Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hogan Receipts Top $1 Million Qualifying For Matching Funds....

Hogan receipts top $1 million qualifying for matching funds, nearly $400K cash on hand; over $1.3M available for primary and $2.6M for general election.

Annapolis, MD – May 27 – The grassroots gubernatorial campaign of Anne Arundel business executive Larry Hogan continued to surge according to his latest campaign finance report.  For the year, Hogan has collected $1.1 million and ends the filing period with $390,000 in cash on hand.  Because Hogan declared his candidacy in late January, his campaign’s fundraising figures cover just the past six weeks.  The figures reported by the other candidates for the state’s highest office began on January 9, a five and half month period.

Hogan said, “Our grassroots campaign to change Maryland continues to gain traction and unite voters who are fed up with one-party rule, runaway spending, massive tax hikes and incompetent leadership.
“While career politicians focus on winning over Annapolis elites, Boyd and I have been travelling throughout Maryland to win the support of each and every voter who is tired of politics as usual.  We are humbled by the outpouring of support from average Marylanders; clearly our message of change is resonating, our election strategy is sound, and we’ll have the resources to win the GOP primary and go the distance in the general election.

The Hogan-Rutherford campaign is the only GOP ticket to qualify for public financing and is expected to receive approximately $275,000 next week in state matching funds.  Overall, the campaign will have more than $1.3 million to spend in the June 24 primary and would have $2.6 million available for a general election effort.

Hogan-Rutherford By the Numbers:
·         Total 2014 Receipts                 $1,050,539.57
·         Total 2014 Expenditures          $675,192.30   
·         Cash on hand                           $389,206.92
·         1st public fund tranche, approx            $275,000 (expected week of 6/2/14)
·         Available for primary, approx $1.3M
·         Available for general, approx  $2.6M

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