Sunday, February 21, 2010

Odor on Nictitate; The Final Chapter

Odor on Nictitate
By Odor Eliminator

The Final Chapter

OE is writing the final chapter of Nictitate and the groupies drama. It is with sadness that OE writes this chapter because a beautiful young woman’s life has been taken. The mother of three will never come home to her children and they will have to go on in life knowing that there are bad people out there who do bad things all the while pretending to be a friend. Sadly this is what our world has come to.

Realistically, we all were fairly sure that something terrible had happened to Christine. When we all spent time searching for her, it was remains that we were looking for. Even so, confirmation of our thoughts has cast a sorrowful shadow over everyone.

Along came a spider named Nictitate spinning her web of lies and deceit. She and her 3 ring circus of groupies hanging from her nest spreading their tales have done nothing but dish out a lot of hurt at many people. The accusations have been ruthless and no one was spared any kindness from this bunch. It brings to mind a picture of a pack of wild dogs running unrestrained from attacking anything that moves.

Instead of issuing the many apologies that are owed, once again Nictitate has publicly blamed the Pocomoke Volunteer Fire Company for Christine’s death. As the spokesperson for Christine’s family, she announced that had the PVFD investigated the fires on Byrd Road, Christine would not have been murdered. In Chapter 5 of Odor on Nictitate OE clearly explained who is responsible for investigating fires. OE will say it one more time – The Fire Marshalls Office investigates fires not the VFD’s. PVFD puts out fires and has nothing to do with any investigation of a fire. Got it?

It is beyond OE’s understanding that why, at this time is Nictitate blaming people? She should be grieving along with Christine’s family and should be relieved that Christine has finally been found. Does Nictitate imagine that her statement will bring hoards of press to her as someone “in the know”?

Of course the Pocomoke Tattler has used the blog as a forum to launch political attacks. While they may be right about Mayor McDermott they don’t have the knowledge, manners, or breeding to know that Christine’s murder and the finding of her remains is not something to use as a forum for their ranting of conspiracies. Billy Burke defined the purpose of the blog in a recent post – “ The purpose of the Pocomoke Tattler is to expose corruption & incontinence in the Pocomoke city government”. Is he talking about fecal, urinary, or philosophical incontinence? Check the word out on Wikipedia.

Maybe the owners of the blog should explain why they withheld postings from a person claiming to be JR. In one of those postings this person said that we were “way off” in finding her when we had the big search in March. A conspiracy was launched by the owners when they conspired to withhold evidence. Sources tell OE that the evidence would not have come forth unless a citizen had not informed LE about these posts. Contrary to claims made LE did not tell the owners to withhold the postings. After LE questioned the owners, all of the postings magically appeared on the Pocomoke Tattler.

Accusations of LE persons withholding and tampering with evidence in the Sheddy case has been said and Billy and Stephanie Burke have used Christine as an avenue to spew forth their hatred of authorities in Pocomoke and at people who don’t agree with them or that they don’t like.

It’s clear that Nictitate and her groupies know nothing about what lead LE to finding Christine. No, someone did not have the “cajones to come forward” with information in this case. At this time OE will not say anymore. But OE can say that Nictitate and the groupies had nothing to do with the info that LE received. A piece of advice to Nictitate and her groupies - if you’re going to say something make sure you know what you are talking about.

Some people have not appreciated anything that the people of Pocomoke have done to try and find Christine. OE would like to say “thank you” to all of the many fine people of the City and surrounding area for all of the hard work and time put forth to find Christine and for opening up your arms to welcome her family in their search for her. It has been an exemplary example of how a community can come together for a common cause.

Time will tell all. Unfortunately, Nictitate and her groupies were visited upon all of us and managed to divide people. We have endured. Nictitate and the groupies will be left to go on their way. They will find other victims to feed of off. Unfortunately in their quest for fame they have managed to announce to the world things that could jeopardize the case. Blabbing everything that one knows doesn’t do anything but give information to the accused. How stupid!

OE is glad to be writing this last chapter about Odor on Nictitate and will now tell the meaning of the title – Stink on Blink! From the very beginning this person smelled. The odor of deceit lies heavily around her. One can smell it from a distance and know that this is evil. She launched her lies by pretending to be a new investigator on Christine’s case and started collecting her groupies to launch a rainstorm of untruths and hatred upon us. She was immediately “outed” and her real purpose was exposed – writing a book. This book is what spurred OE’s tale in order to get at the truth instead of allowing Blink to write made up stories. There is something seriously wrong with this person.

The International Seer Society also visited us. Those claiming to “see” where Christine was were nowhere near being correct. While their claims hampered searches for Christine one has to admit that this part of the tale provided much amusement. Who knows, maybe there are people out there who “see” things but OE doesn’t believe that any of those people visited us. Those who did visit us wasted much time and energy in the search for Christine but one can shrug it off and say “oh well” it was all for the cause of trying to find her. We will miss “man with a stick” although misguided in his methods he appeared to be genuine about finding Christine. I imagine that us “inbreeds” will talk about this for a long time!

May Christine rest in peace and may her family find closure to this horrible story. May her children grow up to be strong, healthy, and good people. May those responsible be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and may they rot in hell. Just remember, the State of Maryland does have the death penalty!

Bye, Bye Blink!

Note: For those of you who want to highjack writings from OE – DON’T. Any writings contributed by Odor Eliminator belong to The Pocomoke Public Eye exclusively and all rights are reserved. You may not copy and paste, dissect, snip, or use any of OE’s writings in any part or its entirety without prior written consent.


Anonymous said...

How come the investigators had to call around for contact information for Lynn? Did she move? How come they just didn't give Blink a call as she's always claimed to have been in touch with LE?

Anonymous said...

This story is far from over. You have "cart in front of the horse."

Anonymous said...

Funny weird, twisted

Anonymous said...

Billy now out to expose incontinence? I don't know if it's anyone's business who might be wearing Depends.

Anonymous said...

I hope a book is written and would love to see a a movie made. Pocomoke is very much a Peyton pLACE.

Anonymous said...

Note To Blink- It's not ADA it's ASA, Assistant STATES Attorney. And his name is FARLOW.
Just Sayin'........

Anonymous said...

Well then Anon 9:06pm, knock yourself out and start writing. You have our permission.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I hope someone writes a book outing all of you who wrote such nasty things about a missing young woman and her grieving family. I live far away from there and I thank God every day for that. Your dirty little corner of the world is as filthy and sleazy as they come and one day you will all have to answer for the horrid things you said 'anonymously'. There is no such thing as anonymous in the end.

Anonymous said...

Wow, are B & S and BOC every in a frenzy. It's amazing sitting back and reading what they are posting and the comments.
Of course the Burke's as is Blink are claiming they are remaining tight lipped due to "the investigation." Someone can't wait to hear about the larger investigation may be. A big huge DUH, a missing person's investigation dingbat and not some government conspiracy as you all are hoping. And Billy's STILL waiting for and convinced that the "nationa media" will desend.

Yeah, the real story will come out and it wouldn't be pretty for anyone involved, except WCBI who worked tirelessly as they always do on each and every case sent their way.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Lord, why did the DT's ever have to show the picture of S/A Todd and ASA Farlow at the scene when the remains were discoved. Now the speculation on the Tattler is running rampant.
The facts of the matter are since it's quite obvious this victim didn't dig a hole and bury themselves that it's most likely a homicide.
The S/A's office always will step in at the point of a discovery that a crime of this magnitude was commited. It's not every day that human remains are found in someone's back yard and Mr Todd and assistant were there to consult the WCBI detectives as they will be from this point on.
Nothing more nothing less so no need to try and "read" anything into their appearance.

Anonymous said...

I just love the comment on BOC from the rocket scientist calling themselves "skylar" on Feb 22 at 10:45. It says-
"Go, Team Blink, Go"

I'm telling you-that BOC blog attracts all the psycho/mental cases!

All Blink and others ranted about was how come the farm was never searched (when in fact it was, on numerous occasions) and how likely it was that a fireman with the last name of Hall and other fireman
would walk over
dead body, to protect someone he may or may not be related to.
Blink's "sources" is another hoot! Her only source left is PPE and probably Salisbury News after she's run out of things that Lynn had told
her. Hell, if they even knew what had transpired with Tia a few weeks ago, that would have been a "bombshell" on BOC.
Note To Blink-If you use your source Google and try real hard you might find the Tia story.

And they are still bitchin about why a witness wasn't questioned until recently. Maybe because his credibility factor is zero? Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Anyone see Nictitate's comment from last night (Sunday) at 9:25 in response to Billy's comment?

She up to threatening lawsuits again-HO HUM. But this time she is PROMISING-another huge-HO HUM!
First of all Shannon you nor the Sheddy's nor the Burke's have even a fraction of the resources ($$$$$$$) it takes to pursue a libel case, which you will ultimately lose anyway.
You have no attorney who will do it "pro bono" so don't even start bullshitting everyone with that line, Shannon. The best thing for you to do is crawl back under the pile of trash in which you came from. Try as you may, you are NEVER going to make a name for yourself, nor is your blog EVER going to go anywhere. It's just totally weird the way you sit around all day coming up with the BS that you do. But in the meantime please
plan a visit to your nearest mental health facility to get treatment for your illness.

And lastly-Way To Go WCBI! Some of us NEVER lost faith in OUR detectives!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Anon 9:46!! The nasty tone of the comments on this sleazy site show a picture of Pocomoke that is not pretty. And they think they are defending Pocomoke this way???

Clara Mae said...

I love my dirty nasty little cornor of the world and am glad that we will no longer have to tolerate you outside fakes.

Wow someone writing a book about all of us - such flattery! The only outing that has been done is all of the misinformation put out by the 3 ring circus.

ANON 9:46 - you speak about posting ANON yet you do it yourself. Now do you see why you people are such a joke? You should have thought it out before you posted as ANON. PPE - Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

What a surprise - the great one herself didn't know JR's work history. Ha ha ha ha You should have asked one of us inbreeds and we could have told you.

Funny thing, all of the news articles and pictures show WCBI investigators and mention them as the investigators on the case. No where does it say Blink on Crime solved the case nor does it say that the State Police have the case. Whaz up wit dat?

Anonymous said...

News Flash ... Blink On Crime to be Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize!

Nah just jokin around.

PPE - Did you say thank you for the name of "assclown". Damn they could have called you a lot worse!

Anonymous said...

After reading some of Burke's posts and comments over on the Pocomoke Tattler it is plain to see that the obsession they've had with Mayor McDermott has progressed now into hysteria mode.
Did this happen when Billy pleaded guilty to the wiretapping charge?
I can only say this crazed state of mental agitation they are in is really really weird.

Anonymous said...

I always thought it something that whenever OE and PPE would shed the light of truth on this ordeal how the ANONs came out of the woodwork, claiming to have just heard about this case or some such inuendo.
Then they would proceed to lash out at OE and PPE for what they perceived to be cruel and heartless, as if just some concerned citizen who just happened to stumble upon the Christine Sheddy story, and was out to set the record straight.
I applaud OE and PPE for setting the record straight with the truth. No one, absolutely no one, has ever been able to prove what you have posted to be untrue. They were only able to make personal attacks when confronted with the truth.

Anonymous said...

Hey PPE, did you ever notice if a "pox" was placed on your house?
Remember when that doozey came out of Shannon the braintrust?

Anonymous said...

What appalls me is that detectives from WCBI have shown Christines mother many kndnesses and have tried to work with her. Yet this assinine trashing continues from the family spokesperson. It is unbelievable.

Losing ones family member is horrible and losing a family member to a senseless murder is the worst kind of nightmare. I think that we all get that.

But to trash people who've put forth much effort in finding Christine and have gone way beyond the call of duty as just a cop with her family is - well there are no words to describe it.

I'm sure that these detectives take the meanessas all in a days work but they shouldn't have to.

For the thankless - Way to go WCBI we are proud to know you!

Anonymous said...

It's about time for THEM to stop trashing our detectives from WCBI-every last one of the detectives. I think alot of Worcester residents are sick of it. FYI WCBI solves tons of cases and has solved all the "big ones" so to speak. This time because they weren't quick enough for those who are clueless about the way investigations are handled the trashing of them began.
Yes, WCBI Thank You and we residents of this county are proud and very privledged to have such a team of detectives watching our backs.

Anonymous said...

I would think the detectives of WCBI would be just happy if you guys would shut your worthless traps and stop using their case as an agenda for your own purposes. The death of a young woman has been used to forward a hate campaign like none other - ever. How you look in the mirror in the morning every day is beyond imagination. Oh well, guess you all look like the fools you are now, huh? Drooling mouth breathing fools.

Anonymous said...

"stop using their case as an agenda for your own purposes",Huh? What's that supposed to mean? Please explain.

Anonymous said...

"The death of a young woman has been used to forward a hate campaign like none other-ever" Truer words have never been spoken. Billy Burke spouting off about McDermott and using Christine's death as a political platform is truly "beyond imagination."

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering why if in fact the remains are determined to be Christine why was she buried in Snow Hill? Makes me wonder if she was even murdered in Pocomoke. It's a good 15 miles from Byrd Rd. to Snow Hill with lots and lots of desolate areas and deserted buildings in between. I think there are going to be quite a few surprises when the full story is revealed.

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk Anon 4:53 no need to be so hateful. In other words - Practice what you preach!

Clara Mae said...

The BLABBER MOUTHS are at it again. They couldn't wait for the SA's office to talk about the case to the media instead they brought fame and fortune to theirselves by talking to the local media just to get on the 6:00 news.

This has been the MO of Christine's entire case - blab, blab, blab.....

Wonder which part is not understood about keeping your mouth shut so that the SA is able to prosecute?

How sad is it that the BLABBER MOUTHS might snatch away Justice for Christine? Not to mention how stupid is it?

Anonymous said...

I think WBOC would be very interested in knowing that as recently as Saturday, Blink was claiming there was "gross negligence" in the investigation. As are the Burkes. It would be interesting for WBOC to cover this angle.

Clara Mae said...

I agree Anon 8:10. I think that I'll give them a call and leave a "tip" for them to look into it.

I mean really if we are going to blab then we should blab it all - The good, the bad, and the ugly! Let's make headlines.

Maybe they will even read Odor on Nictitate to find out what's really been going on with the 3 ring circus.

I can see the headline now - There are Whacko's Among Us Who see Conspiracy at Every Turn! Sub Head - Do They See Little Green Men As Well?

Anonymous said...

Oh Gawd, Clara Mae, I could just see BB, SB & Blink trying to stumble their way through that interview.
I think I will email both WBOC and WMDT and turn them on to Blink on Crime so they can read what the psycho's are all saying.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear! The latest picture in the newspaper is Cpl. Johnson from WCBI. We all know how the name Johnson is related. I wonder what conspiracy they all are trying to put together today?

Anonymous said...

Nictitate claims to be "limiting coverage" over on BOC but continues on with her conspiracies and the peanut gallery happily chimes in.

It appears as though Mayor McDermott is still a target, but no mention has been made of S/A Joel Todd. Odd, as it wasn't so long ago, that he was a bad guy. i4ani even made reference to Mr Todd being corrupt on this site, PPE and the PT and BOC also had references to Mr Todd being involved in a coverup.
(Hurry, Nictitate start deleting)

Ohhhhh it painsssss Blink to have had to call out law enforcement!!!

What pains me is the complete joke that Blink has made out of this case. What pains me is that now due to Blinks blog, the residents of this county have a very low opinion of Christine and her family. NO ONE thought that way until Blink felt compelled to print each and every little detail that Lynn told her with no regard for the reputation of Christine nor her family.
An investigator Blink is not-more like instigator. A journalist Blink is not. A story teller maybe? Though her stories always fall flat and in this instance have proven to be out and out fabrications.

While Blink is dancing around claiming she is limiting coverage, which translated really means, she's clueless and knows nothing, the Pocomoke/Snow Hill grapevine is producing grapes, so to speak.

There's no corruption no cover up, the bottom line is that a person put themselves in a reckless situation and paid the ultimate price.

Now I think I'll go over and check out BOC and reflect on how sad it is, that a so called crime blog only has the effect of making people laugh :( :( :(

Anonymous said...

I had to go over and check up on the "ass clown" comment. That's so funny and typical Blink. She continues on with PPE being "proven wrong", "cyber stalking" but gives no examples-more typical Blink. She's prone to that tactic and her "can't say more" when she's clueless and the brainless, oozing with admiration followers fall for it every time!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I keep checking back waiting for this post to BLEED green with all of the envy and jealousy you feel over BOC. And now you speak for ALL of the local residents turning against Christine and family? Hardly! Who do YOU think YOU are?

Its one thing for you to use this site to further your twisted and sick obsession with BOC - entirely another for you to speak for all. Get some help.

Wow is about all anyone can say about YOU.

jmmb said...

Anon 1:14
For someone that has just WOW to say you sure said a mouthful. If you want to believe that there is some obession with Blink on here then keep thinking it.

I don't know where you got the idea that the local residents are so against Christine and her family and have turned against them. My guess you have read but a small portion of any of this anywhere. My advise is for you and all the other Blink followers,to go back and read all that you can so you will know what exactly is going on.

For you to make an assumtion like that is just plain stupid. Most people will tell you that almost all of what Blink has told is not true or exaggerated beyond belief.

There is NO twisted and sick obssesion for BOC, I assure you.

Anonymous said...

The latest is the family's spokesperson is over on WBOC claiming Jackson could now be "cooperating with police".

WOW, those people could screw up a grilled cheese sandwich. They haven't a clue to the phrase "leave well enough alone."
I can only say if all doensn't go as expected they only have themselves to blame. They are unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Jealous and envious of a wanna be no nothing, Anon 1:14?

Guess again.

I think the obsession you describe is more of a mission to expose all the lies told on BOC. Like the "party" at the farm on the night of the 12th for one. And Jr cruising around in a dead woman's car for two. Like the farm had NEVER been searched for three and on and on.

Blink has always pretended she has known WAY more than she has, hence her concentrating on Pocomoke when the answers lie over 15 miles away in another completely different municipality.

So explain WHY anyone would be jealous of her?

Anonymous said...

I would think the family would be taking the same route as Mr Todd, someone educated and wise to the workings of a criminal investigation and remain quiet also.

Anonymous said...

"O" Blink will claim she knew all along about the Snow Hill connection, but wasn't at liberty to comment and all the freaks, like Anon 1:14, will believe her-being the naive slow learning bunch they appear to be.

Anonymous said...

Looks like now the owners of the Inn are being blamed on Blink's site and someone said they are going to have to explain why Clarence was hired without a background check.

Hey Shannon, the owners of this Inn don't have to explain NADA-You got it!

Anonymous said...

Who said Jr was 'cruising around in a dead woman's car'? Christine didn't have a car! Hello?

And talk about 'no nothings' that would be you 'know nothings' to put it correctly.

JMMB I was responding to the post above mine at 11:24 that said this:

"What pains me is that now due to Blinks blog, the residents of this county have a very low opinion of Christine and her family."

This same commenter (over and over and over again) is not the anointed spokesperson for the county. Sorry to burst the bubble. NOT

Oh this has become tiresome and boring. Christine's been found and now ya'll will have to hijack another forum for a different poor missing soul and make the new family's life a living hell once again just to further your BOC bashing agenda. See you there. Loser. Hope you enjoyed the hits on this site TA because its over now.

jmmb said...

Anon 2:50 I have no idea who the repeating commenter is. I bet you can rest assured that it is NOT a family spokesperson. So don't worry about any disappointment on this site. The family by now, I am sure has appointed a spokesperson and when they are ready to give a statement or comment they will do so to the media and not on here.

You say in your comment that "Christine's been found". Do you know something no one knows?

Your comments along with alot of the others only tells us here at this blog site that you come here to read what is being said. Do you think that this site has survived simply because of its posting on Christine or Blink?

Then please look again. You have missed a whole lot. Alot of you are looking for something to just bitch about and not understanding any of it.

But thankyou for dropping by. We all hope this is over soon so that this family can have some peace.

Anonymous said...

Blink said JR was cruising around in a dead woman's car that's who Anon 2:50. That's what Blink was claiming, until the family of the dead girl got wind of it and she took it down. Mustang ring a bell!
And the farm house party she claims happened and showed the pics from the night of the 12th was just a complilation of vehicle traffic in and out of the farm lane on many different days.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Blinks deceptive.

And now, majorly pissed off, that she was soooooo way off base.

Hmmmmm, Snow Hill, I wonder what Christine and her friends were doing in Snow Hill?

Anonymous said...

Everyone was always screaming, hollering and yelling when Mike McDermott would mention a Christine sighting in Salisbury.
He never once mentioned when those sightings occured. Who knows,they could have happened on Nov 9, 10 or 11. He never said they happened after the 13th-did he???

Anonymous said...

We apologize 2:50 for getting you into such a crazed state of mental anguish but them there's the facts.

Blink's "coverage" of this has been nothing but fabrications from the beginning.
Farm House Party on the night of the 12th indeed! How could she do this to a grieving family?

She had no clue whether there was a party there or not, but think about it, the house had a hugh hole in the roof and everything was wet on the inside and no heat in November. Not a good place for a party much less someone staying there.

It's a crime how she misled this family, tsk, tsk.

Clara Mae said...

It's amazing how some people come on here and just want to call us names. The word childish comes to mind. Anon 2:50 are you over the age of 8? Do your mommy & daddy know that you are on a blog? Isn't it past your bedtime? I wonder if you stuck your tounge out in difiance after you finshed typing your post.

If Christine has indeed been found we will all jump for joy and sigh with relief. Many of us will be glad it's over and get back to normal life without a bunch of slithering snakes with private agenda's interupting our lives.

I'm sure that all of us will wish for Christine's family to find PEACE and the answers that they have been looking for.

That said, the fact is Anon 2:50 your idol has caused many of us to have a low opinion of some of Christine's family for not standing up and telling Blink to knock it off. They sat idle while Blink attacked, made inuendo's, and fabricated stories about anything or anyone that she could.

Don't worry about what we will have to talk about on this blog after the dust settles little person. We will make out just fine having a conversation about the Sun shining.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Clara Mae you sound just like Big Mama and Madea!

I hope even those that walk around with "stupid" stamped to their forheads can understand your words.


Anonymous said...

Clara Mae - are YOU over 8??? Talk about childish!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing, that when confronted with facts, and stone cold proof that Blink's story is made up, the name calling begins.

It's also amazing not a one of THEM will address Blink's proven fabrications, like Jr driving the Mustang story or the farm party the night of the 12th.

I think, I can see who had the answer all along, besides the so called bad people.

Anonymous said...

What a hoot! Now they are wondering over at BOC if Levi had gotten a room at the B & B? I guess they mean legitimately, as in calling and making reservations and then checking in at the front as most people would do?

Why would he do that when there's a Holiday Inn what like, 2 miles from the farm and a whole lot less expensive?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Blink wouldn't be pained for too long?

Anonymous said...

Would that inn in Snow Hill even be opened in November? There's nothing going on in or around Snow Hill then. Geez, even when something is going on in Snow Hill, they pull up the sidewalks by 5pm.

Anonymous said...

Yep, sure is amazing when confronted with facts, they all disapear. This post is the perfect example.

Anonymous said...

Huh, Could you please explain Anon 7:14pm? And please do come back and explain. The method of operation has been for blink and groupies to do the disappearing act when confronted with facts.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what is meant by the comment above, 7:14. This post is the perfect example of what?

Anonymous said...

Oh, 9:13 - you really really don't want me to answer that. The best thing that could happen is that you all are buried under 30 feet of snow with no internet access for a few weeks, forced to contemplate the evil and ugliness you have put into permanent record for Christine's children to find when they are old enough to surf the net and see for themselves. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

In fact, yes we would like you to answer, Anon 7:35.

So one more time, this post is the perfect example of what?

Anonymous said...


"We"? I don't think so. I guess it would be funny if it weren't so painfully obvious.

Clara Mae said...

Don't throw Christine's children into the mix. That is disgusting.

Every time that you groupies are outed you start with name calling and when that fails you start playing what you think is a sympathy card. Us inbreeds are sick of it!

Don't you get it? None of you were around when everyone in the area was doing everything possible to find Christine. There are some of us who spent a lot of time and energy doing this. We never asked for anything in return. All we wanted was to help her family find her and find answers. Why? Because we all felt the pain of a family who'd lost a loved one and in a sense we felt this as if it were one of our own.

Then comes along you groupies and supposed BFF's of Christines claiming to have done everything. You insult and hurt the very same people who've been around from the very begining trying to find Christine.

We have been lied to, manipulated, and trashed. Some have even thought that it's not important if you jepordise other people or Christine's case in your blabbing of information or your speculations. How do you think we should feel?

I think that all of you who do the name calling, all of you pretenders who act like you've done something, and all of you who've lied to us and made things up are just trying to make yourselves feel better for not doing one damn thing to help find Christine.

I for one don't recall seeing any of the BFF's, the groupies, or the great one herself out on the searches for Christine. The only time the Burkes showed their faces was when SB thought it was a good campaign forum in her bid for election to the town council. Even then they didn't bother to go out with search parties they stayed at the food tent so SB could campaign.

You all have talked down to us as if we some kind of stupid hicks and just plain crapped on us.

If Christine's children read what I've just written then they will know that the very people who tried to find their mother were treated like shit!

Is that clear enough for you to understand Anon 4:43?

Calling me names in reference to Madea, the Greek tragedy has many meanings starting in 431 BC all the way up to the modern version in 2008. Oh how mysterious and addle minded you are. Living in Greek tragedies is probably all you can do because your real life is a big fat zero!

While Christine's disapearence is a tragedy it will never become a Geek Tragedy. Be Gone or I shall call upon the Merlin.

Anonymous said...

So mysterious you are 7:35. Are you in the middle of your fantasy writting? Wishing for us to be burried are you? Be careful what you wish for.

I'm sure 7:35 has no clue about what she means in her post. She like making things up.

Anonymous said...

OMG, all that preaching from Billy and Stephanie about TA allowing Anon comments and now they are doing the same thing!

jmmb said...

Clara Mae, hold on to your bonnet, Honey! I don't think anon 4:43 was referencing towards Greek tragedy. By reading the other name, Big Mamma, I would sooner think the reference was towards the two outspoken women in the movies.

Anonymous said...

What is writting and burried? Geesh.

And CM - hope you find your self esteem again. Defensive and bitter - it isn't pretty lady.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! It appears that the Blinkster is going to do some enlightenment when this is all over. Can't wait to see what she thinks enlightenment is! LOL More of the same old crapola!

News Flash - We all know who caused the dark side to appear in Christine's case and are fairly sure who is connected with her disappearance. My God, you wanna be's have plastered it all over WBOC.

Geez Blinkster the Snow Hill Pocomoke Grapevine knows all there is to know about the conclusions you have made. So get this one - if we know it, the bad guys know it too! Dumb Ass!

Yeah right... Levi checked into the B&B and then he lured Christine there and murdered her. One problem with that theory - the early news reports say she disappeared from Byrd Road and the occupants of the farm house said she was there and when they returned she was gone leaving her children and possessions behind. Come on Blinkster, you can do better than that!

Clara Mae said...

jmmb - You could be right. I talked about the Greek Tragedy wondering if 4:43 has any education and could understand something that one of us inbreeds was talking about.

I imagine that 4:43 knows nothing about Greek Tragedies Big Mama is probably more than an 8 year old can understand.


Anonymous said...

Oh God, will she EVER get anything right----It's the River House Inn, not the Riverside Inn! And it's not the Baltimore ME's office, it's the Maryland ME's office, which is LOCATED in Baltimore.
If Shannon can't even get simple verifiable facts down, then it's hard to believe anything she writes.

Clara Mae said...

11:04 There you go again throwing out insults and pretending that you know something. Do you feel better now little person?

Geesh - wishing we were all "buried" under 30 feet of snow. Do you forget what you write? Must have been working on another one of you fantasies.