Friday, March 29, 2013


(RAWLINGS, MD) – An Allegany County man who shot and wounded his brother and shot at his father is undergoing treatment in a Baltimore hospital after being shot and wounded last night by state troopers when he repeatedly ignored commands to surrender and approached police with a loaded handgun.

The suspect is identified as Samuel E. George, 53, of the 15000-block of Meadow Dale Drive, Rawlings, Md. He is being treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital for two gunshot wounds.

About 10:30 p.m. yesterday, a 911 call was received at the Maryland State Police Cumberland Barrack from the suspect’s wife, who reported George was firing shots and destroying their mobile home. He was also apparently threatening to kill himself in front of his wife.

According to the preliminary investigation by the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit, George then walked to the home of his father and brother in the 15000-block of Holly Avenue. At that location, he confronted a family friend, Julius D. Shaffer, 20, and pointed his .22 caliber revolver at him. George reportedly pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire. Samuel George then pointed the revolver at the head of his brother, Jason E. George, 33, and pulled the trigger, but again, the gun did not fire.

The investigation indicates Samuel George then went back to his residence where he presumably reloaded his gun. He returned to his father’s mobile home. His father, Edward George, 75, was standing on the porch urging his son to put the gun down. The suspect then allegedly fired a shot in the direction of his father, but did not wound him.

According to witnesses, Samuel George again approached Shaffer and Jason George. He fired one round at his brother that is said to have grazed his brother’s leg. Jason George and Shaffer took cover and the suspect continued to fire more rounds.

State troopers and deputies from the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene and confronted Samuel George at the intersection of Holly Avenue and Meadow Dale Drive, at which time he fired his weapon in the air.

State Police Sergeant Jason Crowe immediately began giving verbal commands, ordering George to put the gun down and surrender. George said the only way he would put the gun down was if police shot him. He repeatedly said he wanted police to shoot him.

Samuel George began walking down Meadow Dale Drive toward the Rawlings Volunteer Fire Department. Troopers and deputies followed him, while taking cover and continuing to order him to drop the weapon and surrender. As they approached the fire department, troopers and deputies took cover behind trees at a nearby residence.

The suspect continued to ignore commands to surrender. He showed police that the hammer on his revolver was cocked before beginning to walk toward the tree Sgt. Crowe and another trooper had taken cover behind. Police again urged him to surrender and he refused.

In fear for their lives and the lives of fellow police officers, Sgt. Crowe and Senior Trooper Eric Derham each fired at the suspect with their department issued .12 gauge shotguns. The suspect was incapacitated and troopers immediately approached and removed the revolver from his hand.

Senior Trooper Derham provided immediate emergency care to George for wounds in his upper and lower torso. Maryland State Police helicopter Trooper 5 had responded to the scene while the situation was ongoing. The helicopter immediately landed and the on-board flight paramedic provided medical care before the suspect was transported by Trooper 5 to Western Maryland Regional Medical Center. Assistance was also provided by Rawlings Volunteer Fire Department personnel.

No troopers or deputies were injured during the incident. Samuel George was later transported by ambulance to the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Criminal charges against him are pending.

Jason George refused medical treatment for his wound.

Investigators from the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit, C3I, and the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office remain on the scene.

State Police Forensic Sciences Division crime scene technicians are processing the scene for evidence. The Allegany County State’s Attorney responded to the scene and will continue to be briefed as the investigation continues. The Maryland State Police Internal Affairs Unit is also conducted an investigation into the police involved shooting, which is procedure.

Sgt. Jason Crowe is a 13-year veteran of the Maryland State Police. Senior Trooper Eric Derham is a 22-year veteran of the Maryland State Police. Both troopers are assigned to the Cumberland Barrack. As is procedure in police-involved shootings, both troopers have been placed on routine administrative leave while the preliminary investigation continues.
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Maryland State Police

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