Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Vote For Question 7 Benefits the Eastern Shore

It is time for Marylanders to take care of Marylanders.
Question 7 eliminates the yearly million dollar payments that the Eastern Shore
was required to pay to Baltimore City and Prince George’s County under the
previous gaming bill.

Question 7 provides thousands of new, well paying, private sector jobs to the
Eastern Shore; at the gaming facility, surrounding businesses and in new school
construction jobs.

A Vote FOR Question 7 Benefits the Eastern Shore
Question 7 will keep our taxes down by steering millions in new gaming revenue
into our Eastern Shore Counties. This is critical, given the million dollar unfunded
mandates placed on our Counties by the State.
Question 7 provides a guaranteed funding source for school construction —
bringing more jobs and better schools to the Eastern Shore.
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Pennsylvania, which began gaming the same year as Maryland, received $1.5
billion per year in tax revenue while Maryland lost money.

Question 7 will allow us to get it right. — to make Maryland a leader and not a

Question 7 will stop the exodus of $550 million dollars in gaming money that
leaves Maryland each and every year to surrounding states.
Republicans Support
Question 7

MIchael Steele Former Maryland Lt. Governor Former Chairman, Maryland Republican Party
Former Chairman, Republican National Committee

Ten years ago, when gaming (slots) was first introduced to the State by
Governor Bob Ehrlich, we were both enthusiastic supporters, as were
most Republicans. After years of back and forth, the Maryland Legislature
in 2007 passed a slots bill, which was then ratified by the voters in 2008
(passing in every Republican jurisdiction in the State).

Unfortunately, the 2007 legislation was hastily put together. It put our
gaming industry at a decided disadvantage to surrounding states. To put
this in perspective, Pennsylvania, which began gaming the same year as
Maryland, received $1.5 billion per year in tax revenue while Maryland lost

Maryland Republicans supported bringing gaming to Maryland. But, as
many of you have said, "if we are going to have gaming in Maryland, we
should do it right." Well, we agree.

West Virginia casino interests are spendingupwards of $40 million to defeat Question 7.
A Vote FOR Question 7
"Will Get It Right" tell West Virgina to "Butt Out
of Maryland"

Let’s Put Maryland First
Paid for by FOR Maryland Jobs and Schools, Tim O’Brien, Treasurer. v1 101812 - copy
auDRey ScOtt Former Chairwoman, Maryland Republican Party Former Cabinet Member under
Governor Bob Ehrlich

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