Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In Case You Missed It: Change Maryland

O'Malley sharply critical of GOP at convention
Baltimore Sun 9.5.12

"If Governor O'Malley worked in a bipartisan manner in his six years in office, state government would have made the tough choices needed to restore economic performance," said Change Maryland Chairman Larry Hogan. 

O'Malley talks taxes but not 2016 at convention

Baltimore Sun 9.5.12

In a statement, Hogan said there is "a pattern of deception from the governor.''

Oh My, O'Malley

Wall Street Journal 9.5.12

"The political group Change Maryland notes that he has raised taxes or fees 24 times as governor."

O'Malley reprises campaign slogan to back Obama

Delmarva Now 9.5.12

Larry Hogan of Change Maryland said: “Governor O’Malley talks a lot about ‘moving forward’ but here in Maryland his policies have slammed us into reverse and have us stick in a ditch.”

O’Malley brings more drama for Obama

Examiner 9.5.12

“Make no mistake about it, modern investments in a modern economy is just code language for more tax-and-spend governing like we have seen in Maryland,” under the O’Malley administration, said Hogan. 

O’Malley speech puts convention in drive

Maryland Reporter 9.5.12

Larry Hogan of Change Maryland said: “Governor O’Malley talks a lot about ‘moving forward’ but here in Maryland his policies have slammed us into reverse and have us stuck in a ditch.”

The Varied Reaction to Martin O'Malley

Monoblogue 9.5.12

"Change Maryland did a little digging and found Ohio created three times more jobs than Maryland under Kasich."

Democrats' rising star leads Maryland through years of tax increases

Washington Examiner 9.4.12

"Martin O'Malley is managing the decline of Maryland," said Larry Hogan, founder and chairman of Change Maryland.

McDonnell ahead of O'Malley 

Daily Progress 9.2.12

"Then in late May, Larry Hogan, chairman of the nonpartisan group Change Maryland, wrote a piece for Reason magazine titled 'How Maryland's Tax Rates Are Driving Jobs to Virginia.'

Annapolis Capitol 9.2.12

“If this is an opportunity to sprinkle more money around to favored projects, then it is a waste of resources,” Jim Pettit, policy analyst for Change Maryland said. 
Maryland surplus spurs debate: Did lawmakers need to raise taxes?

Washington Post 9.1.12

"Tax increases have fomented grass-roots opposition, giving rise to a group called Change Maryland, which has had 22,000 Facebook followers since the spring."

State takes to YouTube to fight poor business perception

The Daily Record 8.27.12

"The state Department of Business and Economic Development posted a quirky, two-and-a-half minute video Friday that rebuts the claims of organizations such as Change Maryland."

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