Tuesday, March 27, 2012

From Richard Douglas For U.S. Senate- Maryland 2012

Douglas Launches Television Commercial
Contact: Jim Pettit

Bladensburg, MD - US Senate candidate Richard Douglas announced today a television advertising campaign targeted towards Baltimore, the Washington suburbs and Maryland's eastern shore and appearing on Fox News Channel.  The television buy completes a six-figure advertising buy focused on statewide radio, direct mail and voter turnout phone calls as the April 3 primary nears. 

Douglas, the first GOP primary candidate to hit the airwaves March 15, according to the Baltimore Sun, expands on radio advertising with key messages of high gasoline costs and the under-performing economy. 

"These television commercials make a simple point," said Douglas.  "Ben Cardin has been in office nearly half a century, and it's clear he does not understand the consequences of his votes against working families and their ability to find jobs and keep the gas tank full."

The ad, "Cardinomics 101," shows a chalkboard with key votes the incumbent senator took and the resulting policy impact.  The votes include the Keystone XL pipeline, Obama's health care law and the Senator's support for tax and spend policies. 


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