Wednesday, January 16, 2013

EPISODE 2: Black October In Baltimore / Why Do We Kill?

Why Do We Kill? Episode 2: Black October and the murder of State Delegate Turk Scott from Why Do We Kill? on Vimeo.

As the drug business spread its tendrils through the city of Baltimore in the 1970s, a shadowy vigilante group emerged threatening to fight the narcotics trade with street justice. And in the cavernous parking garage of a non-descript apartment building Black October did just that. Gunned down was State Delegate Turk Scott, a consummate political insider who had just been indicted for bringing ten kilos of heroin into the city. Tasked with solving the crime was former Baltimore Homicide Lieutenant Stephen Tabeling. The veteran cop takes the reader inside the investigation of one of the most notorious murders in charm city history. A deep and compelling look at the emerging drug business that would engulf the city in violence for decades.

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Or, Why Do We Kill?

Current Pocomoke City Police Chief Kelvin D. Sewell and Stephen Janis
Why Do We Kill?
The Pathology of Murder In Baltimore

Episode 2 is just as gripping as Case File 1/The Bounty Hunters. 
Many of us were in our teens during the 70's and if we take time to reflect on the events of those days gone by we CAN remember those dark and difficult days....

1st Episode / Case File 1THE BOUNTY HUNTERS

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