Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pocomoke Students rewarded during Sports Banquet

Way too go Pocomoke students!!

On Thursday, May 21, 2009, Pocomoke High School students were awarded for their performance during the spring sports seasons. Multiple awards were given out to people for their sportsmanship, gameplay, and their overall attitude. Each player on the Tennis, Baseball, and Softball teams were recognized for playing in the sport which they participated in. This year, the Softball team was able to make it to the State Playoffs, which their game will be on Saturday located at University of Maryland College Park, for the first time in years. Coaches were also honored for their work with the team. Congratulations Pocomoke Students for your awards and for all your achievements!

US Navy Award
Andrew Timmons and Amber Holland
US Army Award
Kirstie Denning and Zach Hall
US Marine Award
Sarah Scher and Johnathan Ritter
Rotary Club Sportsmanship Award
Brianna Hall and Logan Becker
Bayside Scholar Athlete
Zach Hall and Amber Holland
Manager of the Year
Darrius Purnell and Ashley Northam
William Fredrick Dryden Award
Darrius Purnell and Sarah Scher
MVP - Tennis
Emily Leonard and Andrew Timmonsn
MVP - Baseball
Logan and Jordan Becker
MVP - Softball
Anna Brittingham
Sportsmanship award - Tennis
Brian Yeager
Gatorade Packet - Baseball
Eric Breithut
Player of the year Packet - Baseball
Logan Becker
Sportsmanship award - Softball
Taylor West and Dannielle Collick
Wilbert J. Mills Jr. Award
Sebastian Cartwright


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