Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dale Trotter on Upcoming Election

From Councilman Dale Trotter:
One of the greatest factors that drove me to running for reelection was the citizens of this wonderful town. For those that know me personally, I believe they will tell you that I am service oriented. My position as a Law Enforcement Officer for greater than 20 years, my military service and commitment both as a Elder in my church and as a City Councilman for District 3, "Service to the Citizen" is my watchword and I have made it a life long aspiration and choice.  
During my first term as City Councilman I have been and remain committed to making Pocomoke City a better place for us to live. My family and I located to Pocomoke City in 1994, and absolutely fell in love with all of the people that we encountered. Pocomoke City remains a great place to raise a family and acts as the hub of industry for the southern part of Worcester County that helps to create jobs. 
The last three years we have seen progress within our city. The downtown area, which I represent has added five businesses and will soon see repairs being completed to buildings because of grants the city and business owners have worked tirelessly to attain. We also enjoy added activities and festivals that draw interest to our town and help promote the park, cypress trail, Delmarva Discovery Center as well as the downtown business district. It has been my desire to consistently work to attract business and industry to the town.
Our city park, Cypress Park, has become home to several concerts and events and will also see vast improvement so that our citizens and visitors can enjoy the scenic Pocomoke River while enjoying a relaxing day in town. 
Our town added a Economic Development Director to help area businesses boost revenue and attract new people, business and added tourism. We have been a "required stop" for the Delmarva Bike Week ride across Delmarva which has brought additional tourism to the area. As well, we have added the 4th Fridays and Spring and Fall festivals that promote families and activities within in our town. 
We also recently joined with a neighboring town, Crisfield to help boost and promote both towns by a Circuit Rider, This position is aimed at assisting both City Managers with economic development and tourism by way of our comprehensive planning so that our towns can thrive. The best part of this, the position is funded by a grant thru the Governors office. I believe it is very important that we work tirelessly with our neighbors to save city funds and to help each other. 
One of the greatest accomplishments of the last couple years is within our Waste Water Treatment Facility. First, we have attained a grant that once fully organized will aide in revitalization of our Clarke Avenue pump station. We recently completed a on going study with GMB regarding water service to our citizens. I am happy to say I feel we are well on our way to providing better services to our citizens and we are stepping forward and getting the job done. Some citizens have already came forward and noted the improvements.  
During the past three years I have strived to be an approachable Councilman, both to our city employees and the citizens. I feel I have accomplished that and wish to continue that service. I have always been reachable by email, facebook or even the knock on my door. I have strived to handle your complaints and praise as timely as possible. We overhauled the city website and included areas that citizens can contact the city government to report issues and provide praise, as well as timely reporting to the citizens via the website and facebook. For those without internet we approved low cost internet services available to those who qualify, and still post city actions in public areas.
I am excited about the work we have accomplished and more excited about what we desire to accomplish. It is my hope that the citizens of District 3 will come and cast a vote for me to continue to represent them within our city government. I do not take the position for granted and will remain thankful to God for the opportunity to serve you.
We have a lot of work still to accomplish, thanks in advance for your vote on April 4th.

Dale Trotter
Councilman District 3
Citizens and Government working Together!