Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Firehouse For Bloxom Fire Department

Bloxom Volunteer Fire Company Begins to Rebuild Station

After being without a fire station for almost four years, the Bloxom Volunteer Fire Company has begun to build the replacement building. The new building was awarded to local contractors Crutchley Enterprises according to Fire Chief James T. Bagwell.

The Bloxom Fire Company purchased the adjoining lot with the original land and bull dosed existing buildings. It is on this now larger lot that the company will build the new 12,000 square foot complex. Currently, the site work is being done and preparing the place the building. Bagwell hopes next week concrete will be laid for the foundation.

The plans for the new building include community meeting rooms and a larger bay area for rescue and fire vehicles. Where the old Bloxom Station was built rectangular, the new building will more resemble the Parksley Fire Station. Bagwell says they are hoping to have the new building completed by August of this year.

The Bloxom Volunteer Fire Company Station was destroyed in a fire in 2006. Although originally believed to be a local arson that was terrorizing the Eastern Shore, investigations proved that to be false. Further investigation could not conclusively prove what caused the fire that ultimately claimed the historical station building.


On January 18,2006, as the Bloxom fireman returned from fighting a structure fire they found their own firehouse ablaze.

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