Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FINALLY! My View of the Antares Rocket

 They say the third time's the charm.  And it was.  We made three trips to the area where our friends live and it seems we only see them when there is a rocket blasting off.  But no matter how often that is the conversation takes up where it left off and suddenly it seems as if no time has passed at all.
Seemed like everyone had the same idea as on Thursday and Saturday and then again on Sunday.  And I must point out that it was so wonderful seeing the Sheriff's Deputies busy at a task that seemed much more enjoyable and less stressful than what they were faced with not even one month ago. 
Did anyone else notice the cold wind?  I made my way to the edge of a field a few minutes before rocket time and wished I had worn a hat!  But once the rocket began to lift I wished I had an extra pair of hands for my ears! 
Well, I was amazed and pleased that the Antares Rocket had made a successful liftoff.  And so was everyone else because everyone on the beach nearby clapped and cheered.

So for a few seconds I felt the Earth move, I heard that deafening sound a rocket makes and I actually heard the few remaining  window panes in the abandoned house near me as they hit the floor.
Hope you didn't miss it. 

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