Friday, December 4, 2009

Pocomoke; Detective Scott Mitchell, Allegations of a local minor rape cover-up

First I call BS, if I'm wrong I'm wrong.

The crap slinging against former det. Scott Mitchell I cannot fathom. If this EX-officer is/was involved in a cover-up of the rape of a minor ... well.. he deserves what he gets. If not... well... what will the people spreading this rumor do for him in the end?

This is NOT the fault of the people of Pocomoke as some other scum blog portrays, it is (if true) the fault of the person that committed this horrific crime.

I will investigate and shine the truth on this matter and report the facts.

In the meantime if anyone thinks this is the fault of Pocomoke.... or it's citizens........

"Hey you know what? I got a plan for you, why don't you move?"


Anonymous said...

I thought the Burke's were moving? That's what they are claiming on Craigslist while trying to sell their stuff.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh Boy does Billy have alot of nerve calling Mitchell a lying sack of ****!

Now Billy's waiting on a "legal opinion" as to whether to post the "report" or not. Where's the opinion coming from, the US supreme court? Sure is taking a long time. The letter is dated 11/20/09. It sure is unusual that both of those big mouths have kept quiet for so long.

Blinkies claiming to have been "contacted by the press." Funny how she doesn't say exactly who has supposedly contacted her. Maybe that dopey Pretzer or whatever that podcast is that comes out of Canada that no one even listens to anyways.

Anonymous said...

Last night on chatroll someone was challenging Billy. Instead of responding with anything factual, Billy askes-- do you have children-- and then disappeared.

But than that's Billy's motto-never let facts get in the way of a good story.

Anonymous said...

there is more to it then what's on the front page of the Daily times this am,if they keep digging they will find more.whoever Mitchell was working for(Worcester county or Pocomoke City) needs to resign also, he had supervisors that were involved or negligent, KEEP DIGGING..