Friday, February 19, 2016


Maryland State Police News Release


(Somerset County, MD) On Wednesday, February 17, 2016, troopers from the Maryland State Police and officers from the Princess Anne Police Department conducted a collaborative effort and performed numerous alcohol compliance checks at retail establishments in Somerset County.

Law enforcement officers throughout Somerset County ensured that various retail establishments which hold a Somerset County Liquor License are denying sales of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21 years old.

A total of 18 retail establishments were checked.  The following retail establishments complied with the provisions of the law and denied the sale of alcoholic beverage to minors:
  • Arby’s General Store, Wenona, Maryland
  • Brew Thru, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Eden Quick Stop, Eden, Maryland
  • Junior’s Stop and Shop, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Kash and Karry, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Oscar’s Bar and Grill, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Peaky’s Restaurant, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Goose Creek, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Somer’s Cove Market, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Spike’s Pub and Subs, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Dash Inn, Westover, Maryland
  • Goose Creek, Westover, Maryland
  • Crisfield Oceanic, Crisfield, Maryland
  • Shore Stop, Crisfield, Maryland
  • King’s Creek Market, Princess Anne, Maryland

The following retail establishments were not in compliance with the provisions of the law and sold alcoholic beverages to a minor:
  • Somerset County Liquor Dispensary, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Becky’s Market, Princess Anne, Maryland
  • Lucky’s Last Chance, Chance, Maryland

The establishments which sold alcoholic beverages will be required to appear before the Somerset County Liquor Board and face possible sanctions from that board. The individuals who sold alcoholic beverages to a person under the age of 21 years old will be required to appear in the District Court of Maryland for Somerset County for selling an alcoholic beverage to a person under the age of 21 years old.

In an effort to reduce the access of alcoholic beverages to minors, Troopers and Officers will continue with unannounced compliance checks to ensure that alcoholic beverages stay out of the hands of minors.  With homecoming activities going on at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, St. Patrick’s Day, and Washington High School and Crisfield High School’s proms right around the corner, law enforcement will be making a collaborative effort to ensure the safety of our youth.  After the compliance checks were conducted, establishments were provided with educational literature which can be used to help them determine the authenticity of identification documents.  This collaborative effort amongst law enforcement partners will continue throughout the year in an effort to keep everyone safe.

Funding for this initiative was provided by the Somerset County Local Management Board Inc.

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