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TIME MACHINE ... New Year's Eve

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December, 1964

The Carousel Hotel in north Ocean City was advertising a Gala New Year's Eve party to welcome in the new year 1965. It included a buffet preceding a New Year's eve party, with the party including drinks, noisemakers, snacks and a bottle of champagne for the midnight toast, breakfast immediately following the party, plus a night's lodging in an oceanfront room. Total price for two.. $42.00.
December, 1941 (Time Machine Archive)

Town Tavern in Pocomoke was advertising informal dancing for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve with music by Slim Marshall's Orchestra. Admission 75-cents per person.
December, 1966 (Time Machine Archive)

If you were planning to go out to welcome in the new year 1967 here's a look at some of the local New Year's Eve activities you could consider:

A "Chop Hop" at the Pocomoke armory featuring music by the Midnight Walkers and with master of ceremonies Choppy Layton and Wayne Powell...The Orbits appearing at Salisbury's Northwood Bar...Dancing at the Delmar Moose Lodge featuring music with Joey Welz...The True Tones providing the music at Salisbury's Eastside Men's Club Dance...Richard Maltby's Orchestra in Salisbury at the Civic Center's New Year's Eve Ball And Breakfast.

December, 1929

A special vaudeville show and a Fox "Super Special" singing and dancing picture, "Words And Music," provided the late night New Year's Eve entertainment at Salisbury's Arcade Theater.

December, 1929
(Salisbury Times)


New York, Dec. 31 -(AP)- Predicting a noisier, more boisterous welcome for 1930 than has been enjoyed by any of its recent predecessors, hotel and restaurant managements today prepared to entertain thousands of New Years eve celebrants.

Police Commissioner Grover A. Whalen announced that the curfew will drown out the blare of jazz, tin horns and other noise makers in nightclubs promptly at 3 A.M. Wednesday. Hotels, which are immune from curfew restrictions, advertised "dancing until dawn." Cover charges will run as high as $20 a person.

The management of the Hotel Ambassador announced that the capacity of its three large dining rooms would be taxed with reservations for more than 1,000. The Savoy-Plaza made ready to care for an equal number, and other hotels and restaurants announced preparations for capacity crowds.

Radio listeners may hear the New Years chimes as early as 7 P.M. ,Eastern Standard Time, tonight when because of the difference in time it will be midnight in London and the peals of Big Ben, famous clock in the tower of Parliament building, will be radiocast across the Atlantic and rebroadcast throughout this country.

Special New Year's eve radio programs will include a series of concerts by dance bands playing from New York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Sydney, Australia.
January 1, 1901 (Time Machine Archive)

On the the first day of the Twentieth Century an Iowa newspaper, The Davenport Republican, reported on the comments of speakers at its area churches on the previous evening, the last evening of the Nineteenth Century.

Some excerpts:

From a judge... "Certainly we have not yet gone too far in strengthening the federal government. -- Somewhere, however, must be set the limits of this centralized power, at some point the line must be firmly drawn between the nation and the states. Where this line shall be fixed no one can safely say in advance. It is one of the grave problems we must leave for solution to the courage, wisdom, and patriotism of our children. -- There is some little we may say with assurance of the future. It will be what our children and their descendants make it. To such young people as hear me and who shall take part in molding the coming century I wish to say that you will not do so well as your fathers and mothers have done in life work unless you do better than they did. You have advancement they did not possess. -- We have now in every considerably town a high school where a course of study is pursued equivalent to that of Dartmouth college when it graduated Daniel Webster in 1801. Our state with some others has made provision for establishing free public library in every school district. This, with the university extension courses, so popular throughout the country, and which are continually developing, mark an era in advanced education. Eventually it will bring the college courses to the door of every earnest seeker for knowledge." 

From a lawyer... "By firing my imagination, giving it the reins and allowing it to run rampant, I might predict that in 2000 the stars and stripes will float in sole and unquestioned sovereignty from the North Pole to Cape Horn. I might speculate on the downfall of monarchies and the rise of new republics. I might be right, I might be wrong. I might be so bold and conceited to announce to you that in the coming century men, with artificial wings, will fly like birds through the air. I might contend that our whole system of transportation will be overthrown and a new one put in action. I might even be so rash as to predict that the day is not far distant when mankind will know no disease, no sickness. Trusting in the blessed trinity of chance, accident, or mistake for the fulfillment of my prophecy, I might say that the science of medicine will be so revolutionized that medical assistance will be required only to prevent disease, not to cure. I might be right, I might be wrong, it matters not. Whatever speculation we may make upon the future, we at least know enough to know the past. The world has learned that no man is good enough to govern another man excepting by that other man's consent, and in my humble judgment thereon hangs the destiny of the nations."  
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