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Teens at Easter Egg Hunt Find Body in Iowa Park

DES MOINES, Iowa (April 3) - Police say two teenagers who wandered away from their younger siblings at an Easter egg hunt have found a body at a Des Moines park.

Police Sgt. Chris Scott says the teens came across the man's body in a wooded area at Beaverdale Park on Saturday morning.

He says the teens had accompanied their siblings to the park's egg hunt but wandered away. The body was found at least 300 yards from where the egg hunt took place. He didn't know how old the teens were.

About 100 children participated in the annual event.

Police say they don't suspect any foul play, and an autopsy is planned.

The man's name hasn't been released pending notification of his family.


Dog Logic

The reason a dog has so many friends is that
He wags his tail instead of his tongue.

The History Of Pocomoke by Murray James (6)

five appointments. The extremes were Fairfax Court House and Lewinville. The intermediates were Flint Hill, Vienna and Fre- dom Hill. When I went on this Circuit, I intended to enter the effective ranks again at Conference, but having to travel that Cir- cuit on foot in the winter, through snow, rain and mud, I took such a cold in my head, which went down on my throat forming severe ulcers accompanied with chills and fevers, which com- pletely unfitted me for further service. I was peremptorily advised by my physician to go home and take care of myself. In view of this state of things I was compelled to ask the Conference to con- tinue my relation as Supernumerary.

This time the Conference was held in Alexandria, Va., in February, 1876. From that time to the present, I have held my membership in the Conference as a Supernumerary. Now while the shadows of evening gather around me and admonish me that the most of my life work is already done, I review the past and call up, in memory, the days of my childhood, when I bowed at the knees of my mother and learned to say : "Our Father who art in heaven," and : "Now I lay me down to sleep." When I think of my childish sports and plays with my brothers and sisters, at the old homestead ; and my young associates, with whom I used to play on the old hill, which is now the Public Square. When I call to mind the time when I married my wife, the companion of my youth and the mother of my children, and that it was here that most of the struggles of life have accorred, in supporting my family.

As I call up in memory my dearest ones, who are no more with me here, but whose mouldering dust sleeps in their graves, in the burying ground of the Methodist Episcopal Church. When I think of my early christian association with many, with whom I took sweet counsel in christian fellowship, who have crossed the river before me, and are now in the better land, around whose dying beds I have stood and witnessed their last shouts of victory a8 they passed away.

I say, in reviewing the past, I am constrained to say out of a full A Brief History of the Author's Life, 39 heart, with good will to all my fellow citizens, and malice towards none, Oh! New Town, New Town, now Pocomoke City; with all thy faults I love thee still. JAMES MURRAY. HISTORY OF POGOMOKE} GlTY FORMERLY NEW TOWN, ITS ORIGIN AND TOWN LIMITS. CHAPTER I. In writing a history of New Town, I have been no little perplexed in gathering up evidence in regard to its origin.

There is, however, one item oi historical fact which gives some clue to it, namely : A certain Col William Stevens, who was, probably, staff officer to Lord Baltimore, estab- lished in 1670 what has since been called, for many years, Stevens' Ferry. A scrap of Col. Stevens' history may not be out ot place here.

He had a grant from Lord Baltimore to take up all the lands from the mouth of the Pocomoke River to Lewis- town, Delaware, and settle the same, which he did, with a colony of Welsh, Irish and English. He was one ol Lord Baltimore's counsellors, was Judge of Somerset Court for twenty-two years, and departeS this life the 23d day of December, in 1687, in the fifty -seventh year of his age. The reader will remember that, originally, Somerset County embraced all of Worcester County too. and the Court House stood on the rise of ground, on Edwin Townsend's farm, in Somerset County, at the junction of Cokes Bury and Snow Hill roads, leading to Dividing Creek Bridge. Indeed, the farm, from our earliest recol- lection, until recently, has been called Court House Farm, but now the name is becoming obsolete.

Formerly New Town. 4 1

Steven's Ferry reached from the Somerset side of Pocomoke River, adjoining the Phosphate Factory of Freeman, Lloyd, Mason and Dryden, to the foot of the Pocomoke Bridge, on the Worcester side. This Ferry was the center of business for this whole sec- tion of the country.

The country on both sides of the river was, with some •exceptions, a dense wilderness. The historical fact of Stevens' Ferry being erected in 1670 will serve as a nucleus with which to associate the history of New Town. All other evidence, which I have been able to obtain relative to the origin of the place is traditional. Tradition says : About the time or shortly after the erection of Stevens' Ferry a New England trader came up :the Pocomoke River in his vessel, ladened with New England Rum and Cheese, and sought a landing at the Ferry, to sell his cargo, but the authorities drove him oft", ; and he dropped his vessel down the river to the next knoll -on the Worcester side, which we used to call the Hill, but is now called the Public Square.

Here he pitched his tent and traded with the sparse inhabitants, as they would come with their produce to trade for Rum and Cheese. The reader must conclude, of course, that the plank 'lent which he put up was the only house, or substitute for a house, in the neighborhood ; all around him were forest .trees, between him and the river were mud flats and luckahoes. 42 History of Pocomoke City, Tradition goes on further to say : That about the yean 16S3 or '84 the place was then called Meeting House Land- ing, in view of the saying that a Presbyterian House of. Worship was erected on the lot which was called, when I was a boy, the Sacher Lot, a nick name for Zachariah, as. the lot then belonged to one Zachariah Lambertson, but: now belonging to William J. S. Glarke, known of late: years as the Adreon Lot, at the foot of Willow St. "History states that about the year 1680, a petition was; gotten up by Colonel William Stevens and others, and', sent to the Presbytery of Laggan, Ireland, for a Minister- to come and settle in this part of the Colony to preach the- Gospel and look after the interests of the Presbyterian Church in these western wilds." "

In 1682 the Rev. Francis Makemie, was sent to the- Colony, a man of celebrity, under whose supervision and: oversight, tradition says, this house was built. About the year 1700, the Tobacco Warehouse was built.. Tobacco having been made a legal tender by the House- of Burgesses, and a fixed price per pound established, for- all debts, public and private, the warehouse became the: place of deposit for the circulating medium.

At this juncture of time, the name of the place wast changed from Meeting House Landing to Warehouse- Landing, or both may alternately have been used. Why the change was made, whether the log Church had been, abandoned or not, is all left to conjecture. I remember, well, the old Tobacco Warehouse, it stood about 120 years, and when it was torn down there was Formerly New Town. 43 good material in it, and though I was but a child, yet I had many a romp and play in it, with my little associates, in hide-and-go-seek. It's large tobacco hogsheads, and and scales, and weights are still fresh in my memory. It stood on the hill, between the pump and the south-west corner of Smullen & Bro's., Store. From 1700 to the days of the Revolution, there is no evidence that I have been able to obtain, either historical or traditional, in regard to New Town. There are some few facts, however, which are within the writer's own knowledge, which may serve as reminiscences of that period, and fill up in some little degree the place of the lost history.

I allude to some few old houses,, which were probably coeval with the Old Tobacco Ware- house, one or two of which stood on the ground, now occupied by Smullen & Brother's Storehouse, one adjoining the ground now occupied by Twilly & Brother's Livery Stables, inhabited by an old lady by the name of Elizabeth Matthews. There were three or four more, only one of which I shall call the reader's attention to, which was a small red house, and stood on the south-west corner of Market and Second Streets. In this house a Revo- lutionary Soldier lived by the name of Daniel Spaulding. These houses served as land marks, pointing to the period from 1700 to 1776, and show conclusively that they were once occupied by those who have long since passed away, and, so far as we have been able to ascertain, have left no tidings behind them.

44 History of Pocomoke City



County Airport on Site List For Navy Practice

The Accomack County Airport is on the list as a possible practice landing site for the Navy. According to an article in Saturdays Virginian Pilot, the Accomack County Airport is among eight sites in Virginia that qualify for use as practice landing sites for Navy turboprop aircraft. The turboprops include the E-2 Hawkeye AWACS radar plane and the C-2 Greyhound. The prop driven aircraft are significantly quieter than the jet fighter aircraft that have caused a lot of controversy in Virginia Beach. The planes would use the strip for field-carrier landing practice.

According to the article, the Navy is considering several sites to relieve the problem of too many aircraft scheduled for landing practice at the same airstrip. The Navy has long sought to build an outlying landing field but has run into considerable local opposition at the sites being considered. Fentress Field in Chesapeake has gotten so busy serving fighter jets that Norfolks turboprop training squadron has to travel as far as Florida to conduct landing practice five or six times a year.

In addition to the Accomack County Airport, the Navy is also considering the Hanover County Municipal Airport in Ashland, Richmond International Airport, Chesterfield County Airport, Emporia Municipal Airport, Newport News-Williamsburg International Airport, Norfolk International Airport and Chesapeake Regional Airport.

Some Accomack County officials contacted for the article showed interest in the proposition. Atlantic District Supervisor Ron Wolff told the Pilot that the airport had to cut back on operations due to budget issues. He said I, personally, as a member of the board, would certainly hope the county would entertain the idea of this for the Navy.

County Administrator Steve Miner said he looks forward to hearing more about the Navys requirements. It would be a benefit to the community as well as the navy.
In order to be considered, the airfield must have a runway thats at least 5000 ft. long and 100 ft. wide and be able to support a 25,000 lb. single gear weight. The project would be a win-win for the Navy as well as cash strapped communities eager to attract federal dollars. Accomack County would certainly fit that description.

Originally the Accomack County Airport was built by the Navy in World War II as a training site and was later turned over to the County when it became a surplus property. According to the article Ted Brown , a spokesman for the Navys Fleet Forces Command said it isnt an all or nothing game. Brown said multiple airfields could negotiate contracts with the Navy. The Navy currently has contracts to use two outlying airfields in Alabama for planes to practice from Whiting Field in Florida.

Even though the project is in its earliest planning stages, it couldnt come at a better time . Accomack County Supervisors who are struggling in the face of lost state funding to balance the County budget, have announced layoffs among county employees. The Accomack County School Board is also is facing the daunting task of operating the school system after funding cuts. It isnt known as of now how much the County could expect to get from renting the field to the Navy for use as a practice landing site or if the revenue would significantly affect current projections.

Think About It..............

"People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes"

~~ Abigail Van Buren ~~

DOCTOROFMINDMD Explains Paranoia

I/we know some people that really, really need to watch this video, especially considering their recent flare-up.


Remember Dyed Easter Biddies??

During a conversation last week with my sister concerning Easter dinner today the chat turned to some of the Easters we had celebrated years ago.
Being just 19 months apart in age we have had our share of Easters together. That's a good thing. If one of us should forget part of the story the other remembers the rest.

This particular day the Easter topic turned to baby chicks. Having lived on a farm and my father being a chicken grower for many years my sister and I know all there is to know about chickens and how to care for them. Two more baby chicks would be no problem.

On a weekend before Easter Mother would take us to the Ben Franklin 5 and 20 Cent Store where at the end of an aisle were colored baby chicks. We don't remember the colors being as vivid or the large assortment of colors those many years ago. We don't remember the colors we chose but what we do remember is that at the end of the aisle, huddled closely together under the heat lamp were the cutest baby chicks we had ever seen and couldn't wait to get them home.

Does anyone remember these? Did you ever own one?

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I can't find my TV channels

I reckon Comcast cable has reformatted their cable channels?

Everything is everywhere now, just when I was getting used to digital and where the stuff was that I wanted to watch..POOF.. they changed it.

Is this like moving items in a supermarket?

Retire Ronald McDonald?

The lefty loons are still at it, it seams they will find anything that makes people happy so they can try to take it away from us at every nook and cranny. This time they are attacking the iconic clown Ronald McDonald that many have grown-up with, and the children still love today.

Below is an excerpt from the liberal loon website it's simply amazing how a liberal will place blame everywhere except where it belongs.

"In 1963, the McDonald’s Corporation unveiled a clown with hamburger bun-shaped shoes and a food tray hat that has since profoundly shaped advertising, eating habits, and the global food system.

Never before had a food corporation so sharply focused its marketing beyond (and around) those with the purse on those with the greatest pull on the purse strings. The strategy was simple and ingenious: build brand loyalty among children and you will have customers for life.

Today, there is scarcely a child who doesn’t recognize Ronald McDonald nor a parent who hasn’t been nagged to visit the Golden Arches. The use of the iconic clown has propelled McDonald’s growth into an international fast food juggernaut.

But success has come at the expense of our children’s health. Since the inception of Ronald McDonald, obesity rates have more than tripled among American children and the prevalence of diet-related conditions like type 2 diabetes has skyrocketed.

Click on the links to the right to learn how Ronald has become not only the face of, but the engine behind the health epidemic. Find out about the clown’s pioneering efforts to market unhealthy food to kids, disguise marketing as charity, and outflank the most well-intentioned parents. There are also new findings about American attitudes toward the “hamburger-happy” clown.

In all, find out why it’s time the huckstering was reserved for talent night at the retirement home. If Ronald continues at the job he’s been doing, the joke will be on the health of future generations."

Here's the demwit Clown you should "retire"
You can read more of this crap HERE




Easter weekend is upon us. Here is a brief list of the Eastern events sponsored by local churches and organizations:

An Easter Festival will be held on April 3rd at the Old Onancock High School from 3:00 PM- 5:00 PM. There will be games, prizes, sno-cones, candy, inflatables, an Easter Egg Hunt and special guest Dora the Explorer!

Saturday, April 3, is the Annual Egg Hunt at Metompkin Elementary School at 10:00 AM. Age categories will be 2 & under, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12.

On Saturday, April 3 from 8:00 AM- 10:00 AM, come have breakfast with the Easter Bunny at the Parksley Firehouse. Breakfast will be $3.50 and pictures with the Easter Bunny will be $5.00.

The Melfa United Methodist Church is having their annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday April 4 at 10:00 AM! We will have face painting, games, and refreshments!

Remains Found At Weirwood Airport

If you are a regular viewer of you will have found a rather interesting story on the website yesterday. The story was about Gordon Campbell, owner of Campbell Field Airport, finding human remains on of the runways. While investigating the story, Gordon Campbell revealed to us it was an April Fools Day joke. He had taken pictures which he had sent to us.

After sharing a good laugh about the well thought out joke, it was realized that WAVY-TV had also posted the story on their website.



With all the snow and rain of the past few months being replaced with above-average temperatures, low humidity levels and elevated winds, the next four days will likely prove busy for Virginias wildland firefighters, according to officials with the Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF).

The National Weather Service has issued a special weather statement regarding the increased fire danger threat for the next several days.

"Conditions are ripe for wildfires," said John Miller, VDOFs director of resource protection. "We advise all citizens to remain aware of these conditions and take extra care this weekend. Fire crews across the Commonwealth are on high alert."

The sunshine and warm temperatures are sure to entice people outside and many will want to clean up their yards and fields. Some will turn to burning the debris theyve accumulated over the past several months. The burning of debris and trash is the No. 1 cause of wildfires in Virginia, so VDOF officials recommend alternatives to burning, especially under the conditions expected this weekend.

"Take the debris to an approved dump or recycling facility," said Miller. "If thats not an option, consider building a brush pile that will help support wildlife on your property."

If someone must burn, be aware of state and local laws that are in place for your protection and the safety of your family and neighbors. The states 4 PM Burning Law is in effect through the end of April. Outdoor burning is allowed between 4 p.m. and midnight every day. Burning is prohibited at all other times. Violations of the law are Class 3 misdemeanors which carry a fine of up to $500. In addition, anyone who lets a fire escape is liable for the cost of suppressing the fire as well as any damage to someone elses property. Certain localities across the state also have additional restrictions. Check with your local fire department before starting a fire.

Tips for Burning Safely:

Contact your local fire department before starting the fire.

Do not burn when winds are up. (If your flags are flapping or your wind chimes are playing their tune, its probably not a good time to burn.)

Keep your pile small less than 10 feet in diameter and 3 feet in height. Add material to your fire as the pile burns down. Dont add any material to your fire after midnight.

Clear the area around the pile down to bare soil.

Keep water, rakes and shovels handy.

Stay with your fire until its completely out and you have doused the hot ashes with water.

Have a fully charged cell phone with you and call 911 as soon as the fire gets out of your control. (Let the trained firefighters suppress the blaze.)
For more information, visit the VDOF Web site at

New Chincoteague Bridge Open Today

The new Chincoteague Bridge is set to open today. The one mile long bridge crosses Black Narrows and Lewis Creek Channel and will connect to Chincoteague Island at Maddox Boulevard. The new stoplight is also set to begin full functionality today with green meaning go yellow meaning caution, and red meaning stop for motorists traveling on both Maddox Boulevard and Main Street.

The bridge has been in the works for several years and has cost an estimated $70 million. The new bridge is 40 feet wide, with two driving lanes. More than 500,000 work hours have been put into the construction.

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The History Of Pocomoke by Murray James (5)

Suppose I tell you what I have had to go through in Virginia. In traveling some Circuits, I have walked twenty miles a day without anything to eat and did not rightly know where I would lodge at night. To accomplish my Conference studies, I had no such conveniences as you have here, but have had to take my books in hand, or if riding, take them in my saddle- bags, and in walking sit down by the road side, and there read, think and pray. Now after all this, I am here without any charge for these services, and get from the Circuit, for the support of my family a mere subsistance."

This rehearsal was too much for him. He said he had never gone through anything like that. He then asked me how much I thought he ought to give me. I told him, I thought he ought to give me five or ten dollars. In a moment he drew his pocket book and handed me five dollars. Another incident in connection with this begging expedition, which I liked to have forgotten, took place in the Preacher's Meeting, at Wash- ington.

After I had stated my cause, and after resolution passed, and letter given the Rev. R. W. Black, who I perceive by the Minutes of the Baltimore Conferenee is Presiding Elder of East Baltimore District, but at the time of which I am writing was stationed at "Wesley Chapel, in Washington, stepped forward and said : Brother Murray, I have a little oil in the cruse and some meal in the barrel yet, and here is something for your cause." With this he handed me ten Hollars. I have often thought of that dear brother for this generous outburst of benevolence.

The year closed up. Conference approaching, and this } T ear away from my family again. The Conference this time was to meet in the City of Norfolk, Virginia. The course of study for the third year, upon which I had to be examined was : Watson's Institutes, (the third and fourth parts,) Nast's Introduction to the New Testament, Butler's Analogy of Natural and Revealed Religion, Angus' Hand Book of the Bible, Whately's Logic, and Written Sermon. The books to be read were : Hagenbach's History of Doctrines, Hurst's A Brief History of the Author's Life.

35 History of Rationalism, D' Aubigne's History of the Reformation, "Wythe's Argument of Science and Revelation.

I met the Com- mittee with the other members of the Class. I learned after the Chairman made his report to the Conference, that my examination was highly complimented. When the appointments were read out I was to go to Old Point Comfort, Va. The appointment was then called Chesapeake City, but has since been changed to Old Point Comfort. This was a station with a comfortable parsonage. Here I had to preach twice every Sabbath, hold prayer-meetings, class-meetings, and attend the Sabbath School. To this place I had to go without my family, as my dear son was too low to move.

A few day's before he died I received intelligence that he was worse and I hastened home, but his spirit had departed, as I was leading the Class at Old Point, on Sabbath evening, at six o'clock, April the 27th, in the 25th year of his age. We buried him in the Methodist Episcopal Church burying ground, of Pocomoke City.

This closed up the life of John W. Murray, who was a bright light in my family and also in his native town in which he was reared and in which he died. My wife and I had five children born to us ; three are now dead, namely : James Henry, Lavinia Catherine and John Wil- liam, and two are still living, namely : Francis Thomas, who is engaged in the railroad business in the City of Peoria, 111., and Harriet Ann, wife of Rev. Albert Jump of the St. Louis Confer- ence, who is stationed in the City of St. Louis, Mo. It is but just to the name of Francis T. Murray, my son, to say that he was a delegate from Worcester Couuty to the Constitutional Conven- tion of 1864, and was one of that patriotic band who passed the Ordinance giving to Maryland a free constitution.

After the death and burial of our son, my wife and I packed up our house- hold goods and moved to Old Point Comfort.

After being settled in the parsonage, an arrangement was entered into with Captain Woodfin, governor of the Soldiers National Home at Hampton,

(36 A Brief History of the Author's Life.)

Va., by and with the consent of the Official board of the Church to serve that institution as chaplain, giving it preaching once in four weeks, visiting the Home every week and burying the dead. Frequently I was by the bedside of the sick and dying two or three times a week, trying to give a word of cheer. I pursued this course during the time I served them, and to show the spirit of those men at my last appointment when I told them that for two years I had served them to the best of my ability and now I must bid them good by.

They came forward, took me by the hand and gave me the greatest assurance of their appreciation of my visits to that Institution. Captain Woodfin, the Governor of the House, is deserving great credit for the tact which is exhibited in the laying out of the grounds, for the wise and judicious man- agement, as the executive officer of the Home, which is seen cov- ering the entire Institution, for it is ©ne of the grandest places to look at and to visit.

Doctor "W. M. Wright, the Surgeon of the Home at that time, is among the princes of the land, a man of noble bearing. The Church at Old Point was not large in its membership, but a nobler set of men and women I have never met, in supporting the Gospel.

When I went to this appointment there was a debt on tbe Church of eight or nine hundred dollars, at the end of my two years stay there, I reported to Conference the debt reduced to one hundred and seventy-five dollars. I formed many pleasant associations while there, and had many warm friends. The first year that I was there I took no vacation.

The second year my health was perceptibly failing. I asked for a few weeks rest, this was readily granted, and a letter was handed to me by William H. Kimberly, Esq., containing a sum of money to bear my expenses, with the names of the doners : Harrison Phoebus, William H. Kimberly and James Kelly. For this surprise I made my acknowledgements. The first year closed up with some few accessions as the result of a revival meeting. The approaching Conference met in Alexan-

A Brief History of the Authors Life. 37

dria, Va., in the latter part of February, 1874. I met the Com- mittee of the fourth year's course. The answers to all questions in this course of study had to be submitted to the Committee of Examination in Writing.

To insert them here in detail would be too burdensome, as they amounted to about seventy-five in number, together with the statements required, and rilled over sixty-three pages, of closely written matter, in a book of three inches and rive eighths wide, by five inches and five eighths long.

The leading topics upon which this course of study was based were laid down in sections as fol- lows : Section I, Personal Religions, Life and Habits. Section II, Examination of the Bible. Section III, On the Doctrines of the Bible. Section IV, Church Organization and Government. Sec- tion V, Ecclesiastical History. So far as I know this examination was entirely satisfactory. The appointments were read out and I was returned to Old Point. During this year, as I have already stated, my health began to fail, and I had to contemplate the propriety of asking, at the hands of the Conference a rest for one year.

I made it a subject of special prayer and sought direction from him who heareth in secret. The year closed up in peace and success in the interests of the church. The approaching Conference was to be held in the City of Portsmouth, Virginia. When it convened I made my request known, which was granted, though not without an expression of regret by the Presiding Bishop, Doctor Jesse T. Peck. I took a supernumerary relation with the understanding that I was to return to the work the next year. I then moved to New Town, now Pocomoke City, and commenced fitting up a resting place.

In October, of this year I received a letter from the Presiding Elder, of Richmond District, inquiring whether or not I could take charge of Vienna Circuity which was left vacant by the former pastor, who had left his post. Immediately, I answered that I would, and, as soon, thereafter, as I could get ready, I started for the work.

This Circuit embraced

38 A Brief History of the Author ] s Life. five appointments.

The Latest Political Shenanigans




Another problem caused by de-forestation.

The greenies, tree huggers or whatever ya want to call them are always crying about de-forestation. It never seams to matter what the forest product happens to be.
They cry about everything from global warming, the daily news paper (unless it's a liberal news source) and anything in-between up to the most recent toilet paper but to my astonishment they have overlooked a very important issue in regards to another problem (very important) caused by de-forestation. It is as follows and I think needs immediate attention.

Hat Tip; Eric

Human Remains Found at Weirwood Airport

Human remains and burial artifacts were discovered yesterday in the middle of the airport runway. A Notice to Airmen has been issued closing the field through April 8th to facilitate the exhumation.

The remains were discovered by the current airport owner who attributes the find to the record rainfall and widespread flooding at the airport.

"We had another downpour a couple of days ago and yesterday my dog was doing her daily rounds of the airport and she came back to the office with this enormous bone," said owner Gordon Campbell. "I thought the dog looked cute with this big bone in her mouth so I took a picture and emailed it to some friends. One of the recipients was a doctor who immediately replied that it looks like a human bone my dog was chewing on. Now my dog has not been known to kill anyone so I thought there must be some human remains nearby."

A walk down the runway led to the area where the dog had found the bone. "The grave site is about 1000 feet from the southern end of the runway and exactly where the threshold for the runway used to be," said Campbell.

While no analysis of the remains has yet been undertaken they are thought to be those of Darrell Kellam, the the founder of the Airport in 1933, who died in 1976. An old timer at the field remembers hearing that Mr. Kellam had been buried here.

"Years ago someone passed through and recounted that Darrell Kellam had requested that he be buried at the end of the runway. I never really thought much about it but I know this airport was Mr. Kellams pride, joy and lifelong endevour. Darrells blood ran through this place and I guess that's no longer a metaphor," commented Ray Gefken. There has been no further exhumation of the remains out of respect for the deceased but some careful probing of the site yielded a box containing burial artifacts.

"There was a box of artifacts that was buried alongside the body. A Piper Cub Owner's Manual, a couple aviation books and a log book with Mr. Kellam's name in it," said Gordon Campbell.

Speculation is that flooding over the years helped float the remains to the surface.

"This airport has quite a history and this discovery is just one more footnote", said Mr. Campbell, adding, "I always thought that when I go it would be nice to be buried here. Since the south end is already spoken for I'm happy taking the north end. At least I will be in good company."

A NOTAM has been issued closing the field to enable a crew to carefully exhume the body. I am going to do some research and if Mr. Kellam wanted to be buried at the end of the runway we will comply with his wishes but move the burial site to the present runway end that is thankfully on higher ground said Campbell.

Pilot's should call Flight Service at 1-800-WX-BRIEF for current NOTAM information.

Weirwood Airport is in Northampton County.

Who Know's The Meaning of April Fool's Day??

Here's no joke: Nobody knows the origins of April Fools' Day.

Some speculate that Europe's switch from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian in the 1500s, which changed New Year's Day from late March to Jan. 1, created an easy opportunity to play a prank on the forgetful. But that wouldn't explain why April Fools' Day is mentioned even earlier in writing, in Chaucer’s 14th-century "Canterbury Tales.

Other theories abound, but every year the people want to know: What is the history of April Fools' Day?

And every year the media respond: We don't fully know.

To read more go to

The CENSUS for 2010


This means that the CENSUS forms you received in the mail are due to be mailed back by today. What are you waiting for if you have NOT done so?

You can track participation rates on the Census Bureau’s Web site.

Ref revolution is wheely great

SAM ALLARDYCE last night gave the thumbs up to an amazing 'ref-mobile'.

The Blackburn boss believes the motorised two-wheeler will keep referees up to speed with the game's fastest players.

Watch the VIDEO HERE

Football authorities have been secretly testing the Segways - and they will be used in the Blue Square Premier next season.

With players like Theo Walcott, Gabby Agbonlahor and Aaron Lennon capable of incredible speeds, it is hoped this new innovation will help refs keep up.

Allardyce said: "Players are athletes and we can't expect refs to keep up with them for a full 90 minutes, so this gives them a real edge.

"We can no longer say the referee was nowhere near the incident because, with this, he will be.

"Finally refs and managers are listening to each other."

Top referee Mark Halsey said: "Not only does the innovation help referees keep right up with play it will also mean older, more experienced refs will not be lost to the game.

"It's easy to move it round the pitch.

"This could be the biggest move forward in refereeing yet."

If the experiment works in non-league, the idea will be put forward to UEFA for it to be introduced all over Europe.

The suggestion came up at a brainstorming meeting between refs and managers at the start of the season.

Invented in New Jersey in the USA, Segway personal transporters can travel at up to 12.5mph and are easily manoeuvrable with just a slight sway of the body in the direction you want to move in.

The next meeting of the UEFA Refereeing Congress is a year today.

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Another Accident @ US13 and Stockton Rd.

US13 is shutdown do to another bad accident at the Stockton Rd crossing.
As of right now it sounds like 5 injured and MSP medevac has been called to the scene. The medevac is transporting an injured child.

How many accidents must we have at that intersection before they install a traffic light? That intersection has been dangerous for as long as I can remember.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Boo Boo and Yogi- Brother and Sister Doggies Are Lost

If you are familiar with this blog you may remember the story I put up a couple of weeks ago about "Sir" and a black dog named Boo Boo. Two days after I posted that story Boo Boo went missing with his sister Yogi.

It was on a Sunday almost two weeks ago that Boo Boo and Yogi visited us, got treats, played for a while then ran on home. We went the whole week without one glimpse of Boo Boo and his bag of new treats is still unopened waiting for him to return. A visit to our neighbor (where Boo Boo and Yogi actually belong) was a waste of time for "Sir". The response from the owner was that they were fine and had probably just run off to the community around the corner. Huh? They had already been gone a week.

I guess this type of ownership for some animal owners is exceptable and maybe they think they are good dog lovers simply because they feed their pets. I have my own thoughts on that.

A nice conversation with Animal Control in my area today (concerned that the pair had been locked up by them) really gave me some insight on what's going on with Boo Boo and Yogi. I did however, express my concern about the dogs being allowed to run free because I was sure the animals had NOT had the required shots. After I explained the situation and assured her that we wanted to help Boo Boo she told me that Boo Boo probably has "that scent" up his nose! We had a good chuckle about that!

So now it has finally dawned on me that Boo Boo has gone to find a girl friend and with his sister Yogi beside him she's looking for a "guy" dog. So, I guess it will be a long time before they come home. If they ever do.

This Sunday it will be two weeks since "Sir" and Boo Boo were together and "Sir" truly misses him and wants him back so Boo Boo can get his medical attention and join our family and be warm, dry, fed, well loved and spoiled.

If you live in the Sanford, Virginia area, or know anyone who does, and have seen Boo Boo PLEASE leave a message here. We have driven every road back over and over. My one fear is that with trappers on the water and water nearby these puppies have gotten hungry and have been caught in a trap.

If you are in this area keep your eyes open for this pair. Boo Boo and Yogi both need to come home. Boo Boo will be coming here!Please keep in mind if you think you see them they are now a year old. They both will answer to their names. Especially Boo Boo.

FBI Nails Potentially Dangerous Man in Hours Thanks to YouTube

Here's a good illustration of just how quickly information can be dispersed through the Internet, and just how little privacy actually exists online. On Friday, March 26th, a YouTube user by the name of shiamuslimcantbestop posted a video in which he made allusions to putting bullets in the heads of Eric Cantor, congressman from Virginia's seventh district, and his family. By the following afternoon, the prolific YouTuber was in FBI custody and answering questions.

Shiamuslimcantbestop, who was identified as Norman LeBoon, has taken to YouTube as his personal pulpit, having posted 515 messages of love, hate and violence (though primarily hate and violence) over the past ten months. LeBoon claimed to be the messiah in some of the videos, offering condemnations of everything from Israel to YouTube itself, and even the movie 'Babe.' The message Friday, which has since been removed, targeted Cantor for being "a liar... a lucifer... a pig... an abomination."

The day after the video was posted, the FBI contacted Google, and filed an "Emergency Disclosure Request" in order to obtain the IP address from whence the video had been uploaded. Law enforcement officials then took that address to Verizon, and filed an "Emergency Situation Disclosure Request" in order to track down the physical location of the computer associated with that IP. That led authorities to Philadelphia, where they then went through an internal database and discovered an active warrant for Norman LeBoon due to charges of terrorist threats, assault and reckless endangerment. The photo from the arrest clearly matched the man seen in the YouTube videos, and, within hours of filing the initial request with Google, FBI agents were knocking at LeBoon's front door.

Thanks to the power of the Web, agents were able to identify, locate, and apprehend a potentially dangerous man within 24 hours of his illegal threat [Ed. Note: Threats and calls to harm are not constitutionally protected] against a serving member of the U.S. government. If convicted (and considering his admission of guilt, we're sure he will be), LeBoon faces up to 15 years in jail and a fine of up to $500,000. Even after that, he'll like spend years under the strict supervision of psychologists. Just check out his prodigious collection of YouTube rants to get an idea of why.


The History Of Pocomoke by Murray James (4)

The second incident, which I proposed to mention, took place about six o'clock that same evening. During the day I had traveled sixteen miles, I was, at that late hour, four miles from Sherando, darkness was gathering around me, I had blistered my feet walking, worn and weary I called up to a house on the road, for I knew not where to go.

As to pursuing my journey to Sherando that was perilous, as I did not know the way only by inquiry, and if I could have gotten there before bedtime, I knew 28 A Brief History of the Author^ Life. not where to call. The man upon whom I called had a terrible dog, though I did not know it. When I opened the gate he came bolting at me, so I let on to him t at I did not mind him. The fact was my necessities compelled me to go to the house. The dog seeing I did not mind him ran off toward the house and then rallied and came again, this time more furiously, but I kept my go for the house, and he backed down again, and when I entered the porch and knocked at the door, the little dog in the house com- menced barking, that set the big dog on, and I had no time for ceremonies, but opened the door and rushed in.

I apologized for my abrupt entrance. The man told me that I had run a great risk, for that dog was one of the most dangerous. I asked if I could get accomodations for the night, he told me if I could put up with such as he could give I could stay. I told him I had no where to stop, and sooner than be turned out I would sleep on the floor. They entertained me, and that right comfortably, and would not have any pay for it. As I have already stated, I had eight appointments and could only preach once a month at each place by preaching twice every Sabbath day.

During the year we had a great revival at Middle Brook, some forty persons professed religion and joined the Church. I had my Conference Course of studies to attend to, and no studio, as some have, with every other convenience necessary for success, but my studio was the country road ; with "Watson's Institutes in my hand I. would sit down on a log of wood, by the roadside, and there in solitude, I would pore over my lesson with none to disturb my meditations save the sweet songs of the birds, as they would cheer me in breaking the monotony of the hour.

When I would reach the place of destination, I would, after the usual greetings, enter a private room, and there with my books occupy the time I had to devote to reading and study. I made it a point to visit all families that I could have access to, and I have had it said to me that they had not seen it on this wise before.

A Brief History of the Author's Life. 29 At the Third Quarterly Meeting, the Presiding Elder asked me if I wanted to go back, I told him I did not, yet I was willing to go wherever the Bishop sent me. but I thought I ought to be taken care of. He said that shouM be done. The year closed. Con- ference came on, and I was before the Committee, of the first year, in Alexandria, Va. The course of Study was : Watson's Institutes, Plain Account of Christian Perfection, Church History, Homiletics,' Psychology and Written Sermon.

The books to be read were : Wesley's Sermons, Steven's History of Methodism, and Townseud's Sword and Garment. My examination was complimented before the class by the Chairman of the Committee. When the appointments were read out my name was declared for Monroe Circuit, in Monroe and Greenbrier Counties, West Va. This move threw me away from my family about five hundred miles.

The terminus of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad then was at White Sulpher Springs. I went to the Circuit and was received cordially. This Circuit to me was, in comparison to the one I left, like going out of a dry and barren land, into the land of Goshen. The brethren and friends wanted me to take my family with me. Some would furnish me with a few cooking utensils, some a few chairs, others, again, with a table, and so on, and so on. My wife was born and raised, and lived in New Town, and adjacent thereto, all her life, and knew nothing of the trials of a mountain life, and to take her into such a country, and leave her to herself, on some lonely road, probably, for a week or more at a time, exposed, was more than I could do, consequently, I was the second year to myself.

We had good times on the Circuit, several revivals and additions to the Church. During the year I had a spell of sickness, which made it necessary for me to be changed the next year. The Doctor, James Wait, at Rocky Point, attended me, he informed the Elder that the climate of the mountains was too rigorous for me. I, however, knew nothing of it. The Pre- 30 A Brief History of the Author's Life. siding Elder asked me one day if I wanted to come back, and stated, at the same time, that the Doctor said I must not stay in the mountains.

I told him I was fully aware of the fact, and had already made up my mind not to do so. One incident while I was on this Circuit I wish to relate : At a certain appointment I administered the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. In inviting the Communicants to come forward, I discovered a hesitancy to do so, I urged the duty, but very few came to the Communion.

After services were over, and while at the dinner table ©f one of the Stewards, the subject came up and the lady of the house said : "Brother Murray, perhaps you do not know the reason why there was such a staying away from the Sacrament this morning, and I will tell you : it is because we have never been baptized." I was amazed at this news. Here was one of the leading officers of the Church and not baptized. I reasoned with them, showed the duty, and such a scene took place, during the week, as the result of that interview, as I have never witnessed before nor since.

The man and his wife, with two or three of his children were profes sors of religion. Preparations were made for their baptism. The father and mother, with the children, who professed religion, I requested to kneel side by side on the floor. The children for Infant Baptism, I requested to stand by the side of the other chil- dren, and I baptized the parents and older children first, after this the younger ones, eight persons in all. I learned that the condi- tion of this family represented that of many others, and I went through the neighborhood, baptizing professors of religion, and children, until I left none unattended to that I knew of. On this Circuit I had many friends.

There were several revivals and many additions to the Church. In a certain neigh- borhood, I found a goodly number of Christian people who had been cut off from their former religious associations by the desola- tions of the war. These I gathered together and formed into a class. The year was closing up in peace and prosperity, and the A Brief History of the Author's Life, 31 approaching Conference, which was to be held at Leesburg, was drawing nigh. In February, I started for the seat of Conference, which was to come off the 1st of March. I rode to White Sulphur Springs with my valise in front of me ; there I expressed it, and started for Conference on horseback. I rode seven consec- utive days, from early morn till night, fording rivers, crossing mountains covered with ice and snow, in a drizzling rain that would freeze as it would fall, so that my clothes would be frozen stiff on me. The distance I rode was about three hundred miles, and in looking back upon that perilous journey, I have admired and wondered at that providence which was exercised over me.

In crossing the mountains, they would be covered with snow but I found that underneath the snow was a very slippery sheet of ice. My horse was rough-shod, but in spite of that he would slip on the ice. I would get down and walk, at what I conceived to be the most dangerous places. There were no signs of traveling on the road, and if my horse had fallen and crippled me I would have died upon the mountain, all alone.

Conference came on and I went before the Committee, of the second year, for examination. The subjects to be examined upon were : Statement and Scripture Proofs of Bible Doctrine, Watson's Theological Institutes, (part second,) Baptism, Moral Science and Written Sermon. The books to be read were : Whedon on the Will, Emoiy's Defence of our Fathers, Porter's Compendium of Methodism, Gaussen's Origin and Inspiration of the Bible, Rawlinson's Historical Evidences, Shedd's, Homiletic's and Pastoral Theology.

After this examination my case was reported on by the Committee and Elder both, and I was admitted into full connec- tion. When the appointments were read out my name was called for Herndon Circuit, in Fairfax County, Va. This was a two week's Circuit, on the Washington and Ohio Railroad, about eighteen miles from the City of Washington. Some of the appointments were only about nine miles from Washington.

On 32 Brief History of the Author's Life.

this Circuit I was brought in contact with city life, for nearly, if not all, the people did business in the city, and many who held offices under the Government lived within the bounds of the Cir- cuit. On this Circuit, I spent one of the most pleasant years of my life in the Ministry. During my stay on this Circuit, which was only one year, we built a Church, which cost, probably, three thousand dollars and had it to worship in before the year closed. Some incidents occurred while on this Circuit which may be ©f interest to relate.

The first is in relation to building the Church on ground for which there was no deed given. Some of the most influential advised to build without getting a deed as tho ground had long ago been given verbally. It seemed that there had been two or three efforts to build in years past, and the ground had been given by a man who then lived at Herndon, but had moved away, and at this time of which we are speaking lived in New York State.

I told the friends not to do such a reckless thing, but first secure the deed and then go ahead. Negotiations were had with the party owning the ground. The result was that notwith- standing he had given the ground while he lived at Herndon, yet now as he had disconnected himself with the place, and moved back to his native State, he should charge $50 for it. Here we were at a standstill. Where to get the fifty dollars was a subject of reflection. In a few days, however, a lady told me to have the deed prepared, which was done by a lawyer, and she would furnish the fifty dollars, all of which was done.

The deed was executed, delivered, and recorded in the Clerk's Office, of Fairfax County, Virginia. We were now fairly on our feet, and I told the people that we would then build the Church, which was built as above stated. During the process of building, I went to Alexandria, "Washing- ton and Georgetown on a begging expedition.

Before I com- menced,however,I went to the Preachers' Meeting in Washington, made my cause known to them, and requested an introduction A Brief History of the Author's Life. 33 to their people which was cordially granted by giving me a strong letter. I canvassed the city by Churches, and had a view of their internal workings in the way of expenses, how heavily they taxed themselves to support the Gospel, such as I never had before.

One brother, who was door-keeper in the Treasury Department, or if not door-keeper had his stand by the door, to direct inquiries to any room in the building, told me his salary was one thousand dollars a year, and that brother subscribed one thousand dollars to build a Church, payable in annual instalments of one hundred dollars each till the whole was paid.

Another incident may serve to show what appeals I had to make to be successful. I called on a distinguished lawyer, at the Court House, for a subscription ; he encouraged me to expect something by telling me to call at his house at four o'clock. I did so It was a fine three-story house, on a popular street, and, as the reader may suppose, was well furnished. He was at dinner. I was invited in, and directed to take a seat in his study, a room, the bookcases of which were tilled with costly volumes appertaining to the law.

After he had dined, he entered the office and asked what he could do for me. The reader may think that I used a little sagacity in taking him upon a full meal, for at such times persons are generally in a good humor. I told him I had called in compliance with his direction, and desired a donation to my Church. He commenced making excuses by telling how much he had to pay to the Church, &c. I soon saw that I must make a mighty effort to reach him.

I commenced by saying : "Mr. So-and-so, when I look at your standing as a lawyer, your fine building, your splendid furniture, your beautiful library, filled with costly books, I must conclude that you are a man of wealth. Suppose now I were to tell you something of myself. I have a sick family, on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, which I have to support, of a son, upon whom rested the fond hopes of his parents for future com- fort, now passing away with consumption, and his mother nursing 34 A Brief History of the Author's Life. him as only a mother can.

We're Turning 'green' are your blades sharp?

Om my drive home today I noticed two things on this beautiful day on DelMarVa. One; The sun was out and shining (a rare site for this year) and two; boy did the grass love that sunshine today because I think you could watch it grow, everything is turning green.

It seams that the green popped-up overnight from the dreary burnt brown that the ice and snow left us just a couple of weeks ago. Now I don't know if we are gonna need a mower or a dredge this year so sharpen them both because Spring is here.

The Meteorologist are saying mid 70's tomorrow and near 80 for Friday so if the sun bakes down on all the wetness along with those temps the green is gonna take-off.

It wont be long and we'll be holler'n about how hot it is and the farmers will be scream'n "DROUGHT"!

Hopefully I'll be fishin' so let the sunshine in, just keep the wind.

Dangerous 'Choking Game' Alarms Police, Parents

Investigators in David City, Neb., held a public forum Tuesday night to raise awareness about the "choking game," a dangerous activity that authorities believe caused the recent death of 11-year-old Drew Fiala.

"We want to raise awareness. We've never encountered anything like this before," Butler County Sheriff Mark Hecker told AOL News. "We're still in shock, both my department and our community."

Fiala was found dead in his bedroom March 12. A belt was found wrapped around his neck, and the medical examiner determined the boy died of suffocation.

"There were no signs of foul play or anything leading to him intentionally hurting himself," Hecker said. "Based on the evidence at the scene and interviews we conducted with other kids in the community, we were able to tie everything together, and that's what led us to believe that Drew was involved in the choking game."

According to Kate Leonardi, director of the DB Foundation, the choking game goes by a variety of names, including "passout" and the "fainting game." Both males and females participate, although they typically use different methods. Girls, Leonardi said, usually do it at parties, using chest compressions, whereas boys generally use their hands to choke one another.

"The purpose is when you have restricted oxygen and blood flow to your brain, you get a euphoric rush," Leonardi told AOL News. "Kids have described it as a fuzzy feeling, where your vision goes black and you get very woozy. That is the sensation that they are looking for, and once that happens the pressure is released, whether it is a friend holding them or the ligature, the blood that was then dammed up is rushing into your brain, giving you a secondary sensation."

Leonardi has personal experience in the choking game. She founded the nonprofit DB Foundation to raise awareness about dangerous adolescent behaviors after her son fell victim to the choking game.

"I found out about it when my 11-year-old son Dylan died," Leonardi said. "He did it by himself from off of a bunk bed using a belt."

Leonardi said young boys who go solo and attempt to attain the rush using a ligature have an increased fatality rate of 91 percent compared to girls.

"These kids don't realize that once they've decided to use a ligature to reach the sensation, they're not aware of the mere seconds that it takes from acquiring the sensation to becoming unconscious, so their own body weight kills them," Leonardi said.

Studies regarding how many children a year die from the choking game show mixed results; however, Leonardi said she has seen some statistics citing upwards of 1,000 cases a year.

"It is really difficult to pin down, because a lot of these cases are classified as suicides," she said.

Death, however, is not the only danger of the choking game. Participants can also suffer serious lifelong consequences. "They can suffer permanent brain damage, memory loss and other medical problems," Leonardi said.

So what can parents do to prevent their children from falling victim to the game?

"Include it in that talk with your kids about risky behavior -- put it on the list of sex, drugs, drinking," Leonardi said. "All of it is a conversation you need to have. Bring it up and make sure it is on their radar."

Sheriff Hecker agrees and also points to possible warning signs.

"Look for unusual bruising in the neck area," he said. "Ask your kid, 'Where did that come from, how did it happen?' You should also be observant of redness in the eyes from ruptured blood vessels and routine complaints about severe headaches."

More suggestions about how to speak to young children about the dangers of the choking game can be found at the DB Foundation's Web site at

Upside Down Flag Protest Causing Controversy

One Chester resident says he's using his flag to protest the recent healthcare vote by flying it upside down as a sign that the country is in distress.


CHESTER - "I especially love the American flag. That's the most beautiful thing we have," said Ronnie Poole.

Plenty of patriotism flies quietly in Hilltop Farms community in Chester, but Ronnie Poole's flag is causing some noise.

"The flag flying upside down is a sign of distress that help is needed in that area of the country," said Poole

Poole says his upside down flag is his podium for protest. It changed direction after last week's historic vote on the healthcare reform bill. Poole has healthcare from his job and doesn't believe government should have a role in it, as evident also by the signs on his car.

"First thing Monday morning when I left to go to work I got the urge to take the flag down and flip it upside down in protest," said Poole.

One neighbor noticed the change right away, a veteran who emailed our station after he confronted Poole about it.

"He asked me, did I know my flag was upside down and I said, 'yes sir' and he said, 'Do you know that's a disgrace to the American flag?,'" said Poole.

The veteran says he's also against the healthcare bill but says using the flag as a tool is disrespectful to those who fight for the country. Some neighbors can see both sides.

"If I were a vet I'd probably be really upset and want to knock on his door and tell him to turn it around but you know everyone's got a right to their opinion," said neighbor Kenny Elam.

Poole was asked by the vet to do just that, to put the flag right side up. But Poole says it will stay the way it is and the Constitution says it can.

"I respect him for serving our country but him being a serviceman he should know the rights we have under the constitution," said Poole.

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According to Sheriff Larry Giddens, on Thursday, March 11 at approximately 8:36 p.m., the Accomack County Sheriff's Office received a report of a robbery at a residence on Germaine Lane in Parksley. Further investigation revealed that three black males entered the home and robbed the owner at gunpoint. Taken from the residence was an undisclosed amount of money and the suspects fled the scene prior to deputies arrival.

During the investigation, information was received that led to the identity of one suspect to be Keeshawn Terrell Kellam, age 21 of Bayside Road, New Church. Description of this suspect is black male, approximately 58 and 150lbs. Felony warrants have been obtained by the Accomack County Sheriff's Office charging Kellam with Robbery and Use of Firearm in Commission of a Felony. Kellam has been entered into the Virginia Criminal Information Network and the National Crime Information Center as a wanted person.

Anyone with information concerning this crime or as to the location of Keeshawn Kellam is asked to contact the Accomack County Sheriff's Office at 787-1131 or 824-5666

Plane From USS Eisenhower Crashes At Sea

Three of four crew members rescued

MANAMA, Bahrain (WAVY) - The Navy says an E-2C Hawkeye from Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 121 stationed aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) crashed at sea Wednesday while operating in the North Arabian Sea.

Three of the four crew members have been rescued and returned to the ship. According to the Navy, search and rescue efforts for the fourth crew member are currently underway.

Officials say the E-2C was returning from conducting operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan when the aircraft experienced mechanical malfunctions and the crew performed a controlled bailout.

The identities of the crewmen involved have not been released.

Both the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and the "Bluetails" from Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (VAW) 121 are based in Norfolk.

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group left Naval Station Norfolk on a regularly scheduled six-month deployment January 2nd.

VAW-121 is part of Carrier Air Wing Seven (CVW 7).

Accomack County Circuit Court

Accomack County Commonwealths Attorney Gary Agar reports that as of Thursday March 25, the following trials and sentences took place in the Accomack County Circuit Court:

Cody Hutton, 18 of Accomac, was found guilty of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Anthony Johnson, 31 of Atlantic, and Justin Scarborough, 23 of Painter, were found guilty of distribution of cocaine.

Rory Tomlin, 18 of Melfa, was found guilty of robbery, use of a firearm in commission of a robbery and maliciously shooting at an occupied vehicle.

Leshawn Davis, 21 of Accomac, was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment with all but 3 months suspended for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Anthony Duffy, 33 of Onley, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with all but 1 year and 11 months suspended and Duffy must pay restitution for distribution of cocaine.

Ellin Early-McFord, 42 of Snow Hill, MD, was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with all but 3 months suspended for leaving the scene of an accident.

Markiece Harmon, 24 of Parksley, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment with all but 1 year suspended and Harmon must pay restitution for burglary and grand larceny.

Melissa Kellam, 30 of Onley, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment with all suspended and community service for possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

Andrew McDonald, Jr, 33 of Chincoteague, was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment with all but 2 years and 3 months suspended for eluding, assault on an officer and 3rd offense of assaulting a family member.

Oil Drilling Off The Eastern Shore

By Charlie Russell

President Obama may announce today a plan that would allow oil and gas exploration and drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts including some 3 million acres off the coast of Virginia. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates 4 billion barrels of oil and 37 billion cubic ft. of natural gas off the Atlantic coast and over 10 billion barrels of oil and 18 trillion cubic ft. of natural gas off the Pacific Coast. The plan would also allow drilling in the Gulf of Mexico to expand into the eastern part of the Gulf.

President Bush allowed the ban to expire in 2009 and wanted to allow exploration to begin in 2011. The Obama administration has stated that the beginning date for exploration would be pushed back but has not given a specific date.

Goveror McDonnell has called on the administration to allow drilling off the Virginia Coast hoping to get some of the royalties to help with Virginias transportation problems. The proposed drilling area is located 50 miles offshore and is believed to hold 1.4 million barrels of oil and over a trillion cubic ft. of natural gas.

Environmental groups oppose the plan citing the potential for oil spills and NASA has objected on the grounds that oil rigs could affect their attempts to shoot rockets from the Wallops Island site. Supporters contend that the necessity for the United States to become energy self sufficient outweighs the environmental risks. But sport fishermen hope the rigs will attract game fish as they do in the western Gulf of Mexico.

The effect of offshore drilling on the Eastern Shore isnt fully known yet but supporters hope the jobs and economic benefits will help the local economy. The issue is sure to generate strong local debate in the immediate future.

The Obama Administration is hoping todays announcement will help it attract Republican support for a long term energy bill that will reduce the use of coal and reduce so called greenhouse gas emissions. The administration also hopes it will reduce our vulnerability to instability in the Middle East

We'll have more details as they become available.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

$42 million jack-pot, jack-not

Casino says woman's $42M jackpot was an error

CENTRAL CITY - Louise Chavez thought she had won $42 million dollars. Turns out lady luck was just teasing her.

"People were coming up to me saying I won $42,000,000, or at least $42,000" says Chavez, who was playing penny slots at Fortune Valley Casino in Central City. "Lights were flashing, it sounded like a fire truck, the screen said 'see attendant.'"

When the attendant arrived, Chavez was told the machine had malfunctioned and she would not receive any payment. "They didn't tell me why."

The casino gave her a room for the night, bought her breakfast and gave her $23 dollars, the amount she says she had put into the machine.

The Director of Marketing for Fortune Valley says random numbers appeared on the screen.

"In 15 years, we have never seen anything like this before," says Joe Behm. "We have rules and regulations that we follow and it is now in the hands of the Division of Gaming."

The Division of Gaming, according to Behm, will look for forensic information in the machine's software. There is the possibility that Chavez could still win some money based on the division's findings.

As for Chavez, she is not sure what she will do next, but she's not folding. "I played the game, I put my money into the machine, whether it's 42 million, 42 thousand or 4 thousand, I should get what the machine said."



Dangerous nursery products top 2009 recall list

Recalls of strollers, cribs, high chairs and other nursery products pushed nursery products to the top category of recalled products for the first time, the advocacy group Kids in Danger announced.

In a just-released report analyzing recalls conducted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the group found that 40 nursery products involving more than 21 million units and tied to 198 injuries and nine deaths were recalled.

"And those incidents include only those already reported at the time of the recall," Kids in Danger executive director Nancy Cowles said in a statement e-mailed to "More needs to be done to protect children from these hazards."

Among the biggest recalls:
  • 4 million units of Aqua-Leisure inflatable baby floats (the leg straps can tear and cause a baby go under water)
  • 2.1 million Stork Craft drop-side cribs (entrapment and fall dangers)
  • 643,000 Evenflo Envision high chairs (risk of falls and choking)
Evenflo Co. and Dorel Juvenile Group -- which sells products under a variety of brands including Cosco and Safety First -- each had five recalls, according to the analysis.

Kids in Danger also singled out two companies with a startling number of reports of incidents prior before a recall was put in place. Wooden Play Sets by Adventure Playsets and Rainforest Play Yards by Simplicity Inc. tallied more than 1,000 reported incidents prior to its recall and Evenflo's Envision high chairs were blamed for 54 injuries before they were recalled.

The nation's product safety system largely relies on self-reporting by companies. They are obligated to immediately inform the CPSC of a possible product defect when a risk of serious injury or death is discovered.

At least four deaths were attributed to problems with the Stork Craft cribs, which gave momentum to the already strong movement to rid the marketplace of drop-side cribs -- a type of crib that was once the industry standard. Cribs made by Simplicity, which is now defunct, are blamed for nearly a dozen deaths. CPSC officials have said they expect a virtual ban of the cribs to be put in place this year. Toys R Us has said it stopped ordering drop-side cribs for its Babies R Us stores, wiping out a huge market for those cribs.

What's left now are the tens of millions of drop-side cribs still in homes and child care centers.

"This Kids In Danger report highlights the need for all of us to continue our work at the state and federal level to protect children from dangerous products," Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan said in a written statement. "With new leadership at the CPSC, we are making strides to improve the product safety information available to parents and to require greater accountability for product manufacturers."

“Scarface” School Play [Randomly Viral]

This is not actually a real school play. According to TMZ, it was created by Marc Klasfeld and Rockhard Films, who also directed Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” video. We have reached out to Klasfeld to get you the scoop.

First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the… massive pile of popcorn. Behold, “Scarface School Play,” quite possibly the most majestic piece of theater we have ever seen. Ever.

To our surprise and delight, this bizarre vid of a rather twisted school play was posted to YouTube

earlier today. It’s basically the best thing in the world (which is yours!), and I refuse to say more on the subject. Just watch it. Like, seven times in a row.

Warning: This video contains spoilers.

Sadly, not only is this making it's way around the internet as an actual "school play" but some rumor mills are making this out to be a play performed in one of our Pocomoke schools by our children claiming "to have videoed Pocomoke Elementary School’s 4th grade student play last week."

Someone owes our School and teachers an open apology.

Help! I’ve Lost My Files


We’ve all had that moment. That gut-wrenching, sinking feeling of dread, often verbalized by an emphatic “Oh [insert word of choice]!” Your file, the one you were working on for the last few hours, days, even weeks -- is gone. Whether it’s due to a user error or a computer malfunction, it’s painful to lose it.

The computer whizzes tell you over and over to save your document every few minutes. But let’s be real: once you’re in the thick of it, it’s annoying to

And start again.

Some programs now come with a handy function that automatically saves your documents in a temporary folder. However, it’s not always easy to find those files.

One quick recommendation from a non-computer whiz: as soon as you open a new document or file, save it with whatever name you want to call it (even if the document is still blank). That way, if you get interrupted and lose the file, it’s a lot easier to recover.

Deleted Files
The good news: if you accidentally (or purposefully) delete a file, chances are it’s not actually gone. Windows often keeps deleted files in the Trash or Recycle Bin. Double-click the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop to see what's inside. You can drag and drop the file to the location you want, or right-click on the file and select Restore, which will automatically return it to the location from which it was deleted.

Lost Files
If you’re in the middle of working on a document and your program freezes, crashes or is forced to close before you can save, all may not be lost. Many documents can be partially if not fully recovered.

The first step is to search for the original document. Make sure you can view hidden files so you get a full result list. To enable this view, in Windows Explorer click on Tools and then Folder Options. Click on the View tab and make sure the “Show Hidden Files and Folders” option is marked.

Next, click the Start button and select Search (there’s usually a magnifying glass next to it). Click on “All Files and Folders.” This is where it comes in handy to name and save a file as soon as you open it. Many programs, including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), will auto-save what you're working on every few minutes. So, even if you haven’t saved in a while, you might be able to find a more complete version that was auto-saved before the crash. In the box under “All or Part of the File Name,” type the name of the document you want to find. In the “Look In” drop-down box, click on My Computer and/or your lettered drives if you have a networked machine. Then click Search.

If you don’t remember the file name or didn’t name your file, try typing a * and then the extension (the three-letter acronym for the type of file). For example if you are searching for a Word document, type *.DOC in the “All or Part of the File Name” box.

Automatic Backup Tools
If you were working in Microsoft Word and were savvy enough to plan for these sorts of disasters by proactively enabling the Always Create a Backup Copy tool before the crash, you can take the above steps but in the “All or Part of the File Name” box, type *.WBK and click Search.

What’s the Always Create a Backup Copy tool, you ask? In Word, click on Tools and then Options. Click on the Save tab, you’ll find a check box called Always Create a Backup Copy.

In this same Tools/Options dialogue box, you also have the option to change how frequently Word auto-saves your files with the AutoRecover option. If you’re like most and don’t save at regular intervals, you might consider setting it to auto-save frequently.

The Autorecover feature is available on most Microsoft Office programs, and provides an emergency backup for open documents if an error occurs. Keep in mind: this is not a substitute for saving, as these files are not stored indefinitely. A temporary file can include all changes that were made prior to the last auto-save. So, if you are auto-saving every two or three minutes, you should be able to get most of the document back. If you have a crash and this feature is enabled, try re-opening the program (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) you were using. The program should open with an AutoRecover pane that displays the most recently auto-saved files. If the file does not appear, you can manually search for AutoRecovered files by following the steps above to search for a file. In the “All or Part of the File Name” box, type: *.ASD and search in My Computer.

Temporary Files
Another option is to recover the document from your temporary files. Follow the steps above to search for a file. In the “All or Part of the File Name” box, type: *.TMP. This will bring up a lot of files, so you can narrow your search by clicking “Specify Dates” and do a search limited to the time period that you last worked on the file.

Sometimes temporary files are stored with a tilde symbol (~) and might not appear in a *.TMP search. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, repeat the search above but in the “All or Part of the File Name” box, type: ~*.* and modify your dates.

One Last Thing
If your file is still lost, or if you don’t want to go through all these steps, there is software available like Search & Recover -- which scours your hard drive to find deleted and lost data. Programs like Search & Recover are especially handy if the file was lost long ago, as the temp and Autorecover saves only hold onto data for a short period of time.

When all else fails, it may be time to talk to a techie for a forensic review. Which can get to be pricey. Which serves as a reminder…

Start again.

VIA: AOL Discover