Friday, July 3, 2015

Fourth Of July Weekend, 2015!

Glancing back to some July 4th activities from past times...





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The Pocomoke Public Eye wishes you an enjoyable and safe July 4th Weekend.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Interim Pocomoke City Police Chief..



In Local NewsWorcester County by Mari Lou July 2, 2015
The search is on in Pocomoke for a new police chief. City officials have named 15 year Pocomoke Police Lt Brian Craven as the interim chief, but are not commenting further on the release of Chief Kelvin Sewell on Wednesday. Jonathan Taylor at Lower Eastern Shore News reports that Sewell was offered the chance to resign, but when he refused – he was fired. Pocomoke’s crime rate is currently at a 20 year all time low.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

(Courtesy: WBOC.COM)

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. -- The Pocomoke City Police
Department is without a leader for the time being.

Pocomoke Mayor Bruce Morrison confirmed for WBOC 
that police chief Kelvin Sewell is no longer with the 

Morrison would not specify a reason for Sewell's 
departure but did say it is a personnel matter.

In an exclusive statement made to WBOC, former chief 
Sewell says the mayor and city council voted to 
terminate his position.

Sewell says that decision came Monday night during a 
closed session meeting.

A meeting that Rev. Ronnie White of Pocomoke's House
of Love church says should not have happened without 
the public's knowledge.

"None of the citizens were informed. We never knew that
 this was going to happen. It was just like we were left
 out of the loop," said White.

The community says it's not backing down from finding 
out the truth behind Sewell's termination.

Several community leaders including Rev. White and 
Rev. James Jones are holding a town meeting Thursday
evening at 6:30pm at New Macedonia Baptist Church. 
There, the community will discuss the next steps toward 
finding answers for Sewell's termination.

Jones says the work Sewell has done for the city since 
he took office in 2010 is proof he is still needed in 

"I've done my homework as late as today. Over the last 
20 years, we are at an all time low in crime, drug 
activity," said Jones. "I mean it still happens, but it's
almost nonexistent compared to the way it's been in the

Some locals including Eremine Beckwith say she's 
fearful of what Pocomoke might become without 
someone like Sewell leading by example.

"I'm fearing that we're going to end up being like down
 south. As far as police brutality, as far as the young
 black men. I fear for their life. [Sewell] has been keeping
 the town peaceful," said Beckwith.

Sewell says he does not know who will replace as police 
chief or who will be assigned as the interim police chief.

In an exclusive statement WBOC obtained, Sewell says
that he has loved protecting and serving the city of 
Pocomoke, working with the community and the city's 
youth during his tenure as chief.

Although Sewell could not comment further as to why
he's no longer with the department, he wishes the best
for the city.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Local news media Wednesday evening reported Chief Kelvin Sewell's immediate departure from the Pocomoke City Police Department. Other details were sketchy. 

Chief Kelvin Sewell

Keep check with local news media outlets for latest information.

Fourth Of July Fireworks!

Fireworks displays will be held at Snow Hill, Chincoteague, and Salisbury this holiday weekend.  For more information see the Pocomoke Chamber Of Commerce events calendar:

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our Delmarva Discovery Center!

Delmarva Discovery Center Programs Start June 30th.

We have daily programs starting on June 30th and running through September 7th! Sunday is our Discover Stem Lab, Monday is A Walk to Remember, Tuesday and Wednesday is Mommy and Me (Daddy Too!), Thursday is Fishing Fun, Fridays is Beaver Lodge Story Time, and Saturdays is our Awesome Animals program!

On Mondays, join our naturalists for a relaxing and educational walk on the nature trail! Travel along the Pocomoke River, through the Cypress Swamp, into the forest, and beyond. Observe three distinct plant communities changing under the influence of their natural environment. 

Tuesdays and Wednesdays is our Mommy and Me (Daddy Too!) program from 10:30-11 am.. This program is specifically designed for children ages 2 -5, but all are welcome. Each program has a specific theme that relates to colors, numbers, letters, or animals. Make crafts, games, sing songs, and learn in a fun and engaging environment!

On Thursdays from 11-3, come fish with us at Steven’s Pond! Learn about fish native to the area – and if you are lucky, catch “the big one!” Children under the age of sixteen do not need a fishing license; all others must bring a valid license. We will meet at the Center & Museum, then walk over to Steven’s Pond. (Children need adult supervision. Please arrive no later than 11:15, but you may leave at any time.) 

On Fridays, from 1-3, join us in the Beaver Lodge for story time and craft making! Learn about beavers, their animal friends, and the importance of being kind to others and the environment around you.

On Saturdays it is our Awesome Animals and Craft program from 11:30- 12:15 pm. Turtles and crabs and snakes – OH MY! Come enjoy a fun and educational forty-five minute animal presentation on the animals that call the Discovery Center & Museum home. Then, make an animal related craft to take home.

Finally, on Sundays, from 12-12:45 pm, come join us for fun experiments in our Discover Lab Program! We invite teachers, students, and parents to also take part in our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs! 

Sunday, June 28, 2015

TIME MACHINE ... 1942, 2004, 1910, 1957, 1887

"Friendliest Town On The Eastern Shore."  Our tradition runs deep.  Excerpt from a letter to the editor from a visitor to Newtown, (former name of Pocomoke City) published in the Baltimore Sun, April 28,1847.

This place (Newtown) is a pretty snug little village, containing about 500 clever and hospitable inhabitants; it has good wide streets, quite clear of that "eye sore," known mostly over the Peninsula by the name of "deep sand"; the houses, though built of frame, are generally built substantially and with some discretion and taste; there are two neat, new, and quite handsome frame churches in it; as for the merchants of the place, suffice it to state that they are very clever and hospitable.  F. Mezick, Esq., the landlord with whom I stopped, and his very obliging and jolly assistant, are richly deserving of a passing notice, for the good treatment and the extension of the many civilities to "the stranger."

(Reader-friendly viewing of news archives/historical archives material)

January, 1942

Salisbury Times

According to Wikipedia the 33-year-old Lombard was Hollywood's best paid actress. She was returning on the ill-fated plane from a War Bond tour.

January, 2004
The Somerset Herald (Princess Anne)


Construction on McCready ER expansion starts

Work on an expanded emergency room at Edward W. McCready Memorial Hospital will start in earnest with the new year.

Heavy equiprment rolled into place following a formal groundbreaking held Dec. 7.

The $252,000 expansion — which has been in the works for nearly two years — will include a chest pain evaluation unit and education center. The final regulatory hurdle was crossed late last month when the Crisfield board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approved a variance for the 1,400 sq. ft. addition.

July, 1910
The Washington Post


Eastern Shore Residents Say They Are Denied Proper Facilities

Pocomoke City, Md., July 27-  A petition signed by 1,000 residents of the Eastern Shore, protesting against the facilities furnished by The Baltimore, Chesapeake, And Atlantic Railroad Company and The Maryland, Virginia, And Delaware Railway Company, in both freight and passenger service between Baltimore and Eastern Shore points, has been filed with the public service commission.

The Pennsylvania Railroad Company has so arranged its time table that the people of the Eastern Shore, as far down as Crisfield, can go to Philadelphia and return in one day, with time to shop in the Quaker City, while the time tables of Baltimore are so arranged that  a trip to Baltimore and return in one day is almost impossible.

Thus it is said that Eastern Shore trade is diverted from Baltimore to Philadelphia. 

Who remembers Tru-Ade?

1957 Tru-Ade Ad..

(Text courtesy

The beverage sold as Tru-Ade was actually a pasteurized, non-carbonated soft drink. It was made with concentrated fruit juice and was available in both orange and grape flavor. It was bottled in Washington, DC from 1942 to 1969, although they were headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. In 1947, after the sugar shortages of WWII were behind them, the management at Tru-Ade, Inc. decided to get into the cup vending business. They designed and had manufactured a vendor called the Tru-Ade Cup Dispenser. Tru-Ade seems to have gone out of business some time in the 1970s.

Tru-Ade is no longer available as far as I can determine, but there are an awful lot of people who’ve left posts all over the Internet asking where they can find some. It must have been a delicious drink!

August, 1887 (Time Machine archive)
The Denton Journal


Maryland Cooking

(Quoting a New York Times correspondent.)

In Maryland one of the roads to Paradise begins in the kitchen and ends in the dining-room.  Nowhere in the world do people as a class live better.  They are born to good eating, and the cultivation of the appetite becomes a second nature.   

The choices things of life flourish here with a luxuriance that few, if any sections of the country can match.

... Cantaloupe, oysters, soft crabs, trout, rail birds, luscious peaches just plucked, and an indescribable watermelon fresh from the vine!  

Good eating is so infectious in the State that it pervades politics.  In one of the counties, Wicomico, the campaign is invariably opened in the spring by a great turtle dinner.  All the candidates and politicians and district leaders come together in a love feast of turtle and politics.  They sit around on stools and fences eating and talking and laughing booms and courting friendships.  The affair lasts an entire day, and after it is over the candidates proceed to slaughter one another instead of turtle.  Oyster roasts are features of all  large campaigns.  Several dozen bushels of oysters are roasted in one great fire and every man, equipped with an oyster knife, helps himself.  Good dinners are also numerously used in a political way, and many a boom had its fruitful origin in well cooked food, flavored with rare old wines.

A year of so ago the best restaurant here, and all in all the best in the south, imported a staff of high-salaried New York cooks. The arrangement lasted less than a week.  By that time the guests had asked for a return to Maryland dishes, for to a Marylander the subtle charm of home cooking is the greatest glory of the ages.

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