Tuesday, July 16, 2013

David Craig Announces Lt. Governor Running Mate

Annapolis - Harford County Executive David Craig announced his Lt. Governor running mate today saying she is “capable of being Governor on day one.”

Jeannie Haddaway, who has served as a Delegate representing the Eastern Shore for nearly ten years, brings legislative leadership, committee experience and a wide-ranging policy background to the Craig ticket.   She started her own graphic design business in 2003 and held environmental policy positions in the government and non-profit sectors prior to holding elective office.   She is a longtime advocate for policies that protect women, children and families.

“The Lt. Governor is too important a position to tell them to go in a corner for eight years and dabble on public policy experiments and
come out to attend press conferences for the cameras," said Craig.  "I chose Jeannie because she will actually help me run the government."

Craig, who has extensive experience in local office, also chose Haddaway because she understands rural Maryland and the importance of county and municipal government in an era of unbridled state power affecting land use, public schools and transportation.   Characterizing the Eastern Shore as a region that represents a disproportionate amount of “forgotten Marylanders,” Craig has been pushing a theme of getting state government  aligned with the aspirations of the vast majority of Marylanders.

Craig will widen the portfolio of the Lt. Governor beyond that seen in any modern Administration, where Haddaway will help rejuvenate the state’s lackluster record on job growth, business retention and recruitment.

"Many have heard me criticize the O’Malley/Brown Administration," said Haddaway. "It is not criticism for the sake of being critical.  The
arrogance of power in Annapolis has cost us a great deal, but especially so when it comes to job creation.  We must do better."

Haddaway comes from an Eastern Shore family who made their living in agriculture and commercial fishing.  Her husband, Joe Riccio, is a real estate broker, and they reside in St. Michaels with their dog Max.

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Dave R said...

Other than bringing a pretty female face to the Republican ticket, Delegate Jeannie Haddaway (R) doesn't offer much. A rather ineffective legislator, she sponsored just 1 bill that passed muster during the 2013 session- one that helps small local breweries. In 2010 she was obsessed with passing a law requiring Maryland citizens to be background checked and fingerprinted before they could use certain International personal introduction sites. Haddaway promoted this rather bizarre romance law with a liberal taxpayer funded organization, the Polaris Project. Haddaway seems to be a natural hypocrite, who decried big government spending during a 2011 media campaign, while at the same time steering wasteful pork barrel projects to her own district.