Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Child Needs Service Dog

(The County Times, Crisfield)

Support wanted to help 9 year old acquire seizure-detecting service dog
Raheem was born six weeks early with hydrocephalus. He has several medical conditions that require him to be in special education one on one.
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Sunday, November 12, 2017

TIME MACHINE: 1924, 2000, 1938, 1956.

Our Little Corner In Space And Time    

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October, 1924

The Evening Times (Salisbury)
Footnote regarding The Hargis Department Store in Pocomoke City:  Mr. Veasey retired from the business in 1928 and the "Veasey Building" at the northeast corner of Market Street and Clarke Avenue was leased to J.C. Penny (Market Street entrance) and Montgomery Ward (Clarke Avenue entrance).  Miss Alice Young was advertising manager and interior designer for the Hargis store. When the store closed she went on to a long career with Pocomoke's Worcester Democrat newspaper. 

March, 2000
(Letter to the editor)

 The Salisbury Times

September, 1938

The July, 1939 60th anniversary edition of the Worcester Democrat & The Ledger Enterprise displayed this picture of when the President Of The United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, visited Pocomoke City. The newspaper noted the progress that had been accomplished since the 1922 fire that had destroyed much of downtown Pocomoke.


September, 1956

The Oakland Tribune (Oakland, Ca.)

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