Thursday, October 11, 2012

Convictions In the Christine Sheddy Murder

Clarence Jackson
SNOW HILL, Md. - The trial for two suspects in connection with the murder of Christine Sheddy has just ended. Clarence Jackson and Tia Johnson were both convicted.

Tia Johnson
Jackson was the mastermind behind burying Sheddy's body. He was convicted of first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. Johnson was convicted of accessory after the fact and 3rd degree burglary. Prosecutors say Johnson drove Sheddy's body to the burial site, with her kids in the car. She was sentenced the maximum penalty of 15 years.

Worcester County State's attorney Beau Oglesby described the murder as the most horrific way that a person could die. He's holding a press conference to conclude this case.


Anonymous said...

I'm all confused. WMDT is saying trial has concluded. Others are saying plea hearing. Some are saying both pled to accessory others that Jackson pled to murder.
I hope Beau Oglesby press conference will be posted online at either of the local news networks.
No matter what it is I'm just relieved they will not be seeing freedom for quite some time.

Anonymous said...

I am happy someone finally had time to take out the trash.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

I've seen the different news stories on this. Hard hearted and merciless actions on the part of these people. So many broken hearts and shattered lives all because someone felt violence was a solution.