewart Has Rod Placed In Leg and Second Operation

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Three-time Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart underwent successful surgery Thursday in North Carolina to place a rod in his broken right leg.

According to a release from Stewart-Haas Racing, Stewart is out indefinitely.

Max Papis has been named to drive the No. 14 SHR car in Sunday's road course race at Watkins Glen. Officials have not named a driver for the following week at Michigan or any other races.

Stewart broke the tibia and fibula in his right leg during a Monday night sprint car race at Southern Iowa Speedway. He underwent surgery in Iowa after the crash to stabilize and clean the Grade 2 injury.

Thursday's surgery involved placing a rod inside the tibia, pressing it to its anatomic position.

Stewart will remain hospitalized for observation. A discharge date has not been determined.

SHR competition director Greg Zipadelli said Wednesday that Stewart would miss multiple races. He said more would be known after the second surgery.

"Is it six weeks or is it longer?" Zipadelli said. "Honestly, we do not have an answer for that right now.

"As far as next week and on, we have a few candidates. We're talking to a few people. We're not sure if we can put one person in until Tony gets back or we'll use multiple people."

The injury will cost Stewart, who was 11th in the standings and the first wild-card entry, a shot at the Chase. The No. 14 car will remain eligible for the owner's championship.

Dr. Walt Beaver, the co-medical director at OrthoCarolina in Charlotte that heads up the clinic's NASCAR division, could not speak specifically to Stewart's injury, but he told on Tuesday that in general a broken tibia and fibula requires four to eight weeks before the patient can resume somewhat normal activities.

Beaver said everybody heals at different rates from this type of injury. He said a race car driver could come back sooner than an athlete who depends on his legs for running, but there are other inherent risks.

Because a driver sits for a long period of time, Beaver said blood thinners likely would be prescribed to prevent clots. A driver isn't likely to be medically cleared while on blood thinners because that opens the risk of bleeding to death if involved in a wreck.

Once the driver returns, Beaver said the risk of reinjuring the tibia during another wreck isn't great with a rod because the impact would have to be extremely hard to break it.

"Most of them when we put a rod in, then you really can get aggressive with rehab," Beaver said. "You can get back into activities within four, six to eight weeks, but reduced activities of weight bearing."