Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring Painted By Nature

The grass has been cut.  Edging done.   Gardening complete!  Flower beds have been raked and weeded and now hold the blossoms that will last throughtout spring into summer.... then fall.

So many finely manicured lawns on the backroads of the Eastern Shore in Virginia.  Or anywhere else during spring.  Neatness counts for most if does for me.

But I  still prefer to watch and see what Nature designs in Spring.

She always paints with such beauty all of her  disorganized organized mess.

Always leaving just the right touches.

Get out and enjoy the Spring and enjoy the works of Nature.......while the beauty is  still here.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Careful everyone! Those dreadful ticks are out! I've already had 3 on myself.

Anonymous said...

How come 40 years ago we didn't have these teeny weeny deer ticks. All I ever saw back then were ticks we called wood ticks. If you missed getting them off of the dog, the tick would swell. Where did these deer ticks come from?

buche de noel said...

I LOVE WISTERIA, but everyone tells me it's a horrible weed.......