Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Asking for your prayers

I'm going to ask everyone who would to please keep my father in prayer. My father, Tom, created The Pocomoke Public Eye and has poured himself into it over the past several years until a few months ago when his health started to decline. Monday morning he was transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center and admitted to PCU due to some health complications. His blood pressure has been as high as 210/110. As of right now he is out of PCU and in a regular room and his blood pressure is more under control, but he faces many more obstacles with his kidneys and liver function. As a Pastor, a Christian, and his son, I'm believing that God can and will do a miracle in his life and will be restored better than he was before. I'm asking to those to please pray for him. My family and I greatly appreciate it!

Travis Ayres

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Anonymous said...

Father we bind every evil demon spirit making Tom ill in the name of Jesus. We ask that You touch him Jesus and heal him! We bind sickness from him and speak healthiness into his body in the name of Jesus! Amen and thank you Lord!

God bless you all and please bathe Tom in prayer.