Monday, June 20, 2011


Ever notice how FATHER'S DAY never seems to get all the hoopla that Mother's Day does?  It really should.  After all, if you grew up in a family where the parents shared responsibily with the kids then it should pretty well even itself out when it comes to a separate day to celebrate each one. 

 I'm sure so many  wonderful father's celebrated the day with their children and grandchildren with bbqs and dinners and anything else that made the day special for dear old DAD.

I'm not much on celebrating either of the days now that both of my parents are no longer living.  My sister, brother and I had a Father that never needed a special day.  He knew that every day for him was Father's Day.  We are so thankful he was chosen to be our dad.  He was special.  His memories are special.  And the fact that all through our lives our father was always there for us - through the good times and the bad times, with words of comfort or words of.......well, you know what kind of words those were.  But he was THERE!~

But did anyone stop to wonder how DEADBEAT DADS celebrate FATHER'S DAY??

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