Tuesday, August 1, 2017


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Turning back pages in the Fair's history..

August, 1902

The Democratic Messenger (Snow Hill)

August, 1904

                                                                   The Democratic Messenger (Snow Hill)

August, 1913

The Democratic Messenger (Snow Hill)

August, 1920

The People (Snow Hill)

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Anonymous said...

The Great Pocomoke Fair died out in 1930 and was a dead issue for at least 68 years but was revived because of the generosity of Hargis Merrill of Pocomoke City.

Hargis lived on the farm he had inherited from his father down near Cedar Hall. In 1990 he sold the farm to the Arundel Corporation who transferred it to the Blades Corporation. The sale was for $3 million! Hargis died approximately 1998 as a widower, Miss Bertie having previously passed away. Hargis, born in 1902, had always love the Pocomoke Fair as that was about the only entertainment he had in those days. Upon his death Hargis willed his entire estate to resurrect the Pocomoke Fair. If it were not for his generosity there would be no fair this weekend.

Your friend,