Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Support For Former Chief


Rally Held to Reinstate Former Pocomoke City Police Chief

Posted: Jul 13, 2015 10:59 PM EDT    By Maxine Bentzel

Sewell was let go almost two weeks ago when the council voted to terminate him in a closed session meeting. The public is now demanding answers.

Monday the community gathered with shirts and signs in support of the former Chief outside of City Hall. Dozens sat in on the council meeting. 

Michele Lucas has lived in Pocomoke City for 20 years and came out to rally for the Chief’s reinstatement. 

“He’s changed the community. He's changed the way people look at law enforcement. He's made us all one team and now they're trying to take him away. I want the Chief back, and I want answers because something underhanded is going on,” said Lucas.

At the council meeting Pastor Ronnie White addressed the Mayor and Council with the communities concerns and questions. The council said they had spoke with the former chief in a meeting where they expressed concerns they had with him prior to voting to terminate him. 

They said they are under litigation and declined to elaborate on the specific reasons he was let go, but said it was not a racially based decision. They said it was performance based. 

WBOC spoke with the former Chief who said he appreciates all the support, and would like his job back in Pocomoke City.

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Anonymous said...

Why would they ever think the former chief was doing such a good job when all this drug dealing was going on right under his nose?
It just makes no sense.
It's clear that the "crime's down" rally cry is all an illusion. Crime wasn't down at all, it just wasn't being handled.

Anonymous said...

YES why rally behind Kelvin Sewell when just last month more than a dozen drug dealers were running wild in Pocomoke selling drugs to children and others! These people at city hall dont make sense at all.
He should be ashamed of his self all this was going on right here on HIS watch and anyone who still supports him should be ashamed of them selves too!
All the youth committing other crime like stealing to buy these drugs off these dealers and no one even thinks of this angle of drug dealing. They aint stealing to buy their mothers flowers that for sure. They stealing to buy drugs. After they get on the drugs then they get lost to the streets and end up in a world of trouble them selves or worst they end up dead.

SBeyma said...

By that measure, Frank White and Irvin should have been gone long before they actually were. Drug dealers have been active in Pocomoke a long time, in spite of a former mayor that claimed there were none in Pocomoke. Consider too that one of these drug dealers is the son of a former councilman.