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TIME MACHINE ... 1913..1990..1941..1930..1885

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(Two articles on the conclusion of Salisbury's Wainwright case)

September, 1913
(Lock Haven Express- Lock Haven, Pa.)


Salisbury Grand Jury Finds No Indictment in Case of Florence Wainwright.


Suspect Released From Bail and Victim's Family Glad Case is Closed.

Salisbury, Md., Sept. 16.- What will be remembered as one of the greatest mysteries in Eastern Shore court annals was closed yesterday when the grand jury, which has been in session a week, investigating the death of Miss Florence Wainwright, the 25-year-old bookkeeper, found dead in the Home Gas Company office, June 20, and for whose death Harold W. Smith, general manager of the firm, was held in $5,000 bail by the coroner's jury, was discharged without finding any indictment against Smith. This action practically exonerates Smith, and although any subsequent grand jury can take up the case if it so desires, it is not likely that another investigation will ever be made.

The action of the jury came as a surprise to the people who have been anxiously awaiting their decision. Although the jury summoned a number of new witnesses, it was said by one of them that the evidence presented would not present a verdict against Smith.

The family of Miss Wainwright seems to be very glad that the case was closed and it was said that they will make no further effort to have their daughter's death investigated.

Smith still refuses to make any statement other than he is innocent and knows nothing concerning Miss Wainwright's death. He will still retain his position with the gas company. His bondsmen have been released.

September, 1913
(The News- Frederick, Md.)


Salisbury, Md., Probers of Girl's Death Fail to Find True Bill.

Salisbury, Md., Sept. 16- Harold W. Smith, who for nearly three months has been held under $5,000 bail on the charge of felonious homicide, in connection with the death of Miss Florence Wainwright, the pretty bookkeeper for the Home Gas Company, of which Smith is manager, is a free man.

The Grand Jury announced a true bill had not been found. The court immediately discharged the twenty-three jurors, who have been investigating the case for a week.

Smith's bondsman was released.

The failure of the Grand Jury to find a true bill is looked upon by many as exonerating Smith.

At home Mr. Smith would make no statement except that he knew nothing of the death of Miss Wainwright. Since he was held by the Coroner's jury he has maintained a dignified silence.

June, 1990
(The Frederick Post- Frederick, Md)

To Expand Operation

State OK's grant, loans for Italian pistol maker


ANNAPOLIS (AP)- The Board of Public Works approved a financing package Wednesday that includes a $115,000 grant and loans of almost $1.7 million to help Beretta improve its plant in Prince George's County and open a new one on the lower Eastern Shore.

The Italian gun maker will use the new plant in Pocomoke City to manufacture parts for the 9mm pistol it makes for U.S. military forces and many police agencies as well as parts for a smaller civilian pistol.

Pocomoke City mayor Curt Lappolt told board members that the Beretta plant "is something the state and Pocomoke City have been working on for a long, long time."

He said the plant, which will employ about 80 people when it is in full operation, will go a long way toward replacing the jobs lost by the closing of vegetable processing plants in Pocomoke City and Crisfield.

November, 1941
(Salisbury Times)


Denton, Md., Nov. 21-(AP)- Lack of wire, frozen under government priority, is keeping some 500 lower Eastern Shore farm families from obtaining electricity from rural electrification lines- and that in turn is hampering their efforts to increase production to meet defense needs.

Officials of the Choptank Cooperative, which is carrying out a large scale rural electrification program on the Shore, said that extension lines to many farms were being delayed because the necessary wire is being held in a Philadelphia warehouse under OPM priority.

The Cooperative's present program of erecting 678 miles of electric lines in Worcester, Somerset, Wicomico and Dorchester Counties is about 80-percent complete. The system of lines has not been connected, however, because of stream crossings, right-of-way delays and other hindrances, and the small amount of copper conductor necessary to complete the job is held under priority orders.

August, 1930
(The Daily Mail- Hagerstown, Md.)


POCOMOKE CITY, Aug 25. (AP) - At 3 o'clock in the morning 14 passengers en route on a bus from New York to Cape Charles that halted here for a few minutes were hurriedly driven into the open as fire destroyed the vehicle. Some were cut and bruised in rushing for the door. Blame was placed on a passenger who alighted as the stop was made at a filling station and stuck a match to light a cigarette. The passengers were transferred to a train for the rest of the journey. The bus was owned by the Pennsylvania Railway Transit Company.

August, 1885
(Daily Index Appeal- Petersburg, Va.)

The Baltimore Sun Says: On Saturday of last week an unexpected incident took place on board a sailboat which was lying off Old Point Comfort with a party of pleasure seekers from Fairmount, Somerset County, Md. One of the young ladies of the party surprised everybody by becoming a mother. A young man living near Princess Anne, the county seat of Somerset, was notified of what had occurred, and as soon as the young lady reached home he married her.

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