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Hot Cars ARE Fatal To Dogs!!

There is NO such thing as
When it comes to leaving a dog in a hot car!

TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview

1952.. Mysterious booms shake lower Eastern Shore; 1850.. Rough And Tumble politics in Temperanceville; 1933- Boston Red Sox players help at scene of Delmarva Train accident; 1914.. Bible bill introduced in Maryland legislature; 1906.. Pocomoke newspaper reports facts about Worcester County.

Although you may not find these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye! 

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!

Studio Day at the Chamber with Artist Charlotte Poore

Studio Day at the Chamber
 Artist Charlotte Poore
  In 2005, Charlotte Poore and her husband moved to Captain's Cove.  During the last five years, she has studied art with Julie Ricken, Diana Davis, Barbara Schmidt, Doris Glovier, Tracey Arvidsen, Willie Crockett, and Nancy Carver Thompson.  She is currently a member of the Worcester County Arts Council and the Captain's Cove Arts and Crafts League.
Come by the Chamber to see Charlotte at work 
 Saturday, June 1, 2013 
from 10 am to 3 pm.

OCPD Reminds Citizens of the New Skateboarding Rules

Ocean City Police would like to remind citizens of the changes to the skateboarding rules during the summer season. On October 1, 2012, Ocean City Mayor and City Council approved an amendment to the town’s skateboarding ordinance. Since then, skateboarding is permitted on the boardwalk during the same times as bicycling.

While skateboarding is still prohibited throughout the rest of the city with the exception of the skate park, skateboarders now have another option.

Beginning on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, skateboarding is permitted between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. of the same day. During Springfest and Sunfest (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), skateboarding is permitted between 2:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. of the same day.

Outside of the summer season, skateboarding is permitted on the boardwalk with no time restrictions.

OCPD reminds skateboarders that stunts and tricks are still not allowed on the boardwalk.

Anyone with questions about the skateboarding amendment should call OCPD at 410-723-6610.

Ocean City Police Department

UPDATE On Bomb Scare In Onley, Virginia

A black briefcase was found abandoned at the CVS pharmacy in Onley Friday afternoon.

The store was closed and the parking lot was blocked awaiting the arrival of the State Police bomb squad which was in route.

When the bomb squad arrived, they opened the case and found it to be empty.

CVS will be open for business as usual today.


Driver Fails to Yield to Pedestrian in Crosswalk

On May 30, 2013, at approximately 1 p.m. Ocean City Police responded to a vehicle collision involving a pedestrian at the intersection of Baltimore Avenue and 17th Street.

The driver of the vehicle, Arun Chainani, 44, of Arlington, VA, was driving westbound on 17th Street and was waiting to make a left turn onto southbound Baltimore Avenue. Chainani, who was yielding to a vehicle traveling eastbound in the intersection, attempted to make the left turn but failed to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian that was in the crosswalk.

The pedestrian was treated by Ocean City EMS and transported to Atlantic General Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Chainani was cited by Ocean City Police with failing to exercise due care to avoid a pedestrian collision.

Ocean City Police Department

Locals Appreciation Weekend At Delmarva Discovery Center

Locals Appreciation Weekend
The First Weekend of Every Month
 50% off Admission for Locals!
(Sussex, Worcester, Wicomico, Somerset
 and Accomack Counties)
PLUS  The Delmarva Discovery is now open
7 days a week 10 AM - 4 PM
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Friday, May 31, 2013

Bomb Squad Called To CVS On Lankford Highway/ Onley


ONLEY -- A State Police bomb squad was called Friday afternoon to the CVS pharmacy on Lankford Highway here to investigate a suspicious package.

A black briefcase was found abandoned on the south outside wall at the CVS pharmacy in Onley Friday afternoon.

The store was closed and the parking lot was blocked awaiting the arrival of the State Police bomb squad.

Marines Will LOSE Hot Meal At Afghan Base


Marines at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan will lose a key daily meal starting Saturday, and they’re not happy about it.

The cuts will force some to forgo a hot breakfast and others to work six-plus hours without refueling on cooked food, according to

The midnight ration service supplies breakfast to Marines on midnight-to-noon shifts and dinner to Marines who are ending noon-to-midnight work periods. The base plans to replace the dishes long offered at midnight with pre-packaged MREs.
The moves, though unpopular with many Marines on the ground and their families back home, are emblematic of the massive drawdown of American troops in Afghanistan and the dismantling of U.S. military facilities. More than 30,000 U.S. service members will leave Afghanistan in coming months as the U.S. prepares to hand responsibility for security to Afghan forces in 2014.

To fill the hot food gap in Afghanistan, a group of U.S.-based military advocates and military-family members recently launched a Facebook page — called “Breakfast for Bagram” — to spur food donations that will be mailed to troops all around Afghanistan. The page states: “We are here to help collect and send non-perishable breakfast type foods to the deployed troops on the 17 bases in Afghanistan that are not currently serving breakfast ‘hot chow’ and Midnight chow due to the budget cuts.”


Decaying Biblical Theme Park Complete With Bethlehem For Sale CHEAP

A crumbling religious theme park in Connecticut that has been closed for nearly 30 years had $150,000 slashed off its asking price last week.

Holy Land USA, in Waterbury, was shut for renovations by founder John Baptist Greco in 1984. When Greco died two years later, it was left in the hands of a group of nuns and has fallen into disrepair.

The eerie 9,472 sq ft site was listed for sale in 2011 for $775,000, which then fell to $500,000. Then, last Monday, the figure for what is suggested as a 'single family home' tumbled to $350,000.

Holy Land USA opened in 1958 and included sprawling replicas of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Garden of Eden and some catacombs.

Greco built the attraction from construction debris. The park also featured a chapel, some large sculptures and massive displays of Bible verses.

At the center of the site was a 56-foot-high cross and a large Hollywood-style illuminated sign reading Holy Land USA that was visible from the nearby interstate highway.

At its peak, in the 1960s and 70s, the theme park was bringing in around 40,000 visitors a year.

But after Greco's death it was willed to the Religious Sisters of Filippi, and it has been abandoned ever since. But people have continued to visit the site and it was the scene of a murder in 2010.

Francisco Cruz, 20, of Waterbury, was sentenced to 55 years in prison for raping and killing 16-year-old Chloe Ottman near the Holy Land cross on July 15, 2010. Since then there has been much debate about what to do with the site.

The listing for the property describes: '5 large buildings, with 1 Chapel located on 17.7 acres, this is HOLY LAND, many fantastic opportunities here, close to highways, easy access!'

There are 14 rooms, 5 bathrooms and 2 parking spaces on the former theme park.


An Important Reminder From Pocomoke Animal Hospital

An important reminder from Pocomoke Animal Hospital

To "like" their Facebook page click HERE

Cyber Criminals Using Photo-Sharing Programs to Scam Victims

If you are planning to buy a vehicle online, beware. Cyber criminals are posting ads on the Internet without pictures, providing photos only upon request. Sometimes these images are sent as attachments, other times as a link to an online gallery—but in either case, the photos can and often contain malware that infects the victim’s computer.

This malicious software will direct the victim to a fake website—run by the cyber criminals—that looks nearly identical to the site where the ad was originally seen. When the victim agrees to purchase the item and makes the payment, the criminals stop all correspondence, and the victim never receives the merchandise.

The FBI urges consumers to protect themselves when shopping online. Here are a few tips for staying safe:

  • Be cautious if you lose an online auction but the seller contacts you later saying the original bidder fell through.
  • Make sure websites are secure and authenticated before you purchase an item online. Use only well-known escrow services.
  • Research to determine if a car dealership is real and how long it has been in business.
  • Be wary if the price for the item you’d like to buy is severely undervalued; if it is, the item is likely fraudulent.
  • Scan files before downloading them to your computer.
  • Keep your computer software, including the operating system, updated with the latest patches.
  • Ensure your anti-virus software and firewalls are current—they can help prevent malware infections.

If you have fallen victim to this type of scam, file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center at


Does Something Seem To Be Eating Your Landscape?


If you have telltale signs of big beasts roaming around your yard— small trees chewed to bits and massive damage to flowers and other greenery (not to mention droppings)—

hang scented car air fresheners on trellises, trees, shrubs, bushes and fence posts…anywhere the deer and the antelope play on your property.

The smell—especially mint—will chase them away.

If you have some old CDs or DVDs that you don't use anymore, tie a string through the center hole of each, and attach them to bushes and trees so they can swing and spin. The shiny glint and constant movement of the CDs will scare off most animal trespassers.

Virginia Governor Plan To Restore Felon Voting Rights

Republican Governor Bob McDonnell will take a concrete step forward for voting rights Wednesday as he unveils a new plan to help nonviolent felons have their voting rights restored.

Currently, Virginia is one of only four states that do not automatically restore voting rights to felons once they’ve served their time, instead forcing felons to directly petition the Governor to have their rights restored after a two-year waiting period. Under the new McDonnell plan, the governor’s office has nixed the waiting period and will instead notify nonviolent felons in a letter that their rights have been restored once the office has verified that he or she has served all time and paid all debts owed.

The change means thousands of nonviolent felons in Virginia could get their voting rights back in time to vote in the upcoming gubernatorial election, although it still puts the onus on the Governor’s office to take action on each felon. Until now McDonnell could only take action on the applications his office had already received, a process considered too cumbersome.

“In many ways it’s the culmination of a career of effort to fix this issue in Virginia,” McDonnell’s spokesman tells the Richmond Times Dispatch.

McDonnell has been a champion of felon voting rights since before he became governor and campaigned on the issue of rights restoration.

During his term, he approved applications at a higher rate than his predecessors, restoring voting rights for nearly 5,000 former felons—including some prominent ones like Scooter Libby.

Unfortunately, that  heightened attention still barely made a dent in total number of former felons in Virginia who have yet to see their rights restored, estimated to be more than 350,000. In 2012, President Obama won Virginia by a margin of just over 100,000 votes.

Even under the new improved process, the administration will be able to restore rights only on an individual basis, which McDonnell’s office says is the furthest action he’s legally able to take. During his State of the Commonwealth address earlier this year he pressed lawmakers in the Republican-controlled state house to move forward with a constitutional amendment to provide a better solution for blanket restoration, but the legislation that followed his call to action ultimately failed.

Recent polling has found a majority of Virginians support restoration of voting rights for felons who’ve served their time.

“While today’s announcement represents a positive step forward, Virginia still needs a more permanent solution through a Constitutional amendment from the General Assembly to automatically restore civil rights for all citizens who have served their time,” said Judith Browne-Dianis, co-director of the civil rights organization the Advancement Project. ”We hope to build on this development in order to move Virginia fully toward America’s promise of a robust and inclusive democracy.”


Accomack CountyCircuit Court Hearings/ Sentencings

By Wesley Edwards
 Accomack County Circuit Court

Eric Harmon  charged with abuse, neglect of a child and DWI second offence. Sentenced under plea agreement to five years suspended, drivers license suspended for three years, plus $500 dollar fine and must attend Alcohol program approved by court.

David Nalls charged with possession of cocaine and distribution of cocaine. Sentencing to be on 8/5/13 after plea agreement is reached.

Ramon Lopez, bail hearing,  charged with aggravated Sexual Battery of a minor. Bail was set at $50,000.


Maybelle Rew, charged with 7 counts of welfare fraud, pleaded guilty on five counts over thirty two months. She was sentenced to 5 years with 5 years suspended, plus 12 months on false application with all but 30 days suspended and permitted to serve time on weekends.

Dietrick Downing, charged with distributing of marijuana two counts. Sentenced to 5 years with all but 10 days on count one suspended. On count two sentenced to five years with all but twenty days suspended. With probation for five years and drivers license suspended plus court cost.

Christian Wescott was charged with possession of meth. He was sentenced under first time program with treatment program and one year on probation along with drivers license suspended for six months.

Ronald Norwood was charged with Grand Larceny (from the local Walmart) sentenced to five years with all but 30 days suspended with unsupervised probation for the remainder of sentence.

Markiece Harmon, charged with Grand Larceny sentenced to 5 years with all but 12 months suspended (already served 5 months) with probation for four years.

Michael Douthat, charged with sexual abuse, sentenced to 60 days suspended for 5 years with good behavior plus court cost.

Edward Smith, charged with Bomb/Burn threat. Defendant did not appear due to illness in hospice care. To be revisited in July 2013.     

Japanese Mayor Apologizes For His Remark Concerning U.S. Troops

Japanese mayor apologizes for saying U.S. troops should visit adult entertainment more often

TOKYO (CNN) – A controversial Japanese politician apologized Monday for suggesting that U.S. military service members should use the adult entertainment industry in Japan more often to relieve sexual frustration and reduce aggression.

But he didn’t back down over comments he made about the Japanese military’s use of forced prostitution during World War II.

Toru Hashimoto, the mayor of Osaka, stirred outrage in Japan and around the world with a series of comments this month about the treatment of women by the military.

He had said May 13 that he had told a U.S. military commander during a trip to a base on the island of Okinawa that the adult entertainment business in Japan should be “utilized more” by U.S. personnel.

“I told him there are places that operate within the boundaries of the law which can be used for releasing sexual frustration, so they (the U.S. military) should fully utilize it or the Marines won’t be able to control their aggressive sexual desires.”

In a statement delivered Monday at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan in Tokyo, Hashimoto acknowledged that his comment “could be construed as an insult to the U.S. forces and to the American people, and therefore was inappropriate.”

Hashimoto, who is also a co-leader of the nationalist Japan Restoration Party, said he retracted the remark and apologized for it.

He said it was prompted by “a strong sense of crisis” he felt in light of a series of recent sexual abuse cases involving U.S. service members in Japan.

‘Comfort women’ controversy

But he said comments attributed to him that described women forced to become prostitutes to entertain Japanese troops during World War II as “necessary” had been taken out of context.

On May 13, he said “anyone would understand” the role of “comfort women” when soldiers were risking their lives and you wanted to give them “a rest.”

“Comfort women” is the term used for the 200,000 women whom historians estimate were forced to become sex slaves for Japan’s former Imperial Army.

Hashimoto’s comments about them had provoked an international outcry, especially in Asian countries occupied by Japan during the war, such as South Korea and China. The U.S. government called the words “outrageous and offensive.”

Hashimoto didn’t offer an apology Monday for those comments, claiming that he had been talking about sexual violations by military personnel in a more general sense.

He also disputed that forcible recruitment of women during the war was conducted as government policy.

“I stated that ‘the armed forces of nations in the world’ seemed to have needed women ‘during the past wars,’ ” he said. “Then it was wrongly reported that I myself thought it as necessary for armed forces to use women and that ‘I’ tolerated it.”

Japan not only culprit, mayor says

He repeated the assertion he made previously that “sexual violation in wartime was not an issue unique to the former Japanese army.”

“The issue existed in the armed forces of the U.S.A., the UK, France, Germany and the former Soviet Union among others during World War II,” he said.

“It also existed in the armed forces of the Republic of Korea during the Korean War and the Vietnam War,” Hashimoto added, using the official name of South Korea.

“If only Japan is blamed, because of the widely held view that the state authority of Japan was intentionally involved in the abduction and trafficking of women, I will have to inform you that this view is incorrect,” he said.

He did, however, recognize that the Japanese military had caused suffering to comfort women."

We must express our deep remorse at the violation of the human rights of these women by the Japanese soldiers in the past, and make our apology to the women,” he said.

In 1993, the Japanese government released a statement acknowledging the “immeasurable pain and suffering” endured by thousands of women forced into sex during World War II. It even vowed to include the comfort women issue in new junior high school textbooks for the first time.


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TIME MACHINE ... This Sunday's Preview.

1952.. Mysterious booms shake lower Eastern Shore; 1850.. Rough And Tumble politics in Temperanceville; 1933- Boston Red Sox players help at scene of Delmarva Train accident; 1914.. Bible bill introduced in Maryland legislature; 1906.. Pocomoke newspaper reports facts about Worcester County.

Although you may not find these items in a history book, they are a part of our local history and you can read more about it this Sunday right here at The Pocomoke Public Eye! 

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting! 

Worcester County Law Enforcement Officers ~ Special Olympics Maryland Summer Games

Worcester County Law Enforcement Officers Participate in Statewide Torch Run Relay to Support the Special Olympics Maryland Summer Games

Law enforcement officers representing all of Worcester County will be on the run on Monday, June 3rd at 8:00am taking part in the annual Law Enforcement Torch Run Relay for Special Olympics Maryland.  Their mission: to escort and protect the Special Olympics ‘Flame of Hope’ as it makes its way toward the opening of the 43nd Anniversary Summer Games at Towson University, June 7-9.

This year marks the 28th Anniversary of the Maryland Torch Run, a movement that began in 1986 with a handful of officers raising $5,000, and has grown into a true year-round effort that involves thousands of officers and sponsors raising over $3 million in 2012.  Since its inception, the Torch Run has taken very seriously its role as “Guardians of the Flame”, and the Relay is an important and celebrated part of every Special Olympics competition.

The schedule for Ocean City/Worcester County’s portion of the Torch Run is as follows (all times are approximate and subject to change):

Monday, June 3, 2013
  • 8 – 8:30am: Pre-Event Ceremonies, 27th Street and the Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD
  • 8:30am: Torch Run Relay Begins.  Run will proceed from 27th Street to N. Division Street.
  • 9:15 – 9:30am: Run Concludes at N. Division Street with Photo Opportunity and Refreshment.
*We will load bus to proceed to Historic Downtown Berlin, for the second leg of the Relay 
  • 10:00 – 10:15am: Meet at Worcester Preparatory School for Pre-Run Pep Rally
  • 10:15am: Begin Second Leg through Historic Downtown Berlin
  • 10:45-11:00am: Conclude Second Leg at Berlin Fire Department (approx. 1 mile run)
*More Refreshments and Photo Opportunities to follow run   

  This local portion of the Torch Run Relay is part of a much larger effort.  Statewide, the Maryland Torch Run Relay consists of four different legs – Eastern, Western, Central and Southern – and throughout the entire week, thousands of Torch Run volunteers

will cover hundreds of miles, eventually converging on Towson where the individual flames will be united in the Final Leg Ceremony and then officers from around the state will travel the final 2.5 miles to the Opening Ceremony at Towson University.  It is there that the Flame is handed off to the Special Olympics athletes who have the honor of taking the final lap with the torch and then lighting the cauldron and officially declaring the 2013 SOMD Summer Games open.
Our local Torch Run Leg is always very well attended and is by far the most beautiful leg of the states Torch Run relay, incorporating the refreshing Ocean City boardwalk and the beauty and charm of historic downtown Berlin, Maryland.
Contact the Ocean City Police Department for more information and to learn how you can participate in this year’s event.
Ocean City Police Dept.

Search Concluded For Missing Elderly Lady From Berlin

Worcester County Sheriff's Office reported last evening....
Today we concluded our third day of searching for Ms. (Helen Stephanie) David.

All areas of South Point have been searched by ground, by air and by boat.

We continue to ask the public to check their properties and report anything out of the ordinary to the Sheriff's Office at 410-632-1111.

Today (Wednesday) concluded a coordinated search by Civil Air Patrol, Natural Resources Police, and Search and Rescue Teams from as far as the Western Shore.

 Sheriff's Office ATV's searched the wooded areas along Route 611 and many side roads around the South Point area.

 Message Boards are in place along Route 611 asking for the publics assistance in locating Ms. David.

At this time, the search teams have been scaled back.

We would like to thank all those who have participated in this search and continue to do so at this time.

Flyers with Ms. David's photograph and description have been distributed to business all along the 611 and West Ocean City area.

We are asking that you share this information with your friends and relatives who live in the Northern Portion of Worcester County as well as those who may travel to the county of the next several days.


SPCA  Yard Sale
June 1st

26528 Lankford Hwy.
 Onley, VA 23418

For more information:  SPCA Eastern Shore Virginia

Rocket Launch Scheduled June 4 From Wallops

WALLOPS ISLAND, VA – A Black Brant XII suborbital rocket carrying the Cosmic Infrared Background ExpeRiment (CIBER)is scheduled for launch between 11 and 11:59 p.m. EDT, June 4, from NASA’s launch range at the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

The backup launch days are June 5 through 10. The rocket may be visible to residents in the mid-Atlantic region.

With CIBER, scientists will be studying when the first stars and galaxies formed in the universe and how brightly they burned their nuclear fuel.

Jamie Bock, CIBER principal investigator from the California Institute of Technology, said, “The objectives of the experiment are of fundamental importance for astrophysics: to probe the process of first galaxy formation. The measurement is extremely difficult technically.”

This will be the fourth flight for CIBER on a NASA sounding rocket. The previous launches were in 2009, 2010 and 2012 from the White Sands Missile Range, N.M. After each flight the experiment or payload was recovered for post-calibrations and re-flight.

For this flight CIBER will fly on a larger and more powerful rocket than before. This will loft CIBER to a higher altitude than those previously obtained, thus providing longer observation time for the instruments. The experiment, which will safely splash down in the Atlantic Ocean more than 400 miles off the Virginia coast, will not be recovered.

The NASA Visitor Center at Wallops will open at 9:30 p.m. on launch day for public viewing of the launch.

The mission will be available live on Ustream beginning at 10 p.m. on launch day at:

Mission status on launch day can be followed on Twitter and Facebook at: or

Mission status also is available on the Wallops launch status line at 757-824-2050.

More information on CIBER and the NASA Sounding Rocket Program is available at: rockets.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BUSTED!! OCPD and Worcester Co. Sherriff Crack Down On Drugs

During this Memorial Day weekend, the Ocean City Police Criminal Investigation Division and Narcotics Unit, as well as the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Enforcement Team, conducted multiple undercover drug enforcement operations at various locations in Ocean City. These plain clothes drug investigations resulted in eight felony arrests, one citation, and the seizure of various drugs and paraphernalia.

The following people were charged with various drug charges by Ocean City Police:
  • Shawn Matthew Gilmore, 25, of Ocean City, MD
  • 17-year-old juvenile male of Stevensville, MD
  • 16-year-old juvenile male of Easton, MD
  • James David Brooks, 25, of Snowshoe, PA
  • Danielle Clarissa Jones, 32, of Randallstown, MD
  • Rodney Lamont Burnett, 32, of Baltimore, MD
  • Thomas Edward Dalton, 27, of Bryans Road, MD
  • Jeremy Adam Thomas, 27, of Welcome, MD
Police seized approximately $600 in cash, a 2002 Chevrolet Trail Blazer, a 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe, assorted drug paraphernalia, and multiple controlled dangerous substances.

Citizens are encouraged not to buy, use or sell illegal drugs in Ocean City and Worcester County. Police remind citizens that undercover officers will be actively ensuring the safety of residents and visitors this summer on the boardwalk and throughout the town of Ocean City.

Ocean City Police Dept.

Drunk Driver Hits Intoxicated Pedestrian

Daniel Allen Marshman
On May 25, 2013, at approximately 7:30 p.m. Ocean City Police responded to a pedestrian collision on Baltimore Avenue north of 19th Street. The pedestrian, identified as Gina Marie Corio, 26, of Staten Island, NY was intoxicated, did not use a marked crosswalk and failed to yield to a vehicle when she was struck by an SUV driven by Daniel Allen Marshman, 46, of Gordonville, PA.

During the on-scene investigation, witnesses related to officers that Marshman, had been driving the vehicle at the time of the collision, Officers also suspected that Marshman was under the influence of alcohol. Officers, who suspected that Marshman was under the influence of alcohol, administered a field sobriety test, which he was not able to successfully complete. Marshman was charged with Driving under the influence of alcohol and agreed to a chemical test.  The results of the test indicated a .15 Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC).  Corio, who was also under the influence of alcohol, was cited for illegally being in the roadway.

Ocean City Police are committed to enforcing drunk driving and pedestrian safety. Police urge citizens to utilize the many safe modes of transportation available in the town of Ocean City.   Citizens are also reminded to always use marked crosswalks and “Walk Smart”.

Ocean City Police Department

Cypress Festival Tug- O- War- Blast From the Past!!!


Teams Wanted for Tug-O-War
 at the Cypress Festival!
By Jennifer Rafter,
 Executive Director
Pocomoke Area Chamber
 of Commerce
Remember this event? These photos were taken by Jim Glovier at the 1990 Cypress Festival. Back by popular demand, compete in the ultimate team sport, Tug O War, at the Cypress Festival. Better yet, convince your nemesis to pull against you! Show that your team has what it takes to win in the competitive test of strength and teamwork.

Weigh in is at 6 pm on Friday, June 14. $100 per team to enter and winner takes all! For more information see or call the Pocomoke Area Chamber of Commerce at 410-957-1919.

contact the Chamber as well if you can identify the people pictured here:
Cypress Festival Tug-O-War 1990
Jim Glovier Photo


Enter The Boat Decorating Contest ~ Prizes To Be Awarded

For rules and more info on the Cypress Festival go to

Man Arrested in Connection With Bar Shooting In Delaware

Teonce  S.  Trader
MILFORD, Del.- Milford Police arrested a man who they say was involved with a shooting and fight at a bar earlier in May.

Police say Teonce S. Trader, 22, of Pocomoke City was arrested.

Milford Police say there was a shooting on May 12, around 1:10a.m. at Park Place Bar. Detectives say the shooting stemmed from a fight between some people who were leaving the bar as it was closing.

During the fight, police say someone fired a gun and a 28-year-old man was injured. Police say that man had life threatening injuries and was transported to Christiana Care Hospital. The victim is now in stable condition.

Trader was charged with:

Assault 1st Degree

Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Felony

Possession of a Firearm by Person Prohibited

Reckless Endangering 1st Degree

Tampering with Physical Evidence

Conspiracy 2nd Degree

Trader was arraigned and committed to SCI in default of $140,000 cash bond.

Milford Police say the investigation is still ongoing.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013



Helen David
Missing In Berlin

Photo of Helen David missing from South Point since early this morning.

Worcester County Deputies and Maryland State Police and Maryland Natural Resource Police have been on the ground in the water and in the Air searching for Mrs. Helen David.

She was last seen wearing blue shirt and blue pants.

Call 410-632-1111 if you see her.

Lieutenant Edward C. Schreier
Worcester County Sheriff's Office


Police Searching For Missing Elderly Woman


Local law enforcement agencies this afternoon are seeking the public’s help in finding an elderly woman who suffers from dementia and short-term memory loss who was last seen at her residence on Carefree Lane in Berlin on Monday afternoon.

Shortly after midnight on Tuesday, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office received a missing persons report on Helen Stephanie David, 77, of Berlin from her son, Ryan Putney. David lives on Carefree Lane in the South Point area and was last seen at her residence shortly after 3 p.m. on Monday.

According to police reports, David suffers from dementia and short-term memory loss.

David is about 5’6” tall and around 142 pound with salt-and-pepper hair of medium length. When last seen, she was wearing a blue and white blouse with flowers, light blue Capri-style pants, two pairs of white socks and possibly tan Burkenstock sandals.

Anyone with information regarding David’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office at 410-632-1111.

Local law enforcement is currently asking for the public’s assistance in searching their property or any outbuildings on or near their property.

Several agencies are currently involved in the search including the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, the Maryland State Police, Ocean City Police, the Ocean City Fire Department, Maryland Natural Resources Police and the Worcester County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Suspect Barricades Self In Residence ~Investigation Continues

Pocomoke City Police Department
Pocomoke City Police Officers were dispatched to a domestic with shots fired complaint at approximately 9:30 PM on Monday, May 27, 2013 at 1709 Cedar Street, Pocomoke City, Maryland. Upon the officer’s arrival the victim was removed from the area for protection, no injuries were reported. 
The initial investigation revealed that a domestic erupted between husband and wife, which resulted in the discharge of several shots fired from a handgun. 
The suspect, Joseph Peter Donoway then barricaded himself into the residence and turned off all the lights of the home to avoid detection. Contact with the assailant was attempted for several hours and at approximately 12:50 AM entry was made into the rear of the home and the suspect was removed without incident with the assistance of the Worcester County STAR Team and the Maryland State Police.  

Joseph Peter Donoway
W/M, Age 40
1709 Cedar Street
Pocomoke City

Assault 1st Degree with a handgun
Assault 2nd Degree with a weapon
Intoxicated Endangerment

Reckless Endangerment
Display weapon with Intent to Injure

An ongoing Investigation is continuing and additional charges will be filed upon its completion. Several guns were recovered from the scene.

Kelvin D. Sewell
Chief of Police


(PIKESVILLE, MD) – Troopers’ enforcement initiatives throughout the state yield significant results this Memorial Day weekend.

The Maryland State Police conducted traffic enforcement initiatives throughout the state during this unofficial start to the summer travel season. During this Memorial Day weekend, all 22 state police installations made their presence known. As troopers made numerous traffic stops focused on impaired or distracted drivers, aggressive and speeding motorists, as well as those who were not properly seat belted

During this four day weekend over 9,700 vehicles were stopped by troopers. Preliminary statistics revealed approximately 6,828 traffic citations were issued along with approximately 5,164 warnings. In addition, 102 motorists were arrested for impaired driving, 51 people were arrested for various drug offenses and 73 were arrested for various other criminal violations. Additional initiatives will continue throughout the summer travel season.

The Maryland State Police encourage motorists to plan ahead, be considerate, courteous and patient while traveling. Always reduce as many distractions as possible while driving. If you find yourself impaired, call a friend or family member, or use public transportation. If you see a driver you think is impaired or driving their vehicle in an unsafe manner, keep a safe distance and contact law enforcement.

The additional State Police patrols are in support of the Maryland Highway Safety Office and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration initiatives to reduce crashes on the roadways. The overtime funding for additional patrols was provided by grants from the Maryland Highway Safety Office.

Maryland State Police

Rural Sign Painter

Mar-Va Theater Needs Volunteers

Volunteers & Managers on Duty
The Mar-Va relies on volunteers to make the Mar-Va magic as smooth as possible. We are in desperate need of more volunteers and managers on duty (MODs). Positions include concessions help, ticket booth attendant, manager on duty, taking tickets, backstage help, distributing flyers, etc. For questions or to help, call or email the Box Office!

Hostage/Barricade Situation In Pocomoke City Last Night

 Pocomoke City Police Department  responded to the scene of a standoff on Cedar Street around 9:30 PM Monday night.

Police say around 9:30 PM Monday night, they received a call of shots fired in a residence at 1709 Cedar Street. Police responded to the call and reportedly set up a command post shortly after.

According to police, two people were involved in the incident.   Joe Donaway  reportedly fired off five rounds in the house then barracading himself in the home prompting his wife to allegedly exit the house and go to a neighbor's residence.
When police entered the home  Mr. Donaway was taken into custody without incident.  There were no injuries reported.

A SWAT team was brought in to assist with the situation.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

'oer the land of the free and the home of the brave....

Thank you and rest in peace to those who gave their lives so that I may have my many freedoms as an American.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

~ REPOST~ Crisfield Mudbog CANCELED

REPOST~  Crisfield Mudbog CANCELED
 The mudbog scheduled for Sunday, May 26, 2013 has been CANCELED
 due to excessive water on the Crisfield Elks Lodge grounds.
Since yesterday the committee members have found that rescheduling for June would cause a scheduling conflict with the Elks Lodge. Keep in mind that the Crisfield Elks Lodge schedules so many other wonderful events other than provide a place for mudbogging and making us comfortable on race day.
A new date will be decided and I will have all of that information for you when I receive it.
 The next race date is Saturday, July 13, 2013 in Snow Hill sponsored by the Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Company.
This is the first time the Snow Hill Volunteer Company has sponsored a mud bog and I hope all of you will help make it a success. More information will be posted soon.
Thanks for your understanding and patience!

TIME MACHINE ... 1914, 1990, 1977, 1930, 1893

(Reader-friendly viewing of newspaper archives material)

 March, 1914
(The Evening Times- Cumberland, Md.)


Bricks Will Be Sent To Site By Parcel Post


President Wilson And Members Of Congress Asked to Send One Brick Each-

Name Of Donor On Each Brick.

Baltimore, March 23- Congressman David J. Lewis, father of the American Parcel Post system, in his most roseate dreams never contemplated the coming of the time when so bulky a package as a brick church could be sent through the mails.

Yet a project is on foot to do this very thing. The mails will be burdened with the church brick by brick, however, and the thousands of them required to erect the edifice will each be stamped and addressed to "Methodist Church, Wenona, Somerset County, Md."

The Representative from Western Maryland will be asked to be among the senders of the first bricks. President Wilson also will be requested to mail a brick or two.

The congregation of Wenona Church desires to rebuild the edifice, which was destroyed by fire March 1 during a terrific wind storm. Wenona, by the way, is on Deals Island, Chesapeake Bay, where the oyster is the chief subject of conversation and the chief source of income. It is 26 miles from Princess Anne, the county seat.

It took years of effort for the congregation to build the first church, which was a frame structure. No insurance was paid after the fire, for the blaze started from an exploding gasoline lamp, and this absolved the insurance company from financial obligation. The accident was felt throughout the whole community, for the nearest place of worship of another Methodist congregation is miles away. The Wenona church had 800 men, women and children in its flock.

For the last two or three weeks the communicants have been discussing ways and means, and finally some of them hit upon the unique plan of "building the new church by parcel post." The idea "took" immediately, and Denwood W. White, treasurer of the congregation, indorsed the project and now it is a well-defined campaign.

No effort will be made to have all the bricks of a uniform size, shape, weight, or color. Any variety will do, from the white enameled kind that they use to build mantels to the heavy paving brick.

An interesting thing will be the memorial feature of the undertaking. The sender of each brick is requested to write his or her name on the surface. This side will be turned inward and the edifice, when completed, will be a mammoth roster of donors.
The contributors will doubtless be persons from all over the country, although Marylanders are expected to be the first to send bricks. And among the "foreigners" looked upon as possible patrons are the various Representatives and Senators who supported the Lewis bill.

In the meantime Postmaster Vetra, of Wenona, is making arrangements to store the bricks upon their arrival until a sufficient number have accumulated to make possible the beginning of building operations. The bricks will go to Princess Anne, and must be carried by rural route all the way to Wenona.

Footnote: Anyone know what became of this project? My search didn't turn up any further info.- tk

October, 1990
(Frederick News Post- Frederick, Md.)


(Pocomoke City, Md) Take a trip in 1920's passenger cars on tracks from the Parksley Railroad Museum north into Maryland's picturesque lower Eastern Shore. For tickets call 800 ... ....


(Pocomoke Riverfront Park. POCOMOKE CITY, MD) Hop on the Maryland Main Street Special in Parksley, Va., and ride to Pocomoke City on the banks of the Pocomoke River. Live entertainment, barbeques, arts and crafts. 301 957-.... 

April, 1977 (Time Machine archive)

Having cleared both the Maryland House and Senate the Pocomoke City Sunday Blue Law bill was ready to be signed into law by the governor, clearing the way for Sunday merchandise sales in Pocomoke City. In a 1974 referendum the Pocomoke City area voted against lifting Sunday Blue Law restrictions while the rest of Worcester County voted in favor and was permitting the Sunday sales. The bill to bring Pocomoke City in line with the remainder of the county was co-sponsored by House Of Delegates members Russell O. Hickman of Worcester County, R.C. (Biggy) Long of Somerset County, and Joseph J. Long of Wicomico County.  

February, 1930

The State Roads Commission awarded a contract just in excess of $25,000 for construction of a one mile concrete road from Stockton to the Virginia line. P.D. Phillips And Brother of Salisbury would carry out the project. The contract was one of six the Commission awarded to start its 1930 building program.
April, 1893
(Xenia Daily Gazette And Torchlight- Xenia, Ohio)


As is Shown Among the People of Virginia and Eastern Maryland.

A gentleman who had traveled extensively through the south was one evening seated in one of those proverbial grocery stores in a small village talking to the people and commenting upon the unstinted hospitality of the people.

A tall, cadaverous looking chap, who had listened to him intently, interrupted:

"That's so, stranger. When a man comes among we uns and does what's right, we uns ain't the people to see him suffer when he's down on his back an can't help himself. We're just going to raise him up."

And they do "raise him up." If he is sick, they till his ground, feed his cattle, cut his wood and in various ways render him assistance. On the eastern shore of Maryland and Virginia this custom is universal, and many a sick man has silently made his grateful prayers for blessings on his neighbors for the great stacks of chips and split wood that have been gathered about his yard, and for the hams and flour and the other necessaries that have been placed in his smokehouse.- Philadelphia Times.

Do you have a local memory to share with PPE readers.. such as a big snow storm, a favorite school teacher, a local happening, something of interest your parents or grandparents told you about? It can be just a line or two, or more if you wish. Send to and watch for it on a future TIME MACHINE posting!