Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rigell's Office On Va. Eastern Shore To Remain Open

Congressman Scott Rigell has announced he will continue to operate an office on the Eastern Shore to better represent the needs of his constituents.

Sylvia Parks will continue to be the Eastern Shore's liason to our elected Representative in Washington DC. Below is the Eastern Shore office's contact information.

Eastern Shore Office
Post Office Box 447
23386 Front Street
Accomac, Va. 23301
757-789-5175 fax


Anonymous said...

And I bet he's not asking the taxpayers to 'foot' the bill either. Good for him!

Anonymous said...

Lawmakers get an allowance for local offices if they so choose to have one. And they should have one. Too many don't realize (esp local) that it's a 365 day a year job not just the few months they are in session.

Anonymous said...

I "get" where the first comment is going and if a law maker can get vacant space going unused by the county than that's a savings to all of us.
State lawmakers should have local offices. Not all constituents feel comfortable calling one at home. When not in session a law maker should be sitting in a office in a public area.

Anonymous said...

11:37 And I bet you are so WRONG! Local congressional offices are paid for by taxpayers. MD state senators and delegates also get a stipend for a local office.