Thursday, October 20, 2011

98-Year-Old Woman Has Been To Every Cardinal World Series Game

First pitch of World Series Game 1 came with a temperature of 49 degrees.  Fans were bundled up, and one woman, Clementine Wilkerson, said it was the coldest World Series game she’d ever attended.  That’s saying something considering she’s been to every World Series in which the Cardinals have ever played.

That’s eighteen fall classics in all. Wilson, 98, first went to a series game when she was thirteen.  The year was 1926 and the Cardinals were taking on the New York Yankees at Sportsman’s Park.  The Yankees big star was Babe Ruth.  Her memory of “the Bambino?”

“Just all the hits he got.  And the way he ran,” she said with a smile.  Asked what the running style was like she said, “It was fun.”

We asked her if fans were nervous when Ruth came to the plate.

“Yes,” she said, “just like they do when Pujols comes to the plate.”

She’s kept coming back every time the Cardinals have made it to baseball’s biggest stage.  What’s the draw?

“I like to be with all the people and see the banners and the noise. I just love everything about it.” 



Anonymous said...

Big deal. I have been to every Chicago Cubs World Series game since 1945 and never had to buy a ticket.

Your friend,

jmmb said...

Are you 98 years old? Most 98 yr.old people I know don't know what day it is and certainly don't know anything about the World Series.

When you get recognized for your
World Series attendance let me know! I'll post that too!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, jmmb. Didn't mean to disparage Mrs. Wilson, but rather to show that the Cubs haven't even been in a Series in over 55 years.

Your friend,

jmmb said...

No sorry needed, Slim. Because I know I don't remember the Cubs ever seeing a World Series.

Who do YOU think will win the World Series this year?