Friday, October 2, 2009

A Dangerous Situation !!

You are riding a beautiful white horse.
On your right side is a drop off.

On your left side are several ostriches
being chased by a lion.

In front of you are FOUR large gazelles which won't get out of your way and you just can't seem to overtake them!

Behind you is a stampede of horses!!

What MUST you do to get out of this HIGHLY dangerous situation!!!!



Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guess This Star

Can ya guess who this is, and what they star on today?

Understanding Life

This weeks sign from the rural sign painter asks a very good question..........
If only life could be a series of yes and no answers.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Odor on Nictitate (chapter 3)

Odor on Nictitate
By Odor Eliminator

Chapter 3 – Someone’s got to take the heat, it might as well be the cops!

Bloggers sure have been busy this past week. It’s taking me longer and longer to keep up with all of the posts on the many blogs. Trying to sort through the relevance of all the mucky muck that is being slung out into cyberspace is becoming a who’s who story of its own. This book might well extend into the next millennium.

Before I go any further I need to say that there is a great divide that has been inserted into Christine’s case and it appears as if there are now sides as to who the good people are and who the bad people are. In relationship to the case, the only bad guys are whoever is involved in Christine’s disappearance.

Secondly, if you have ever been a victim of crime, you will understand the feelings of expecting law enforcement to move heaven and earth to put the perpetrator(s) behind bars. Add watching too many television programs such as CSI or Cold Case to the mix of emotions and the imagination runs wild.

So, where were we? Last week, we left off with the promise of looking into law enforcements role in this saga. This is going to take some time so for all of you avid readers out there – sit back and get comfy because I’m going to stop along the way for doses of rationality.

In telling this story, it needs to be perfectly understood that no member of law enforcement has contributed to this accounting. Likewise, OE would never expect LE to divulge any details concerning Christine’s case and would think much less of them if they did.

Along came a spider called Nictitate spinning a tale of corruption and conspiracy within law enforcement agencies involved in Christine’s case. Nictitates tale is spun from a long running conspiracy theory which has been brewing in the City of Pocomoke and fueled by opinions from a local blog. In the spirit of fairness, one has to reason that it’s much more interesting to tell conspiracy tales than to tell factual accountings of a story.

Just what does a real accounting of the events of police involvement tell? Supposedly, the police dropped the ball in the very beginning when Christine went missing and if you listen to the chatter, they haven’t done much good since then. This is where OE’s investigation has gone. Sources and eyewitness accounts are differing from the chatter.

Concerns over Christine missing began on the evening of November 13, 2007 and a call was made to the Pocomoke City Police Department by her family. The caller was told to contact the Delaware State Police.

At this point in time, there’s no reason to suspect that anything out of the ordinary had taken place only that someone had taken off. Christine had every right to disappear if she wanted to since she was an adult and couldn’t be considered an underage runaway.

In addition, the farm house where Christine was staying is not within the jurisdiction of the PCPD it’s in the jurisdiction of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department and the Maryland State Police. Christine was from Delaware, was supposed to have returned to Delaware that evening, and the caller was from Delaware.

– Proper procedure?

By November 15th, the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the farm on Byrd Road to take a statement from the last people to see Christine Sheddy. The occupants, Clarence aka Butch, aka Junior, aka JR, Jackson and Teresa Lynn, aka Tia Johnson, tell the story that they had left the farm on the afternoon of the 13th to pick their children up from school and when they returned they found that Christine was gone and had left her two young children behind.

It’s also known that at the time of Christine’s disappearance a cousin of Tia’s, Justin Hadel was living at the farm house and he was questioned as well. It is not known if Justin Hadel left the farm house with JR and Tia when they went to pick their children up from school. There is evidence that tells a different story than the one that JR, Tia, and Justin tell.

There are others who LE has identified that were on the premises during the day of November 13th when Christine was reported missing.

Time Out……… Dose of rationality………………..

Nictitates tale says that Christine was murdered on the night of November 12th. How this has been determined is anyone’s guess and it appears as if a supposition has been made. Nictitates groupies are hanging on the web of tales accepting it as the gospel truth. We know that Nictitates nest has hatched out some interesting babies who have become a team and they claim to have psychic powers.

Observers of the international seer society have mixed thoughts about their special abilities and say that it’s a show worth seeing. Over the past two years, the team of seers has placed Christine all over the countryside. Witnesses tell OE that some within LE were willing to be opened minded enough and to satisfy Christine’s family’s insistence of looking into information provided by the seers. But that is something that will be for a later chapter of the Odor on Nictitate tale.

We all can speculate as to what happened to Christine and come up with a determination however that doesn’t mean that it’s the truth. Only those who witnessed the happenings of what went on the evening of November 12th and the day of November 13th, know the real story.

Sources tell us that three days later a Worcester County Sheriff is seen going through the neighborhood surrounding the farm armed with pictures of a young man and woman practicing tongue exercises together. They are asking folks if they have seen the young woman because she is missing.

One eyewitness tells us that it was a Sunday afternoon when they were stopped while on Byrd Road and asked about the pictures. The Deputy who asked them was off duty and they joked and teased with him about his dedication to his job.

Within a couple of days following, Worcester County Sheriff’s arrive on the Byrd Road Farm to search for the missing woman. Several units are dispatched to aide in this effort. The occupants of the farm house are not at home.

Scuttle butt is that LE found the door to the farm house ajar and checked it out for a possible breaking and entering. Upon entering the house, pets within were found in physically bad shape and the proper authorities were called to remove them from their environment.

When LE left the premises, they stopped and showed the neighbors the pictures and asked about the missing woman. The neighbors tell OE that they did not recognize the woman in the picture but learned her name and that she had been reported missing. LE also asked and was given pictures from a security camera on their property.

Okay, Time Out….... Now I don’t know about the rest of you but…… from what I understand, in Maryland, people who want to file a missing persons report should contact the law agency within the county that they are living or where the missing person was living, not where they went missing from. The next step is to file a written report with that agency and provide LE with as many details about the missing person as they can. Remember that PCPD told the family to contact the Delaware State Police? The Delaware police then told the family that they needed to contact local authorities where the person went missing from. Since the family didn’t know where the farm was located, they contacted the Pocomoke Volunteer Fire Department and were given the correct address of the farm. Is it too far of a stretch of one’s imagination to think that the family was told by PCPD what the procedure is? Nothing more nothing less?

Rationality dose - In less than two days time the police take a statement concerning Christine missing. What can be clearly seen here is “special” treatment if you take into consideration all of the legal procedures for a person to be considered missing and for LE to step in.

We are now into over a week since Christine went missing. There is no indication of foul play behind her disappearance but LE is still looking for her. If everyone is to believe the early stories, Christine was portrayed as someone who had a habit of disappearing. It’s been said that she had been known to drop her two youngest children off with their father Levi Hall and then pull a vanishing act. At the time that Christine went to Pocomoke for an extended visit, Levi was leaving messages on My Space looking for her.

Police investigations deal in facts. There is a reason for that and it’s called the law. The law is there to protect people’s rights and LE can’t just go around accusing people of things without hard proof. A family’s say so is not hard proof of anything except their loyalty to a family member.

It’s reasonable to think that by the end of November 2007, LE had heard so many stories from many sources that they were going to have to start sifting through all of the statements and try to figure out if indeed there had been foul play surrounding Christine’s disappearance.

Sources tell OE that in early December, LE visited the Byrd Road property again at night time. JR and Tia had been evicted and Christine’s case had been turned over to the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation.

Eyewitnesses to this visit say that WCBI investigators notified them that they would be on the property and not to be alarmed if they observed lights coming from the now empty farm house. At this time, the neighbors were still using the services of a private security firm and LE didn’t want to cause any unnecessary concern over their presence.

During this same month, December 2007, LE along with Flatland Search and Rescue conducted a search of the entire Byrd Road Area.

What did WCBI find on their visit to the farm house in early December? If you listen to the ranting of the cop bashers - nothing.

Time Out…….here comes another dose of rationality………. It’s highly doubtful that LE would discuss anything about what they did or didn’t find at the farm during their visits. What we do know is that they continued to look for Christine.

What we are told is that at some point during this time frame Christine’s mother had a conversation with Mike McDermott, Mayor of Pocomoke City and a detective with WCBI. Evidently some heated words were exchanged and as the story goes Mr. McDermott made some type of disparaging comment about Christine being a sponge on society. That comment has recently been repeated by a local blog owner who has said that it’s true because Mr. McDermott made the same comment about Christine to them.

What’s obvious is that there is bad blood between the Mayor of Pocomoke City, Christine’s family, and the owners of the local blog. Anyone can see that as soon as you read the many episodes of negative comments on the blog concerning the Mayor of our fair city.

Somehow in all of the controversy over the Mayor, Christine’s family members and the blog owners joined forces for a common cause. Get the Mayor/Detective. This is where the lines get real fuzzy and it’s a take no prisoner war. It’s apparent to bloggers that you are either with them are you’re not. There is not any middle ground and you can’t be interested in helping to find Christine unless you are also interested in bashing Mr. McDermott.

What gets real confusing is how the battle with the Mayor equates to slip shod police work in looking for Christine. Yes, I know, I’m kind of jumping around here on subjects but honestly if you’ve been a witness to any of the shenanigans, this is how it goes. You can’t talk or think about one without the other. If Mayor McDermott made such a disparaging comment about Christine, then he needs to man up, own it, and correct the problem!

Unfortunately for all of the many fine men and woman of LE who have been in any way involved in Christine’s case are now the targets of the bad mouthing. Sources who have observed the work of LE tell OE that the police have made many efforts to find Christine. One source tells us that Christine’s family knows that LE is progressing in the case and at this time they are waiting on crucial evidence.

Many sources tell OE that they have witnessed LE efforts in finding Christine. One witness tells OE “I have seen many times where detectives involved in Christine’s case have been out searching on their day off”. So now you have it folks. Did LE drop the ball? OE says NO. For all of the thankless ingrates OE is stepping up in their place and says “thank you” to LE for all of your efforts in trying to find Christine!

OE thinks it would be an intelligent decision for the cop bashers to stop their shenanigans. To lay blame on LE is ridiculous and disrespectful of their efforts. Nictitates tale is just that, a tale filled with nonsense and maliciousness. The seer’s society needs to cut the crap. The word charlatan comes to mind.

Up next……… Odor on Nictitate, Chapter 4: The Search is on for Christine.

Note: For those of you who want to highjack writings from OE – DON’T. Any writings contributed by Odor Eliminator belong to The Pocomoke Public Eye exclusively and all rights are reserved. You may not copy and paste, dissect, snip, or use any of OE’s writings in any part or its entirety without prior written consent.

Golden Tapestry Created From Spider Silk

This is not your everyday knee-warmer.
Woven entirely out of spider silk, a shimmering, 11-by-4 foot golden tapestry has gone on display at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.
According to the museum's Web site, the spectacular textile is the brainchild of British art historian Simon Peers, who studied previous attempts to use spider silk to produce fabric.

More than 1 million golden orb spiders from Madagascar were "silked" to produce enough thread to weave the stunning tapestry, the museum said. To extract the surprisingly durable thread, a special harness was used to hold the spiders in place.
It took 70 hired workers four years to make the tapestry, the museum said, at an approximate cost to Peers of $500,000.
Believed to be the only one of its kind in the world, the cashmere-soft creation will be on view at the American Museum of Natural History until traveling to London next year.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pocomoke VFD under Fire AGAIN!!

Let me just say this post IS NOT about the missing Christine Sheddy or her family. It is however about those that align themselves with this completely ridiculous rhetoric that I have been made aware of by concerned citizens.

It seems we have a reporter/blogger constantly, for reasons unknown, bashing and trashing our VFD. It is a damn shame that even some of our locals and a local blogger have felt the need to put themselves under the wing of this vial, out-of-town reporter/blogger that is supposed to be looking into the Sheddy case.

I refuse to honor either site with my presence even to read their garbage of constant belittlement of our local heroes. They should be ashamed of themselves.

I cannot, however, ignore the pleas for help from the locals that call on me as their outlet for help.

In reference to the post that I have received (I wont post it, it's that bad) this viral blogger/reporter is cautioning our citizens not to take their children to the PVFD ladies auxiliary event or and fire prevention, or Christmas event in fear for the children. This is another slap in the face of our wonderful VFD and a question of their judgment as to who can be a VFM.

I WILL say this again, anyone in Pocomoke that aligns themselves with that nasty blogger/reporter SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES!! including any local blogs/bloggers.

This is not about bringing Christine home, they have another agenda that will rear it's ugly head in time. Those of you sitting back wringing your hands that this blogger will expose the corruption in Pocomoke will end up with egg on your face and may not be able to show your face in public in the future. I hope you do not have a fire and the truck just happens to break-down, that would be awful.

There is a lot wrong here in Pocomoke, as with any other City in this great country. But we have more good than bad. I'm sorry I will NOT sit idly by and whatch these bloggers drag our good people of the VFD through the mud. I have a lot more on my mind to say, but it wouldn't be so nice. I'll get the chance to say it to their FACE in time.

And to the VFD, Thank you for your service. I hope you find the resource to sue for liable. The "B" picked the wrong town this time.

Monday, September 28, 2009

They Stepped In What?

Oh yeah, we are gonna do it again.. we have too.

Hold on, buckle-up, remove all lose particles of clothing, heavy people to the outside of the ride please.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Somerset deputy who lost job feels 'robbed' (update)

Board found officer guilty of leaking info;

Former Somerset Sheriff's deputy James "Troy" Durham knew he wanted to be a cop since he was 5 years old.

When the Pocomoke City native's parents would take him to fairs and carnivals, he didn't spend a lot of time playing games and riding rides like the other children. He would spend his time talking to police officers, and playing with the lights and sirens in their cruisers, he said.

"I think God planted that seed in my heart all my life," he said.

Durham, 41, said he spent most of his adult life working toward his dream job, which materialized when he joined the Princess Anne Police Department in 1992. Six years later, he made his way to the Somerset County Sheriff's Office -- the same place where his dream career came to an abrupt end.

"I want to go back because I feel like I was robbed and it was taken from me," Durham said referring to his job. "I want to go back and serve my community."

Durham alleges that he was fired from the Sheriff's Office out of retaliation after he refused to omit information from an incident report, one in which he indicated he used force to subdue a suspect who resisted arrest.

However, according to Somerset County Sheriff Bobby Jones, Durham was terminated because he released information regarding the report.

"Our policy is not to disseminate information, and he did," Jones said. "And he's still doing it."

Durham filed a civil lawsuit against the Sheriff's Office and Somerset County Commissioners in April. The six-page complaint details the incident of the changed report and alleges misconduct within his former place of employment, stating the commissioners and Sheriff's Office violated state laws, including the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights. Copies of the complaint and other documents were faxed to public officials, government agencies and other law enforcement departments across the state.

The grievance

Continued @

Blog Moderation is Enabled

Bare with us through this period please. During the last few days weeks, who knows time flies? We have had to put up with some off-the-wall? comments, reason being is NOT that we agree with those comments but not to jump the gun so we could investigate from where they were coming from.

Some of those post were hurtful, some just didn't make sense, some were off topic etc. But rather than just delete those post after they had been read by everyone anyway we have been searching for the source.

Our apologizes to those that have been offended and those that think those comments reflected our opinion, I assure it does not.

I was very happy to see that those comments DID NOT come from our locals but rather from trolls that jump allover the internet causing problems everywhere they go. Now unlike some I WILL NOT expose those trolls as even they have a right to their privacy and I will not violate that.

I will say we know who you are and we WILL warn the other blogs and/or forums if it continues.

Thanks PPE's for understanding, and to those that read and found some comments offensive we apologize, but I do hope you now understand what was happening.

How About a Sunday Smile